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Joined: 05/29/09 11:46 PM
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My first sim was Audrey.

I didn't make her to resemble me or anything, I just knew I wanted her to have brown hair and green eyes. Her traits are family oriented, great kisser, good, neat, and good sense of humor--traits I wish I possessed! Right after I created her, I made Adrian.

I made Adrian a natural cook, family oriented, with a good sense of humor, a workaholic and charismatic. I wanted him to be a good match for Audrey and they are perfect together. In fact they're constantly hugging and kissing each other on their own.

I still have them in the first game I started (I get bored easily and just start new games). They currently are elders and have 7 children--6 boys and 1 baby girl (that was before I knew of the apples and watermelon thing). Adrian achieved his LTW to become a five star chef and Audrey is about to achieve her wish of being surrounded by family. Their oldest son has moved out of the house and married Bella Bachelor. He's currently working his way up in the medical field while Bella is in law enforcement.


Joined: 06/05/09 10:51 AM
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My first Sim on The Sims 3 is Kaylee Silverstar. She is the Sim I am using for my avatar and I really like her.

I made her life span longer so I could play her for a long time. She started as a young adult and really wanted to be at the top of the medical career. That may be because I made her a genius. She really loved playing chess. She was really into her boss Geoffrey Landgraab too, which helped her to achieve her goal.

She prefered to retain her independance despite being an hopeless romantic, so she lived on her own in her cute little house near the beach. She became friends with her neighbours, the Frio family, and two girls from work at the hospital.

She had 3 children with Geoffrey without ever officially being together with him. He was busy with his life and his family at his mansion. She was too proud to make him leave Nancy.

She had three boys, two of them were twins. It was very hard for her because she was on her own, so she had her best friend move in to help her out. She was very grateful of the help.

Then, when she grew older and found out that Nancy (Geoffrey's wife) had passed away, she decided to talk to Geoffrey. What if she waited too long and it'd be too late? They got married. The boys were thrilled to see more of their father. She was glad to not have waited longer because Geoffrey was very old and she was glad they spent a few days as a family before he passed.

Her three boys are doing superb, and Samuel (her first born) is ready to move in with his boyfriend and start his own life. The twins are enjoying highschool.

Kaylee has reached her goal and she can't seem to want to retire yet, she loved her career too much. But she was so busy during her whole life with her career and being a single mom that she is now longing to learn some gardening skills, and to open a few cook books. Retirement is a thought that is becoming sweeter and sweeter.

Her most memorable day was the day Samuel turned to a teenager. She had planned a birthday party, despite her exhaustion, and as Samuel was about to blow his candles she was distracted by the twins needing new diapers and the kitchen caught on fire.

As the fire raged, and burned through her kitchen furniture, the neighbours came running and the fireman had a hard time to get in the house. The twins were crying in their cribs and it annoyed both the party guests and the neighbours on the porch. Kaylee was so tired that she passed out on the floor. And then as the fire was extinguished, her best friend passed away of old age. The babies were still crying. Kaylee woke up from her coma only to faint at the sight of her best friend's ghost because Kaylee is a coward. It was a real mess. She will always remember that day. Samuel too. He was always a bit scared of birthday cakes after that.


Joined: 06/04/09 07:34 PM
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My first sim was Ceaser Reamon.


He got a job at City Hall ^__^. In order to get promotions, he slept with is Boss untill she got preggers, then they married and had little Jacob. Just afew weeks later, he became Leader of the Free World!

But low and behold His dirty little secret!

He and Thorton Wolff were having an affair with eachother. Aside from that, the politician became more corrupt, taking bribes, stealing from his own funding (and a few gardens), and schmoozing old ladies for money with Flattery

His hobbies include Gardening, Tinkering, and writing novels =D

If you're not selling chocolate, don't talk to me

Joined: 05/30/09 01:29 PM
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My first was Teresa Green. Unfortunatly I moved onto another family and forgot about her! I think she's dead now or very close to dying!

My first sim I'm really proud of was Chris Rock who was a womanizing (thats the bit i'm not proud of) rock star with another womanizing teen son!

