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Showtime & Patch 1.31/1.32/1.33 - Bug Thread  XML
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Joined: 06/21/09 03:39 PM
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@laurenlopa12: That is a technical issue. Please post in technical

@PENNINGYPSY: Were you on vacation while you patched ? You should try to prevent that cause I can corrupt your game. If you went to vacation after patching and this occurred, I'll add.

@TINA180: I'll add

@PinkLoveJonas: What do you mean by disable ? Did you remove the mods folder and delete the cache files ?

@catloverplayer: I'll add you to the list

@bunbunnyny: Do you have download versions ? If not, I would suggest uninstalling Origin altogether and try again. I'll add the issue though

@sam123: Do you have Origin updated ?

@zandrailia: Did you delete the cache files after removing the mods ?

@catloverplayer: I'll add that

@CMWarren: Are you missing the option to do so or are they just not coming over (which would be an old issue).

@snagonsnagon: I'm not entirely sure on your issue. Do you have the noxroadsname issue or just launcher troubles ? Could you please quote your issue next time so I don't have to go look for it.

@SimsVIP_Admin: Honestly, no idea. I've look at those with s3Pe but there's not much there. Move them to the desktop and you'll know


Joined: 06/21/09 03:39 PM
Messages: 16941

Updated to here.


Joined: 05/29/09 10:42 PM
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I wanted to share some info for the Simmers hope you don't mind crinrict

After doing a restore on my computer reinstalling that patch with a manual install, uninstalling Origin and trying everything that I could think of to no avail I finally went and got the CCleaner and it fixed my game and it is now working so if anyone wants to get this program it's at this page.

Also wanted to post that there is something that I noticed maybe you would understand this better crinrict than me but my numbers for my launcher and my friends whose game also weren't working had a different number compared to the Simmers whose game worked.

The Simmers whose game worked had these numbers
but my numbers which are still the same though is and my friend whose laptop wouldn't work had the same numbers as me yet her desktop that worked had the first set of numbers. Sorry I know this is confusing but hopefully this can help, not sure but thought I would mention it.

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Joined: 04/26/10 03:45 PM
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I updated my only important memories mod and now my game is back to normal


Joined: 12/09/11 03:00 PM
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BD I discovered that the CCleaner helped me with my 'NoXroadsName' issue also... Now to see if the crashing is fixed.


Joined: 12/16/09 05:54 PM
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I'm not sure when this issue started in my game, just that last night was the first I've noticed it. It may have nothing to do with the patch but thought I'd mention it just in case it does. I played with the patched game for a little while last night (first time) and it ran beautifully until I had my sims cuddle on the sofa. The male's arm went through his girlfriend's neck instead of behind it. It wasn't just slightly through her neck, it was right through the middle and very freaky looking. I can live with it since my sims don't cuddle much but maybe you can file it away somewhere in case it's patch related and other simmers run into this problem. Thanks for all your help!

Oh, almost forgot to answer these questions:

1. Are you using any Custom Content or mods ? yes, mods & few cc objects, mostly hair
2. If you are using mods, are you using any of the 'big ones' like Awesome Mod or Twallan’s mods Twallan's updated Story Progression, MC, Overwatch. Also his traffic mod and the updated version of velocitygrass "only important memories" mod. Removed them to desktop before patching, didn't replace until updates were available.
3. If you're not using mod, did you never use them or did you take them out for the EP (as you are supposed to do)
4. Do you have Showtime or just the Patch ? patch
5. Did you start a new game for Showtime or are you playing an existing ones ? new
6. What town are you currently playing ? EA or Custom ? Custom
7. What is your Operating System (Mac, XP, Vista, Win 7) W7 64bit
8. Did you disable SimPort ?
9. Did you disable the Social Features ? no but I will try that

ETA: I just saw the same thing in a pic in the following thread (second post, third pic) There are some funny pics in that thread LMBO I highly recommend it to anyone who's feeling frustrated

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Joined: 08/23/11 09:44 AM
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I also have the same problem! When in Create A Sim the color is green or pale but in the game, it is normal. I downloaded the latest patch which allows you to log-in in the game, and this happens! Please help!!

Joined: 09/17/09 12:58 PM
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I didn't read this entire 9 page post. After patching I have Store Hairstyles missing in CAS...not all but the ones I intended to use.

I haven't checked if other Store Items are missing. But I did see a few objects still visible in buymode, I'm not sure they are all there, I will have to go through my build/buy mode catalog.

I can't understand why some hairstyles are still in CAS and then some are not. What's up with that?

ETA: I don't have third party cc, just store items. Upset my store hairstyles are missing and have to reinstall those, I guess.

ETA: This was a saved game currently playing in Hidden Springs, I haven't check if other worlds' to see if Sims will not have these hairstyles on their heads in other I used them in other worlds. No longer in CAS for Hidden Springs, not sure if they are available in other worlds.

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Joined: 06/05/09 07:13 PM
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crinrict: I went back into game. The Overhead map now has the signifiers for the different businesses and other Sim families. I was unable to get back in here to notify you.

I've not tried to creat any new Sims in CAP as yet.

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Joined: 06/21/09 03:39 PM
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@BD5141: This is just the region code. Nothing to worry about.

1 = DVD Version
17 = Download Version

@GurlGamer05: Good to hear

@BrandyD83: thanks for the feedback. I'll add some solutions to the first page later

@eilian: Thanks for the report. I'll keep it in mind if more have the issue. It might just be a random animation glitch

@xorty: What's your graphic card ? There's a thread linked on the first page for the issue. Could you post your details there ?

@Cinebar: Uninstalling Store Stuff is a common issue. Try reinstalling them (and reading the first page usually is enough for my bug threads, at least in the beginning)

@HollyZee: Good to hear. Random glitch then.


Few things:

It will start to get busy here soon and I'm still on a limited schedule, so please read the first page. Do not report things that are already there unless you have extra info to add. I will start posting solutions as soon as they are available.

Please read the rules and provide the infos asked for in the second post. It will make my life a lot easier.

Please post crashing issue in the technical forums. There are a few tips on the first page as well. There are various reasons for those and I just don't have the time to go through all of them with you. There's also a tool called the crash log analyzer over at ModTheSims and Ford is the best person to help you with those.



Joined: 05/29/09 02:44 PM
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Location:The UK (where Ep's are released last)

Minor Bug

Any opportunities my sim had when i patched cannot be finished

IE do a commercial or take part in a play. My sim will do them but when they leave the building it does not complete, but is as if my sim never went in to do it .

The only way round is to delete all opportunities and then any new ones they get offered work fine

SMILE . You may not realise how bad everything is. But it sure annoys all the grumpy people and makes you feel better .

Joined: 06/21/09 03:39 PM
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@julienrob2004: Thanks for that report.

@Others with opportunity issues: Can you confirm that those were Opportunities that were open BEFORE patching ?


Joined: 12/10/09 09:30 PM
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Crinchet the opportunity bug seems to be common since this patch. I've read a lot of various post on it. If this isn't fixed I fear that it may ruin the gigs in ST.

The Last Venue Of Amour Coming August 7th From The Sims 3 Store.

Joined: 06/21/09 03:39 PM
Messages: 16941

Could you ask around if it's just opportunities that were open before the patch or all of them ?


Joined: 06/01/09 11:04 PM
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Minor bug. My sims are constantly dancing now. Only for a few seconds but every sim everywhere is randomly busting a move every few minutes if there is music of any kind playing in the vicinity.

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