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Submissions open for That's Entertainment! Community Showcase. Deadline: 05/21 11:59PM PST  XML
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Joined: 06/25/09 09:06 PM
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I'd like to submit Rook Park. It's a central park built for Hidden Springs and entirely CC-free. It was inspired by both the park stage cover (for the yellow accent color) and the chess piece stage props from Showtime. I wanted the park to have the square, grid-like feeling of a chess board, but still be functional as a park.

Sims can take in a show on one end of the park and have a picnic while they watch. It's also a great place to stage a political protest or fundraiser for storytelling, because the stage frames City Hall so well.

And if there's no show going on, sims can do any number of other park activities, from playing gnubb to grilling to admiring the fountains to pretending to use the Showtime props to play a giant chess game. There's also a bathroom and a playground for the kids, of course.

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Joined: 05/02/12 04:25 AM
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Sounds like fun! Bookmarking this.


Joined: 02/06/12 09:30 PM
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Definitely trying this.


Joined: 03/12/12 08:29 PM
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i have a new sim for this but donot know how to post a pic can u plz plz plz pretty plz check my page for the new sim

Joined: 06/24/10 09:23 PM
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what is "machinima"?

Also; can the story start out about a sim other than the one trying to entertain? for example, i already have a story started about a family, and you gave me an idea for more of the story. when that part "falls into place" can i make the story be about that sim?

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I Dont want Hermione to wake up to find Crookshanks gone, I dont want Hagrid covered in boils, dont even want deoderent for Crabbe & Goyle!

Joined: 02/13/10 09:30 PM
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This is my sim, Elayna Collins. She can be found at the following link:

Playing guitar in her free time.

Here she is enjoying a ride on the mechanical bull.

Performing at her first big arena show!

Relaxing by the pool.


Joined: 05/26/11 10:12 PM
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Here's a video I made (My band's newest music video) :

The video editor didn't let me put in any more clips, so it ends sad Waste of 5 hours, that's for sure!

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Joined: 01/18/12 01:08 AM
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Here is where I have my person on the Exchange

I would LOVE 2 submit my sim....... Please tell me if this sim will work

Her name is Erica Eichman. She has mastered EVERY skill. And has EVERY flower fruit..... stuff like that....

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Joined: 05/16/09 08:27 PM
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Location:In Existential Crisis

Unfortunately, My game's been broken, but that won't stop from featuring my lot, Maison du Bourbon! This lot doesn't have much to do with celebrity life, but it does feature one of the most celebrated cities in the World, Paris! It's made to mimic the lavish lifestyle of the Royal Bourbon Dynasty of France in a decedent Parisian home! Please Rec!



Joined: 12/25/11 06:28 PM
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This is my sim band's new hit, Twinkle Twinkle!
Hope yuo guys like it xD

Joined: 06/04/09 10:47 AM
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Animevidnnt wrote:This is my sim band's new hit, Twinkle Twinkle!
Hope yuo guys like it xD

I loved it! that was awesome! quick and embarrassing question, I've been wanting to know how to upload and or make video's on youtube with the Sims3, I'm a little baffled-can you please help me? thanks!

Everyday's a New Day, New Events, New Memories! Happy Simming!

Joined: 06/30/11 04:32 PM
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Animevidnnt wrote:This is my sim band's new hit, Twinkle Twinkle!
Hope yuo guys like it xD

Whoa! Amazing!

Is so seriously jealous of that kind of talent. XD

Joined: 05/22/10 07:53 PM
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Festival Park is my lastest creation, merging Verde park (Starlight Shores) with Central Park (SV) and the Baby Romper Playground.

It has full showtime compatibility with a proprietor. Also in the lot is a creche, potty facilities, playground, BBQ area and fishing.

Before placing this lot the spawners from the deleted lot must be removed. If you are unsure on how to do this, i have made a story explaining how i do it.

Joined: 05/30/09 05:36 PM
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Hydra! I’ll give it a shot!

This is a pretty old chapter from my HORSES & HAIR series. Cameo is a famous stylist who hired Sherry as her horse trainer and grounds keeper. And Sherry is a very talented musician as well as a gifted horse trainer. Unfortunately, her husband, John, isn’t too keen on either of her interests.

HORSES & HAIR Chapter 6 - Stylists' Convention
Cameo talks Sherry into going with her to the Bridgeport Sylists' Convention for the weekend. Cameo’s celebrity status as a famous stylist is recognized and appreciated while Sherry enjoys a jam-session that empresses everybody especially Cameo.

Link to story:

Hope you like it!


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Joined: 10/13/11 12:01 AM
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I just uploaded a video of my sim performing at a venue in my own town I have created, Lakeview I think it's called! I'm also gonna upload a really really pretty video I shot of the morning sun coming up in the game and the moon going down near a beautiful waterfall. Its taking forever to upload so I'll give you my link to my other video and then if u want u can watch my other one which will be titled: Sims 3 - Lakeview

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