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Could you add the following to the Sims 3  XML
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Joined: 08/24/09 05:36 AM
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For adult sims, in romantic area: Candlelight dinner for two
For adult sims who want to get pregnant:

If its two women, either someone to carry their baby for them, or fertility treatments that allow one of the women who are married to each other to carry the couples baby.

Sim babies who can crawl down the stairs, and not have to be carried, being able to get bottle while in bed, or the thing that babies suck on all of the time, (not sure what thats called- being able to be given one of those.

Sim babies who can interact with one another, not just at the dollhouse but while playing at the table, or on the floor, evil baby sims should be able to get into trouble, if in the kitchen or bathroom, they go into the kitchen cabinets and pull out items, or just do stuff thats bad.

being able to give your toddler and baby a bath in a tub, (with either two girls in the bath tub) or two boys in the bath tub) with bath tub toys as well.

A way for toddler sims to play in sand or a sandbox, with shovels, and buckets and dig, and make castles and interact with parent and make sand castles together..

Children sims, add jump rope, and hop scotch, and board games. checkers, or connect four, being able to play kick ball, volleyball, soccer as well. (thats for both children and adult sims, they should be able to interact together while playing either two children or 1 child and an adult sim.

Maybe changing the way a toddler is changed, not just lifting the toddler and he or she is changed but, actually putting them on a bed, and changing the diaper like we do. a little more interaction there.

Having the toddler when he or she learns to talk, say mom and daddy, or mommy and mommy, or daddy and daddy..etc..

I'd like to see the parent have to feed the toddler in the highchair, and when the toddler goes to bed, sing a bedtime song, or read a bedtime story to them, before bed,

More driveway interaction, driving into the driveway and out of the driveway getting into the car and out of the car, and putting a baby and toddler seat into the car and putting the baby or toddler into that seat in the backseat of the car then going someplace.

Cars that don't go thru one another, if cars are suppose to be solid, then a taxi can't go on top of another car just to pass it.

Different kinds of babysitters, example, Daycare for toddlers and children, a nanny that lives with a family if the family has money, and takes care of the children full time,

Babysitters that can't come from the inside of the house then go to the outside of the house, to turn around and come back into the house.. I find that some zap into the home, when the house is locked up, and they should have to park their car and walk up to the front door like all babysitters who don't live their.

long pigtails for kids, I found one online in the exchange but when you were far away from the child the hair would be in the air, and not on the child, so I'd like you to make a set like the big adult hair. That would stay on the child and not float above the toddler or child.

The ability to have your baby adopted at birth before asking for a name, we should get the choice to keep the baby or not, (but know if its a boy or girl)

formal dresses for toddler girls and formal suits for boys, incase of a wedding, or something like that...

The town should include a church so that if getting married theirs a place to get married, and not one we have to download by exchange people.

Sims3 should have building and places we can download that you make, and not places that are made by people who play the game, because some come with extra clothing, or stuff that sometimes doesn't work well, and you can't always tell if they have viruses or not when downloading them, if you created your own section of stuff that was free, like Churches, and clothing, (that we didn't have to buy) etc.. we would know exactly who made it and would be able to trust it.

more stuffed animals for toddlers and children,

Being able to hire more that one babysitter if you have lots of kids, so that one babysitter doesn't have to take care of all of the kids,

Babysitters who don't complain with putting their hands over their ears, even when the babies or toddlers are crying or screaming at all..

A way to make a childs or toddlers crib their own, so that no other child or toddler can go into that crib, I find that unless I make them, they get put in any crib and when you make the rooms and stuff specifically for a certain child or toddler then the crib should be theirs, and only theirs, so even the babysitters know what child goes where, and doesn't put them into the wrong crib or room.

A easier way to alert the babysitter when a toddler needs something, I find by clicking on the pictures of the toddler the babysitter doesn't sometimes do what they are suppose to do and ignores the toddler to watch tv or listen to the radio to the point I have to remove them. Being able to lock items, so that the babysitters can't use them, and when you click on the picture for example change diaper the babysitter does it to that toddler!!

Babysitters who don't zap out of the house or leave by running out of the home, happens at any speed, and really its rude, they should have to stop and talk with the parent prior to going.

Being able to take back the money of a fired babysitter, and not having to pay them, if they are fired,

Having a way to come home, immediately when the babies turn red, without the babysitter knowing it, and FIRING them, for not doing their job. No babysitter should ignore the toddler or not care for the toddler until they are in the hot red color, or making the toddler starve, either... those should be grounds for 1 parent to come home immediately, and fire the babysitter and take care of the child, and call another one. to go back to work.

More toddler books, for the toddlers to read, flash cards of A B C's, Crayons for the toddlers to color with on paper and then giving the picture to mommy or daddy to hang up.

Parents should be able to teach their toddlers to ride the big wheel bike, and tricycles as well... They should also have a kiddy pool to play in.

Children should have remote control cars they can play with on the street or on the driveway...

Being able to take Toddlers on Vacation to China, or France, on World Adventures, without the parents having to leave them home. They are part of the family, and deserve to go too. Besides its good for them to learn the culture as well.

World Adventure Vacations should be longer than just 3 days, thats really not enough time to explore somewhere, and we should be able to buy sleeping bags there, so that when we are exploring we can take a nap in the caves or tombs, if we are tired.

Stollers, 1 toddler, 2 toddlers and 3 toddlers styles so that we can take them for a walk or go someplace without havint to carry them. Especially if only one adult is home, that would really help if going to the park.

I know you have it for Sims 2, but.. we should be able to have it for Sims 3

Pets for Sims 3, we really need to have pets in sims 3, cats, and dogs so that our children can learn responsibility also maybe a hamster too.

Seasons for Sims 3, it would be nice to see changing seasons as well, so that we can have winter, summer, spring and fall, and do all sorts of activities and have all the different holidays too.

Having a school that is filled with kids during the day, and having the police take any kid thats skipping back to school. (a lot of times I see some of the children at the park, when they should be in school) Also creating homeschooling for those parents who want to teach their own kids.

At the moment thats all I can think of.. Thanks K
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