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Creative Ideas for The Sims 3 - Parades, Disasters, and More! (Updated 10/2/09!)  XML
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Hello, I'm a fan of the Sims 3 and have a whole bunch of unique ideas listed below for the Sims 3. I ask you to please read this because I put a whole lot of time into this. If you have a new idea/suggestion/question, it will be accepted and quoted on the first page with an edit. So if you also not agree with me or think that my idea could be better, you may do so and post and, if asked a question, I will quote you and give an answer. Don't worry if you don't feel like reading it all because I take all ideas, and don't regard any as plagiarism. So if you don't have the time to view it all, I personally think that you should check out the "Connecting Neighborhoods" and "Events" sections.

Also, I made this post not because I didn't see any other like it, but to express my ideas and to help sort the forum out a little better on this topic
noclue642 wrote:I like how this thread has everything organized and re-stated in the original post for easier reading (instead of sifting through pages).
So, knowing that there are other pages like this one, you may post links and this page will be updated to put them on the first page as long as they follow these rules. (Link to The Rules) Also they have to be on no other website, because this is not for advertising, it is a means of organization.
So don't be shy, and please post your ideas and comments! Feedback is much appreciated.

Finally, all I want to ask is that you don't criticize others. You can disagree, but please remember that you should post Politely and Respectfully.
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I have unofficially decided to discontinue posting people ideas on the first page due to outside influences. The end of the updates began on page 22.

A new voting system to see how much you like this page was created. I was not able to make a vote for each section, because the tool I'm using doesn't allow me too. So when you are done reading, please vote and post any other ideas/ suggestions that you have.
The voting section is located on Page: 1 Post: 4

Okay, if you have ideas but don't want to go through this entire thing, post them. I have no problem. However, if you don't see them edited onto the first page, someone else might have suggested the idea before you or I haven't edited it in yet. If you want details check the top of the post on Page:1 Post:2

Warning, this first post is extremely long and detailed, so if you don't want to read it all, check the titles on the sections for the ones that most interest you if you don't want to read it all

I should have said this before, but lets not get into the the talk of Sexuality such as big breast Sliders. It is extremely controversial since in some countries that the Sims 3 sells in wouldn't make such a big deal about it(for reasons that I'm not telling). However, I live in the USA where it is making a big deal, but getting back to the point, I want this topic to stay neural because kids under the age of 7 might be in here. So what does this mean? Please don't post things like this because I will not edit those ideas into here. Thank you.

I should have also said this, but don't post anything here that might raise the game rating to M. You can post ideas for bad situations for Sims, but it shouldn't be permanent. That means no war, or violent situations. No sexual stuff either. None of this will be edited into the first page.

Added "The Sims 3 Pets" to section 7. 8/30/09
The ideas that I think could be too big are marked with
Warning, have not yet completely checked for grammar errors
If you think this page is confusing, but can understand it please post how you think it should be organized Ex: does this seem like a wall of text
Woohoo over 10,000 views
To SimGuru's and Simmers, If you want to see how popular one thing is, I'm sorry that I do not have a voting system for that(It's too big). You will have to shift through pages for that. Sorry.
To SimGuru's again. I want to know how am I doing in this Topic. Am I too strict in the topic, is it too unorganized, do you think that any of these ideas are possible, etc. If you have any comment, recommendation, or suggestion, I will consider it and try to best make the best of it. A little feedback will make my day.
Also, If you find this topic useful, be sure to check out The Walden95 Post Directory. It lists many of my threads such as Food Fight 3 and many other simmer's helpful and creative posts.

1: Town Editor - Unlike the Sims 2, I think that you shouldn't have to use Sim city 4 to create a custom town even though I already have the game. Imagine it, it would look like a blank map view. A grid would be viable just so you would have an idea of how big everything should be.Kinda like Sim City 4 in god mode, you would customize your neighborhood. By clinking and holding your mouse button, you would form rivers and mountains. When making roads, you could have the option to have them snap to that grid, or unsnap it so you can make twists and bends. You could even have your own bridge design. When creating lots, too you can have them snap or slide along the road. Place trees, textures, etc. The rest is up to you to design the lots.

2: Connecting Neighborhoods - Just another note. It would be cool if your Sim could drive from one neighborhood to the next(Ex: Sunset Valley to Riverview).It could be like a vacation for your Sims, trip to visit long distant relatives, or going to the big city. Hey maybe if this idea becomes true, they may even include Strangetown as a new neighborhood. To keep things running smoothly, you would probably see your Sim catch a car, bus, boat, or train and see them move off the map. Then a loading screen will appear and you will watch your Sim travel into the new town and go to town hall where he will be informed of special events unless he or she is not a tourist. Otherwise, he would drive to his or her relative's house where your Sim will receive a big hug unless their trait is evil. Well, if you want to have total control over all your Sims, only the neighborhood you are in would be allowed to progress. That way another neighborhood wouldn't grow up and the game would run faster. Expanding onto the connected neighborhood idea a worldwide map would add much more realism to the game. You would place neighborhoods along the world map so depending on how far or close and what mode of transit you are using would determine the time it would take to travel form point A to point B (not how long it would take to loading screen to load).Adding on top of that, you could even create different worlds that could symbolize different countries or planets. You might just use that spaceship in sunset valley and blast into a whole universe of Sims. Wow, I'm getting ahead of myself. Phew. Well, that idea would bring back Nightlife and Bon Voyage! Note: I've been looking around the community and found out that there's been a problem with story progression where Sims move out of the neighborhood and out of access for anyone to play again. With Connected neighborhoods, your Sim would just end up in a different neighborhood. You may find your Sim on a street in China but hey, you still got him or her. Though, EA will probably create a patch for this problem. I suggest that EA make a capital Sim city called. "Simpton". The town would be kinda like Washington DC with memorials. One could be called the Will Wright Memorial. Others could be for other game developers for the Sims.
(Note: in section 11: If a Sim from one town traveled to another town to buy something while you were playing in the second town,and you exited to go play that Sim(in the firs town town), he would just pop out of the second town that he was just in(even if was doing something)and pops back to his original location in town 1(no aging and no death). Yes that may sound confusing. Working on it.

3: Online Features - You can even go online to download other community made neighborhoods for your Sims to visit and live in (exchange)or play head to head with a friend online. If there is a chat available some sort of password would be needed for safety reasons.

4: Town Transport - I vision more transport options other then car because if you make a city-like neighborhood, you might just want more options

Type of Transit......Speed in the neighborhood and going out
- Elevated rail...........6 like this
- Monorail................9
- Planes ..................10-20 near every big city or area in Worldwide map view, there would be a airport that you can take to get to the other side of the world fast. (Different Speeds cost different amount of money) (You can buy your own private plane)
- Helicopters............8 bring em back from the Sims 2, have them be able to fly from neighborhood to airport
- Buses....................5 like this notice in the picture how there is a bike rack hint hint /a negative mood effect when it is crowded
- Trains...................7 the rail company would be named Sim-lines
- Streetcars.............4 like this it gives you a positive mood effect
- Scooter.................1 positive mood effect of fun but can be only used by children and only for inter-city travel here is a picture
- Motorized Scooter..3 here is a picture
- Ferry....................4 and you can bring your car along with you
- Motorcycle...........3-5 It would be cool if a motorcycle train came off the map and into your town. Some trains would be all rude and trash the town, but others would be nice and showcase their bikes. If you become friends, they may give you special access to by a cool bike with a speed of 7. Afterword they would go to the diner and have lunch. You even could bribe the bad motorcycle club to to trash a neighbor's house. Afterward, they would leave town to trash another or showoff.

5: Disasters/Weather -Going along with connecting neighborhoods, where you place your town matters. If you place your town on the shore, it could be prone to tidal surges or hurricanes, a once in a lifetime occurrence. No matter what disaster happens, your house shouldn't be completely destroyed. Replace a few objects and repair others. The town would be affected and keeping fun up would be a challenge. If you don't ever want that to happen to your Sim, you could turn it on or off. Another thing to add is a setting that would incorporate the year-round calendar seen in section 11 to set the only dates where that specific disaster would occur.

Hurricanes - Only if your house is low enough on land water damage would affect the first floor. Everywhere else windows on the house would shatter letting objects near the windows become broken, or destroyed. No fires would result. At the end, you would have the option to board-up the house for free or replace the windows to avoid getting that negative "it's dark" mood effect. Your insurance company will always pay you enough for 2/3 of your losses (the more money you have the less your relief check would be). Jobs and businesses would be affected (wages cut unless you are at the bottom of a career) but everything in the town would recover in about a week. Until the recovery Sims would act according to their traits(Ex: computer whiz would panic at sight of his ruined computer). A ceiling may leak and walls may become wet, but would dry.The floor will be flooded and if you don't mop it up, it will become moldy and ruined giving you a negative mood effect(disgusted from moldy floors).If the Floor is ruined you could click on it like any ordinary destroyed stove after a fire and replace for a fee. Though cool, I don't think it would be possible to have a broken roof. If so, you would call the repairman. If you play a Sim in another town, you would have the option to donate money to the recovery to speed things up. If you play a Sim in another town, you would have the option to donate money to the recovery to speed things up. All Sims will be warned a week ahead, 3 days ahead, and 1 day ahead and can evaluate to the Town Hall or Stadium. If you do not evacuate, you risk a trip to the hospital or possibly death . I can picture last minuiters panicking down the street to safety when they hear the siren. Well, your not totally helpless to the storm. You can minimize damage handy Sims could make windows unbreakable. That was a tricky one to solve Wow that one could be just too much for EA to make for the Sims 3 .

