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Whats in The Sims 2 thats not in The Sims 3?  XML
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Bubblez800 wrote:
MOAR romance interactions

What kind of romance interactions??

When they would go to restaurants Sims could sit at the table and do a surprise proposal, kiss, hold hands, other types of romantic things.

I'm trying to remember that other ones, and I know there were.

And oh, yeah. Mrs. Crumplebottom the elder would come up to Sims who were demonstrating too much physical affection in public and hit them with her purse.

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Katnap wrote:Oh, there were a lot of things:

Sims in 2 would often look toward the screen as though they were looking at you and requesting things, or throw a bit of a tantrum, that kind of thing.

Open retail places and in the one EP, open restaurants with waiters. You could also own and run a restaurant and own and run just about any business you could think of including car dealerships.

Bathing babies and toddlers, snuggling with the child on the couch.

Kids could skill up by taking music lessons and by reading skill books other than just logic.

Sims were far more expressive and quirky.

The car stuff.

In general gameplay just was more fun for a lot of us because Sims were, well Sims.

BUT the 2 big things that Sims2 lacked that came out in 3 was Open Neighborhoods-in 2 if you wanted other households to age up, you had to play them to do it.

It also lacked CASt. There really was little to no customizing things like furniture. There was a thing that you could mess with clothes, I think but I never got the hang of it.

I think everyone is hoping that we're going to get the best of both worlds in TS4.

Maybe claire the bear will return from the sims too. I can't wait to get more info about the sims 4.

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Sims 2:
-the Sims were more interactive with each other
-open restaurants and businesses
-livelier parties and clubs
-Sims had more emotions and interactions
-charm and quirkiness
-diving board and hot tubes in the base game

That's all i can think of at this moment. I recommend buying The Sims 2 deluxe which includes the Sims 2 base game and nightlife for less then $20 on amazon or eBay if you like game play more so then the graphics or Creat-a-Style tool, to see if you like it or not.


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Most of the stuff has been mentioned above me, but The Sims 3 missed out on a lot of little things that TS2 had beyond major features. In TS2, when a child an an adult danced together, the child would stand up on top of the adult's feet while the adult held their hands and they'd dance like that. If a Sim threw a party and a lot of relatives were there, they would all get the "Had a Family Reunion" memory. Child Sims could actually learn a lot of skills, and Teen Sims could get acne and have to put zit cream on their face. Baby Sims, if played with right after eating, might throw up on the person holding them. A lot of tiny, charming details like that were in TS2 that never made it to TS3.

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Bubblez800 wrote:
MOAR romance interactions

What kind of romance interactions??

Exemple? - Sofá Kiss.


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-Sims actually having subjects to talk about (Politics, The Weather, Sports, The 60's, Music, Movies, and some other stuff that I can't remember right off of my head).

- Greetings/Farewells (Other than cold "invite in" and rude "ask to leave" options of TS3) based on relationship levels and then later based also on social groups in Apartment Life.

-Having both Long and Short term relationship levels and not necessarily be reciprocated by the other Sim.

-Meshing clothes

Despite my "minor issues" I enjoy TS3 very much!

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Icarus wrote:Teen Sims could get acne and have to put zit cream on their face.

This may sound odd but that is seriously what I was hoping would come up in Sims 4! I didn't think they thought of the whole acne thing yet! Wow listening to all this makes me want to buy sims 2! Unfortunately I don't have the right computer


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One thing I liked was how their astrological sign really changed up their personality. But i'm kind of biased since astrology is a hobby of mine.

Their romantic interactions were really adorable. They could grab the other sims butt,do that romantic kiss up the arm,their make out sessions were hilarious and they got into it.

When they got sick they actually had a risk of dying and the disease could get worse.

They reacted to different situations like if the parents divorced in front of the child the child would run into another room and cry same if they found the parent cheating.

They were able to do things on their own. They didn't use the computer every five seconds like they do in 3.

The kids could go to private schools and the worlds were created in game.

I could go into a longer discussion of this but if you have more questions just ask.


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Instant engagement/wedding rings on the Sims fingers!

I loved how in Sims 2 they would wear automatic wedding rings

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Let me see...

-If your house becomes too dirty you could get a cockroach infestation
--Bonus because those are two deaths: Bug death and Fly death!

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The lists could go on forever...
A few random things:
-Having multiple families living in one apartment building. You could play as one, or another, or another, or another and go into the others apartments
-Many more witch abilities. In TS2 witches could do things like teleport and freeze time.
-Having to run a store. You could have a flower shop, department store, toy shop, etc. I even remember going to a barber shop when my Sims travelled to the malls. I cut someone's hair and messed up. For your stores you needed to set prices, hire staff to be salespeople, cashiers, etc.
-Going to a restaurant. You would be seated and given a menu to order from.
-Clubs. There were DJ's, but you could take over and play music for the rest of the club to dance to. You could also give or take requests.
-Better travelling system. Imagine a mix of IP and WA. Going to a tropical island, choosing which place to stay at by the amenities, price, etc. Could you run your own? Also you could go to China and have the rare occurrence of meeting a ninja that if you answered a philosophical question correctly, would teach you to teleport. Also you could go to a mountainous lodge town.
-Ghosts. So many more features! People who drowned would leave puddles. I remember communicating to the deceased through a teddy bear!

