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Joined: 06/25/09 02:38 AM
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I am setting up this thread to help others improve their creative skills in the aspects of building,landscaping and decorating..The concept is simple,it will be community involvement in learning and teaching...We want this to be a social family oriented atmosphere...So Please NO Bickering or DRAMA...

We all learn from everyone,beginners and novice builders can actually be the best teachers.As they experiment,we learn new techniques.Experience Builders are great,because they may already have resourceful materials handy to help in the learning process.

This forum will have a monthly theme.It doesnt matter what speed you Create at.You may build one creation a month or 2 a day..following the basic theme of the month would be great.BUT not neccesary.If you have a challenge your working on that doesnt fit the theme.YOU are still more than welcome to show your WIP(work in progress) for Feedback.Posting your pics is very welcome and the more pics you post,the more we can see to give feedback.Hopefully by using this thread you will learn to improve your building skills with cheats such as MOO(moveobjects on/off) and CFE constrainfloorelevation true/false).

We also plan on introducing Terrain Sculpting,reading and understanding floorplans,and designing your own custom builds.My hope is to run themes in conjuction with some of the themed challenges,BUT i understand there are many challenges available,so we will just have to help you anyway we can.So please join the group,participate in showing your WIP's and Also please join in the commenting...When you learn to comment on others work,you also learn to look for the same things in your own works.

Also keep in mind..Opinions are just that..we offer opinions and want opinions..BUT no matter what the final decisions are yours to make..It is your home and your neighborhood after all.

Also we dont do personal walkthrus..there is not enough time to do walkthrus,commenting and play our own please post lots of pictures..we love them.AND never feel like your clogging the thread with them..BUT i know that someone here can give advice on resizing pics.

Personally i use can resize at upload to messageboard size and just copy and paste the code.Plus so far i haven't experienced a limit on how many pics you can if you make a new folder for each can always submit the code for the entire folder,for others to view.

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Joined: 06/25/09 02:38 AM
Messages: 2838

This site will also be in cojunction with TSS (the Simmersociety)click on siggie for directions.LOL.This may have been an idea i have had,BUT it was Ricslady from TSS who has pushed me to start this.So if you are not a member there,please join.Sometimes there are issues with the forums,so its good to have alternative sources to keep up with everything.

Other Threads that have been useful and helpful in my growth as a builder:

These additional sites contain a wealth of information to help anyone advance their skills and get additional advice.I recommend any of them in your quest for knowledge.I have intentions of cross promoting other sites and threads to help everyone involved.

The SimmerSociety:By Ricslady99

Showcasing Your lots Workshop:By Fidlerten

The Sandbox by:XOX1
a lot of useful,organized info can be found here.

Mickys Marks by Micky101037
micky provides reviews on sites,etc..check him out before you join a club or download a questionable home,etc.

1001 things to do with MOO:by Asante

Builders101:By Merrywiddow and Magician1

BuilderBoulevard:by Anjubee and Addict1220

Builders Sanctuary:by Jadedcat

NOW the premise of this site is to help improve skills....THIS IS NOT a request forum.

#1 NO NEGATIVE COMMENTING...even something you dislike can be commented on in a postive nature with a simple (its not my taste).
#2..IF you have issues with another Simmer,Take it somewhere else..This is supposed to be a fun,friendly,safe place for us to relax,and enjoy our VIDEO GAME..REMEMBER it is ONLY a Game.
#3...REMEMBER we do have separate lives and live in different Time zones...Please be patient in waiting for your responses..IF you need quick answers..then always have more than one forum you can pose your questions in.
#4 HAVE FUN..This just a game we enjoy playing..NOT our lives,Don't Let the addiction rules your responses.
#5..PLEASE OH PLEASE GET INVOLVED..we love getting to know each other.And creativity is not limited to just showing us your build..You can show us your stories and any new form of using MOO that you think may inspire someone else.

At this point..Rather thank me clog up this forum with coverpic changing and tutorials.I will let you know i already have that info posted at TSS...Plus i see XOX1 has her post going with Pic editing Info..

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nam24601 wrote:I think there were some issues with the formatting of the list during the transfer ds...I'm gonna fix it up a bit and add it in here. Sorry about that.
darkside266 wrote:Smoky..this would be the post i could use in one of your first two posts.Just highlight and copy this post and then go to one of those and click edit,then paste this post in there..Thank you,Thank You so much...

also more tutorial links provided by Nam:

Tutorials Missing Pics:

* Fid’s rug tut:
* Stacked pagodaroofs by amoebius:
* Adding dormers to a roof by ricslady99:
* How to build a tomb: Cause and Effects by SunsetValley01:
* 3 Tiers 1 Floor MultiSplitLevel Tutorial by WickedKnight :
* Using Foundations as Exterior Walls by exdemon1120:

New Tutorials to Add to The List:

Slanted roof tutorial with halfwall: by Richrealmen

Design 101: Colors and Patterns by ruthless_kk

* Tutorial: How to Make a Sim Avatar by SimGuruWeb:
* Zap The Red Chimney! (Beginners+) by cyclonesue:!%

* Uploading a new coverpic by nam24601:

* Finicky Floors? Reckless Roofs? Spooky Stairs? Solve The Problem! (Beginner-Advanced) By Pinecat:!%20%28

* A Million and One Roof Heights! (Beginners+)By cyclonesue:!%20%

* Build A Pool Window By DragonQueen:

/sims3/preview/0/ (not sure if this will work post WA…will have to test it)
* How to make an attic By aloleng:

* CFE arches tutorial by CaliforniaBound:
* Thread explaining how to post pictures and make a signature:

* Post to explain resizing pics:

* Sims Wiki TS3 Building Tutorials:

* How to build a daylight basement by Freynas:

* How to Create a World
* (part 1 of 2)
* (part 2 of 2)

Possible Plagiarism ?

One more thing I noticed and thought I'd throw out there:

This tutorial here:

INDIVIDUALROOFSLOPE tutorial by Mch36504
by Mch36504:

Created: 06/19/09
Views: 4447

A great tutorial of how to change different slopes of roofs in the sims 3 Discovered by Mch36504 (6/13/09). Great for any home!

And this one here:

Sims 3 - Tutorial - How to create a basic roof with different slope angles by feldynn :

8th Jun 2009, 12:20 PM

They are both detailing the same thing, but notice the dates…not sure if this means plagiarism, but what are the odds of two different people discovering the same thing and making a tutorial about it within 11 days of each other? Just my observation…

additional turorials.

A Sims 3 Tutorial Aquarium with Fish! by: SimEve

How to Design a Floor Fish Aquarium
by: SuperPogimon

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Joined: 07/25/09 08:36 AM
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Location:first star on the right

nam24601 wrote:Okay everyone! Sorry I have been MIA for most of the day, but I hope that when you see why you will all forgive me

I have also updated this on the first page, although hopefully Smoky will be willing to share one her posts and stick'em there. Once I get this done, I'm gonna try and catch up...eeek, come on people! Don't you have lives? lol. Says the person who has been staying up all night for about a week with an average of a 3 hour nap every couple days...yeah, gotta get me back on schedule. School tomorrow...but not until the afternoon at least. Okay, gonna stop rambling and let you guys have your siggys. Hope ya like'em.


Yay, after a busy day, I have some working signatures prepared for you all! In order to use these, just quote this post and copy and paste the code from here to your preferences. If you want all of the signatures, then make sure you copy the large chunk of code at the very bottom...Just make sure that you right click and paste them in your siggy box, and don’t click anything after, or the character limit will kick in and you’ll lose half of it.

Hope you guys enjoy!

Creative Design

ricslady Groupie

racncone Groupie

Updated Darkside Groupie

And of course, if you want them ALL:

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Joined: 06/25/09 02:38 AM
Messages: 2838

NOw as i have mentioned before..This will be a monthly themed as of now,these are the themes i have in mind,I will be open to new suggestions though.Even though a month may have a theme,That doesnt mean you have to follow it...whatever you are doing creatively is fine.we will still try to help you improve.

Mini Sub-projects:
#1..terrain sculpting
#2..master suite/bathroom and sitting area
#3..kitchens with islands
#4..sunken or raised living areas
#6.. creative grilling areas

January...Moutainous theme...Homes can be cabins,lodges,cottages,modern or even if your heart desires a shack out in the middle of the woods.landscaping...wild,overgrown,hilly,needs to include a body of water pond/lake/or river.interiors..depends on your style of home you choose.Even old homes CAN have new furnishings.

February...Custom Dream Home Design:MOre info to come this point I'm thinking Vacation this will be whatever you feel is the best vacation home you could want in your neighborhood..Landscape and decorate to fit your style.

Aprils project ..we will be working with Modern builds..Landscape to fit the theme of your neighborhood and location..size is up to you..this can be a mini or mansion or anywhere in between..just try to give it unique features and design.try to stick with flat or half angled roof..for your interior try to keep it clean,streamlined,well decorated and uncluttered..imagine this home belonging to someone wealthy.