Flash Flood - Much the same as Hurricane, but without Wind Damage and would have warnings would be closer to Disaster time. the warning would say something like "Massive Storm predicted to cause flood in [insert town name here]. All Sims advised to seek shelter in Town hall, or Stadium before [date]"

Earthquake - I would have no idea of how that would work (wouldn't your building just collapse? That would make rebuilding frustrating. Although, for a large fee, you would have the option to place your entire house bringing it back to what it used to be[for other families that you are not playing, they will be temporally relocated out of the neighborhood. A construction person would come and in about 3 days you will watch framework go up, guy leaves and family returns]) But just think, EA would have a hard time making graphics.

Tornado - That would be just too frustrating if this happens when you build your game. You would be able to replace your house and neighbors would replace theirs in the same manner as seen in earthquake. Seriously, how would EA do those graphics?

Heatwave/Drought and Blizzards - They would affect your Sim making him thirstier(hungrier) or shiver. Both would have a negative mood effect saying "It's too (hot or Cold)" Your plants will also take a tool. If it's a drought, your river, or lake in the town will shrink a bit too.

Land slide - If it rains too hard for too long or if an earthquake would occur, Landslides crashing into nearby houses on or at the bottom of a house would cause either total destruction (if your house crashed down the hill) or would require some excavation if it was at the bottom. Again, if your or neighbor's house was destroyed look at the Earthquake section.

Power outage - A power outage can be caused by storms, or failure of a power plant out of town. It is a temporary disasters that should only last about 1-1.5 days so you won't have to worry too much. All the current rabbitholes have backup energy resources, but you don't, unless you bought your own. You would either have to rent a temporary backup generator, or buy one yourself. The more electricity that you are using, the more generators that you would need. If you are rich enough, you could install solar panels and wind turbans to completely bypass this problem. If you don't use that energy, it goes back into the town and houses around you become lit. For their gratitude, the Mayor will give you a check for your services.

Weather - Yes, the occasional rain would be good(you would have the option to disable this feature if it lags). An umbrella would be included. On very sunny days, you can get a sunburn. What i really want is a better weatherman that doesn't say, "I don't know, just look outside" I want a weatherman that gives a 5 or even three day forecast. It doesn't have to be like "at 3pm it is going to be 90 degrees" it can be the highs and lows, UV-ray alerts, and high humidity alerts too(negative "too humid outside" effect). I want it where you can see the weather in another town before you go there. You might assume it to come up as a large pop-up on the side, but I have a better Idea. Why not have it like an opportunity pop-up where you will have a forecast screen and will be able to click on it to change what neighborhood your looking at. It is perfect for vacationing but as real weather, will not be perfect. The Degrees whether Celsius or Fahrenheit can be changed in the options panel, but we still need it to be called something else to keep it feeling like the Sims like "[insert number here]o Simite(Pronunciation: Simite) I try to keep the game with that Sim game feeling not too Life-like but realistic.

6: Most Wanted Expansion Packs from Sims 1 & Sims 2
1 - Seasons to make gameplay more realistic ( a gardener is needed)
2 - Open for Business for a Sim to have a challenge making money, Hey maybe now Location would matter. You could advertise too. See section 11 for more details on this topic.
3 - Bon Voyage but that could go along with Connecting Neighborhoods
4 - Apartment Life to create more realistic Downtowns
5 - Superstar for obvious reasons (the theater and stadium could be levels in the career.)
6 - University only if they make careers harder to reach the top. (maybe for the game they could make a adjustable difficulty setting)
7 - Mansion and Garden Stuff for green energy sources (New idea for a town "Greentown" for it's clean energy usage) If it were just clean energy, it would be called the "The Sims 3 Eco Expansion Pack" See section 7 for details relating to this topic
8 - Making Magic for obvious reasons
9 - Pets (Please read section 7, The Sims 3 Pets for details)

7: Expansion Packs -
- Eco Expansion pack - well it says it all. Your Sim could buy solar panels for roof(they would adjust with roof slope) or ground. Your Sim could also buy wind turbans of different sizes. As with the Sims 2, if your energy production exceeded your energy usage, you would get a check for the amount of energy that you put in the grid. This Ep would add a gas station/repair station(see section 11 for details relating to this topic). You could buy hybrid cars,electric cars, hydrogen cars,and the regular gas guzzlers. You would have the option to go to the local gas/repair station and upgrade any of your cars to hybrid, electric, or hydrogen. At home if your Sim has enough mechanical skill, he could upgrade a car for better performance, to electric...etc, and luxury(seen in section 11). Also, the number of Greenery, car and factory emissions, traits of Sims, and experience of being though bad pollution, in a town would effect how the sky and water looks. One day, it might be smoggy and a Sim would get a negative mood effect "it's dirty outside". Sims who love the outdoors would sigh, and would have the negative mood effect too. If it's dirty and smoggy too long, trash piles would build up, and you could no longer fish, grow crops as easily(toxic soil) or swim in the water. Once your Sim notices the change(loves the outdoor Sims would foresee this faster), you would have the option to go to city hall and request a temporarily ordinance to restrict gas usage on cars per family, limit factory emissions(cause reduced wages), and limit water usage to 1 shower per Sim per day. To win people's vote to the ordinance, it would just be just like a campaign fundraiser except for votes instead of $. Once and if the ordinance is passes, you will not continually but ever several days be asked to represent the ordinance to go green at town hall or other workplace. You may also be asked to plant trees in several parts of the neighborhood ( a tree will magically disappear in the neighborhood and you would go there and replant it). Over time, about a week or two, the town will be better and the ordinance would stop. Now that everyone knows and experienced the consequences, it should not happen again until Sims who was not living at the time become old enough to cause harm again (chances happening in the life of your Sim if normal: 2%). Although, you can give speeches about it and donate to local go green foundations.

- The Sims 3 Pets (tiring to come up with a different name)
In this Expansion pack, you get much of the same features that were in the Sims 2 Pets. Your pet can have jobs such as showbiz. Your pet would be driven to the stadium and preform. Your sis can then Visit the show as a venue. Another carrier could be the watchdog/detective dog career where your dog would drive to the police station. If your do so happens to rank up to detective carrier, every so often, you could find him and a regular police officer searching the town string to solve a case. I see the dog's nose well pinned to the ground. Well out of the work, you could find missing pet posters up on lamp-posts for a reward. If you wish to read the poster, an opportunity could pop up that would allow for you to search for a missing pet. This opportunity could also occur if a neighbor looses one and decides to call you. Just like in the World Adventures expansion pack, it will be similar to a quest. You would find clues and come across checkpoints until to reach the end. Hey, the dog or cat maybe became a stray and ended up in a pound or a kind neighbor could have taken him or her in. Other times, you could find the pet in a store causing chocs. Another aspect to this expansion pack could be the traits. Yes we would have all of the the same ones from the Sims 2 and a bit more. That bit more would be how territorial the pet is. Whenever another pet or Sim comes into his or her space, the pet reacts. Have you ever walked past a lot and a dog barked at you? That is one part to this trait. Unless the pet is well trained or knows your neighbors well, he or she is not likely to respond so kindly to them. They make bark and act rudely making parties even harder to host. If they bark in the night, they could wake up neighbors. (You get complaints for that) Anther feature could be that if you don't own a burgular alarm, your pet could take it's place. Although it is less effective, your dog can apprehend the burgular if he or she is aggressive enough giving you even more time to call the police. The dog could wake up other neighbors and bring attenuation to your lot. That burgular won't be so happy. New traits could be added such as hates Animals or is an Animal lover. Finally, give us more pets to choose from. Depending on what town we make, we should be able to choose what type of animals live in the environment. (We should be able to customize each one too) For example if we create an alpine neighborhood, we could allow the Clarie the Bear to live in the district. Other animals that could be chosen could be pigeons for cites, seagulls for the coastal areas, squirrels, raccoons, skunks, dear, rabbits, snakes, farm animals (for your farms [milk the cow][collect eggs from the chickens]), etc. Each animal would have it's own specific interactions with your Sims and pets.

8: Features You Just Want Back -
- Memories were awesome. You could see their whole history. Although, I would tweak it a bit. Give a time line like you see in Spore. Another thing that would be great to add would be when you click on the family tree, you can click on any Sim and see his or her history. Years later when you haven't played the game in a long time, you will see this and remember good times.

-Cloths Store/ Jewelry Shop (look in section 11 for details)

-Hired Services - Gardener, Butler, and Delivery Person(see "Fast Food Restaurant" in section 11 for more details related to this topic)A better babysitter Grrr , My baby had 2 minutes before she dyed or got taken away(Not fed by the babysitter but by the father)

9: Objects and Features - I would recommend a piano and other musical instruments. I would also enjoy having all the career rewards from the Sims 2 and that thing that would let one of your Sims become younger from the Sims 2 (can't spell it exier of life)Other objects include pool table, fans, The Model-T, Servo, wallets that can be stolen (similar to Bon Voyage unsavory charlatan, but would be more of a rare occurrence), shelves/ display cases for collectibles, Lemonade Stand, bunk bed, Format(another from of a bed), Spiral Staircases,a ladder that act like a staircase but takes one tile like in Ann Frank's secret annex(here is a picture), a curved wall(but a curved wall as big as the hospital's is good enough for me), attics, rooftop swimming pool, grass that grows and needs to be cut with a lawnmower,a bed which energy level depends on what mattress you choose and not type(so a max energy bed doesn't look weird and can blend in), building block/coloring table,the education career, the ability to highlight a building and move it anywhere on that lot, the ability to recolor stairs, roofs, and fences with patterns, You should also be able to recolor chimneys, half walls, and lastly, we need Stoplights for downtown areas!

