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Ok i really want to send my legacy family on a vacation, but i dont want their aging or relationships messed up! One of my sims aging is already messed up and its frustrating because everytime i go on the game she is back to having 6 days till aging (she is a child, but it happened when she was a toddler to)! The other sims have no aging issues but i am scared that if i send them on an adventure then they will have it. Also i have heard a lot of reports about relationships disappering or messing up. That worries me too especially if i have to send just one sim on a vacation for an opportunity! I dont want my sims to be married when i go on vacation and not when i come back. What i am really asking is do u think i should just wait for the patch or go ahead and send them and just see what happens?


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Send them. Its not like you have to save it if it starts to mess up.


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Why don't u create a test family of all ages? And have one couple get married right before they embark on a trip? Test it out that way, without having to worry what effect it will have on your legacy family.

Or as Gruffman said, just save your game before going on a trip and if you come back with things messed up simply exit and go back to the time before the trip.


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Just save the family to your bin before you do anything, that way you can mess them up all you want and just go back and play them again. Put anything good they have in their inventories' like moodlet managers or collection helpers on a table or on the floor in the house and then save family and lot to the bin so you won't lose anything, they will be saved as is forever and you don't have to worry about anything.

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