Mays project
Well as May fastly approaches us,i guess anyone wanting to get involved in Mays project may want an idea of whats going on..well its called Aquatic Architech,or floating houses.I have provided a link on page 1 for inspirational pictures..The style you choose is completely up to you,since its your neighborhood your filling.So you may choose a modern,houseboat,boathouse,cabin on lake,Venetian Style home,or even the Boat looking homes you might find in parts of Asia.The main criteria is that your home is surrounded by water on 3 sides,and please include a decorative boat somewhere.Lot choice and size is completely up to can even convert one of the community lots to a residential if you wish so that you have surrounding area to fit your theme.The main thing is to try something new and to have fun with it.
Inspirational site

Next..burglar alarms and smoke detectors are good items to install in your homes..But during gameplay,sometimes it is funny to see the reactions when something catches on fire or they are robbed.
CC(custom content) can use at your decretion..But please keep in mind.not all CC transfers and if it does.PLEASE warn potential downloaders you have CC,in case they dont want it..Also if you use a particular site and you promote your build here,Please give credit to the CC sites you use..They love the Traffic and downloaders too..and when you download from CC sites.Please give those creators Recs or Thanks also.

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Joined: 05/29/09 07:16 AM
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I'll be working in conjunction with darkside and will host a thread at The Simmers Society

These are some of the links I use on a regular basis:

COLOURlovers - color palettes

Home plan sources
Dream Home Source
Architectural Designs

Decorating ideas
Southern Living room gallery
HGTV Designers Portfolio

Landscaping ideas
Better Homes and Gardens - garden plans

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Joined: 06/25/09 02:38 AM
Messages: 2838

Links i like for finding floorplans:the homes that show are just ones i have bookmarked for future can use the search feature to find ones you like.Other members may post other great sites for you to choose from also.

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Joined: 05/29/09 07:16 AM
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Location:Not in Kansas anymore

I have week one posted at The Simmers Society. Darkside will be posting a different shell and instructions here so if you want to wait to choose between the two. Or you can do both!

I have week two posted on TSS if anyone is ready to get started.

Feb. week one is posted

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Joined: 07/03/09 03:52 PM
Messages: 16043
Location:eating my feelings

Link to Sim Stories- A site dedicated to the writer in you

We are a site in the making, only open for two months and we are rapidly talking about things to add. By March, we will have our own challenge, Story of the Week. No details will be released yet as we have some work to do still, but do look out for it.

Here are some sites I have found may help you:

Here is a list of websites that you may find helpful-
Natureistic Pictures
Inspirational Songs
Writing Inspiration Help
More Writing Inspiration Help (I don't fully agree with the first tip but hey. The rest is nice)
Everyday Inspiration Help

These are just a few of the many resources you can use.
Didn't find what you were looking for when looking through those links? Google is our friend! Also, check out your local library, ask local writers, ask a neighbor, just ASK.

I will be updating this frequently, so keep an eye out for new links!

Lol it took me forever to realize I should bookmark this XD

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Joined: 06/17/09 03:55 PM
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Location:Body- Illinois / Heart- Texas / Mind- Neverwhere

Hi Y'all, I am XOX1.-

My strong points are Building Very Strange Buildings, Imaging, Gameplay, Computer Glitch & Game Glitch Workarounds, World History, Whacky Humor, and Old Texican Metaphors!

I am here to inform, and to help when & where I can...

I practice the ancient Chinese Taoist ways of Shaolin.
"Shao" means "small". "Lin" means "footsteps". Shaolin means "small steps".
That is what their teaching method is, they teach and learn in "small steps".

Lessons by XOX1-

"Imaging 101"- A Lesson by XOX1-

This is still a work in progress. It is going to take a little time to make it perfectly complete, because I need to make a lot of custom pictures for it. My "How To Make A Cover Pic Slideshow" & "How to Make a Cover Pic Using Irfanview" has already been completed, and is posted there. It is a high priority project for me, and will be finished ASAP.

"Gardening 101"- A Lesson by XOX1-

Everything you ever wanted to know about practical gardening in The Sims 3-

For any "Off-Topic" Communications.-

I can be communicated with at "The Sandbox". Just click "The Sandbox" siggy below. It is my home on these Forums, and the only thread I check on every day. It's okay to post anything there, because it is a "Helpful and Creative Junkyard Thread".

"Landscaping Tips"-

"MOO" means "Move Objects On or Off". It is a feature of the game that allows you to place objects out of place by overriding the snap-to function of object placement. It can be quite useful in landscaping, and other placing functions of objects.

You can get to it via the "Cheat Code Window".
Hold down the Ctrl/Shift/C keys at the same time.
The light blue transparent "Cheat Window" will appear at the top of your screen.
Just type in moveobjects on / moveobjects off and press the Enter key.

You can also "Rotate to Taste" once the item is positioned to your liking, to get the angle that looks good to you. Holding the "Alt" key down while placing, and rotating will give you more control over the object's movement.
It is also always a good idea to have a Sim test any objects that you have placed using MOO, to make sure that it works, and does not interfere with navigation.

Y'all come back now, hear?

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Until it is needed for something useful I will put inspirational pictures here. Mountain cabins, alpine stuff this month. These piccys will change often, so keep them if you really like them.

Not all mountainouse areas are alpine, some are deserts!

