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Caw FAQ's........Links to Tutorials, and Resources. Textures, & Troubleshooting  XML
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Caw Tutorials & Information

Hello Everyone
This is meant to be an information archive listing for all the pertinent information out there concerning Caw. You can help by alerting me of any new information out there you don't see listed, or you can write a tutorial of your own if you see information lacking. Just post with a link to the information, and I'll include it under the appropriate heading.

Thank you for your help.

Also let me know if there are any broken links, or typos


Direct Link to the Create a World Tool Download:

The Lot Swap Shoppe
Lots of lots for world builders to use. Add your Studio Link! Maintained by Elmawa


Caw Troubleshooting, Latest Patch Info, Error Messages

SOLVED: Cannot open Edit in Game, not a version mismatch issue
Edit in Game Opens Sims 3 Launcher
Need help trying to figure out what the heck is going on? Go here.....
Create A World - CAW not running? CAW running slowly? Updated as needed by Simsample @ MTS
Steam installation, and Caw by LittleMinxUndr EA Caw Forum

This thread is a compilation of some very useful info about creating a world, at MTS, and also around the web......
Useful Resources, Common Issues, and Much More Check here for links I may have missed. Armiel at MTS keeps this updated.

Other Active Caw Forums

MTS: Create a World Forum
Mod The Sims: Caw WIP
Simlogical: Worlds & Towns
TS3 Creators' Consortium II: Caw Section
Create Your World Un mundo para ti This is a Spanish speaking forum, you can use Google Chrome to translate
Pasimfic Wiki a Create-a-World database
Carl and Pam's The Sims 3 Caw Forum

Beginners Caw Tutorials & WalkThrough

The first two tutorials are from EA, and came out with the Caw tool. The rest of the tutorials are good basic tutorials written by Simmers in the community. This is all I know about right now. As usual, If you know of a good tutorial here, or on another site, post here and I'll add it to the list.

EA's The Sims™ 3 Create a World Tool – Beta Walk Through
EA's Create a World Beta pdf

CAW tutorial - First Contact by ******* @ Carl and Pam's The Sims 3 Forum
HOW TO CREATE A WORLD - THE SIMS 3 CAW TOOL GUIDE by Krrank......Learning to use CAW, the easy way. Tutorials and Downloads.
Shalua's Create-a-World FAQs
Sims Wiki: Tutorials: Creating Sims 3 Worlds by HystericalParoxysm
Video Tutorial: How to Create a World - Part One By The Sims Supply
Video Tutorial: How to Create a World - Part Two By The Sims Supply
Video Tutorial: How to Create a World - The Basics By The Sims Supply

Creating A World That Doesn't Suck by TVR Designs @ Sims 3 Wiki
Building a world Part 1-6 By Stw 402 @ TS3CC II
Building a world Part 7-10 By Stw 402 @ TS3CC II
Building a world Part 11-12 By Stw 402 @ TS3CC II

Tips & Tricks from Other Cawsters

How to: Find an Object In the World Layers Panel by Rflong7, EA Caw Forum
Create A World Tips to get you started by Richdre @ The Sims Creators' Consortium
Beta Testing a World..........Tips & Tricks @ TS3CC II

Height Maps

Procedural Generation of Terrain Discussion and Tipsstarted by aminovas @ EA Caw Forum
PNG Height Map Tutorial with CS4 by Juleslessthanthr33 @ wordpress
Creating Your Own Height Map Sims 3 Wiki @ TSR
How to create a world using Real-World Height data by Napalm_VFR @ EA Caw Forum

Textures, Terrain Painting & Sculpting

Custom sculpt tools - can save HOURS of work [updated with tutorial] by Zerbu @ EA Caw Forum
How To - Making Sure Your Terrain is Flat by Rflong7 @ EA Caw Forum
Making Transparent Textures by Simsample @ EA Caw Forum
Source Texture Organization Getting all those textures organized, with pictures for easier identification by auntielynds @ TS3CC II
How to extract textures from EA Worlds by auntielynds, EA Caw forum
How to paint your rocks by HturnerP, EA Caw forum
Create A World - Terrain Painting Tips by Simsample @ MTS
Textures: *A full list of CAW Default textures- In photos * by lovingreds, EA Caw Forum
Downloading and Installing Textures for Caw EA Caw forum
The Easy Way to Create Terrain Textures. by Jericosan EA Caw forum
Create a World: Terrain Tools Sims 3 Wiki @ TSR
Making Craters in CAW by Rflong7, EA Caw Forum
Terrain Show! (show off your terrain and tips!) at MTS Great thread with tips and tricks of Terrain Painting, including how to erase them.
Help building a realistic pier @ MTS Different approaches on creating piers, and barges in Caw.