10: See into job and shop buildings - It's pretty self-exclamatory but even if we couldn't edit the inside it would be cool to watch your Sim walk down those isles and buy stuff but I understand the hospital maybe the room would black out. After the birth, you would see the surgeon or mother holding the baby(s). The father on the side would be crying with joy or if he is excitable, he would be jumping and crying at the same time. Now there is one problem that i see. In some towns more then 10 people might work in a single building. Very crowded huh. Well, how about a employee lounge that you can't see or go into. When the building employee capacity is reached, the rest will go into that small rabbit hole lounge. From there, employees would rotate in and out of that lounge every .5-1.5 hours or so so you can socialize with them. Wouldn't that help fix that small problem Oh and if there are too many customers in a building, the same thing would happen as the employees but I wouldn't know what to call the room. In your post you can vote what name that you would want it to be. Note: See section 11: for if you own your own building what would happen.

11: New Shops and Businesses - Now who wouldn't want these to add realism to your game?

- Your Store (Open For Business) - Now you would own your business. You would plan out the shop and advertise. Yes I said it advertise. You could advertise your store on the billboards, newspaper,back of comic books, and book store poster thing. You could advertise on billboards in other towns though only a few are likely to show up(0-10). Location might make a difference now because Sims might not want to travel far because it takes time (see section 2 for details about this topic). Now if you notice that too many people visit your store, you can now have a customer limit. You can also set automatic job hours and Sims are less likely to quit. You may have to place security in your store for burglars and those Sims with that furgrarul trait. Last note: You can set sales, but everything else should stay the same as The Sims 2 Open For Business.

- Bank - I wouldn't mind seeing a bank in the Sims 3 where you could deposit and take out money of your account. Think of family funds at your house sitting around and an account gathering interest over time. You could also take out loans to buy a bigger home or that big screen TV that your Father Sim always wanted(Rates on interest would change day to day so be sure to check the newspaper for the best deals). You could even buy and sell stocks there. If you can't handle the interest, the Repo-man is waiting round the corner.

- Fast Food Restaurant - First Of all, I would name the Pizza place "Planetary Pizza" and "Kungfu Chowder" for the Chinese restaurant. You could order delivery for $40, take out for $35(great for those penny-pincher Sims)(could also use a drive-threw),or eat at the place for $35. When you go to the pizza restaurant, you will be served at a special ordering counter and order food(the kitchen would look and act similar as in the Sims 2). The Chinese restaurant would be a regular restaurant but would still have a counter for take-out. Last note: At both restaurants, you could get a part-time job.

- Cloths Store/Jewelry shop - What ever happened to this? Well, I don't think that we would need a new store. We could make it easy for EA, and have them incorporate the shop into the second floor of the bookstore. If they had enough time, they could make a building for it like the H&M fashion store.

- Gas/Repair Station - Well, cars need gas and your car does too. Well, electric cars can recharge recharge at home(takes 3 hours) or the gas station for 25 (instant recharge). Hydrogen, Gas guzzlers, and hybrid cars refuel normally. At the repair station, you can upgrade a car to hybrid, electric, or hydrogen. You can choose type of engine with sliding bars. Bar 1 for speed, and bar 2 for efficiency. The price will change according to how much you want. If you have an electric or hybrid car, you can upgrade it for a new way to charge. The Station would install invisible solar panel film on the roof adding a new way to charge when it is out in the sun(if you have solar panels in your house, it would charge in your garage automatically). You can also upgrade your car with new upholstery, to get that positive comfy benefit and can also buy a car deodorizer for a temporally new car smell benefit. All upgrades can be done at home by a very mechanical Sim. Finally, if your car breaks down on the road call a tow truck or repair it yourself. Otherwise, it will be left there for vandals to steal from(In a matter of time it will be completely gone).

- Fire Station - I understand that Riverview has a house (outside it's downtown next to the middle bridge on the river) that is meant to look like a fire station, but a real one would be more interesting. If you could see into it, an alarm would sound and in that delay before the firetruck comes, you would see them spring into action. It would be cool to have the fireman as a career but I wouldn't mind if there are unplayable NPC's living there.

12: Time and Clock -
- Ultra Speed - To many posted this to find the original, Yes we really do need a true ultra speed to speed through Sims sleep

- Year Round Calendar - A year round calendar would be cool too. The calendar would depend on the Sim Lifespan Even if a month is 2 days(optional, you could set how long if you don't want that default)it would help let you know when a season is coming(including disaster season and more seen in section 5)

13: Events -
- Parades - you would go to the "Edit Town" button in options and there will be the parade button. You would mark the route and set the date on the year-round calender. You could have as many of them as you want and would set dress code(costumes for Halloween and floats and more costumes for Saint Patrick's Day) You could make parades for any day such as your birthday or event. (more clothes would be needed)

- Yearly Party - Why not have a yearly party celebrating earth day, or something else at the town's square without having to make the party yourself./Block Party self-exclamatory. This means that you can make holidays like the 4th of July (you need to put the firecrackers option on), Halloween, Will Wright day, Ect...(you just need to insert the settings for what type of occasion it is).

- Sales - Why not use the stadium for a yearly or monthly antique sale? You would put items you don't want in your inventory, take them to the stadium, and hope they sell for more then they would at your house. You could also just make a garage sale for the same risk but with a less chance of a profit.

14: Things Sims do -
-Children and Toddlers can write on the wall (enough to make any neat freak go crazy)

- Every Neighborhood has a Stonehenge. Right(checked it). How about a rare feature that when your Sim goes into the middle of it there is a super slim chance that he or she will be Abducted by Aliens.

- Every Neighborhood also has a Mine(checked it too). You would purchase life time happiness points for a wedge. You would go into the mine. Your Sim goes out of sight and a screen pops up. They give you some options. Choose the right one, and you come out with a bag of gold. Choose the wrong one and a bear run after you out of the mine. The bear goes back in and you board up the entrance. Somehow you dropped your wedge on the way out though. The more times you go into the mine, the less of a chance you come out with a sack full of change.

15: Customizing Sims More -
- Fears - You know how you can shape your Sim's traits and favorites. Well how about an idea where you shape fears. However, if your Sim's trait is brave, then you might not have any. One fear that I would love, is the fear of bugs. Every time that Sim takes a walk outside, he or she will be keeping a keen eye out. Other Sims looking at her would look confused. Like this or this or this

- Styling your own type of body more with hair length sliders, and adjustable height (may cause problems with animations so preset heights are cool).

16: My solution to lagging? - I know that if all or even if some of these ideas were incorporated, many computers lag tremendously (Multiple families running different businesses, etc..). How about a default that can changed undone but would automatically lower graphic settings when the computer notices that it's running at full capacity. If you want a different more powerful computer to play the game (to prevent much lagging), you would have the option to say, I want to move all of my files to another computer(this would either be saved temporally on the Sims 3 website (to save their space for other things) or to download it on a flash-drive that can be uploaded into another computer ready to play (may take time and may need several trips if there isn't enough space. (the other computer would say is this all?)(can also be used to share with friends). Back to the point. I'm not a computer genius so I couldn't guarantee that many of these ideas are possible. However when thinking everything out, I believe that it could be possible (Note: not on all computers). (crashes are also possible but don't be too discouraged, not all ideas are perfect. I would also expect bigger lagging with expansions just as the Sims 2, but again, don't get discouraged because some of your ideas may make it into the game. Hey, aren't we all just fans thinking up new ideas that could make a great game even better.

Note from the Author: Well, I don't think you can judge the creators yet. Yes they've made some downgrades but with enough support, we can get them back. Though, It would take a long time. Read this. At week 1.5 community members submitted more than 10,000 posts. Think about reading all that text plus comments which will bring the total posts up to who knows how much. With time, EA will have read our suggestions. However, I'm sad to say that all of what I said probably would take EA twice as long as it took to make the Sims 2 and all of their expansions. Just think about that hurricane idea with all those details. However, I'm confident that some of it will be. If it's not made by the game developers, more then likely 3ed party creators will make objects that we've all been wanting. It will just take time so hang in there.


Well, if you have read this far, please read the next post and fourth post about everyone's feedback ideas and questions. I would really appreciate your feedback, so if you liked this overall, please give the on your post. And Thank you for reading.
Please No nasty comments

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Reserved for good ideas to be later posted from others
Will Quote you and give full credit
However, if someone else posted your idea before, I will not quote unless it is detailed more then the first person.
I would say something like
Walden95 wrote:You should have a town editor
Walden96 has more details about this subject on page: 1 post: 1

Also, if you have a thread that is detailed on one a topic similar to any in this page, you are allowed to post links only if that thread is appropriate. That means by these rules. (Link to the rules)
This is not an advertising page, it is an organized way of giving EA ideas. It is also a way to help organize the Forum for this subject since some topics are not where they are supposed to be.

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Name - Laundryrooms and Laundromats
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Name - Edit Relationship Button
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Since I searched those various threads ... Seemingly, I can't find anything that I look for. If you know there is already existed question about "edit relationship" button. Thank you. =)
Thread -

Name - EP idea: Technology
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Name - New Expansion Pack Poll! What do you want?
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Thread -
Note: - No thread back yet/is not updated onto first page so you will have to see what others added and voted on shifting through pages
- Other people's Ideas

Town Editor -
padda1794 wrote:...for the town creator it would be nice to have invisible roads like the parking lots so you can make dirt roads but there could of course be help lines in the town creator that is not visible in the game.
That is a great idea so in rural communities, they don't look weird. It could also be good if we could choose what type of pavement for the visible road like brick, stone, concrete, and all of them in a worn down state(aged and not maintained).
Irda9 wrote:I really want something similar to the adventure editor in Spore: Galactic Adventures. For those who haven't played the expansion, the adventure editor lets you build a world where you can set up short quests for others to play through. In Spore: GA, you set up the buildings, plop down characters and creatures and various other items. You, then, give the player certain goals to finish your quest. Fight a monster, talk to a character, retrieve an item and give it to another character, etc. The whole thing gives storytelling a whole new twist compared to movies, blogs, and the story editor that's currently on the website.
BrennaW wrote:The ability to design my own neighborhoods and expand upon existing ones.