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Aspiration 'object' rewards.
Blowing bubbles
Playing cops and robbers
playing marymack
Playing show off
Playing torment
dirty sniky diapers on the floor
Swarms of flies that eat your Sim when the house is filthy
Dirty dishes make flies and buzzing sounds..and may bring on a swarm
dirty,green bottlest that bring down your Sim because they are all over the floor...
Toddlers get filthy when splashing in commode water on the floor..
Dirty, dirty commodes..that stop up if your Sim doesn't flush
Nannies that come on a schedule..and may or may not take care of the kids in a timely manner.
Food points, fixing lobster is keeps a Sim fuller/longer than a bowl of ceral.
Sprakly food..from adding fish or fresh veggies to the frige..makes the meal have better food points, Sim gets fuller faster and last way longer..
Open for any business hands/ on that you can dream of..anything within reason...
Sims drown without a pool ladder..
Diving boards..basegame..slides for the pool..
NPCs who are actually NPCs..can't marry them...funny characters..surprises....that bring risks to the game....death or flu..
Colds cause Sims to get worse if neglected..gets flu spreads it all over townies...have to keep your Sim away from other sick Sims..a reason to make an antidote..or give them juice..

Comfort..Sims need comfort..they want feel comfy like in TS3 if they are sitting on a cheap has 'points'..the more expensive the better..
Sims starve within a few hours if you don't feed them..they don't have quick meals..
Sims have breakdowns..apsiration hilarious things..worth every mintute of it..
Smart mild wonders..
Sims grow up badly..affects their personality..and their memory.

Memories matter..they recall their memories and act upon them sometimes..and throw out thought bubbles of what they want and or remember..and you can always read all their memories if you forgot about them.
And they also 'discuss' those with other Sims.
Interest..Sims have interest..they they can hold a conversation with other Sims and love to read mags..about other at store..

Shopping..Sims enter open grocery shop with a hand cart..
Shop for clothes in open to buy or try on clothes or just browse..

Open Restaurants are real in TS2..waiter/waitress/host/hostess/chef..
Table conversations...and even romantic interactions..blow a kiss at table...caress hand...steal a bite, feed a fight which btw will make the other Sim have a 'crush' on your Sim.
Crushes..Sims get crushes..little pink heart on the other Sim's avatar..
not always returned..
Love letters at the mail box..with pink hearts floating up in the air..Sim smells the letter and sighs..

Coupons..Sims get coupons in mail for visiting several community ones or expensive..dinner for two etc..

Count vampires that will bite other Sims on his own if your playable vamp bites the Counts hidden permission to bite other Sims if you do..

Vampire a can give it to a vamp Sim and 'influence' them to cure themselves..

Bigfoot..nuff said..

The Exlixer of Life jug..reverses aging by 3 to 5 days..aspiration reward..object..great thing..

Wants and 'fears'...fullfilling a fear can lower Aspiration and possibly cause bad effects on your Sim..

Cars someone said..woohoo, kiss, turn on the lights,listen to stereo...go for a spin..for fun...they go 'off world' and come back fun meter full... turn on the car stereo and watch all your Sims outside dance..

Groups..Sims go out in groups you control in manage on choose who goes out with your Sims..if it is timed outing..they may leave you a nice expensive object on your porch...oh and btw they call your Sim to go out..too..

If it goes badly you may be told no thanks..never again..but you can still call them again,later...

Sims in TS2 were also invited to go out to 'impress' someone/Sim avatar turned impress you a promotion..

Just for fun group outings or with just a friend or pressure..lots of fun..

Toddlers scream more in get out of the crib..until the later EPs that toned it down..and they may crawl out if they are 'outgoing'..

Toddlers also throw fits in the their chairs..demanding food..a lot more than TS3 kids..

Sim kids don't do homework automatically but if parent or someone helps them they can do it really fast from then on...they may also ask a grown up or older teen etc..

Sims can do each others homework...they leave it on a desk or in the floor piled up..and they do get taken by S.W. if they fail below a D..

Sim kids can, froze, etc. Parents in TS2 will grab a baby or toddler and run out of the they are supposed to do..

Trees catch on fire outside..and may cause a teen near by to burn/die..
many items in TS2 can cause fire..beware...

Ghosts are mean in TS2..angry..torture your Sims all interactions..they are ghosts and they intend to scare your Sims..

Sims can die from seeing a ghost if their motives are too low.

Hula girls come to get the Sims when they die if they die in gold or permaplat aspiration...happy to go with them..
Or they fight with the Grim reaper if they don't want to go..
You can beg for the Sim's life in TS2...barter with Grimmy..