1. How to Build a Boat Pier by bunbunnyny EA Caw forum
2. How to Build Underwater Lots & Dock Ports by bunbunnyny EA Caw forum
This goes with my How to Build a Boat Pier tutorial. It's the second part to it!

Roads & Bridges

Basics: Road Gradation Tool EA Caw Forum
Possible to replace placed roads with different design, quick and dirty? by Simsample @ MTS....Post #7
Tutorial: Replacing Existing Roads in Caw @TS3CC II
List of Street Names by Rflong, EA Caw Forum
CAW Basic Road Tutorial by Richdre @ The Sims Creators' Consortium
CAW Custom Roads Tutorial by Richdre @ The Sims Creators' Consortium
Basic Bridge Tutorial by Richdre @ The Sims Creators' Consortium
How to make a custom road by HturnerP EA Caw forum
How to create a bridge In CAW by ryanmountford2
Video Tutorial: Create a World, Bridges By The Sims Supply
Video Tutorial: How to make a layer and delete roads in Create a World for Sims 3
Video Tutorial: How to Connect Roads
Tutorial: How to Create a Highway by Jasumi @ EA Caw Forum
How to Make Curbs on the Side of Roads by Roxs, EA Caw Forum

Meta Data Objects Tips & Info

50+ Useful Fog Emitter Effects in Pictures by Virvatuli , EA Caw Forum
Fog Emitter Effects Animations Series by SimEve , Creative Works Blogspot
The Easy-Peasy Distant Terrain Tutorial by HeyWhatReub, EA Caw Forum
Aligning Distant Terrain by Kiwi tea @ Pasimfic Wiki
Lists the names of each distant terrain alongside their positions and rotations
CAW Spawner Tips for a Medium Sized World by Richdre @ Bear Mountain Creations
Spawners, How Many are too Many? @CS3
Using Fog Emitters in Caw@ TS3CC II
CAW Plants Cheat Sheet by HystericalParoxysm @ MTS

Recoloring Rabbitholes, Plants, and other Objects

*Custom Bridges Tutorial (NO Custom content!)* by ThomsonJamie @ EA Caw Forum
Piddlesam Easy Tutorial to Recolouring Rabbitholes by Piddlesam @ TS3CC II
Adding & Extracting Metadata Objects: Recolors, Rabbit Holes, Trees, ect. by auntielynds @ Simlogical

Routing, Routing Paint, & Camera Routing

Find Routing Issues Quickly and Easily by Daniel @ Sims 3 New York Blog
Perfecting Routing, an OC approach to routing paint... by Eyelem @ TS3CC II
Basics on Sim-Routing in Create a World-Tool by armiel @ MTS

Waterfalls, Rivers, Surf, & Caves

How To Build A Cave by 8NiSci8 , EA Caw forum
How to make your waterfall look realistic by Sim Outlaw, EA Caw forum

Exporting, Thumbnails, Installing & Uploading Your World

Routine to Export a World by Junceda EA Caw Forum
How To Create-A-World 24Bit PNG with Paint by cllevett Youtube Video
How To: Make Sure CC Doesn't Piggyback in on Your World Export by auntielynds, TS3CC
Installing your World without Uploading to the Exchange by auntielynds, TS3CC
Changing the WPID File to Give Your World a Different I.D. to re-upload to the Exchange by auntielynds @ Simlogical
Video Tutorial: How to Export Your World - Includes instructions on how to make a 256x256 .png image, how to export, & install/upload your world.
Thumbnails: 24 bit Png Image Creation with by auntielynds EA Caw forum
Pre-made 24bit pngs for Caw thumbnails

Lots, Lots, & Lots

Lot Types in The Sims 3 (Up to University) by ThomsonJamie @ EA Caw Forum
Rabbit Hole Wiki by FaithofKaela @ Rabbit Hole Wiki Blog
Community Lot Guide & Check List by Geminiagre @ EA Caw Forum
Ways of fighting "Sprawl" or "lot creep" already available. by Damienf519 @ EA Caw Forum
The Sims Wiki: Lot Assignment Info This tells you exactly what each lot assignment does, By Kiwi Tea
This list can be sorted alphabetically, by type of rabbithole, by size, or by expansion/store set required.
Assigning Addresses to Lots @ EA Caw Forum, 3rd post down, Tzmsims
Rabbithole lot sizes by Kiwi tea @ Pasimfic Wiki
Sunken or Raised Lot Fix by Amaholus, EA Caw Forum
Set Front of Lot CBedna01 EA Caw Forum
Tips for perspective and terrain conformation by Roswin @ Bear Mountain Creations

Lot Building Tuts

*How to build an Apartment - In 8 steps* (Deconstruction Method) by lovingreds EA CAW Forum
Working with Late Night Apartments by LoCatus @ TS3CC
List of Building Tutorials or How do I do That? EA Creative Corner Forum
House Apartment Building!! by MrCrumplebottom1 EA Caw Forum