Expanded Gameplay -
Auzi wrote:Also maybe once you finish a career, your lifetime wish could be to pursue a different career, that way you can just switch careers and eventually do all of them.
Gamemasterking wrote:If a disaster expansion gets made here's something they could include in it.The ability to buy insurance for different disasters. You could have flood insurance,fire insurance, etc.Instead of the simple replace button.If something wasn't damaged by a disaster your insurance doesn't cover then you have to replace it the old fashion way.
Gamemasterking wrote:How about the ability to hold protests at town hall?Maybe for lower tax and stuff.
padda1794 wrote:I wish that they could add a open window and open door command so that we could tell the sims to open a window or a door and they would get a moodlet that says Fresh air.
and also the ability to lock doors for all Sims or to be able to allow just a few Sims to go threw a door without being invited in to the room.
and also have the ability to rent every community lot for a party.

New Jobs
Evermind wrote:I want more skills and jobs, that simple. we've been working with basically the same careers since the original Sims, and some more variety would be nice.
Yes, what happened to the education career)
Sands_in_the_Hour wrote:There should be a career opportunity to become an author. I know there's already a lifetime wish, but why not a career, too?
Gijoe540 wrote:What if youth programs make better jobs like Cadets makes better military career or soccer better sports career of babysitter/first aid class better medical career.

What if for jobs you have resemays like 10 military when you sine up for athletic career you start at level 4 job

Better Customizable and Realistic Sims -
SpiffySmileFairy wrote:I want more traits, one that can make a person a gold digger, self-centered, ect. ect.I also would like more LIFELIKE hair.
a87370ylgrc wrote:Also It would be nice to have a little kid and big kid life stage.
EmilyandAlex wrote:Anyhoo also it would be really cool if you could customize where fat goes on sims so you could give a guy a beer belly, a woman some hips or...
SunZhine wrote:I think you should be able to adjust height, and body type: apple, pear, carrot - and adjust the broadness of shoulders, hip-size, waist-size and ...../chest-size..... for me they look all the same now... please EA make these things adjustable.
burlesque wrote:I just wanna see tattoos and piercings.. That's all I ask!!
Lexandria wrote:I was also a bit upset that there are only six pre-chosen skin colors. you can change the shade, but the actual colors are 3 actual skin tones, and then red, blue, and green.
Honestly I just really miss the ability to go in and make custom skins for sims.
So you are saying that you want a complete color wheel.
Lexandria wrote:I think it would be more interesting to have the option for tattoos, with sliders, perhaps, to change the location and size and color, ect. along with this have the option to move around the 'beauty marks' and freckles, earrings ect.
Lexandria wrote:I had really hoped that the genetics would be more advanced in ts3 than in ts2. for instance, now that we can choose the root color, main color, highlight color and tip color, why not make those all different 'genes' so that the babies have more variety? (I understand that you can edit their entire hair color once they are born, which is cool I guess, but genetics would make it more realistic ) all of my babies so far either have the mother's skin tone or the father's, so what happens to in between? I'm not asking to combine the two colors (which would be pretty cool but I'm sure way too much for the game to handle) just like with the sliders, if I have a dark green Sim and a light blue Sim, their kids could be anywhere in between the two shades of the parents, from a dark blue Sim to a super light green Sim or a mid range. With all the customization to individual Sims I was really expecting a genetics upgrade. it would also be nice if it took genetics from farther up the family tree than just the mother and father, like recessive genes.
SunZhine wrote:I think you should be able to add relationships between families as well - cause you can only make a max of 8 ppl in one family - you should be able to edit the relationships between the different families via the family-basket - I think
SunZhine wrote:right now I cant do a proper image of my own family, being me and my boyfriend as one family, my mom and dad and siblings as another family, my moms siblings and their families.
I would love it if you could be able to link all of these together and cousins could play with each other and so and so
68731 wrote:babies should be able to take naps too
BrennaW wrote:I find I could make much more realistic looking sims on Sims2 the faces could be narrower, cheek bones and lips more defined I find every sim has a round cartoony face with poofy lips! More make up and body tools definitely required!

And why do we never have finger nails??? I think we should have a slider for finger nail length and then they can opt to have painted or not.
Bellalupa wrote:Moodlets (- is negative, + is positive)

-Its Cold
-Its Hot
-Lost a Game
+Won a game
+Its nice outside
+Good at a new sport
-Bad at a new Sport
+Perfect Pet
+New Litter of Puppies
+New Litter of Kittens
-Bad Cat
+Bad Dog
-New Business
-Business Success
-Business Flop
-Lost Pet
New Traits

Tomboy (For girl sims only)
Not Sporty
Good Dancer
Bad Dancer
Love Animals
Hates Animals
Good Buisness Man/Woman
Awful Business Man/Women

And Finally, The Sports
Modern Dance
Gijoe540 wrote:limo drivers
Gijoe540 wrote:In create a Sim make tans shades....ex(light,dark,farmer(where you the tan ends where shorts or shirt)it would be funny seing a sim with a dark than and a farmer tan)also tans should ware of a week mabye????????????

New Types of Sims or Animals -
startama wrote:I think we should have vampires, aliens, and mermaids. And sirens.
Lepruchauns, too.
Underwater lots for the mermaids and sirens.
Adlyn wrote:I want them to add a crazy monkey in town that you can be friends with if you feed him after a few times . don't laugh i think it's a super idea
and for him to show up to your house after that whenever he wants

The Undead(ghosts) -
naturelover101 wrote:when Sims die from something to do with mother nature like a earthquake the ghost could be green and have plants growing off it plus when you turn it into a playable ghost they could have special gardening skills but not even the best gardeners have like make any plants magically come out of the ground great for a green thumb ghost
startama wrote:Haunters. They'll be like ghosts, except that they can possess live Sims and their only need is to scare.

Things that Sims do -
SpiffySmileFairy wrote:more parties. I want baby showers, bachlorette/bachlor, engagement, ect.
noclue642 wrote:1. So when I was in school, I used to love field trips. It would be cool to incorporate that into the game.
See page 1 post 14 for details.
That would be really good. Most of the time, I expect buses to roll off the map, but a trip to the local zoo would be interesting. It would be cool if we could interact with them.
noclue642 wrote:2. (I haven't played many families with kids yet so if this is already incorporated in the game, I apologize ahead of time) It would be cool to have decisions pop up while the Sim is at school.
See page: 1 post: 14 for details
noclue642 wrote:3. Groundation!
See page: 1 post: 14 for details
noclue642 wrote:4. PTA meetings! Parents can choose to get involved in the PTA (Parent-Teacher Association).
See page: 1 post:14 for details
viciouslittlething wrote:I think there should be scouts/guides for the kiddies to attend [or simlish equivalents], how about after school clubs for working parents.
Kearstin wrote:I think that it would be okay if we had laundry to do. like the washing machines and stuff, and if you don't do it, clothes go to random places in your house until you clean IS a part of normal life
RoseTyler wrote:I really think it would be awesome if you could take a picture of a persons face, clothes etc. and scan it into your computer and then Sims could make a sim/clothing item that looks like the pic.
So are you saying that you would choose the Sim you want to take the picture (Sim 1), and click on the subject (Sim 2)and choose something as modeling. Then Sim 1 would take pictures of Sim 2 and what Sim 2 would be wearing would be saved into a fashion bank ready to be crafted by Sim 1 for a boutique shop or just themselves. That's just how I saw how it would work.
skiptharock in separate bowls take forever to feed each day ...
My wish is that, once you get to 15 fish or so ... you are able to put them all in one large
aquarium and feed only once ...
... or at least ... have an option like "feed fish" ... such as "tend garden"
Nicci86 wrote:It would be cool if the kids could have hobbies they can go to once a week, like ballet and soccer. And they could have recitals or games you have to get them to.
Nicci86 wrote:It would be cool if the kids could have hobbies they can go to once a week, like ballet and soccer. And they could have recitals or games you have to get them to.
nicole165 wrote:tanning and sunburns from TS2.
68731 wrote:or if there's a pets they can have a sale to sell the puppies but they should have to be able to be with their mother for like 3 to 4 day before you sell them
MrsMojorisin wrote:I was thinking about education and there was this option in the Sims 2 that you could invite this guy and try to impress him so that your child could attend a private school.
MrsMojorisin wrote:Also,it would be nice if children and teen would choose some after school programs and join the school band or football team.There would be some clubs in school for children to join and like if they join the soccer team it would look good in their ** when if they get a job in the professional sports career.Like if they join the soccer team both in junior high and high school they would have a head start in professional sports. Furthermore if they go to college and choose P.E as their major it would improve their chance of getting a better job at professional sports career.I think this would make a great expansion pack not just college option but whole education stuff.There would be lots of options like if you want to be a writer you can start writing for school paper etc.
BrennaW wrote:Swimming in ocean/lakes/ponds. Stung by jellyfish option! LOL
That would be funny
BrennaW wrote:Make juice option.
BrennaW wrote:Serve tea/coffee...good social interaction.

sparkles wrote:- More toddler/baby objects and interactions (Pram, playpen, ability to swim)

- More party options, Baby shower, Hens Night, Bucks Night, Christmas Party, Halloween, Dinner party (I'd like to be able to have people all sit at the table and serve a 3 or 5 course meal)
Sands_in_the_Hour wrote:If there's comes to be an expansion pack that includes a beach of some sort, a Sim should be able to surf (maybe be able to obtain body points too?).

