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SERIOUS HIDDEN AND CORRUPT CC in your Game, (Without you knowing it) AND a Solution!!!  XML
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Hi folks

Corrupt and Unwanted CC in your game you don't know about, nor did you know you downloaded it.

This is to bring your attention to a serious problem

that might have infected most, if not all peoples' Game that have been Using the Exchange since February 2010.

There was a Doll made by Rebecah, of TSR that had some 'corrupt/Infected' files attached to it.
This attached itself to Sim3 Pack Files in your Game and of course you Uploaded to the Exchange Items/Lots/etc. with this attached, without knowing it.

Rebecah was made aware of this in Mid April and removed the Corrupt File and re uploaded the New Doll. Nothing was done to make us, on the TS3 Forum or EA/TS3, aware of this problem.

If we and EA/TS3 were made aware of this, back in April, when Rebecah was made aware of the Problem, the Following could have been Prevented! A Lot of Simmers Leaving, Spent money on Fixes, Un installed and Re Installed the Game a lot of times since then, etc.

NOW here is a Solution: Please take Note that this does not work on all Computers. There are a few computers it doesn't work on. BUT there is no risk involved in using this Program even if it is not going to work on your Computer. I know this, because it doesn't work on my Computer.

The Program is one of Delphy's from MTS and the Tutorial was made by Glitzyangel from TS3 Creators Consortium to help us there, to get rid of this Problem.

I Quote from here on: Please Note where I unquote.
Custard tool by Delphy.

It is very usefull program that you should use every time when you download something from exchange or from sim pages with custom content. It can check if sims3packs are broken, wrong downloaded, content some bad files inside.
Remember corrupted files can mess your game, make it slow or unplayable.
I love to download custom content to the sims 3 game and I can't imagine to not check every file that I am downloading with Custard or with Dashboard tool (to check mods also made by Delphy on mts). It is too big risk because many files are made wrong by creators also there is many bad files on exchange. The easiest way to avoid bad files is not to download custom content but if you are an addict like me you need to learn how to protect your game from unwanted files.

First what you should do is to download this tool from modthesims:
(registration is required) follow the installation steps that Delphy wrote there.

It is test version and Delphy is still working on it. If you have any problems and questions about it write comment under link to this program on modthesims.

With this program I am checking if custom content (sims3packs) that I am downloading from sim sites are broken.

You need to open this program. It look like this:

This you should see when you check any sims3pack file. This file is not broken.
You should be interested in 2 columns. Type and Sub-Type

This file is bad downloaded
. You can try download again. You can see red line and in Type column is description: Corrupt (Bad download)

This file is corrupted. Type: Corrupt (TXTC) You can try to fix it with option in FIX tab but it didn't work for me. Personally I am not putting corrupted items into the game:

You can also see name of the file and who made the file. This item is from BeeBabyRoom made by vitasims.
I advice you to remove any corrupted items from the game or if you didn't put it yet to not install it.

Now what to do if you downloaded something from exchange like sim or house and there are some items that you don't want to install into your game.
Lets see some sim from exchange. I have here example of sim with naked bottoms. If you don't want to see sims walking in your city naked the best way is to remove this content from sims3pack file. It's very common problem from exchange.

This is picture of the sim file. You can see thumbnail (pictures the same that you see on exchange) and under pictures are all custom content files that are included with this sim and naked bottoms or tops.

Here is another problem that you can get from exchange.

It is very creepy doll. It was originaly made by Rebecah from the sims resource. If you are having this doll (her 1 version) in your game (check in kids section in toys) she will attach to every your house, household, patterns, objects, clothes tattoos that you upload to exchange and other people will have it too and give to others. Just like virus.
For some people this doll will not make harm in game for others will do. I was this other example.
Here is the picture of the doll:
This doll is fine now on the sims resource, only first version was broken
. But I have notice that this doll is attached to too many items on exchange. So check everything that you download to protect your game.

If you want sim or house without custom content or without some single item (like this naked bottom or doll) just untick on the right side everything that you don't want (1).

And then click File (2) and then "save".

I think that is everything what I can say about this tool. I hope you can find it usefull. It is very easy in use too.

Happy simming without broken and unwanted content :sunny:


IMPORTANT: When you find an infected Item and have followed the Steps above, BE sure to close Custard and reopen it before you check the Next Item.

Issues with Clothing is a different issue and I don't know who made those Items that is also Causing Issues and attaching it to things in your Game without you knowing it.

I Quote again:
I couldn't deleted some naked bottoms too by uninstalling from launcher. Because some locals were wear it (they were in use)
If this naked or broken are from sims3packs content you can remove it. Use this tutorial to clean launcher. (it will clean DCbackup and DCcache were they are)

it helped to remove naked bottoms that I got from exchange

I hope this is useful and that any

reading this, let EA/TS3 know about this Issue. I believe a lot of Game, Crashes/Problems/Issues/Etc. will be solved with these Programs and the Fact that EA/TS3 is aware of this Issue.