Tomb Building Tutorials A whole list of Tutorials @ TS3CC
Making a Resetting Trap in 10 Easy Steps by glen416 EA Caw forum
How to Create Underwater Passages (Great With Tombs!) by bunbunnyny EA Caw forum
How to Build Subtopias & Cave Complexes: Lost Worlds to your Tombs! by bunbunnyny EA Caw forum
How to Create a Countdown Timer for Your Tombs by bunbunnyny EA Caw forum
How to Make a Specific Statue Activate a Specific Switch by bunbunnyny EA Caw forum
How to Lock, Unlock, and Re-lock a Pushable Statue From Being Moved by bunbunnyny EA Caw forum
How to Create Musical Tomb Triggers by bunbunnyny EA Caw forum
How to Build 2-D and 3-D Platform Tombs by bunbunnyny EA Caw forum

Island Paradise Tuts

Sims BR's Tutorial: How to Place Diving Spots in Other Worlds by mcrudd EA IP Forum
Guide to Houseboats in game & in CAW by SimGuruSemedi EA IP Forum
IP Caw Version 1.18.46 Up! Discussion & Troubleshooting Thread by the Community EA Caw Forum
Quick Stilted Foundation Guide to Fitting Lots onto Water by Joolster EA Creative Corner Forum

Pre-Populating your World &/or Providing a Save Game

CAW Population: Populating Worlds in Create-a-World by Kiwi-Tea @ Pasimfic Wiki
CAW Population: Balancing Your Population by Kiwi-Tea @ Pasimfic Wiki
Save Game TravelDB.package Info by DOLLDRMS1 @ EA Caw Forum
discovery that if you are going to offer a save game file there is a risk of providing a bloated save game and a suggestion to reduce the size of that save game.


Create A World - CAW not running? CAW running slowly? by Simsample @ MTS
Edit in game loading and crashing Issue's @ TS3CC II
CAW crashing on high end computers? Solution using CFF Explorer by Geminiagre EA forum

Misc Information & Tutorials

Do you know: How to tell if CAW has been updated? by ellacharm3d @ ellacharmed Blog
How to: Make a World Logo by SimExpertJared @ EA Caw Forum
Making a world a City Simsample @ MTS easy instructions
Making high resolution world maps tutorial by Vagabond @ EA Caw Forum
Creating an Initial Flyover in Caw by Pyronium3 @ Pasimfic Wiki
CAW fog "invisible water" workaround by Wyndhane @ TS3CC
Converting Google Earth Buildings to Sims 3 CAW Deco Objects by Tjstreak EA Caw Forum

Editing Premade Worlds MTS
Video Tutorial: Import full neighborhoods into Create a World with objects, lots etc. by Magicmavis (SimTuts)
Getting a Downloaded World into CAW by SimAd @ tscc
How to: Decrapify a .world file so it will open in s3pe Post #6 by auntielynds @ MTS

Turning a world into a vacation hot spot by Stw402 @ MTS
Changed my world into a vacation world by Simsample @ MTS
Resource responsible for determining the characteristics by Simsample @ MTS

Modding the Create-a-World Tool to Unlock Hidden Features by Simsample @ MTS
SuperCAW Pre-made Patch by a @ Simlogical

Sea, Sky and Light parameters- let's learn! Simsample @ MTS
Advanced tutorial "Tweaking your worlds, custom sea/sky/rabbit holes/emitters by Stw402, EA Caw forum
HOW TO MAKE WEATHER FOR YOUR WORLD: 5th post down; walkthrough by ltd2mp87 EA Caw Forum

CAW resource packaging routines Simsample @ MTS
Re-installing Caw, How I do it by auntielynds MTS
Why CC Should Not be Packaged with a World, & How to Ensure it Isn't by Simsample, EA Caw Forum
How To: Upload Caw Files to Share by auntielynds EA Caw forum
Pinstar1161 Legacy Challenge Rules People that play your world may also want a lot with the correct requirements for this challenge. You can change the lot value in the Property Window in Caw.
Water Levels from Twinbrook and Bridgeport Simsample @ MTS
How to add description to your household so it stays before exporting from edit town. by Buttonsginger @ TS3CC II

Dutch Tutorials

(Don't forget to change the language to dutch and than copy the link)
* Creëer een Wereld Bibliotheek: ervaringen, tutorials, inspiratie by SimLibby EA Dutch Forum
* Tutorial CAW: hoe te beginnen in/met Creëer een Wereld by SimLibby EA Dutch Forum
* Tutorial CAW: afbeelding, exporteren, installeren, uploaden by SimLibby EA Dutch Forum


