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Will you be removing the school for summer break?  XML
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adding: with GEN, Twallan's SP and Careers mods now allow your sim kids & teens to have a greater variety of afterschool activities besides ballet and scouting. You'll get these added abilities if you install the Careers mod with the SP one.

Home Schooling
A "Home Schooling" career has also been added, available for children and teenagers.

Enroll at the City Hall, or via the Computer, and download your homework off the computer or visit the City Hall.
Ensure that you complete your homework once a day, or you may receive a grade penalty.
To receive a new homework assignment after completing the old one, simply download off the computer again or visit the City Hall
An option has been added to the sim called "NRaas \ Careers \ Home Schooling: Disable Homework"
When this option is disabled, that sim will no longer need to do homework

After School Activities
The number of after school activities has been expanded.

Chess Club
Sims learn chess and logic skill
Days : Tuesday, Thursday

Entomology Club
Sims search for bugs, occasionally finding one and adding it to their inventory
Days: Wednesday, Thursday

Geology Club
Sims search for rocks, occasionally finding one and adding it to their inventory
Days: Tuesday, Friday

Junior Explorers Club
The club uses the dog hunting system to add random stuff to the sim's inventory
Note this club may not work properly if you do not have Pets installed.
Days: Monday, Friday

The EA Art and Study Club have been unlocked for use with child-aged sims

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do you mean summer in the game or our summer?

i thought you meant summer in game, when we get seasons...

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