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Daily Deal -- Early FYI  XML
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I hope the new system starts soon. I get sad when the DD repeats.


Joined: 09/25/09 05:36 AM
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Are we getting any updates on this soon? It's been awhile since we've heard anything. :/


Joined: 08/04/09 05:57 PM
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Communication is not EA's strong side

Joined: 06/13/10 05:07 PM
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I'm glad to hear that this will be fixed, but I should also add that several of us, myself included, have purchased things on the DD before and despite them being in our purchase history, when we go to download them, it says we don't own the item. Example: The Gothique living and sleeping room combo. I have to download every single item individually, which is no big deal since at least I can get them, but what about items that aren't in my purchase history but that I do own? Like the Mai Tai bikini, several of the Jazz Age items, etc. I own them, they're in my game, and I don't download them from third-party sites (those crash my game anyway). The only way I can get them is from the old files I've got saved on a flash drive, and sometimes those don't want to move into the launcher. That's something else that needs to be fixed.


Joined: 08/13/11 09:21 PM
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Kudos for admitting that there is a problem (something EA support seem to be generally incapable of)

But you might consider employing somebody who knows how to fix things? The DD system has been stuck on the same two sets for at least two days now and has just put up one set again immediately after it had just expired!!

A database, a web page - it's not exactly rocket science getting them to work properly.


Joined: 06/14/11 04:20 PM
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Thank you for this info!

I would just like to ask, is this why the wishlists have been broken too? If not, please pass it on that they need fixed and soon!


Joined: 06/25/09 09:06 PM
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I want to know why they haven't rolled back to an earlier version of the store, since the Daily Deals and wishlists are horribly broken right now. My husband works for a major computer company and if someone accidentally breaks something while trying to implement a new feature and it doesn't get caught in testing, they roll back to the earlier version until they have a fix. You'd think EA would do the same - it's just good business. With the broken DD, I haven't bought nearly as much stuff as I normally would during the past month or so that this has been broken. The habit I picked up of checking the DD daily is nearly gone. They're about to lose me as an obsessive customer and I'm guessing it's not just me.

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