Archived WorldTool Downloads post #18

Custom Content

Create A World - Modding objects to show up in CAW Metadata by Simsample, MTS
Distance terrain disappearing when editing Hidden Springs More good info here on cloning objects to show up in Caw. by Rain90, MTS

Making Create-a-World Recognize Custom Content
Game Help:Installing Sims 3 Package Files/Setup and Files at Mod the Sims
Delphy's Sims3pack Cleaner Checks your sims3packs for unwanted CC. tut on how to use it; Subject: Tutorial about Custard Tool by Delphy

Moonlight Falls Distant Terrain
Deco Buildings, Planes.............Some cool stuff TJ Streak, not so naughty sims blogspot
Caw Resources Section @ MTS @ Mod the Sims
Sims 3 Packages for use in Create A World world builder (CAW) by O-Decaff/LeRoy157
Simming in Magnificent Style Check this out for neat objects for Caw like working road overpasses, and new skyscrappers. Creations by Carlos
Cacti for CAW by sleepalldaypartyallnight @ MTs
3 Awesims Cornices that are actually fences at Awesims
LunaSimsLulamai. Souce for some of those Skyscrappers, & Cool Objects at LunaSimsLulamai
[LN or Base Game] Rabbit Hole Replacements (The Rugs are back!) by Jynx @ MTS

File Sharing

Terrain Texture Links, & Custom Roads by auntielynds @ EA Caw Forum
EA World Caw Files
Animated Items for CAW! Lighthouse flare, pigeons, animated windmill, and sciencesmoke by Aynat EA Caw Forum
Share your Heightmaps Here HturnerP, EA Caw forum
Riverview, Twinbrooks, & Bridgeport missing objects for Caw Includes the Riverview Bridge! YAY! by Simsample @ MTS
Winter Trees, Shrubs, White and Pastel Roofs- Altered Image Files by auntielynds @ TS3CC


Programs I use to Enhance my World Creation auntielynds @ CS3
Uses for S3PE in World Creation.........Tutorials auntielynds @ Simlogical
These are the tuts covered:
Designating a World a City
Recovering Caw Files for an Exported World
Changing out the WPID File
So you can upload more than once to the exchange, or install more than one version of your world to your game.
Adding & Extracting Metadata Objects: Recolors, Rabbit Holes, Trees, ect.
Deleting the _KEY file to fix the Brown Uck

Posting & Starting Threads, Info to get you started

**The Guide To Getting Your World Noticed**#Contributors get cookies!#
How To: Posting Pictures on Threads


an idea generator for building houses by Syera @
an idea generator for building towns by Syera @

Subject: Petition for EA to release the "Create-A-World -- BETA" tool on the Mac platform
This is an organized thread for Mac users.

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Here are the links I know about for CAW terrain textures. If you know of any others post here and I'll pop them in the top post.

Terrain Textures


14 Caw Textures by Rusty333P @ tumblr

15 Caw Textures by Rusty333P @ tumblr

Roaring Heights Textures, Roads, INI Files and Colour Ramps by Zerbu @ EA Caw Forum

Oasis Landing ini, color ramps, and Future World Designator @ Cawster
Oasis Landing Textures, Roads, by Zerbu @ EA Caw Forum Added Nov. 2013
Oasis Landing Textures, Roads, by Mr. C @ EA Caw Forum Added Nov. 2013

Midnight Hollow Textures, Roads, Height Map,Distant Terrain, INI & Color Ramps auntielynds @ MTS Added June 2013

Boardwalk Wood Plank Texture Pack by aminovas

Isla Paradiso Textures, Roads, INI & Color Ramps by Zerbu @ EA Caw Forum Added June 2013

Collingwood's Terrain Textures by MrCrumplebottom1 Added June 2013

Dragon Valley Textures, Roads, Height Map, INI & Color Ramps auntielynds @ MTS Added June 2013

University Town Textures & Roads auntielynds @ MTS Added March 2013
Nothing exciting, but here they are.

Aurora Skies Textures, Roads auntielynds @ MTS Added Feb. 2013

Monte Vista Textures, Roads extracted by 123456123456123456 Mediafire Added Dec. 2012
Monte Vista Textures, Roads, Height Map, Distant Terrain, & ini & Colour Ramps extracted by auntielynds @ MTS

Mr.C's Supernatural Textures & RoadsEA Caw Forum, added Sept. 2012
Moonlight Falls: Textures, Road, Height-Maps extracted by Atakoy @ MTS

Sunlit Tides Textures & Roads - mediafire download

Mr.C's Lucky Palms Textures & Roads EA Caw Forum, added July 2012

Lucky Palms Textures & Roads - box download added June, 2012
Lucky Palms Textures & Roads - mediafire download

Twelve Tempting Terrains by Simmiller @ MTS added April, 2012

Starlight Shores Textures & Roads - mediafire download
Starlight Shores Textures & Roads - box download