Career objects are very fun..good or bad..

Aspiration reward objects can backfire if you use below gold out!

Humor, flowing AI, risks..quirkiness, you may not stop laughing.

Animations: Sims worry in TS2..if a Sim is passed out on the floor in it's own pee puddle...another Sim will stand over them and wring their hands and have the most worried look..they care!

Jump rope, wave at each other..and while passing by they may do the two finger point at you if they are outgoing..or to another 'ey..

Fortune Sims
Knowlege Sims
Pleasure Sims
Family Sims
'Hidden' Power Sim
Popularity Sim

All aspirations, and zodiac signs matter, and influence which Sim they will be attracted to along with likes and dislikes.

Chemistry bolts..on avatars so you know which Sim your Sim prefers more..the one bolt or the three bolt..perfect match..

Sims interact without having to be told to..they are 'smarter', more agile, and they let you know if something is blocking them, or if what you asked them to do is a no go...but they can walk around another Sim and never blink or tap their toes..

They have feelings and you see them often, no moodlet necessary.

Sims in a family or household already have relationship points simply because they live in the same household. They do not have to spend their entire lives as 'aquantances' they know to talk to one another or play together..they are very much smarter.

They don't come equipped with a smartphone you have to send them shopping to get one or cheat to get it.

Cheat objects in TS2 are amazing you can make the Sim do just about anything with the in game cheat objects if you use them like pose boxes, or Simmodder etc.

Sims have an option to you can take their picture for your stories.

They can't paint each other's portraits, after it begins the other is free to walk away the Sim will continue to paint the portrait.

Custom painting files add your own photos to the game they will paint them as master pieces....custom radio stations, not just custom music..

Sims can watch movies on the TV...horror, drama, etc..
Hobbies..not my favorite EP but they get zoned out when doing hobbies..

Proper Gene mixing..a Sim kid may have grandma's black hair..
or grandpa's big nose..

Proper apartment your four sets of households in one, you can go inside and visit each other if you knock on their doors...

Landlords come and fix things or pick up trash outside, or trim the shrubs etc.

Gardners! Hedges grow, flowers get weeds, yards get weeds if puddles are made..btw Sloppy Sims pee in bushes sometimes if they have to go..

Roaches..if you allow your Sim to have too many dirty dishes too long or trash on floor Sims throw fits at seeing roaches you can stomp them out, spray them risking becoming a plant Sim or call the 'exterminator'...I haven't seen him in this game...

Sorry, I could go on and on...really sorry, that doesn't even scratch the surface of what 'isn't' in TS3.

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I think it suffices to say the one feature that The Sims 2 had that The Sims 3 had was.

BAD THINGS that happen to you.

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You know it's more about the gameplay.... Not so much specific features.

Your sims seemed to have a mind or life of their own. They seemed like real families, real people without being too serious. Their actions had real consequences. EP's always worked with each other. Not against. Each ep added to the entire game. An example would be when free time came out. All those new hobbies and the things you created worked with Open For Business. Not like show time where without an uproar from the community you couldn't have LN lots work as performance venues, or how we have real resorts now but they don't work in the WA worlds,

Overall the gameplay was better. It's hard to explain. If you were playing say a sons household and the mom in another household passed on that family and their friends and family would be devastated, family regardless, and friends. If their lifetime relationship was strong. It didnt rely on your " active household" And that would be seen through the town.

While sims 2 had a funnier quirkiness to it, the gameplay was far more complex and intricate. I remember when one of my sims got divorced because her husband had cheated on her, said husband went to the bakery and his ex-wife's best friend was there. She ca,e over and slapped the heck out of him as he was in line.

I think it's very difficult to explain the gameplay difference, I would imagine if sims 3 was the first sims game you'd ever played you'd think it was epic, but for those who started with 1 or even 2 know that while sims 3 has some great features, it doesn't surpass sims 2 even with the bells and whistles,

And there was NEVER as many bugs or glitches... And if there was, they were fixed far faster then they are now,

The make over station from 3 still resets sims age span after 3 years, that's obnoxious,

Just by looking at Sims 4 screenshots I feel that magic of sims 2, even if the hair looks like plastic lol.

The sims just seemed to respond to life more, the memories affected their life, traits are cool but the memory system shaped them to be even more unique.

If 4 is a mix of the visual beauty and powerful tools of 3 with the gameplay of 2 then 4 maybe the sequel to SMS 2.

Trust me when I tell you sims in 3 are lifeless robots compared to 2.

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The feeling of being part of the family.

One of the things I liked about The Sims 2 that was no where in the Sims 3 was the feeling of being in the house. In 3 it just feels as if the interior is there.

This happened for me with the introduction of Seasons.

I used to zoom in when there was a storm outside and it really felt to me as if I was in the house.

2 was well worth it for that feeling.
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