Sims should be able to carry the balloons (which are in the decor category).
dolphinz2121 wrote:DEATH BY CHOCOLATE!

If a sim could die by chocolate, they would eat a lot lot lot LOT of chocolate and when they die, their ghost could be all brown and gloppy and could leave chocolate puddles like the water ghost in Sims 2.
Sands_in_the_Hour wrote:Children should be able to interact with babies and toddlers in some way.
Gijoe540 wrote:Kid should be able to babysit and mow lawns or rake levels shovel for numbers or to make money
Gijoe540 wrote:If your a robber instead of being at work you should be pulling hits

When you steal stuff the owners should replace in

New trait Rebal

New party options dinnerparty (formal.usual,potluck)

Stuff Pets do -
68731 wrote:if you have a garden an animal should come and eat some stuff or destroy the plants
Rhiama wrote:For pet jobs, something that would be really cool is if you put your dog into police work and your Sim is also a police officer, that the dog is your police dog if that makes any sense, lol.

Social Interactions -
nicole165 wrote:I also think it would be cool if, when 2 teens are dating and the boy is visiting the girl, there could be an option for him to "ask _____'s father for permission to date his daughter" and for the father to give him the "talk of men", haha.
68731 wrote:What about dates you can go on dates with your husband or boyfriend or a soon to be boyfriend and go to the movies or dinner maybe the cars or rent a movie and go to your place

Disasters -
-I Found this guy and his ideas are almost the same a mine. Many others also expanded on that idea too. Here is a short quote of what he said.
RichieAuvergne16 wrote:New items would include storm cellars, so they can hide from the storm, life rings/jackets, so your Sims don't drown during a flood, and generators so your house can still have power.
Alot of the businesses will be closed right before, during and for maybe two days after the storm, to give them time to clean up.
His link is located at the top of this post. It's named "Natural Disasters"
Gamemasterking wrote:What about a blizzard that freezes all the pipes so the Sims have no running water?You could also have a drought were all the plants die.
I would expect that there should be a way around it, like storing water tanks in your house, or buying bottled water at the grocery store. Sim nation would only be able to help you a little by supping 2 packages of bottled water(aka 2 showers, 1 bathtub, or 10 sink uses). This would be a great addition.(I'm not talking about those 24 oz bottles, I'm talking about a 2 gallon tank)Floods
Gamemasterking wrote:...and everyone would have to climb on top there roofs just like in Katrina.
I was thinking of a flood that rose no greater then three feet.
Gamemasterking wrote:volcano eruptions?It would work much the same way it did in simcity.But instead of lava oozing it would be chunks of rock falling from the sky that what catch fire to anything they hit.The effects would be similar to that of an earthquake. I also suppose this could happen from a meteor shower. Remember how in sims 2 you could get hit by meteors or satellites?Same sort of thing.
Menen wrote:Earthquakes could have a scale factor, the Higher the number, the more your house gets damaged.


scale 1 wouldn't do anything besides make that Decorative bowl fall off your counter.

Scale 5 would do damage to balconys

Scale 10 would obliterate your home
Simmer843 wrote:I think that three days ahead of any disaster, you should have the option to "Seek Refuge" in another town. Towns should also come with a "disaster vulnerability" like difficulty with families, except for towns. Like a town with a red vulnerability has a high chance of disaster, coming more frequent. That doesn't change the severity of the disaster,which can only be changed in options. As far as insurance is concerned, does anyone remember when the matchmaker lady came to your house when u asked for a blind date and she asked u how much would u give her. Insurance should work like that. There's this man, NPC, who comes to your home when you move in asking if you want insurance. if you say yes then a menu bar comes up asking you to put how much money into your weekly bill for insurance. If you fill the bar to full (700/week). Then your home has full insurance, so when a disaster comes, when your Sim comes back from seeking refuge, there home will be back to normal, as if nothing happened. The less you pay, the less recovering is done.
sgreen37 wrote:...sandstorms if you live in a desert town(in case they add a desert town lol) It would be even more awesome if we could summon natural disasters somehow
A desert town could be Strangetown. (It's just like that in the Sims 2)
simsjew613 wrote:For the disasters, you can use the Sims traits. For example, if the Sim is brave, he will stay in the house till the last possible moment, the go out. A coward will run out screaming the minute he hears the first warning about it. Someone with the dislikes children will leave there children in the house wile they save themselves (they will be brought to the safe place by the police, and the parents get a strict lecture) family oriented Sims will keep counting the kids to make sure there all there. Daredevils might stay there the whole time, and hydrophobic Sims will leave at the sight of a storm cloud. Neurotic might stay a little longer than is wise, and couch potatoes will get up late and unhappily. I’m sure there are more but I’m sure you get the idea.

Town Transport -
Panther00567 wrote:It'd be cool if there were like different benefits and bad things that come from it. Like for example, heavy sleepers will be able to get a lot of rest while light sleepers will have LOW energy when they get to their vacation destination. Evil Sims will have a blast making everyone miserable by moving around the seats and 'accidentally' pushing back their seat while the person behind them is on the laptop with a cup of coffee Oooh, and if your Sim is a doctor they can be rewarded for helping someone who's sick on the plane! (Which happened in real life when I went with me and my family on vacation once.. my mom is a doctor)
Yes, a new airplane mode where your Sim's neighborhood view transforms into airplane view. The whole map becomes the airplane and you have to adapt with nauseous Sims during turbulence, I had never thought of that. I just saw it as Sims Rolling off a map, Neighborhood view zooms out into World-Wide view and a dotted line appears. Just like a job you get options to decide how you travel. Fast and over the speed limit, Quick, Slow but most relaxing. You added a new zone into that idea at least for planes. I can see that this can work for trains and ferries too. Thank you this is a supper idea
Simmer843 wrote:As for traveling between towns.

If the town has an airport the Sims go to the airport, which is a rabbit hole, and you choose where you want to go, then a clip comes of your Sims getting on the plane. Then a scene comes to where you see out the window from the view of the Sim on the plane. You see hills and roads and stuff, kinda like a loop. Then when its finished loading, you can see an overhead of your town, kinda like in Edit town, but at a much higher altitude.

You see your Sims packing their bags. They go to the gas station and pay for gas and food depending on their traits and stuff. At max: 50. Min:15, Then you see them leaving with a sign that says: Now Exiting (___TOWN HERE__). Then you will get some footage of the journey and highway and exits and stuff, depending on the distance. Then when it's finished you get the sign that says: Welcome to (___TOWN NAME HERE___).
Rac379 wrote:I also wish there were a full size pick up truck and SUV. Currently in the game, there's only a tiny single cab pickup and a small offroad SUV. I want a big crew cab pick up (ex.Chevy Silverado, Ford F-150 & F-250, Toyota Tundra, Dodge Ram) and a big, 8 passenger, family hauler SUV (ex.Chevy Suburban, Toyota Land Cruiser, Ford Expedition). I love family haulers and big trucks! I would also like a middle-class sedan (ex. Chevy Imapala & Malibu, Toyota Camry, Honda Accord). There's only a hatchback right now. The sedan version of the Yomoshoto Evasion would be perfect for this (It's used as the taxi and police car).
Rac379 wrote:For big urban areas, it would be neat to have an option to turn on traffic and stoplights. Then cars wouldn't just drive through each other and run stop signs. Your sims would have to leave for work early in order to avoid getting stuck in traffic. In rush hour, the streets would become very crowded and it would be hard to get anywhere in a car. I've been making a 'big city' and I went in every household and bought a car for everyone who could drive and set owners so I could know who was on community lots. I also made plenty of extra parking in community lots. This would be better if I could see lots of sims stuck in traffic and know who was there .

Places that you cant See into yet -
a87370ylgrc wrote:I would really like to control what happens at a sims work, and ,maybe that would be a good expansion pack.
That would be a good idea. If I know what you are saying, You could see into the buildings and click on a desk/operation table/Etc. and get the option to work or work harder. If you are lazy, you could watch TV in the TV room and keep an eye on your boss so he doesn't find you in there. I can picture Sims hiding under the couch.