Lunar Lakes Textures & Roads - mediafire download

Appaloosa Plains Textures - mediafire download
Appaloosa Plains Textures - box download

I have 47 new textures for you by HturnerP added Sept, 2011
MrCrumplebottom1 HiddenSprings Textures extracted by Mr. Crumplebottom added Aug 28th, 2011
New Grass, Water, and Sand by NILXIS @ Nilixis Sims3 added Feb 7, 2011
Textures Extracted from other EA games by Ouerbacker added Jan 29th, 2011
Apocalyptic/destroyed terrain paints by VampireSim @MTS added Jan. 18th 2011
In this post are distressed, in game textures as well.
CAW Terrain - Simple but useful recolours of EA terrain paints by Armiel @ MTS added Dec. 30th 2010
Late Nights Bridgeport Textures extracted by Drowsapp Added Nov. 2nd 2010
Late Night ,Bridgeport Textures Extracted by Emmies
Ambitions Textures extracted by Drowssap
Beach Rock Texture Pack with matching in game Terrain Paint by HystericalParoxysm @ MTS
These are some of my favorite, go-to textures

130 Custom Textures Pack by Stw405
Horror Texture Pack by Chellemh29 This is her thread
This is the mediafire link to Chellemh29's textures
New Terrain Textures for CAW - Extracted from Ts2! by MrCrumplebottom1 added Sept. 4th
Faerie Grass set by Ghost at CS3 The download for the .dds files is in the third post down.
Matching Sidewalk Tiles: Terrain Paints and Texture Files by Simsimsillion
Snow & Ice Textures from auntielynds added Nov. 2010
Auntielynds Water Textures Folder
My Opacity Folder

BSI Regina's Caw Textures & Shire Road
mediafire box download

Caw Terrain Packs & Create A Road: Urban Street Pack
Ice age Terrain Pack by Ashillion

Eruption Terrain Pack by Ashillion

Badlands Terrain Pack by Ashillion

Fossil World Terrain Pack by Ashillion

Create A Road: Urban Street Pack

Martines CAW Textures Megapack

Custom Roads

Appaloosa Plains Roads mediafire download
Appaloosa Plains Roads box download
I'll get a pic of roads up soon
MrCrumplebottom1 HiddenSprings Roads added Aug. 28th, 2011
English Road Textures! ;D by MrCrumplebottom1 added Jan. 30th, 2011

Bridgeport roads extracted by Emmies Added Nov. 6th 2010

Drowsapp's Snow Tire Track Road

Water_Cat1s French Road Texture

Wyndhane's Custom Roads Pack Pictures halfway down page
Download Link

BSI Reginas Custom Roads from Bog Sims Institute
CAW Custom Roads
CAW Game Extracted Roads

Twinbrook roads extracted by Drowsapp New added Sept 12th;jsessio

Viewing your .dds textures so you don't have to guess

Mystic Thumbs .dds Viewer for Windows
Source Texture Organization

Tutorial on How to make a Custom Road by HturnerP.

Instructions for installing your new textures:

When you download click on save and then download them where you can find them.
Okay now you have your files downloaded I will walk you through putting them into your game. I'll write this for beginners like I was just a few months ago.

Find your files and then open up Windows Explorer.
On the left hand side under Folders, go down to Documents,
then to Electronic Arts,
then to The Sims 3 Create A World,
then to UserToolData.
then click on SourceTextures.
Now just drag and drop the new .dds files into the SourceTextures file.

Adding the Textures to your World Palette

Make Your Own Textures

If you would like to try your hand at making your own textures here is a link:
The Easy Way to Create Terrain Textures or here is a quick tutorial:

Using Gimp

1. Get gimp, and the .dds plugin. Links here, and how to do the plugin, very easy...

2. Pick a pre-existing texture from your Source Textures File. If you want pink grass, get a grass texture you like. Choose something that's not too dark.

3. Drag and drop this into gimp. you get a pop up like this, un-check the Load mipmaps box.

4. Click on "Colors" on the menu bar, and the "Hue-Saturation"

5. Now you get this pop up and you just mess around with the sliders.

6. Under "File" click on "Save as", and name it, and click "Save".

7. Then just save with these options, and your done.

At this point I always do another "Save as" and save it as a jpeg. now when you are looking for your textures, you can see them.

You can also get your own new textures. Google "Free Seamless Textures" and you'll get a bunch of different sites with interesting textures. Just make sure they are cropped to 1024x1024, or 512x512. You'll lose some detail in the texture if they are 512, but for some textures you only use to highlight it's better to have them at the 512, they are a much smaller file size, which will help lower you're overall world file size.

