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Joined: 04/09/12 03:54 PM
Messages: 8

I am playing around with pets and trying to master making a barn on and making really adavnced patterns on horse.

Joined: 05/28/09 06:27 PM
Messages: 697

ANNIEOVER wrote:My Plans For The Month Of May:
To Learn How To Mesh Using Another Program Beside's 3DMAX; To Get My Website And Forum Up And Running To Its Fullest Potential; And Finally To Give Away These Puppies And This Stallion I created (I created their coat colours, and patterns )

That puppy is adorable! *heart melts*

Joined: 07/21/09 07:33 AM
Messages: 115

I have no pictures yet but I am giving the 10 Generations Legacy a go. I haven't played without using cheats before so I am excited but a little nervous too. Right now I am creating my Sim and trying to think of a great name that I won't tire of.

Wish me luck that I can do this and not kill off my Sim.

Joined: 09/05/11 02:14 PM
Messages: 3929

I'm working on a Legacy. All the sims are named after Grey's anatomy characters. So far I've had Merideth, Cristina, Zolah, O'Mally, Karev, Izzy, and Calli. And I'm only on heir number 2. I'm ecstatic that my game is still going. I've never made it past heir 1 without the game going wrong in one way or another. Last time it got corrupt. So I'm super happy to have gotten this far. And my garden now has all the produce. The only ones missing are omni plants and the money trees.

And everything is at the "perfect" state except for the avornalino grapes.

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Joined: 12/25/09 04:51 PM
Messages: 145
Location:Lurking the forums...

Raising my new family and trying to make sure my new baby grows up well! (Also, maybe buy a new EP )


Joined: 07/09/10 04:35 PM
Messages: 55

I'm attempting to make the Overlook Hotel from Stanley Kubrick's The Shining.
Right now I'm in the process of creating the rooms to see if they will even fit. Then later I'll have to remake them and move them like puzzle pieces.

Reception / Lobby

Colorado Lounge

Colorado Lounge 2
With upper floor and where room 237 will be


Joined: 11/14/09 09:57 PM
Messages: 27

Trying to get these two enough money to live comfortably (it took them three days to afford a bed).

Joined: 06/10/09 10:42 PM
Messages: 5

Well my goal is to create different batman villains and upload them to the exchange!
I have started by uploading my version of Harley Quinn from Batman Arkham City!

Here is a link to her on the exchange!

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Joined: 05/28/09 06:27 PM
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SimGuruHydra wrote:My Sim, Moira is working her way up the magician's career ladder.

You now have The Final Countdown in your head.

Yea yea yea, you're a better magician than me. Lol!

Joined: 05/08/11 08:55 AM
Messages: 2874
Location:Hopefully Writing My Sim Story "A Fathers Love"

In my story A Fathers Love These two cute little guys will finely becoming children!

What is going to happen after that? Tune in and see.

Other in that in simland I'm hoping to get the rest of my simport stamps. So I can finish my wild west Arcade.


Joined: 06/03/09 11:41 PM
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Location:What are you, a stalker? You don't need to know this!

Well, let's see. Now that school will be winding down I will have a bit more time to play. Of course along with that comes finals and senior project. So I might actually lose a bit of time.
Anyway, my current plans are to have my sim and his now exwife continue to live together. I will probably try to patch things up, but not until his midlife crisis is over. Which is about a sim week away. I am thinking about finding a way to move his and Kerry's daughter in, but I will probably wait a bit for that. (He cheated on his wife with a girl named Kerry, who was also his wife's best friend.) Then I still have to get him to the top of the singing career.
Depending on how much time I get to play this month, I will hopefully be able to start the next generation with his son. After Jasper (the father) retires he will definitely have the best garden in town. Karen (his wife) will then be able to use the perfect produce to make perfect food. And they'll get to enjoy life with their grandkids running around. That means I'll probably have to renovate their house...add a studio apartment or two for Jasper and Karen to live in when they become elders and Oliver takes over. Not sure what will happen with Amelia. Maybe I'll have her carry on the family instead of Oliver...Only time will tell.

But with all of the craziness in their lives, a new plant would be very nice to add some tranquility back in.

Tombé Sous Le Charme - Christophe Maé 3♥25♥13

Joined: 12/26/11 04:32 PM
Messages: 809
Location:uploading to my studio

I am planning on playing my legacy family. I'm in generation 7 with a teenage boy and twin infants. It's the farthest I've ever managed to get in a legacy.

I'm also working on building a small steampunk themed world: Falling Springs. With the families Cogsengear, Sprocket, Vandergear...

Here's a picture of the Falling Springs Beauty Salon

And the library


Joined: 11/02/11 11:54 PM
Messages: 4

Well, my sims are doing fine. My guy and girl have the never ageing potion so they will never get old. Sorry, I can't bring the pictures up.

Joined: 10/19/10 09:18 PM
Messages: 3

My sim has a lifetime wish of adopting wild animals, I plan on working on getting him to have adequate relationships with the wild animals in the neighborhood so I can begin to take them in.

Joined: 09/07/11 09:22 AM
Messages: 1620

Hi everyone

This is a wonderful thread

My latest sim, my first friend
Sinne Bruun

Uploaded with

Uploaded with

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