New Shops/Business/Places -
Catacombs that you can see into...
Jade425 wrote:would be cool with a haunt house too. a few where you can visit and also a few you can buy. when the Sims buys it they don't know it is haunt until later.
Chocoloti wrote:How about a jail to put all the criminals that get caught
That would be nice, maybe it would be incorporated into the basement of the police station. I was thinking of adding a spy center down there, but those people can drive off the map (I think that a spy center would have to be huge)
dillsim3 wrote:Banks sound really good! Maybe something where they can give out a loan for you to buy a house instead of only having 16000 to start
Neat idea, I won't have to settle for that shack on the corner. I can just live the life, and if i can't handle the interest, the bank will just take my stuff
Moonfeather wrote:I think it would be a good idea to make a real jewelery store. If you wanted to get two Sims married, one would have to go to the store to buy an engagement ring before the action will appear. You should even be able to choose what ring you want to buy.
Great idea, hadn't thought about that.
Chocoloti wrote:A repair shop since we have a skill for that but some might want to have the job as repairmen.
I see, this can be incorporated into the gas/repair station.
Panther00567 wrote:...have voodoo shops and stuff where you can get voodoo dolls and torture other Sims you hate
Rac379 wrote:I would LOVE for sims to be able to own extra houses and apartment buildings and rent them out to other sims. Then they could stay home and do nothing while they receive fat checks in the mail from tenants! Sort of like Open for Business and Apartment Life combined. The ability to own hotels would be nice too.
68731 wrote:I think you should be able to drop your kids off at daycare and pick them up by midnight and you could drop them off at like six in the morning
68731 wrote:how about a movie rent place you have to have it back on time and there's learning movies for toddlers and babies and you get late fees if you don't bring it back on time
68731 wrote:swimming pool for toddlers or they can buy floaties and go in the big pool and the baby pool has a slide
68731 wrote:toys for the pool like floating basket ball hoop volley ball net a slide and they should have a water park withe huge slides and little slides for toddlers and a place to eat so they can stay there all day and life jackets and you can get a season pass if you add the seasons one when its summer the kids should have summer break
LizzyDoo wrote:Have different locations/positions for Jobs/careers: Candy store,Baby store,toy store, teacher,zoo,trash man ( who ever empties the trash can out side the house anyway),...,...,..., or vet.
LizzyDoo wrote:To have a zoo for people to go visit. Have interactions with the animals such as feed or watch. Have a petting zoo and be able to touch them. Possibly be scared of a certain animal or actually really enjoy the time spent. It could be a family trip or even a school trip. It could be included when there are pets in the game. There should be more exotic pets than just: Hamsters,birds, dogs and cats. Such as snakes,ferrets,fish (different types),tigers,monkeys or some other different kinds.

New Towns -
Simmer843 wrote:I would like a urban city-like town. It would compliment Riverview by being plagued with big buildings and skyscrapers. Now, i did take into account what type of graphics this would need, but it shouldn't be too different from SimCity. Instead of cars, there would be buses and trains (modern passenger), or you could walk to work. But, if you did own a car you'd have to use one of the many garages in the town. Your sim would work in office buildings, big or small, and work their way to the ranks. This part may put some people off, but oh well. Instead of having houses. There would be loads of apartments because a city supports a large population, but you can build apartments and still customize your apartment.
I really always wanted a town like that. There should be small parks scattered thought the town and a big one like central Park in New York City. These parks are where the wiled life should be. As for rocks, they can be found in the parks or on dirty streets.
Panther00567 wrote:I REALLY want a Wild West theme. Did I already mention that? And have like a desert town with an abandoned ghost town with lots of collectibles. And perhaps have like an old abandoned bomb shelter with collectible plutonium rocks in it?

Expansion Packs -
SunZhine wrote:wouldn't it be awesome to have some horses in the game? You could buy a stable and keep a horse at home or you could go to a riding-school and attend competitions. You could also rent horses and take a small trip out in the wild.

There could also be a farm life-expansion, with all kinds of farm-animals(horses, cows, pigs, chickens) - you could become self efficient with food.
A new neighborhood could come with it as well, out in the country where you could live on a farm! That would of course mean a new career as a farmer and a new lifetime wish(dunno what that could be though).
I saw in another thread that
Jorc wrote:The pets expansion pack would be more worth it if they had like other animals, maybe farm animals, snakes, random animals. Also be able to breed them all, and like make farms etc and sell things like milk from cows, etc.

You are absolutely right about that! Sims farm animals can be a better version of pets expansion pack! Also small animals like frogs, swans, rabbits, deer, eagle, falcons, woodpecker, squirrels etc. This is how I imagine a Farm animals ep to be:

Sims 3 Farm / Country Expansion Pack: Sims can be farmers in the real sense. They can keep farm animals like cows, pigs, sheep, goats, chickens, ducks, turkeys, sheep dog, horses etc. Sims dairy farm can produce and sell milk, eggs, cheese, butter, yogurts, ice cream etc. They can sell their produce to the farmers’ market. Sims farmers can have a tractor to work on the fields. Our Sims can have a horse ranch too along with a stable and rideable horses and horse carriages! Some of the interesting interactions could be 'milk cows', 'feed animals', 'collect eggs', 'clean stables', 'groom horses', 'train/ride horses', 'sheer sheep', 'make knitted wears from the sheep wool', 'make yogurt/butter/cheese', 'collect honey' etc. Having a vineyard would be nice too! Some of our Sim farmers could be wine producer and could sell their produce to the farmers' market! A typical farmers' pick-up truck would be nice too! Also, seasons/ weather should be added to an country/ farm ep. Why you ask? Simple, a farm/ country ep would go very well together with seasons. I mean you cannot have seasonal vegetables, fruits and crops without seasons/ weather! Also, such an ep would be perfect for Riverview neighborhood!

A bit more detailed than my idea
Agreed the New Pets could be called Farm life.
Lexandria wrote:If they make a pets expansion pack (or that farm one people are talking about) the litters of puppies or whatever sort of offspring should not all look the same, it makes having puppies and kittens disappointing. it should be like with multiple sim births, where each baby gets its own genetic mix.

BrennaW wrote:New plants /animals to raise ie the farm expansion idea: orange/lemon/plum trees, strawberries, corn, cucumbers, wheat (bake bread option...yummm), chickens (free eggs), cows (free milk/cheese), pigs (BACON!)...hey why isn't good ol bacon and eggs a breakfast option??
DudeIsim wrote:I think there should be a movie making expansion pack. I.E. movie lots, jobs being used, bossing everyone around, and if not making movies, then make a reality show series on secluded islands and lots, with a voting machine thing for the Sims.

This kind of expansion pack would have the Sims experience more drama, having different emotions and actions for this, showing who to trust or not, having more usage for Sims, more items and building options to your creative talent, and having your Sims to become famous or become movie/reality show hasbens.
Kinda like The Sims Superstar except, your not the star, your the director and, or crew
Chocoloti wrote:A Futuristic/Scifi or Ancient/Historical pack might be good... Include lots of building furniture and clothes ideas.
Mafiastyle wrote:Sims Sports Expansion?
I wouldn't mind going to play tennis or ping pong table for fun. Basket ball courts, base ball, soccer fields, and golf tournaments? I shrug~
I was thinking of tennis for the game too. I just tried it out and now my arm feels fatigued. Don't worry, it's not.
Panther00567 wrote:I'd love to see the whole 'New Orleans' theme from Ts1 Unleashed return, it was one of my favorite things about that expansion pack. Perhaps they could include the French Quarter style with a magic EP...
startama wrote:Also, I'd love if they had an Education EP. There can be separate schools(preschool, elementary, middle, high, and college), a new age group(adolescent, which is between teen and child), and a new career path. Teens can volunteer, young adults can be student teachers, and adults and elders can be janitors through board leaders. And you can go inside the school.
BritneyJ wrote:Sims Vegas Adventure: have your sim gamble, where you play sims blackjack/ poker or slots (actually "play" the card games or slots) and can loose or win your whole sims entire lives worth based on can go to hot a sim from another a good meal at a swanky hotel "new shops"...(with new styles that aren't in your home down)or even elope.
BritneyJ wrote:Sims Sports- have sims go to a sim university football game, have your sim teens and adults be athletes....go to out to play better...our you can even have "teen crisis"...have them loose their scholarships if they don't keep up their GPA's..have them "get injured" if they make bad decisions, if they are at odds in their relationships they may play worse...they can win scholarships...become a pro...make millions..and even own their own team when they grow up
BritneyJ wrote:Sims Super Stars...and I mean Celeb Sims. Have sims become SO popular and So good at acting or singing that other sims will not leave them can even have a sim who is a tipple threat. Have red carpet events, have "movie role choices that could make or break their careers...have hit songs or one hit wonders... the more they talk to the press, the better movies their in or the more friends they have...the more of a celeb they are. Have them check out sim city magazine to see if they make it as the #1 celeb in the world. Have bad press they have to clean up...interact with the wrong people....your whole celeb status could go down the
Bellalupa wrote:The expansion pack, Sims 3 Sports! An expansion pack that could tie in to four from the Sims 2: Free time,Pets,Open for Business, Seasons.

Free Time: Well, the obvious addition of sports. Except now you sims would join a team, play with other sims, (controllable and non), and recieve a positive or negative moodlet determineing if they won or lost excpet, if they were a good sport.

Pets : Well, this isn't as diret a tie in, but everyone could have pets, as well as your pets could become an 'Air-Bud' and accompany you to sports. They could also have the same affects as TS2.

Open for Business : This Would be the least tie in. But perhaps your sim could open a sport store, then the next door would open a pottery shop, and so on. The least tie in, but it could work.

Seasons: well alongside the normal seasons, you could only participate in sports when they were in season. The sports would also be affected be the weather.
Strag wrote:For TS3 Pets EP, why not call it The Sims 3 Menagerie and there could be zoos included as well? A small zoo in the park would be cool and little kids could learn facts about their favorite animals and it would increase conversation interest and likeliness to prefer to be in the Science career (what with the plant/animal cross-breeding stuff). And then when Sims go to the zoo, they can get motives depending on their traits. Here are some examples:
A family oriented Sim can have a 'Family Friendly Environment' motive, which means they will be happier to bring the children along.
An evil Sim might have a 'Planning World Domination' motive if they hear about how dangerous and menacing the animals are.
A childish Sim might have a 'Zootastic!' motive, where they're really excited and might jump around pretending to be animals.
A neurotic Sim might have a 'Uh-oh!' type motive, with fears of animals escaping. They'd be much happier in a Pets' Corner than by the lion cage for example.
An ambitious Sim might have a 'Dreaming Big' motive, where they dream of animal training stardom.
There could be loads of big opportunities. Maybe an animal does escape and if you have the right skills and capture it, you get a cash prize. Rich Sims could buy monkeys and other exotic creatures. Then Sims could have jobs as obedience trainers, they could have part-time jobs in Pet Salons or work as zoo keepers, and there would be a pet shop, or a gift shop at the zoo where people that buy things from there get special motives as well. Like a 'reminiscing' motive when they look at a picture of them or close ones by the reptile house, or when a child plays with a lion toy, they could remember how much fun they had and become instantly happier.