Easy Peasy

Obtaining DDS Plug-ins and installation

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This is a copy of the Caw FAQ's Shalua originally posted, pre October 2010. In the Fall of 2010, the Forums were hacked, and someone deleted the first page of most of the forums. Luckily Shalua had made a backup copy at TS3CC of the stickied FAQ, and we were able to revive it. I have since expanded the links of tutorials in the first post of this thread.

CAW Links & Helpful Info:
World Index - Perfect if you're simply looking for worlds to download, and don't have plans of using CAW.
CAW Research Thread
Beta Walkthrough
Rabbitholes & sizes
Assigning Addresses to Lots
How to Create a Bridge
Terrain Texture Links & Other Effects
Downloading and Installing Textures for Caw
Make your own textures.

24 bit Png Image Creation with

Pre-made 24bit pngs for Caw thumbnails

Video Tutorials:
How to Create a World 1 of 2
How to Create a World 2 of 2
How to Export Your World - Includes instructions on how to make a 256x256 .png image, how to export, & install/upload your world.
Methods of Bridge Making

CAW is not currently available for Mac users. It is unknown when/if it will be.

Useful shortcuts to know in CAW:

Problems downloading the CAW tool?

Blank page –
Try using a different browser. For me, Firefox didn’t work, but IE did.

Running CAW:

Need latest patch –
Go to “Game Updates” in your launcher and make sure you are up to date. If this doesn’t work, try reinstalling. You won't lose data when you uninstall The Sims 3, as long as you say "No" when the wizard asks "Do you wish to remove your saved games and custom content?" To be sure though, you can backup your data located at:
C:\Users\UserName\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3 on Windows Vista/7 or
C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\My Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3 on Windows XP.

Edit in Game:

Slow loading time fix -
go to My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3
Move the folder titled 'DCCache' somewhere safe outside of your sims3 folder. (I use my desktop)
This should reduce your loading time to a couple minutes or less. When you want to play your game, just put it back in the same place.

Out of bounds fix -
If having problems with objects being considered 'out of bounds' when they clearly have enough room, go to the menu in the bottom left corner and click 'edit town' and edit all your lots through there. if you are still having problems then use the 'moveobjects on' cheat. using the cheat before going to edit town can make the object unusable and considered to be in another lot halfway across the world.

Riverview Objects:

Rabbitholes not showing up in CAW? If someone downloads a world with Riverview objects, but they do not have Riverview in their game, the objects will not show up.

Graveyard Ghosts:

Take a sim household and kill off all but one sim. Have the leftover sim take the graves to the graveyard and place them there and tada! You have ghosts!

If you don't care about having ghosts, then when in Edit-in-Game type in "BuyDebug" in the cheat bar. (ctrl + shift + c) Then you will have a small selection of gravestones to chose from and place.

Exporting Your World:

Add a name and a description for your town, these will show up on the exchange and you can’t change it after you upload, so chose wisely.

You need a 24-bit png Image -
Use photoshop if you have it, or use one of the many free programs out there. Here are a couple.
Make sure the image is sized at exactly 256x256!
Here is a helpful thread regaurding this.

Installing Your World:

After you export it successfully, go to C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Exports
Then open up the sims3pack file which should be called what you named your world. This should open up the launcher and automatically install. Just play your game and it should be an option when you start a new game.

Says “already installed” – This problem occurs usually when you’ve already installed your world once, and you’ve worked on it some more and are installing an updated version. You must first remove the last one you installed. Open your launcher and go to “installed content”. Check the box next to the world and then hit “uninstall”.

If the problem still persists try checking these folders for files related to the world, and delete them:
C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\InstalledWorlds
C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\WorldCaches
You might also try deleting any saved files accompanying that world:
C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Saves
I seriously doubt you will have to do that though, uninstalling through the launcher should work just fine.

Uploading Your World:

There is a known issue with uploading worlds. The launcher times out after 100 seconds - this has been confirmed by several simmers. If you get the message "upload failed: Network error. Please try again" then your internet is too slow for the size of the world. Until EA fixes this your only option is to upload it to an external site and maybe post a link in the world index sticky.

You can always upload it to another site and post the link in these forums if all else fails.

Uninstalling Worlds:
To uninstall a world simply open your game launcher, and click on the "installed content" tab. Find the world you want to uninstall, check it, and then click "uninstall". This will completely remove the world and any saves for that world from your game.

Using CAW:

Terrain Paints:

This is how you get different paint options for your terrain. All of the default terrains are there for you to use, but you can make your own custom terrain if you like.

Now that you have the paint you want to use for the terrain, you need to fiddle with the brush parameters to make it look nice, instead of choppy and goofy. Just play around with the Shape, Size, Opacity, and Falloff and see what works for you. Generally I have falloff set to 0, because I think it looks really bad and unnatural with the sharp, abrupt edges it has. You can save a bunch of different settings that you like so you can use them again and again quickly without having to play with the sliders every 5 seconds. When you have a setting you want to save hit the little arrow (small red circle). As you can see, I have two brushes saved in this image. The difference is shown on the left. When switching between brushes just double click the one you want.

