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The Generation bugs finally destroyed my family.  XML
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Joined: 11/18/09 12:13 AM
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After reading all these issues, I'm starting to wonder if the Generations ep is worth it until the bugs are fixed. I was going to purchase it today, and have all the other eps. Do you suggest I wait? I don't want my new family freaking out even more since the most recent patch for the whole game.

Joined: 09/23/10 10:00 PM
Messages: 7

I had the same problem with the green tiles. In my case, however, it was not related to travel I just yesterday sent my family of 10 on a trip to china and they all came home and I had no issues. I'm not sure that this is directly related to travel.

For my game, I moved my family out of there house and back in and all was fine.

Joined: 08/13/10 09:43 PM
Messages: 41

I've also had this problem however it has nothing to do with travelling for me, when I save & quit the game and return to it later, my child sims are unplayable with blank squares. This has happened to me twice now, the first time the social worker came and took my toddler away as I couldn't interact with him to look after him, but after he'd gone I could still hear him crying in my house! Was like he was just invisible


Joined: 05/29/09 08:52 AM
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I think this has something to do with the latest patch more than anything; I have got WA but I don't have Generations and at this rate I'm not going to get it. I think the latest patch has returned with lots of old glitches also, I've noticed the odd one which I swear was supposed to be long gone.

This is really getting annoying. I know that games have problems, all different systems and that, but surely there is more that can be done!

A positive attitude is easier than you think!

Joined: 03/10/12 10:06 PM
Messages: 2

Has anyone found a fix for this yet? Preferably one that doesn't require the installation of mods or anything?

I've been playing this specific game for a week or more now- I'm only on the second generation of my legacy but I've still invested a lot of time and energy into this family that I do NOT want to lose. I have WA, Generations and Ambitions, but I have NOT been travelling.

Because of other errors previously happening, I've gotten into the habit of precautionarily "Save[ing] As..." with a new name every half hour or so, but I did notice that the game became quite sluggish prior to my last save. Then I exited the game and returned to it, and now my female Sim has the green square of death.

Seriously disappointed in EA right about now, especially since I can't seem to install their latest patch (-1321973146) either.. I love the Sims and all its carnations, but is it really worth it?!
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