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Joined: 03/31/12 04:07 AM
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I have too many!

-My sims all seem to have similar traits..this often includes natural cook, family oriented, flirty, hot headed, excitable, friendly, snob, or dramatic. They're fun traits to play but I need to branch out more.
-I ALWAYS use money cheats. I just can't seem to get by without them
-Mood cheats..'nuff said.
-I get bored of careers and sometimes don't even bother getting jobs for my sims
-Most of my sims would be considered pretty. They vary quite widely in appearance and are somewhat realistic but I rarely make ugly sims or sims with obvious flaws.
-My sims ALWAYS loose friends because I never keep up their relationships. I'm getting sick of that "lost a friend" moodlet.
-I never play with vampires or any other non human sims.
-I have way to many games where I get to the second generation and then give up on them
-My sims only have a few select skills that they really get into..usually cooking.
-I take pictures in my game ALL the time..mostly of useless things.
-The few sims I've actually gotten to the elder stage never get any attention. Poor old simmies.
-I always start out with single female sims or whole families. Never just males


Joined: 06/03/09 08:38 PM
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I cheat all the time.
I have almost no patience with careers. My sims are all rich right from the start.
I use static needs all the time and run my sims at least on 2nd speed, often on highest speed possible.
Mine have low free will, I micromanage their lives constantly.
I set their goals and once they achieve them, I kill them. I hand the house down to the next sim.
I love creating new sims. However, they do tend to resemble each other.
I only play one sim at a time and never have families or multiple household members.
I do one level houses and buy the best of everything for them.

There are more rules...


Joined: 06/16/10 07:17 PM
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A habit of mine is that when an heir of my legacy is picked, I groom them. Everyone else must fend for themselves unless I absolutely need to step in. But if the heir(ess) is hungry they get fed, if they want to go on the computer I'll kick a sim off for them, if they want to eat this food someone'll make it for them. The other sims can be yellow, even the old heir(ess) but they have to fend for their little simmy selves.


Joined: 10/19/11 08:43 PM
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I have quite a few~

-Like a few others, I almost always play on second/highest speed
-I always only play/create female Sims
-Related to the above, whenever a male Sim is brought into the household, he only has three uses: Working, helping..make the children, and caring for them.
-I vary rarely make it past the third generation in any legacy, I don't have the patience to keep up with them.
-My sims have to look "perfect". If I see any imperfections by my standard, the sim is either killed off or taken into CAS and remodeled. Very rarely will I keep in a sim that doesn't fit my standards.
-I have a double standard when it comes to cheating on spouses. When a female does it, I don't do a single thing about it. When a male sim cheats, it's the death sentence


Joined: 01/06/12 12:06 AM
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I never let my sims do what they want when i play them, but i have high free will on. I mostly play the pets and make them act like they are wild or strays and pretty much just let the sim fend for theirselves when i play the pets. pretty much it

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Joined: 02/13/11 02:27 AM
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Lately I'm finding it hard to play without testingcheatsenabledtrue or freerealestate. And I plan what my sims children will wear before they have even been conceived


Joined: 03/15/12 08:02 PM
Messages: 433

My worst and constant habit is that I will start a game, have my sim have a child, and then just get bored with everything and delete the game, and start a new one. I do this almost every single day and it is getting bad!! But I can't help it, no matter what I do with my Sims, i just get so ffrking bored.


Joined: 04/09/11 02:21 PM
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My Habits:

1) I save all the sims I create to my bin so I can use their faces later to create "new" sims. I have only 8 or so different faces per gender, with about 5 different sims for each face.
2) To convince myself that I have created a "new" sim, I download a new CC hairstyle just for that sim and end up with dozens of hairstyles I will never again use.
3) I associate hairstyles with sims I put them on. I still think of the shoulder-length, bangless bob from the base game as "The Tanya Hair." I tend to never reuse hairstyles that have a sim's name pinned to them.
4) I rarely get past the first 30 days. Since all age groups have about a 45-day lifestage length, none of my sims ever get around to aging up, except babies and sometimes toddlers. I don't know what happens - I just feel a sudden compulsive need to start fresh.
5) My male sims always start off in grey, brown, or blue. When I go back around for a final check before saving my creations and accepting the household, I notice how awfully colorless their outfits are and have to force myself to integrate color into their styles.
6) I can't stand having celebrities in my household. I used to work so hard to not befriend bosses, coworkers, neighbors, or anyone who is a celebrity and then delete my households when someone accidentally gained the status. That was before I discovered the beauty of mods.
7) My sims never eat lunch and only shower/bathe in the evenings.
8.) I rarely have them actually cook, except on weekends. They mostly eat quick meals.
9) I tend to never give my sims bad traits.