Adding Layers:

You must add at least one layer to the map in order to place any objects, effects, lots, or roads. To do this, under the "World Layers" tab right-click on and click "add layer". Now you can place objects and such on your map.

Working with multiple layers:

To switch between layers, right-click on the layer you want to work with and click "Make Layer Active".

The active layer will be shown in bold text, so you know which layer you are working with at any given time.

Working with layers can be very helpful and keeps things neat so you can find things easier. Many people have layers set up similar to this: Lots, Trees, Effects, & Spawners. You can do it however you want, but keep in mind that all your trees should be in ONE layer. If you use multiple layers for trees it will bring the performance of your world down and may play very laggy on older, lower-end computers. Also, make sure when you're done placing trees use the "cluster trees" button to improve performance.

Be careful when working with multiple layers. Yes, working with layers can help you make everything neat and organized, but if you forget to change layers, and you place a ton of objects on say, your "Lots" layer, you now have to spend extra time putting those objects on the right layer. *If this happens, under the "World Layers" tab, simply drag the name of the object you want to move, to the layer you want it under.

Custom Roads:

You can use different road types, such as the dirt road, by clicking on the road tool and then clicking "create a custom road". From there you basically piece the road together by selecting the different parts for each section. (road base, road texture, sidewalk base, etc.) The dirt road is the easiest to do as all the pieces are clearly labeled, but you can always try out different textures and see how it looks.
Once you have your custom road, right click the road name and click "select as active" then just lay it out like you would normally. You can always change how it looks later by right clicking it's name and clicking "edit". So if you change your mind later, you don't have to place all your roads again. However, keep in mind you can't edit the default road, so if you think you might want something other than the default, make your own custom road that you can change whenever you want.
(I will probably be adding a few screenies for this section later. )

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There are several different ways to utilize s3pe for World Creation. I'm sure this is just a few, so if you know of other uses, post, and let us know. :)

First off, this is where you'll find the download for s3pe;

Second, Back up any files you will be working with by right clicking on them, click on copy, then paste onto your desktop, just in case. :lol:

These are the things I use the program for. I'll do a quick tut for each of these.

  • Designating a World a City
  • Recovering Caw Files for an Exported World
  • Changing out the WPID File
  • So you can upload more than once to the exchange, or install more than one version of your world to your game.
  • Adding & Extracting Metadata Objects: Recolors, Rabbit Holes, Trees, ect.
  • Deleting the _KEY file to fix the brown uck

  • Designating a World a City[/b]

    Overview of Process:

  • Download the resource file Simsample at MTS has isolated, and extracted for us.
  • Open your .world file in s3pe
  • Import the new resource file, and save!
  • Bingo! Bango! Bongo! You got yourself a city!

  • Here are step by step instructions for those of you who have never used s3pe;
    Please read Simsamples thread also

    Get s3pe here; s3pe Package Editor
    Download the resource file. Simsamples City Resource File

    Okay, now you've downloaded s3pe, and the City Resource File. Put it where you can find it. I made a folder for it and put it on my desktop.

    Open up S3pe, click on "File" on the bar at the top, click on "Open", and find your .world file you wish to add these files to.

    They should be in;
    Electronic Arts,
    Sims 3 Create a World

    It should look like this, I'm opening up my WhovilleBeta;
    Make sure you click the "All Files" option, or your .world file won't show up.

    Once you open it up, this is what it will look like;

    Now, just click on the "Resource" tab on the top bar, Click on "import", and "from file". Find your City Resource File, and click on it;

    Now just highlight the file, and click "Open". This is what you'll get. Just click "import", and then click on "file" on the top bar again, and "Save".

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    Steam installation, and Caw
    This is also addressed in Simsamples' Troubleshooting thread at MTS;
    CAW not running? CAW running slowly?

    LittleMinxUndr wrote:Would you believe I've read this entire thread and I gained about 100 points of CAW-IQ? Amazing resource!

    It's about those that have the Sims3 through Steam. They can't use CAW when their games are under Steam-law. (Akin to martial-law, no joke.)

    Steam -- Origin migration of your Steam Sims installation.
    1) Check if you have registered your keys on Origin. I can only pray you did this on one EA-account. If you didn't, now is the time. Also, make sure that this is the account that also holds your Store-purchases!!
    2) Get yourself the latest version Origin.
    3) Log in to Origin and check your EA-games. The Origin-app is self-explaining. You should get a page with all icons of every still supported EA you have ever registered. Check if all your Sims3 purchases are there.
    4) Uninstal your Steam Sims3 using the Steam-app. Go to your library, select "The Sims 3" and then hit uninstal.
    5) Click on *start* and type Regedit in the searchbar.
    6) In Regedit you need to find a folder called "TheSims3(steam)"
    7) Delete that folder. Win7 users don't need to restart their PC.
    Redownload your Sims3 purchases through Origin.
    9) After each download, start the game to get updates. (trust me on this!)
    10) Redownload CAW.
    11) You can now use CAW with the Sims3!

