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Not sure if this goes here: But I have a question.  XML
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Again, I couldn't find a suitable spot to place this, so if I'm mistaken, please kindly guide me in the right directions.

My question pertains to placing kitchen counters. As we all know, when three counters are placed to form a 90 degree angle, the counter in the middle will automatically re-shape to form a corner. However, I want to make it so a kitchen island comes directly out of my counter, to form a bar-like eating area, but when you place an island adjacent to a regular counter, the middle piece doesn't automatically reshape to compensate.

If anyone knows how to do this, then I would greatly appreciate that knowledge. It's quite frustrating, really.

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Perfect place to ask this question.

The game won't automatically do what you want it to do. They didn't make the two types of counters connect right. But you can make the game do what you want yourself with the "moveobjects on" cheat and also holding down the "alt" button when placing the island portions of the counter. This will let you place your island counter where it will overlap with the back or side of the regular counter. If you place it too tight with the regular counter though, sims won't be able to use the island portion for sitting. However, after placing, if you get the stools to "snap" to the island counters when you place those, it is a good sign sims will be able to use the seating side of the island in live mode.

Hope this helps.

Edit: Here is a picture of how it can look in game with the above methods.

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