Joined: 05/16/09 10:57 PM
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Location:playing in da mud!

the first sim i created was my avvie girl here. her traits are Neat, Natural Cook, Loner, Kleptomaniac, Frugal.

I currently have her married to Spooke popping out babies in my main game, and i have her roam around in the background on my other ones. she looks alot like me now, cept the hair color traits fit me..well not the klepto one, that one is just funny!!

psst! over here!! since this one you might actually read i thought i might mention that i for one will be more than happy to pay for a piano in the simstore, pretty pretty please! dont make me stand on my head and hold my breath!!

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Joined: 06/01/09 03:21 AM
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My first Sim in The Sims 3 moved out because I knew nothing about Storymode. Her name was Desiree, and if I remember correctly she had these traits: Green Thumb, Handy, Light Sleeper, Charismatic and Natural Cook.

I remember I moved her into The Monotone, and went through the tutorial mode. Then I played around with Create-A-Style remaking the interior of the house in a nice, green pattern for her. I let her work at the grocery store part-time as her first job, because I didn't realize it wasn't a real career. Then later I sent her off to work at the diner. She managed to get a few promotions before I decided to try a different Sim.

I would have returned to her eventually, but she did move out of my town while I had the main household switched. Now I have that feature turned off to keep it from happening again. I haven't tried starting Desiree over, and I probably won't play her again, since she was just a test run of the game's features.


Joined: 05/31/09 02:38 PM
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My very first sim was Talia Evans.

You see the purple highlights? Yes, my friends, Talia is a rebel! A punk rock rebel! She dreams of mastering the guitar skill and being a star musician.

I remember that Talia is flirty, and a great kisser. Her favourite colour is hot pink!

Here is Talia with a sprinkler, lol.

Talia has not become the star musician she's always wanted to be, however. She fell in love too soon with another rebel:

But, they will pursue their musical dreams together. When I get around to playing with them again...

Joined: 06/05/09 05:36 PM
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I dont have any pictures but i made myself

Ben mallett
my traits are:
good kisser
(and 2 others i forget)
he was a pop icon and he married his room mate sinead neam (mean backwards) , she was
good kisser
they had 2 kids, Polly and Joe
the kids are still living their lives with their parents in retirement

they had 3 room mates
Mary Green
she died alone
she had
green thumb
natural cook
(I forgot to add a fifth when i made her)
she maxed out her gardening, cooking and handiness
she was level 10 in the culinary career

We also had Matt Rekcah (hacker backwards)
he was a
couch potato
computer whizz
(and one other)
and Ben and Sineads wedding he met Molly French and they had a baby

Then I got the ghost oppurtunity so i made me friend katy ****
I then drowned her in the swimming pool
i dont remember many of her traits apart from

That was my first family =D
I dont have any pictures but you can download the base family off the exchange (no kids or ghost)

Joined: 05/30/09 02:08 AM
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The first sim I made was named Jaimee Love. I plan to re-create her when I get the computer I'm saving up for. Her traits were family orientated, vegetarian, flirty, natural cook, and either great kisser, heavy sleeper, or good. I can't remember . She was a YA. She had blonde hair with light orange/pink highlights. Her favorite food was waffles (I think XP), her fave music was pop, and her favorite color was aqua. She was a little muscular, and very skinny. Her eyes were a very pretty teal/green-blue color. I was planning on having her get married and have a lot of kids (her lifetime wish was to be surrounded by family), but then my computer decided it had had enough of TS3 and it wouldn't run it at all anymore. She was gonna be in either the culinary or journalism career. Sorry I don't have any pics. I didn't think to take any.


Joined: 07/02/09 09:04 PM
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the blake family - 8 SIM FAMILY!! Only shouting to get the point accross.
mary blake (vampire) F
HArold blake M

Vera blake F
Kara Blake F
Amy blake F

Kelly blake F
Alesha blake F

Natasha blake F

vera kara and amy triplets (non- identical)

kelly and alesha twins

mary is (supposed to be) a vampire young adult - mary has been a vampire for many centuries and decided to try a vamprolic (or whatever) potion to see life as a mortal - knowing there is no way back - but went wrong, she is still a vampire, but she is immune to the sun and she ages like a normal sim. Her skin is still pale or dead looking.

