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Victorian Riverview Remodel Contest **CLOSED** EVERYONE HAS BEEN GIFTED :)  XML
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Thank you Skymyst. I'm very glad you don't do tough love Your very kind comments have completely made my evening.

Thanks for the siggy stikystuff

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Hi! I really would not be in your shoes for judging! Too difficult job! Thanks for the feedback Skymyst!


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Hello !!! thank you for the feedback Skymist !!


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Thank you skymyst, really lovely feedback. This must be a tough one to judge. Good luck all.


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Thank You so much for the lovely feedback Skymyst! I really appreciate it, and thank you to all judges for their hard work and to all contestants for making this such a fun and competitive competition. And to becci for coming up with such a wonderful idea in the first place, and for hosting it so well *hugs*


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I have to say thank you aswell! Feedback is always nice. And no worries about taking so long, I know you want to make a good decision, and the contestants really made that hard because they were all wonderful!

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Hehe. ^^
Thanks for teh feedback skymyst. :3


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Thanks for the feedback Sky
All the fantastic entries are rec'd and waiting good luck everyone ^__^ and good luck to the judges

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sashraf wrote:Thanks for the feedback Sky
All the fantastic entries are rec'd and waiting good luck everyone ^__^ and good luck to the judges

I would hate to be judging this contest


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We are still judging guys, sorry about the wait!


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becciburt wrote:We are still judging guys, sorry about the wait!

Take your time, these are some great builds. I can't even narrow my list of favorites from this comp down to just 4.

Peace,GranMama Dragon

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maria_loves_alex wrote:
sashraf wrote:Thanks for the feedback Sky
All the fantastic entries are rec'd and waiting good luck everyone ^__^ and good luck to the judges

I would hate to be judging this contest

I hope that didn't sound rude, I meant it as in it would be too hard to choose winners as there are so many beautiful entries.

can't wait to see who won, the suspence is killing me


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All of you did amazing jobs. I actually have feedback for most of you. I will post it tomorrow.

Becci..... please check your e-mail.


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Ok, builders. Here's my feedback and thoughts. Please remember these are just things I noticed in game.

All of these were great builds in their own right. I grew up in a section of my city known for its Victorian twin homes, townhouses and mansions.

Because my grandparents owned a Victorian twin, and I lived there, I was looking for one specific item in each of these builds – servant stairs that go from upstairs to the kitchen. Unfortunately, no one added this feature.

Here is a little feedback for future reference. Again, these are only MY opinions.

Yoda 65
Lot: Lady Greenpeas

Like: I loved the fireplaces, turret room, attic and basement/root cellar. The exterior color is really pretty and authentic. As for the outside, the woodpile against the back of the house was a beautiful touch. The backyard was very nice and the garden and butterflies were authentic touches.

Dislike: The color on the first floor was a little too muted and reminded me of a rainy day. A little touch of a bolder color would have made it pop a little better. Also, be mindful of your roofs, you have a roof over the first floor, under your turret room.

Overall: This was a nice house.

Yoda 65 #2
Lot: Lady Syringa Lilas

Like: I loved the color scheme, attic, turret room, garden and landscaping. Your choice of furnishings was on point, as well.

Dislike: You have a turret room with luggage in it but no steps. Same for the attic.

Overall: You were more true to the colors of the Victorian era. The house was warm and inviting – a hard touch to pull off.

Lot: Dogwood Lane – 45 Lindsay Road

Like: Almost everything. Loved the horse stalls, storage room, colors, patterns, furnishing and serenity garden.

Dislike: You only fenced 2 sides of the property. Complete fencing would have pulled the exterior together.

Overall: This was a beautiful build. It had the feel of a Victorian manor. As an aside, I would have put a fountain in the center of my serenity garden.

Lot: 311 Sweet Apple Ridge Way (Starter)

Like: Your exterior was amazing. I loved your grounds. The platformed tub, 2 story foyer and huge windows made the house look and feel like a Victorian mansion.

Dislike: I was confused regarding the coloring. The blue and white rooms clashed badly with the Victorian rooms. Also, be more mindful of coloring the high exterior walls under the roof. Two sections were missing either siding or stone. Your horse hurdles were too close together, the en suite bathroom was as large as the bedroom and your banisters were all different colors.

Overall: Your choice of colors and furniture selection was beautiful. The concept was amazing and your utilization of space was good. This is a cute starter home..

Lot: The Blue Victorian

Like: I love porches. The bridge over the pond was a nostalgic touch. This house was wonderful from the inside to the outside. I loved the exterior colors, garden/orchard, outdoor play area and the subtle touches of interior modernicity.

Dislike: I didn’t like the type of roof over the porch. It was more of a stand-alone roof instead of being slanted and attached to the house. Also, be mindful of covering your widows with things like cabinets and bookcases.

Overall: Great build.

Lot: Red Berry Victorian

Like: Almost everything about this house screams “Old Money”! I loved this house.

Dislike: I’m not sure what was going on with the umbrella laying on the outdoor table.

Overall: This was a great build. In the future, I would try to put in a fountain or a garden nook. To push it over the top.

Lot: BC’s Victorian

Like: Very nice coloring/furnishing. I like gardening areas and the pavers gave it a true Victorian feel. I also like the touch of a modern work out/rec room.

