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[BUG] Super Friendly (Charisma Challenge)  XML
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Joined: 06/03/09 03:55 AM
Messages: 263

The text for the Super Friendly Charisma Skill Challenge says:
"Super Friendly Sims can honestly say they have at least 20 Friends. It seems like an impossibly large number of relationships to juggle, but for Super Friendly Sims, friendships never decay."

This would be an invaluable reward for Celebrity Sims, if it worked. During my gaming, however, I have found that it doesn't. Your friendships still decay as they did before the challenge, and you still end up with the negative "Publicly Disgraced" moodlet when one of your Good Friends deteriorates into basic Friend territory.

Was this skill reward intentionally disabled with Late Night, or is this a bug?

(My sim, Sierra Chase, currently has 22 friends (and has for a while), and was recently falsely accused by a hard-to-get-ahold-of Bouncer by the name of Garry Carson. This has also happened to her with Diana Jones, Alan Stanley, and Johnny Jones.)

Joined: 05/31/09 06:49 PM
Messages: 2

I'm having same problem with my game. Has friendships never decay and has lost half her friends to being falsey accused. =(

Joined: 06/22/09 07:24 PM
Messages: 214

My sim had this reward, and also the 'long distance friends' lifetime happiness reward, since before installing Late Night.

However, she lost half of her friends in one fell swoop for an unknown reason. Presumably it had something to do with being a celebrity...I haven't tried to seek celebrity status for her, but she somehow has 3 stars

Joined: 11/17/10 04:23 AM
Messages: 1

I'm currently just running Vanila Sims 3. Have the Long Distance Friends and Super Friendly. But I just lost two friends and friendships are still decaying. This flaw has only happened recently so is it an update?

Joined: 05/24/11 08:30 AM
Messages: 1

I have the same issue! Before Late Night the Super Friendly and Long Distance Friends worked, but now they're both completely useless.

There must be some kind of a conflict between these two rewards and being a celebrity! If the rewards worked, a celebrity sim would never get 'falsely accused'. So maybe they disabled the rewards? (to make the game harder!?)

Joined: 01/02/10 11:16 PM
Messages: 179

Has this been resolved? I'm having the same problem with my Super Friendly Sim losing his friends due to decay.

He is a one-star celebrity.

Joined: 07/25/11 04:38 AM
Messages: 3

Friendships still decay. Long distance friends doesn't work, and neither does super friendly. This is horrible! Very disappointing.

Joined: 01/06/10 01:15 PM
Messages: 1

I take it there's not going to be a resolution for this? It's kind of an old bug (and quite frustrating given that, at some point it actually worked).

Joined: 12/03/11 10:30 PM
Messages: 13

I have experienced the same problem and all the sudden 8 sims dislike me, my theory is this: if you are publicly disgraced any relationship with someone who is not a "best friend" will deteriorate instantly, will it go back when you pay off paparazzi or sue for slander? maybe, I will have to test that out, a pitfall of choosing the criminal career i suppose.

Joined: 09/04/09 08:52 PM
Messages: 7

1 year later... still doesnt work. Just lost like 15 friends due to lack of contact with them the pop up said.

Joined: 11/07/10 02:25 AM
Messages: 59
Location:Wisconsin, USA

I'm experiencing this as well. Luckily my sim makes friends after just a few interactions so has a ton of them and the loss of a few every day is easily made up. (He's an unemployed mooch womanizer.)

Sounds like this bug has been around too long. Time for a fix!


Joined: 02/11/14 09:44 PM
Messages: 136

Its not going to be fixed. the charisma 'perks' are useless now and ea will not fix it. too busy working on sims 4 (aka something that will make them more money) then actually keeping their fans happy. I'm a bit disappointed it hasn't been fixed in 2 years and sadly only solution I can think of requires cheats well I'll write it here for the people that are ok with cheats type into the cheat menu:

testingcheatsenabled true
then that allows you to click and drag your friendship bar up or down.

for those who want to play it pure, sadly I haven't found anything yet but will report in when I find a solution that doesn't require cheats.

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Joined: 03/27/10 08:15 AM
Messages: 856

I'm not sure, but I think one of the Twallan's Mods actually fixes this. Or at least gives you the tools to combat the fall out.

Also, I know they say posting here brings this to dev's attention, but it does not. If you actually want to put pressure on EA to fix this, do a bug report via the customer service. They'll probably tell you 'it's your computer's fault' or 'you need to full reinstall', but it's not. The 'help' they offer isn't the point, the point is the more people complaining about it the more likely they'll feel they have to fix it verse blow people off.

Bug Bashing since 2009.
Hope I was helpful.

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