Your Simmer Friend


PS: This thread is not here to make War or cause Conflict! It is simply to help the Simmers with Corrupt unwanted CC, Game Crashes, Lag, etc. It might help a lot of us in the future as well.

I suggest you use the 'Save As' Option, when you want to Download from the Exchange from now on. Then Check the Downloaded Item for Corrupt CC, etc. before, Installing it to your Game.

Navek wrote the following that contains the Corrupt Doll Package:


to get rid of the doll search the electronics arts folder in "my docs" for the following....


then delete it.... it's so easy if everyone does it!!!!

Thank you very much Navek

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Thanks for this. I've avoided the Exchange like the plague (with few exceptions) because you never know what you're going to get.


Joined: 06/08/09 01:55 PM
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Awesome! This is so helpful, thank you. I will be bookmarking this and referring people here to help with sim3pack problems.

Check out my blog on my page for info on the CC I use

Joined: 07/13/09 01:07 PM
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Location:Pretoria, South Africa

I will fix the Size of the Pictures in a while.

Sorry about that.

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Hey magician1,

I'm bookmarking this as I can't check it out right now.
But if it's (CC) from TSR I'm not surprised. I don't even go there for fear of getting a virus let alone download anything.

edit: clarification

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At my age competence is a turn on!
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I only download off the store, never the exchange.

Joined: 06/05/09 07:53 PM
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Thnks for posting this magician1. This is indeed a very useful tool if you have cc in your game. I have been using it for along while now, and it has saved alot of heartache and sorrow when it comes to finding broken or bad cc.

Thanks for sharing and letting others know about it

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I know that every single time I'd download a sim (no matter the age) I'd get that glitchy baby syndrome (long arms,etc., or nothing but a long flesh-colored stick, lol) and it was so frustrating! I finally stopped downloading sims, period. I won't download them from any other site either. It would take FOREVER to uninstall the bad cc from the launcher.

Thanks for the info!


Nick and Lila!

Pls don't friend me. I'm out of the S3 comm. Sorry.


Joined: 07/13/09 01:07 PM
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Location:Pretoria, South Africa


You folks are more than Welcome BUT the Credit must go to Glitzyangel for finding these problems and making a Tutorial for us, of How to get rid of all the Unwanted Rubbish in our Games.


Joined: 06/24/09 06:57 PM
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Thanks Magician for posting this to the sims 3 forum. It is good to show people what is going on and how to stop it.

By making this tutorial I didn't want to make war with anybody just show solution how to protect game from bad content. I hope it will be usefull for you guys.

I am not using exchange for long time now (I had in one time naked bottoms, naked tops and this funny clothes for toddlers).
I downloaded this corrupted doll from tsr and I didn't even know that she is corrupted and she was in my studio in my items And suddenly my cc stopped working. Every time when I added some cc to the house my game was lagging but when I removed item from the house it was fine. Nobody knew the solution for it!!! Since I found out about the doll and removed it my game was fine again! I could use custom content again.

But it wasn't easy to remove it. When I went to installed content in launcher and press uninstall it something happened. All my game stopped working. Removing cc from my game didn't work. The game didin't want to start, some error was appearing.
I had to reinstall game that 9 months was running fine. Then some how this doll came back again so I just reinstall game again it and didn't put any backups. I lost all my familes. I didn't want to fight with it anymore.
But it was not the end. I thought this doll is attaching only to houses that is what I found out from posts in tsr. But I got this doll again with featured pattern

So now this doll is attaching not only to houses but also households, patterns, clothes, objects and tattoos. To everything except sims send from mirrors and dressers.

So remember always make backup before uninstalling the doll.

And always use save file button when you want to download something frome exchange and always check items with Custard tool.


Joined: 05/30/09 01:29 AM
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Location:Council Bluffs, IA. - Originally from the south.☺ I've worked in IT 29+yrs & ♥ ♪Jazz♪

To you both glitzyangel and Magician.

At my age competence is a turn on!
♥No longer offering Tech Support!♥

Joined: 07/13/09 01:07 PM
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Location:Pretoria, South Africa

You are welcome Glitzy and as I have stated above:

All Credit to you.


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Thank you, that doll creeps me out


Joined: 12/03/09 11:14 PM
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I got the doll too, and many are computer literate, or do not have pay pal or winzip programs. Unfortunatly I uninstalled everything I got, and started over again. I am afraid to download some items from the exchange do to that doll. So if I do download something. I immediatly check installed items if she shows up I delete her immediately. EA I hope you can help fix the problem at the exchange area. Thanks

Joined: 06/04/09 07:37 AM
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I don't know if EA would add a filter to this. But I hope we can minimize these invasive CC by all doing our part to do a CC check on creations before installing exchange downloads into game. This way, you would not get it nor pass the unwanted CC along the the people who download your creations.

Let's all work together on this.
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