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Closing background tasks on Vista  XML
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Joined: 06/03/09 02:32 AM
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Does anyone know how to close background tasks on Vista? My game crashes when my virus scan starts working during game play...please let me know...thanks

Joined: 05/30/09 02:17 AM
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Location:Spokane, Washington

Hummmm I have vista but have not figured it out how to, but the virus scanner just find where you can schedual the scanning date, and time. I always do that once a week when I sleep! Hope this part helped!


Joined: 06/01/09 03:07 PM
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Hi there.

To close unnecessary programs and processes on Windows XP:

1. Right-click a blank space on the Windows Taskbar and select Task Manager.
2. Follow these steps to close unnecessary programs:
1. Click the Applications tab to view the list of active programs.
2. Click on any program listed in this window and click the End Task button.
3. Repeat the previous instructions until all programs have been closed.
3. Follow these steps to close unnecessary processes:
1. Click the Processes tab to view the list of active processes.
2. Click the User Name column header to organize the processes by login.
3. Click on any program listed next to your Windows login, other than EXPLORER.EXE and TASKMGR.EXE, then select the End Process button
* Warning: Do not close any processes running under SYSTEM, LOCAL SERVICE, or NETWORK SERVICE
5. Repeat the previous instructions until all programs associated to your Windows Login are closed except for the following two:

FAQ here:

-Big Guy-


Joined: 06/06/09 01:09 PM
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Location:Calgary, Alberta Ca

u press ctrl-alt-delete.

itl bring up the task manager.
go to processes and there ull see ur anti-virus procees

right click it and select "end process"

but warning
do not close any other background task before knowing what they are.
cause some background tasks are important for the operating to run stable.


Joined: 06/11/09 06:42 PM
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Depends on your antivirus, but mine has the ability to be postponed for several hours, and the ability to ignore an entire directory.

When I first had TS2 Uni installed, I had to bypass scanning any of those files while the game was playing.

Check the scan or protection settings to see what you can tell it to ignore if you don't leave your machine on at a time when you aren't playing on it.
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