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Stuck on a challenge in China  XML
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Joined: 07/27/09 01:37 AM
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Ok, so I'm in the temple of heaven and I'm suppose to find the lost artifact of the Resolute Fist Annex.
I'm on the first basement level in the first room with the dive well and the keystone holder.
There's three doors, the middle and the one to the left of the middle are otherwise unopenable. The one to the right of the middle opened when I put the keystone in, but I'm not sure what to do in that room.
I already went in the dive well and popped up in the room next to the room on the right and well, that only got me stuff from sticking my hand in holes.

So now I don't know how to continue in the temple... anyone have any ideas?

Joined: 06/22/09 12:20 AM
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Location:right behind you. duhh.

I haven't done anything in this temple, but have you tried pulling the walls up? Sometimes, there's hidden doors that look like regular wallpaper.


Joined: 12/08/09 04:56 AM
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can you describe what's in the room? I think I know which room you are in but I'm not sure. If it is a room with a mirror and a bunch of statues you need to move the statues that you can get to and put your hand in yet another hole then push the statues around. This should open some other doors for you.

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i need help on this too please please please!
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