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Joined: 05/29/09 09:51 AM
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1.I don't use cheats.
2.My sims almost always reach the top of their careers.
3.My sim kids must have top grades.
4.Free will is always on, though I micromanage most of the time.Can't help it.
5.My sims must get at least two cooking skill points right away.
6.I avoid the negative traits as much as I can.
7.No affairs or messing about.My sims are loyal spouses.
8.My sims usually dont have time to keep friends.
9.My sims get pregnant as soon as they become young adults.
10.I can never play single sims.They always have to get married or adopt a kid to carry on the family.
11.The heir is the one who intrigues me the most.
12.My sims always get a maid as soon as they can afford it.
13.Story progression is always on.
14.I always play with normal lifespan.Except I shortened the baby and puppy phases.
15.I have never tried to play a legacy.I really should sometime.

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Joined: 09/04/11 03:00 AM
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I cant play in a house that I made from scratch, but i can play in a house i Edited, and i edit every single one i play.

I can't do legacies anymore because I just get too bored now for some reason

I cheat all the time

I now play with story progression and aging turned off

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Joined: 10/23/10 06:56 AM
Messages: 3388

- I can't play premade sims. I just don't have any connection to them, it's not fun to me.
- I cheat all of the time.
- I almost always have one "natural cook" in every family.
- I usually only create young adult sims to start off with.
- I always create the females in a family first.
- I can't play with aging on. I always leave it off and then age up my sims when I get tired of them being in whatever life stage they are in.
- I always turn story progression off. I hate loading a house and finding a surprise baby or finding out that two of my sims have broken up.
- I like throwing sims with opposite personalities into housholds together. Neat sims with slobs, good sims with evil ones, so on.
- Most of my sims learn at least one musical instrument.
- I make a lot of my sims writers.
- I prefer self-employed sims and professions to rabbit hole jobs.

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Joined: 06/04/09 10:23 AM
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I always play multi-generational families, even when I intend to play a single sim. Some professions are too difficult to play when you have a full house of sims to take care of, so I usually start my family off with a single sim that gets to the top of a career like architect or firefighter, then they start having babies. After that, I have a full house for generations (until I get bored or bugs interfere). I love the midlife crisis because my sim families are usually too perfect and nice, and random divorces and stuff really gives me some drama to enjoy.

I don't use cheats but I always play the same way. In my latest family, I have second generation performers (magician and singer), and actually allowed vampires and genies into my main household! It's a start, I guess.


Joined: 12/04/10 09:48 AM
Messages: 9


My main habit is to make everyone in my household a vampire.

Must have Ambitious , family oriented, workaholic, neat and flirty or friendly.
(Well I'm starting to change which is a start)

I Don't use cheats, but ill keep adding rich people to my family.

Have children as soon as funds are good.

Joined: 06/04/09 10:56 PM
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My absolute worst habit has to be my need to build all the lots in my neighbourhood. I say this is a really bad habit for several reasons:

1. No matter how beautiful a house is, I WILL bulldoze it. I feel bad as I usually play custom worlds and end up demolishing all their hard work but for some reason I'm only satisfied playing my own lots (which is odd considering point 3).

2. Because building takes such a long time I tend to get bored partway through and re-start another neighbourhood. This means that after all that work I never actually play the lots I build.

3. I'm not the best builder and don't have a lot of confidence. If I see a gorgeous lot I immediately feel like mine look awful and restart. Sily I know considering point 1...

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Joined: 06/07/09 12:05 AM
Messages: 77

I used to have so much fun killing off Sims in random ways in Sims 1 and 2, but now that they look so much more realistic and are so much more customized in 3, I cannot ever bring myself to kill them or even let them die. I'll reload a save even if it was AAAAGES ago if they die by accident in my game.

I also always INTEND to build a family and then when the kid ages up, take control of the kid, move him/her out, and follow the kid's story. This NEVER works, as I always get to attached to the original family. So I end up either turning aging off or starting a new game entirely! XD

I also never play the Criminal career, and I don't really have my Sims cheat. I feel genuinely bad when I do mean things to my Sims.... I never used to feel bad in the previous games, but now I just can't bring myself to be cruel anymore!
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