Time and Clock -
Chocoloti wrote:I'd like to slow down the day sometimes to let my Sim get some tasks done easier, Sliders can be adjusted for aging and story progression to suit each saved game.
Oh so you don't have to change the settings with each new town you make. that is a great idea. If you want all the towns to have the same setting, there would be a "Sim nation mater time switch" button. That would help because resetting the settings all the time gets annoying.

Events -
viciouslittlething wrote:They should have a calender with festivals that are celebrated and they Sim can choose which ones they are excited about coming up [all or just a few] there should be all the standard holidays [Christian, Pagan, Hindu, Jewish etc but also special days.... there could be street parties, parades and all sorts. I also think there should be SciFi conventions and they can dress up to attend.
Great idea, but there are so many religions that some Sim fans may be left out.
BritneyJ wrote:Specific event game play...making milestones more engaging...for example you can have a real sim wedding where you plan it, invite guests, go to an actual "wedding" shop, buy a dress or tux...pick out a cake, flowers,book a venue...decorate...etc. have the wedding and get free stuff from guests, yet the more extravagant the event the more money it will be...(THIS is a HUGE event for women...think of the money EA would make on an expansion pack like this!)As a girl I know had Matel never come out with "Wedding Dazzle" barbie...I would have never bought the $37.00 Barbie Bridal Boutique...or the 1 Ken doll (who by the time i was 7 had been trough 18 divorces, 19 weddings all to different women) This is one of the biggest events in REAL peoples lives and our sims get 2 wedding dress choices, a lattus alter arch and a standing flower arrangement with petunias. Sims can even be in danger of their sim fiance not showing up at the alter...or even have an unexpected guest come in and wreck the whole "dream wedding"
MrsMojorisin wrote:Also, I read ideas about holidays and stuff but it would be hard to do real holidays like 4th of July or Halloween because these are about real life and not everybody celebrate these things.But there could be a sim version 4th of July and like Llama Day.I mean if the real holidays get involved there are lots of different religions and cultures it is impossible to make everyone happy.

Objects -
JCollora3xo wrote:strollers for babies in the park!
Auzi wrote:I want a piano and an organ. Plus the diving board for the pool.
viciouslittlething wrote:How about creche's for the littlies when the parents are at work? Charges and the littlies learn skills while at creche/nursery.
Chocoloti wrote:A baby blanket would be nice to have for poorer families, the baby or toddler can sleep on the floor or anywhere.
Chocoloti wrote:A Stage to entertain at parties or at the park, and include other instruments and skills to entertain.
Chocoloti wrote:Market stalls to sell the vegetables and fruits.
EA might include that if the rabithole is opened.
padda1794 wrote:About the generator i think that is a great idea and if there could be different types of generators like one cheap that makes a lot of noise and your Sims get a negative moodlet and a more expensive one that is quieter that doesn't give your Sims a negative moodlet
Like that expansion on that idea.
Rac379 wrote:The thing I miss the most from sims2 is how cars would drive into the driveway/garage. Now this would interfere with the ablitily to freely place the parking spot. But the developers could keep the freely placable parking spots and make another driveway like the one in the Sims2 if you want just a straight driveway for a car to drive on. I also wish there was an option to take out the stop at the end of parking spots. It looks very tacky in some situations. But maybe it would re-appear temporarily in buy mode or when you had a car attached to the cursor and were putting it down.
Yes, I completely agree with that.
68731 wrote:carseats so if you have twins or triplets they can all come with i hate when the moms has twins or triplets and the dads at work and she cant go anywhere unless she hires the stupid babysitter
68731 wrote:you should have a toddler bed so it doesn't have to stay in the crib its like a regular bed but smaller and has bars around it
68731 wrote:a rocking chair to put the babies and toddlers to bed and the toddlers
68731 wrote:their should be more instrument to like in Sims 2 drums a bass piano so they can start a band and their should be instruments for the older children
68731 wrote:more hairstyles definitely
68731 wrote:they should have a play pin for toddler and a swing and play ground equipment for outside and once they walk they should be able to scoot down the stairs and for the babies they shouldn't have to sit in their cribs all day the should have a baby swing for inside and other stuff babies use
68731 wrote:more swimsuits for the older kids and how come the boys have to wear spedos cant they just have regular swimming trunks
68731 wrote: in winter they should be able to celebrate Christmas with presents
BrennaW wrote:skylights, chaise lounges, sectionals, ability to match staircase banisters to the fencing, more potted and garden plants, range hood, above-stove microwave, china cabinets and buffets, bring back closets and armoires, toasters, sewing machines, window seats, MP3 players
sparkles wrote:- Skateboard
- Rollarblades

- Campfire, Pool toys (inflatable toys etc), tent, hammock

- Golf Course (Would be great for schmoozing and career building plus lots of fun)
- Karoke
- Costume/Theme Wardrobe (So can have more clothing options for parties)
MadameLee wrote:two recycling bins -one paper, the other one for pop cans. Since its drives me crazy that the sims throw away the paper in the garbage bin.

a green bin/(compost). Spoiled food should go in the green bin instead of being thrown away in garbage bin.

BrennaW wrote:Rocking chairs,window seats,reflective floors (like a high polish wooden floor or marble)
MsConceit5 wrote:There needs to be a transparent pattern (glass)
Agreed, but I'm not so sure if it were to work on walls. Though it would be cool if they allowed it to be stained different colors.
Sands_in_the_Hour wrote:

Handicapped parking spaces.
- trombone
Jadonut wrote:- french horn
- tuba
- saxophone
- baritone
- bassoon
- clarinet
- fiddle
- harmonica
- bass
- viola
- violin
- harp
- trumpet
- drums
Gijoe540 wrote:tanning both
Rhiama wrote:Also, more clutter would be cool. Dirty laundry on the floor or clothes hampers. Papers and books scattered across the floor. And in the kitchen you could have dishes and food out on the counter. Teenage rooms are wayyy to clean!

Other in-game Features -
Chocoloti wrote:I'd like to be able to change traits as your Sim learns more skills.
Chocoloti wrote:A town directory page would be nice to see, like the phone book, see all families and addresses, check to see who moved in or out.
Yes, a town directory would help keep track of your Sims and their families better.
dragoszgrl wrote:Church - I know that we are different religions, so the neighborhood could have a "church" be "set" to be named whatever you want, have X building (or grove of trees, or whatever), meet on Y day at Z time, and sims can either believe or not, and get a positive moodlet from going.
dragoszgrl wrote:Employment Matters - When the police come to your house or the doctor delivers your baby, why can't it be one of your sims if they are on duty (this perhaps wouldn't work if we can manipulate our places of employment)? Definitely want firemen!
Simmer843 wrote:And with the connecting town idea, i think it'd be wonderful. As for the graphics, I think they should play a movie, like when your sims moved in for the sims 2. It should have a sim in a car with a U-Haul riding on a highway until the reach a sign that says (___TOWN HERE__).

Rac379 wrote:I was sort of surprised when I first when to build a house, that there are lot boundaries. I was expecting to be able to build huge farms and vineyards and suburban neighborhoods with small yards and gated communities with huge yards and houses. In the 'big city' I made, I built a parking garage in a central area but no one ever used it because they never went to that lot. It annoys me . With no lot boundaries, this wouldn't be a problem and my parking garage would be full of sim cars.
I wish that too. Either that, or a bigger lot. (one that takes up a complete Sim block)
LizzyDoo wrote:Have more of a selection of food items to be purchased at the grocery store.
LizzyDoo wrote:To have a record of where all the money you spend on a weekly basis goes. Such as: House,furniture,bills,babysitter,maid,groceries,and or other things
Sands_in_the_Hour wrote:In the newspaper, there should be a "wanted" section for those in the criminal career track.

When creative or artistic Sims sell their paintings for money, it'd be nice if their paintings showed up in the art gallery.

When writer Sims make books, they should be able to be bought in the book store.
PlatinumLion wrote:
Memories were awesome. You could see their whole history. Although, I would tweak it a bit. Give a time line like you see in Spore. Another thing that would be great to add would be when you click on the family tree, you can click on any Sim and see his or her history. Years later when you haven't played the game in a long time, you will see this and remember good times.

I am not sure if this has been posted yet because this thread is long , but I think that some of the moodlets should be changed to memories as well as moodlets . The memories should be colorful for a certain amount of time to show the Sim remembers it and then it grays out to show the Sim does not remember. Some memories wouldn't last long while others Sims could remember for there entire life. Sims could buy different journals that each hold a certain amount of memories. The different journals could be something like Ragged Journal (smallest memory storage space, creepy look), a normal Journal (medium memory storage space, normal look), and Hard-cover Journal (has the most memory storage space, history book-type look). They write every memory they remember unless they already wrote it. They can be placed on the ground, in a bookcase, under a bed, or on a table. The Sim that owns the journal can read it, write in it, or publish it while Sims that do not can only read it or publish it. A screen could come up with every memory in it. The royalties the Sim that published it is based completely on how many memories are in it. If someone besides the journal's owner publishes it, the owner will get something like a moodlet called Violated and/or a memory with the same name. The Sim that wrote it will remember every memory if they read it, good or bad. Children love to read journals, especially if it is there older siblings. Children will get something like the Intrigued moodlet and a memory like Read Person's Journal. Parents, especially Neurotic ones, also love to read there teenager's journal. They will get something like a moodlet called Relieved and a memory like Read Person's Journal. Any other random person, like a friend that reads it, will get the same moodlet and memory as a child. If the owner is deceased, any reader will get a moodlet like Intrigued as well as a special memory like Read Person's Life Story.

