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May I give you flowers? - giveaway thread  XML
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Joined: 12/25/09 01:38 PM
Messages: 2

My goal is to get my sims married and make more little baby's and buy another expansion pack and more stuff from the sims store. Except when I try to buy from the Sims Store I can never make my ********** ! It makes me very madd!!!!


Joined: 07/02/10 07:44 AM
Messages: 612

I have been playing around with the smaller pets from Pets.

I also tried out the Acrobat Career.

Doing Contortionist Tricks:


Joined: 11/26/10 02:06 PM
Messages: 2655

thank you simgurupoptart ofr the gift!
luv it
Join me there or be square ;D

Joined: 03/17/12 05:24 AM
Messages: 901

Hopefully, this month I want to get a few new expansion packs. I'm wanting World Adventures and Showtime. But until then I'm going to work on some custom paintings for the month of May. I finally got my main sim up to level 10 in painting and I've been making some cool in game paintings for the exchange.

some example ones that I have finished from last month:

Painting away!!

Joined: 01/13/11 12:48 AM
Messages: 1

My first post ever on any forum! What a big day
May means new babies, new babies, new babies!

Joined: 10/10/11 01:58 AM
Messages: 4

My simming plans for May? To see if i can raise a Sim from baby to elder without stopping to make a new family or it dying (besides old age)

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Joined: 12/23/11 05:50 PM
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Since I am currently unemployed, I will play Sims3 24 hours a day! YES!!
My FIRST post on a forum also...

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Joined: 06/09/09 01:50 AM
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Not sure of plans. May will be working on developing Starlight Shore story of aspiring musician. Or going to Lunar lake and growing story there. Where ever I can spend time is fine with me.

Joined: 06/10/09 11:46 AM
Messages: 4504

One of the families I am currently playing is the Landgraab clones in Lunar Lakes. Christa met a native of the planet called Gan Zar, here they are having a 'shotgun' wedding:

They had a lovely little girl and called her Crystal:

Here's Christa and Crystal in the park this evening, with Cosmo watching them:

Just after this pic was taken and they went back home, Cosmo became 'real'. I've never played an IF before, so I'm hoping that Cosmo is a boy and then Crystal can grow up to marry him. I don't know quite how it all works with IFs but I plan to find out soon!

Joined: 10/02/09 05:36 PM
Messages: 122

I'm working on a generational Royal Family legacy. They are only on the fouth gen.Hopefully I can get my game to work long enough to get to the fifth.

Check them out they've been my faves. I even created another royal family and used the Vanderburgs to marry them off to.

Joined: 05/31/09 02:43 PM
Messages: 213

Thank you so much for starting this and giving away what I am sure to be great gifts. In the month of May I am hoping to continue my latest legacy family. Currently I am only in the second generation. In this family I am hoping to use the newest expansions packs (Pets and Showtime) to have equestrians, magicians, acrobats and singers galore. Since I just recently got both, I really want to use as much of the new stuff as possible. Happy Simming!!


Joined: 07/05/11 04:41 AM
Messages: 3

Well....i'm currently trying to figure out this issue....while raising twin boy and girl....Kameryne and image right now but i'm doing quite fine performing gigs and working my way up there to be a pro at singing...uh...the twins are now toddlers and finally downloaded the sims 3 on my mobile device...cellphone whatever....i started a collection of sims...on the wii, 3ds,computer/laptop,phone, and i have to get it on my xbox which i'm sure will be fun...if you can help...i'd be really happy....and says error:start up failure see log for help...but yeah...i'm currently planning on having more children though...i want 5!!!

Joined: 09/25/09 05:36 AM
Messages: 987
Location:クリスタル トーキョー

I made this Sim for an anime contest on the forums on this site and she came out so pretty that I'm actually going to base my new family around her and her story.

I also am planning to make my own CC (even meshes) for the Sims in my world. That one seems like a large undertaking already so wish me luck!

SimGuruPopTart wrote:It's the month of May and I wanted to know what everyone was planning for their Sims in their game? Share your stories, screenshots and/or ideas in this thread. I will be gifting random Simmers plants from The Sims 3 Store.


Joined: 10/04/10 05:44 PM
Messages: 12

I think I'm doing what I've seen most people doing. Going back to my legacy. I've now played around with Showtime enough to feel more comfortable with it (though I haven't really used Simport), so of course it's time to introduce the legacy to it. Currently this means adding the new venues and items to the world. I actually feel a little bad about leaving the test family by themselves and may move them into my legacy town just so I can see what they do without my intervention.

Joined: 06/29/09 10:33 PM
Messages: 53

Here is my Family, they have aged up since then but i wanted to show her pink hair ;o
This is Iris and Niko Breeden. Iris's lifetime goal was to catch 20 minor pets. I just wanted to have a child that looked like her to carry on, and thats where we got little Niko. His father was ...George? Gooder(idk). He was married and had kids... Iris did not know (i did muahha)

Iris as an elder tear tear. i loved her hair, and she was so pretty. She still looks good as an elder right? She got the genie and wished for a long life, shes over 100 days right now. She loves her kitties who she has bred for three generations, her oldest just died.

The kitties, i had so much trouble trying to get them all in one picture!! i missed one, who is the Father he is a black cat named Elwood. His mate Bella died. They had two male kittens named Sebastian and Jeremiah. So we adopted Rylee and she mated with Jeremiah, they had Nashira. and then we adopted little Freddy for Nashira when he grows up and the older cats die. more gerations of them to come.

heres Niko as an adult ;D hes so perfect! i hope he carries on the good looking traits. He is becoming a doctor, and hopefully will soon have a family of his own.
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