Beach Garden

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Hi DS. Bookmarked and sooo excited. I know we will all learn from each other and share ideas. I wish this thread enormous success.

Luv Bre

Edit: Not a tutorial, but a link on how to read floorplans:

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Joined: 10/02/09 01:30 AM
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Great job Darkside!


Since I have had so many issues with this website I have moved over to the new TSS...I will definitely be back if and when this start starts to work though!

Please tell me:

What do you think we need tutorials on?

Would you like your tutorial added to the list?

Let me know...all you have to do is ask!

We all have different ways of learning and sometimes one tutorial will click for one person and not it would be good to see a variety. The only thing I would recommend is that if you are using the ts3 story maker, you do not delete your pics from your media, and/or post it in a thread/blog also. I, for one, know how frustrating it is when you put hard work into something and then it just goes away on an unscheduled vacation...without leaving a forwarding address or contact info! lol


Baby Steps Tutorial Series:

1. Baby Steps: How to Offer Critique on WIP’s

2. Baby Steps: How to Receive Critique on WIP’s

3. How to read a floorplan

4. Baby Steps Chimneys:

5. Simoleon Saving Secrets

6. Baby Steps Create a Style:

7. Baby Steps Posting Pics on the Forums:

8. How to post a signature

9. How to use an image editor

10. Baby Steps Changing Your Coverpic:

11. Baby Steps CFE Split Levels Part 1:

Baby Steps CFE Split Levels Part 2:

Other Tutorials:

1. Tutorial on how to make a starter house by jadedcat1983:

2. Tutorial: Making a dome trellis roof on a gazebo by jadedcat1983:

3. nam24601's process of building a shell...I make it up as I go and make mistakes too...this will show the whole thing, mistakes and corrections...I start from an empty lot and end with taking pics for uploading the shell. Feel free to fastforward through the many boring parts. And NO MAKING FUN OF MY MUSIC! lol. Yes, I like New Kids on the Block, and no I'm not ashamed to admit it! (anymore) lol. But the music is a mix, so don't worry, you won't have to hear the same thing over and, there's always the mute...
Music may have profanity.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Okay, so DS mentioned at one point the possiblity of making an abbreviation glossary...I decided to go ahead and get one started.


MPP my personal preference
YPP your personal preference
IMHO in my honest opinion (I've also seen it used as "humble" opinion)
WIP work in progress
MOO move objects on
CFE constrain floor elevation
PO Personal opinion
CAS Create a Style (can also mean create a sim depending on context)
NP No problem
LOL Laugh(ing) Out Loud
ROFL Rolling on the floor laughing
LMAO Laughing my “apples” off
IMO In my opinion
YW You’re welcome
TTYL Talk to ya later
ATM At the moment
BTW By the way
IRO In reference of
TTYS Talk to ya soon
CC Custom content

I'll continue adding to it as we find new ones.


I have a new challenge to announce to EVERYONE!
Each week will be different…or the same….or similar…confused yet? Lol

Basically, every week (or more often, if I feel like it, but at least once a week) I will post a clue…or a hint…and you, the participants will need to follow that clue. You will either find another clue or the answer…some may be quick and easy, others may be long and difficult…(ha, thought I would say something bad there, didn’t you!) I'll be updating this weekly over at TSS.

Oh, did I mention there’s a prize? Whoever is the first to send me a PM with the answer and the link of the last relevant post will receive a gift worth up to 200 simpoints.

SO, if there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Congratulations to our Past Winners:

Week 1: Darkside266


Thank you so much for all your help!

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Joined: 05/16/09 01:35 PM
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Count me in as well i love decorating but i still also want to build as well.


Joined: 05/29/09 10:00 AM
Messages: 1078

I am Lil
I will build your requested shells

I also
help with CFE.

where I can. Please remeber I am still learning myself. If I don't know something right off the top of my head I will do my best to help you find the answer.

I also make
color palettes

at colourlovers you can find my palettes here:

CFE tutorial links

CFE Tutorial Step by Step instructions on how to build a Multi level home. by LiLSapphire

How to build split level stairs in a foyer by Darkside266

Creating a Sunken Room with floor to ceiling windows by Beefysim1

Connecting Garage to foundation by Flabaliki

Tricks with Splits Level by Flabaliki

Split Leveling in TS3 by Qbuilderz

Split Level Stairs by alanmc12

Creating L-Shaped Stairs by BlackGarden

Creating U-Shaped Stairs by mensure

Create Realistic stylish Fences by JasonMazda2

Slanted Roof with Halfwall by Richrealman

CFE Arches by CaliforniaBound

Ground Level Windows Step by Step Tutorial

Creating a Half Wall on Porches tutorial

Step by Step "L"-Shaped stairs tutorial by LiLSapphire

Step by Step "U"-Shaped Stairs

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