I don't know why , but it has been on my mind for a while and I just didn't know where to put it until now.
MadameLee wrote:Having YA's being able to being daughters of adults ("middle age") and siblings of teen/child.

Other -
ariellerosie wrote:I really NEED an in game story editor! it's not convenient at all to have to open the launcher, upload all the pics, then write the story,save it, play game more and take more pics, go back to the launcher and upload the new ones, edit story,etc etc it really sucks and makes me not want to write stories. and the pic quality for the stories is TERRIBLE!
to add on to that
Moonfeather wrote:I completely agree. I literally wrote HUNDREDS of stories in the Sims 2, and about three of them found their way onto the exchange. I want to be able to write awful stories and not make a fool of myself! I want to only upload the good ones!
Lordgreyraven wrote:when i think about it as i buy loads of game discs and running a medium in the driver will cause it some damage over time, so if it could be possible to lengthen the life of the medium, for example by making it less dependable on the Medium during game play to prolong the discs life time, though I guess its practicality in today's society would be of not as it would be less favorable in the sense of pro anti-piracy views arguments.
Yes, my Sims 1 disk is almost getting to the point where it won't install on my new computers. That worries me.
BritneyJ wrote:sims go shopping...they have the option to really go shopping...they go in a store and you have the option of buying a new hairstyle or outfit from online other than what you have in your fashion feature bank (this would mean internet connection from within the game)...same with furniture, nic items...(a baby store where you can get tons of kids stuff) can even have funky stores where you can buy "love potion...happy juice or hunger helpers...
water_cat1 wrote:Auto save!! this needs to be put in, or some mod it in, i am a gamer who plays and plays without saves, often i have about 2 hours between each save, so when it stuffs up ive lost a lot of time i saved and it crashed to desktop, i went back into the sims 3 but i found i could not load my file. using the .backup i reloaded to find that the save that didnt work and the latest save that did were part of the corrupted, so i lost over 4 hours of gaming.
BrennaW wrote:Flip between households in same neighborhood while not losing all of saved game from another household...I know story progression is limiting this but what happens if I want to marry off one of my children move them to another house and then go back and play the rest of the first family for a while? And visit my children in their new homes? Please try integrate story progression within a saved file but allowing you to flip between active households.

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strollers for babies in the park!

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Hmm Not sure if you agree, have questions, or just want to vote They will be answered or tallied here If it is a question, I'll quote your question too If my solution to what you asked did not work, please do not create another post, just edit your first.

Sorry that this couldn't be posted under the third couldn't post fast enough


Town Transport
FatCat wrote:Scooters can only be used by children?
Noooooo! That's not right.

In Europe scooters are for teens and up, forbidden for children!
They are very common here too btw.
How about in the US?
Oh, I live in the US and have been in Europe for at least 4 weeks and have never herd of such a law. Wait, before I make an edit is that a Motor scooter like (Picture Thread) or non-motored like (Picture Thread) I was thinking about the non-motored type. well, an edit was made to the paper with picture links.

Disasters -
Istas wrote:But the flooding thing, maybe instead of ruining the floor if it was just like how sometimes when you move into a house there was a leak and you can accept the "opportunity' to deal with it or not.'Cause some simmers might not wanna deal with the natural disasters ya know?
A: There would be the option to click on the floor and replace just as any ordinary stove after a fire. Like I said before, you would have the option in the options panel to disable disasters. Edit Made to Paper.

Buildings that We can't see into yet -
Jade425 wrote:Any way I was wondering if it could and would be possible to follow our Sims into the Catacombs and see what they see. it would be awesome to help them out and find out what scares them.
You know, catacombs are underground. I would find that extremely hard to make since most of them are humongous. They look something like this (Picture Thread) and this (Picture Thread) Many Stretch for miles, and I don't see how that would work. Here is a map of one (Picture Thread). Yea, there is a problem. All that I would think is possible is to make the inside of the building and a stairwell going down to the catacombs. When the Sim gets scared, he comes running up the stairs and slams the door shut. Otherwise, with the descriptions that the Pop-ups provide, I don't think it's possible. I wouldn't care too much if it was left a rabithole, but would appreciate if you could just see into the building part. You got me on that one.

Other -
danivixen wrote:I hope you can actually play this game without lagging and such; if so, I'd think your ideas are too big to actually keep the game functioning properly. And your ideas are ok, but you must keep in mind that you have not provided an efficient execution for these ideas.
A: I think that some are too big, such as many of the disasters. However, I think others could easily be added into the game. Though the game could be slower or even could crash on some computers(maybe). Edit was made to paper.

Off Topic -
Mikara510 wrote:i downloaded and uploaded riverview. now, how i play it?
A: Well even though this is off topic, I will answer. If what you asked did not work, do not create another post, just edit your first. In the main screen where the button says sunset valley, it should draw down and say Riverview. Otherwise, click on the plus button and you should be able to to have the option to create the new town to play.

If you liked this, be sure to check out the Walden95 Post Directory to find more post like this. Just Click the Image below.

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i totally agree about the time speed thing. i get so bored of waiting whenever my sims go to sleep

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I agree with more musical instruments I want a piano and an organ. Plus the diving board for the pool. Also maybe once you finish a career, your lifetime wish could be to pursue a different career, that way you can just switch careers and eventually do all of them. I think it would expand the game play longer. i dunno. Just an idea.

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how about witches and gabalins.

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Your idea's are epically brilliant!!


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What I would like,
I want more traits, one that can make a person a gold digger, self-centered, ect. ect.

I also would like more LIFELIKE hair.
and more parties. I want baby showers, bachlorette/bachlor, engagment, ect.

I would love for there to be a university type expantion too.


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I miss the diving board too! I also agree that we should be able to see in more of the buildings beyond the Library and the Art Gallery. But maybe that will be in the first expansion pack. You know what else would be cool. The ability to create our own objects. Some of the furniture is so-so.

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Anyone? Please post.
And thank you for reading

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I hope you can actually play this game without lagging and such; if so, I'd think your ideas are too big to actually keep the game functioning properly. And your ideas are ok, but you must keep in mind that you have not provided an efficient execution for these ideas.

Updates coming soon.
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i downloaded and uploaded riverview. now, how i play it?

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I am re-posting my ideas from this thread:

Reason for reposting: I like how this thread has everything organized and re-stated in the original post for easier reading (instead of sifting through pages).


Ok so there are a ton of things that I miss from TS2, but I won't mention them because if the transition from TS2 - TS3 is similar to the transition from TS1 - TS2, there will be many similar EP's, or at least similar basic concepts so I'm not too worried about those things since I'm sure they will show up somewhere down the line. This IS a thread asking for suggestions completely original compared to previous Sims games, not an "I miss ___ from TS2" thread

Ok so a few ideas of mine, (I'm thinking of these as I type this out so none of these are thought out in the least bit, just kinda typing them as they pop in my head).



I think there should be more interaction with kids in school! That would be realistic, no?

1. So when I was in school, I used to love field trips. It would be cool to incorporate that into the game. Similar to the "needing permission to visit friend's houses or having friends over after school", children and teens would need permission slips to go on field trips that parents could accept or decline. If parents delined, children (or teens) would get negative moodlets and the relationship meter would drop a few points (like how it was when I was in school haha). It would also be similar if the parents accepted (excited or happy moodlets and relationship meters would go up a few points).

2. (I haven't played many families with kids yet so if this is already incorporated in the game, I apologize ahead of time) It would be cool to have decisions pop up while the sim is at school. Similar to how in TS2, when Sims were at work, a pop up window would show up with a situation, and two choices to choose from. For example, lets say Tom goes to school and a window would pop up saying "Uh oh! Billy Bob, the school bully, just confronted Tom and told Tom to hand over his lunch money ... or else!" Does Tom hand over his lunch money and run to the nearest teacher crying like a little baby, or sock him in the nose and tell him to get a job? LOL that would be interesting. If he decided to go run and cry, the teacher would discipline Billy Bob , get Tom's lunch money back, and Tom would get his revenge. If he socked Billy Bob in the nose, he could get detention or groundation at home, (which brings me to #3)...

3. Groundation! That was a huge factor for me growing up! If kids grades drop below a "C", or if they have trouble at school (like socking Billy Bob in the nose for trying to steal their lunch money) TV, computer, and other "fun" objects would be off-limits for a time frame left to the discretion of the parents. If groundation is too short, the kid wouldn't learn a lesson. Or if groundation was too long, negative moodlets would arrise as well as dropped relationship meters and children and teens could lash out and act worse than the original problem that caused the groundation.

4. PTA meetings! Parents can choose to get involved in the PTA (Parent-Teacher Association). They would have weekly meetings and opportunites would arise. (School play or talent show? New computers or new gym equipment?) The desicions the parents make would affect the children's school days, opportunities, and moodlets (computer-whiz kids would be happier about new computers and athletic kids would be happier about new gym equipment). If a school play was decided, the children could opt to be in it and "practice lines" and gain charisma skill during practices and performances, or they could enter the talent shows with small cash prizes or free-homework passes!


So like I said, just a few ideas that just popped in my head as I typed. I think that would be pretty neat. Anyone else agree?

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I agree with most your ideas for TS3.
However, with the lagging issue, I highly doubt it can be solved, especially if people want more and more expansions/things added to it. The only way we can solve lag is by upgrading your computer specs.

But nonetheless, loading does take a long time, even with good computers.
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