    Warning: if you have registered your purchases with EA under several accounts, I would advise to think twice about migrating your Sims3 purchases from Steam to Origin. You can probably miz&match, but I'm not sure about that at all! Also, there's no additional cost involved. Just uninstal from Steam and reinstal through Origin. All are DD's.

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    Archived WorldTool Downloads

    This is not all of them, but the ones I still had on my computer. I will keep them updated going forward. A full list of patch versions for each EP & SP is on the Sims 3 Wiki here;

    Direct download link to the current WorldTool

    19. Feb.2013.....BG Version(1.50.56).....Worldtool Version (
    22. Jan.2013.....BG Version(1.48.5).....Worldtool Version (
    13. Nov 2012.....BG Version(1.42.1).....Worldtool Version (
    05. Sept 2012....BG Version(1.39.3).....Worldtool Version (
    07. July 2012.....BG Version(1.36.45).....Worldtool Version (
    06. June 2012....BG Version(1.34.27).....Worldtool Version (
    04. Mar.2012.....BG Version(1.31.118).....Worldtool Version (
    14.Dec.2011....BG Version(1.29.55).......Worldtool Version (1.13.7)
    18.Oct..2011.....BG Version(1.26.8)........Worldtool Version (1.13.3)
    26. Jul.2011......BG Version(1.24.3).........Worldtool Version (1.11.12)
    03. Jun.2011.....BG Version(1.22.9).........Worldtool Version (1.11.10)
    31. May.2011....BG Version(1.21.123)....Worldtool Version (1.11.9)
    01. Feb.2011.....BG Version(1.19.44)......Worldtool Version (1.11.4)
    30. Nov.2010.....BG Version(1.18.9).......Worldtool Version (1.10.9)
    26. Oct.2010.....BG Version(1.17.60)......Worldtool Version (1.10.9)
    07. Sep.2010.....BG Version(1.15.34)......Worldtool Version (1.9.16)
    08. Jul.2010......BG Version(1.14.11).......Worldtool Version (1.9.14)
    23. Mar.2010.....BG Version(1.11.7)......Worldtool Version(1.6.72)
    15. Dec.2009.....BG Version(1.8.25).......Worldtool Version(1.5.126)

    To find the correct version of caw you have. You have to install it, then look in:

    Program Files(x86)
    Electronic Arts
    The Sims 3 Create a World

    Click on the "Default" Configuration file, and scroll down to the bottom. Your installed version will be under "Game Version"

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    Just want to thank you for posting this, auntielynds, and get it back on the first page where hopefully it will be noticed and be stickied. Makes more sense for this one to get stickied since your've given Shalua credit but you are still active and can add to it.

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    Here are some pre-made 24 bit png images to use as a thumbnail in Caw. The link goes to a 4shared file, and you can then download whichever one you want.

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    I'm back, whatdidImiss.....

    auntielynds I like the idea, It was frustrating that I would answer a question that really should have been on the FAQ and it would never get up there. I have said some useful things in that thread that will be lost forever. If you're 'out in la la land' then so am I. ;P

    I have a feeling I may become less active myself when I finally finished awesome cove too, so its a close reality that may be for me. (I will stay as long as I can, but I think my attention span has run out almost)

    Also, I'm going back to lurking for a few weeks longer, but I WILL finish AC.

    ....Stop rambling water_cat, stop....good....


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    You have been very quiet lately. I know you answered questions all the time on the faq.

    I think I'll let this one go and start a community thread.


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    yes, very quiet. exams, lots of work. And another game has grabbed my interest ( *gasp* ) but I will always be there in the shadows at CS3.


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    Thank goodness for Auntielynds. Just a nod of appreciation for moving so quickly in getting a FAQs out and up on the first page (where it should be).

    Why are these forums such a bloody disgrace? What a hassle!

    Oh, by the way, good luck with your exams water_cat.


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    Thanks Johnny.

    It seems my idea to have multiple people in charge of the FAQ is not an acceptable idea to EA. Evidentally they would ban us for doing that, which just seems silly to me. I was thinking if we had a group of the more mature Cawsters, that routinely answered questions on this forum, be able to update the FAQ Sticky. That way if someone dropped off the face of the Sims Community, others would be to continue it.

    Maybe if we asked EA nicely.

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    Could everyone help me keep this on the front page until one of the moderators, or Guru's accidentally stumbles into our little Caw forum?


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    I agree Auntielynds, this should be temporarily stickied.

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