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Solid Mercury, Large Ingots and.... ???  XML
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Joined: 05/29/09 10:28 AM
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So, while I was messing around making supernovium and crystal skulls... I discovered how to make solid mercury...

Get an XL display case,
Fill all 8 slots with mercury vials,
Click on display case and activate

After the transfiguration animation, a large solid mercury ingot is added to your inventory... This got me thinking, so I filled all 8 slots with supernovium, activated, and got a "Large Supernovium Ingot" worth almost 80k simoleons. Turns out, u fill the display case with all the same stuff, and u end up with a "large" ingot... I havent gotten to the point where i can fill it with all "large" ingots yet... but I'm curious to see if there's something I can do with that...

Anyways, who else has found cool stuff with the display case?? Any other recipes that arent mentioned in the guide? Bookmark this thread, as I'll update it with the recipes I discover.

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That's cool - it's interesting and fun how there are lots of little secrets in this EP

Miss you so much <3
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I wonder what would happen if you fill the display case with large Tiberium crystals?


Joined: 06/25/09 10:47 PM
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Oh, I just found out about this on my own and came to the forums to see if anyone else did this. It's awesome, isn't it! Anyway, I mixed various metals that weren't similar and ended up with a small "compendium ingot". With the gems, I get crystal skulls for plain cut jewels, and for mixing the high end jewels with a cut soulpiece, I get an uncut huge soulpiece.

Joined: 06/01/09 04:30 AM
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I filled the display shelve with chinese ***** and did the transformation. I ended up with Mysterious Mr Gnome Kinda not worth it.

Joined: 08/25/09 11:46 AM
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YES, instead of mixing metals and gems and whatnot, anytime you activate the irriversible transconfiguration feature using ALL of the same metals, gems, etc. (exluding already transconfigured large items), you will get a large whatever gem, metal, etc., you filled the display with.

Unfortunately, you can't transconfigure the large items you created...yet.

Experiment, have fun with your gems. I got an Egyptian Magical Gnome. Funny he is!

My favs are the crystal skulls, soulpieces and the green glowing crystal - but beware - putting the green crystal in your Sim's inventory makes them queezy... When you first transconfigure it, it will be small and there are no interactions. Just wait a day or two and it will grow a bit bigger. Then you can move it to the inventory or another display case.

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where do you get the XL display case?
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