Dislike: There was a laundry room but no hampers in the rooms. I don’t particularly care for the balloons and you needed light in the stairwell/hallway.

Overall: This was a great replica of a Victorian townhouse.

Mmdgrntobldrgn #2
Lot: The Fixer Upper (starter)

Like: The garden and haystacks. The house itself. I understand what it was supposed to be and you did it well.

Dislike: The house had more of a sharecropper look to it.

Overall: As a starter, I like it. It was disturbingly scary but I could see myself putting a couple in there to fix it up and start from scratch.

Lot: River Blossom Hills Victorian

Like: As stated above, I love the bridge over the fish pond. I’m a huge fan of wrap around porches and the apartment over the garage was a lovely touch. I was hooked at the double staircase, gables and the foyer

Dislike: There was nothing wrong with this house, other than the empty room on the second floor and the sheer size of the house. I do like that you painted the room.

Overall: This is a fantasic house. There’s so much to it that it makes you want to play with it but I think I’ll have a hard time finding my sims.

Sashraf #2
Lot: Twin Peaks Victorian

Like: All of it! I was hooked by the dive well, treasure and excavation site and reeled in by the nectar machine. Not only was this a true Victorian house, you incorporated a library, craft room and game room/bar.

Dislike: Nothing.

Overall: You stayed true to the time period on this build. This was amazing. Great job.

Lot: The Victorian

Like: This house was fantastic. I love the light, airy feel of it. The color scheme was magnificent.

Dislike: This is not a Victorian house.

Overall: This was a wonderful build but not what was requested. Instead of a Victorian house, you gave us a delightfully modern home. I can’t wait to put it in my game.

Baking Nerd
Lot: Bluebell Cottage

Like: The well was a beautiful touch to yard. I loved the colors you chose as well as the garden and gazebo-styled porch. I like how you made that an off-shoot of the porch. Also, the key lime pie on the counter was nice.

Dislike: Your building needed more land. I would have loved to see it on a bigger lot with more landscaping. Your house was nice but had a rather close feel to it. There were areas that were too tight to maneuver. You also had a washer but no hampers.

Overall: I like your house. It’s busy in true Victorian fashion. I would probably eliminate that small book nook on the second floor and chosen a bigger room for the art/music room.

Baking Nerd #2
Lot: Pretty Plum Victorian (starter)

Like: I like the play area. I love spaces devoted to the children of the house. Also, your seating nook was great.

Dislike: You have laundry facilities and no hampers. I would have added a little more to the grounds, like more landscaping or an outdoor kitchen area.

Overall: Another beautiful starter home.

Victoria 669290
Lot: Family Home (starter)

Like: The play area, deck, outdoor eating area and garden were great for me. The antique car was a nice touch.

Dislike: I don’t like incomplete fencing. I was not a fan of the terrain paints or the dirt play area. Also, you had fish jumping in your driveway near the garage but there was no pond. Victorians were great for covering windows.

Overall: I was confused as to the architectural styling of the house. It was a cross between mid-century and Victorian. Also, the house and garage were too small for the lot.

Lot: Pink Blossom

Like: Everything, I love the outdoor eating area and the 3, count them 3, antique cars. As a chef, I notice kitchens. Your double island took my breath for a moment. The nursery crib is amazing.

Dislike: Be mindful of following all rules. You had too many photos. Max was 5.

Overall: This was a great house.

Lot: Marquisite Victorian – 451 Riverview Rd (starter)

Like: I loved the frugal décor and the townhouse feel of your build. The lighted mirror also caught my eye.

Dislike: Too many photos. I think I would have put a smaller sprinkler in the fountain but the overall effect was beautiful. I would have liked to see more landscaping. As I mentioned earlier, Victorians were known for having their windows covered. Finally, be mindful of removing roofs when adding a 2nd floor.

Overall: This was a great starter. I could see a couple moving in and starting a family. There is definitely room to grow.

Lot: Willow House

Like: I like the rock garden look, the pond, orchard, pool and play area. Your use of color was beautiful. The cabana and pool area were outstanding.

Dislike: You had a laundry area but no hampers.

Overall: Great build. I like that it’s not too big but still amazing.

Lot: Lost Willow Villa

Like: The frames on your entry pictures caught my total attention.

Dislike: You had limited photos, I would have loved to see more shots of the actual house, rather than blueprint shots.

Overall: It’s a nice house but nothing stood out for me.

Lot: Lemon Blueberry Victorian (starter)

Like: I like the small touches like the umbrella stand and column at the front door. The kitchen was bright and airy but still held true to the Victorian era. Your bathrooms were very on-spot and the porches were great.

Dislike: You had fish jumping from the pavers outside the fireplace. Be mindful of spawners.

Overall: I thought this was another cute starter. It was a sweet as its name.

Lot: Mint Victorian, 10 Hidden Grove

I have to reserve yours for later, as I couldn’t download the property. I will look at it tonight and post my thoughts/feedback tomorrow.

Again, you all did a fantastic job. I can't wait to put these houses to use in-game.


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Skymyst and ErnesaT, thank you so much for the great comments! I'm always looking for ways to improve my builds. That's above and beyond the call for a judge, and I really appreciate it.
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