Harold is the husband of mary and together (somehow) they have tiogether had SEVEN CHILDREN who are all grown up. Each very different to each other.

Vera and kara have the strongest contrast. Vera is a good, family oriented, and friiendlt sim (a bit like a nice famoly sim from ts2) Kara is an evil, mean sim with commitment issues (doesnt mean she don't want kids, even if it means seducing the whole of sunset valley.

Amy most of the time has her head stuck in a book or studying, she has a fond interest in the science career and has already studied gardening (shes a teen and she already has 9 gardening) she is oftem insulted by kara and teased, but vera interferes most of the time.

Kelly just LOVES the outdoors, she dreams of having the best garden ever. QUite different to her sister alesha, she is the master theif, one major klepto who is very handy with fixing things - also likes to hack things using her laptop(s).

Natasha only a toddler when 1 made her in CAS. Now grown into a teen with a custon hairstyle of dark purple with dark pink highlights and slightly lighter pink tips. Natashsa does not have a sibling who was born at the same time (Lucky her) She isnt really 1 who likes too much attention (she does NOT have the loner trait though) she is however very VERY VERY VERY... very popular with her school friends and excels at anything thrown her way, she is a fit as a fiddle and sometimes wonders if fame is what she would like (atheletics career) or whether she should use her fitness to help others (police?)

Mary had another child (Female...) who she named grace. (THAT MAKES EIGHT CHILDREN... alll female lol, even though the first 7 were created in CAS and the last was naturally born.)

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Joined: 05/16/09 01:12 PM
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I miss my first sim...he died twice! He was deleted, but I managed to bring him back, thankfully! I am so glad that EA made it where it saved the sims you created, be cause if they hadn't, I would have never gotten him back!

After he was brought back to life, he moved into a small house and had a daughter, but I have no idea how. I went to check on his house, and I noticed that a little girl lived there! When I found that out, I quickly switched families to see where she came from. Apparently, she had no mother. I have no idea if she was adopted, or if she came out of thin air. I am pretty sure he couldn't have had her himself...

His daughter ended up marrying one of my other sims, and soon he died again, but from old age. He lived a long happy life with his daughter and her husband. I buried him in the cememtery, along with his son-in-laws parents. They were a very happy family, and I was very sad to see him die, especially sence he wasn't able to see the birth of his two granddaughters.

Joined: 06/04/09 04:50 PM
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Sadly I don't have any pictures of my first sim. But her name was Melissa Delagarza and she got married to David Delagarza. They had 7 children, 6 boys and one adopted girl. She had 6 boys because I didn't know that eating apples would produce baby boys. And I adopted a girl because she would never have a girl. She ended up becoming the governor and then sadly died of old age. I still have her children living to this day but I am now playing another household.

Joined: 05/31/09 04:34 AM
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Location:On the Edge of a Raging Panic

My first sim I made is on my sim page and I am currently using her for my avatar over there....<-----------------------) Her name is Kalliope Karsithian and she is still running around on my niece's computer...and I soon hope to download her on mine. I made her blue skinned, copper haired and eyed. Her traits are:

Daredevil: (Because I wanted to see what they did...and heard they WANT to be caught on fire..which she does)

Kleptomaniac: Because how fun is it to introduce yourself to someone, go into their home an snag something when no one is looking (she has a thing for chairs however...not sure why) then get happy when returning it by mail... lol

Handy: Have you seen the prices on fixing toilets?? And is it just me, or do the sinks break ALOT?

Party Animal: Because I wanted to be able to go Wooooooooooooooooooo at someone!

Great Kisser: Just to see what options she would have at a party in case the Wooooooooooooo failed or people got freaked about her setting herself on fire or eating dirt.

Her favorite color is Orange... an intense color for an intense girl. Food- Stu Surprise... as a daredevil... I am sure she would eat anything. Seemed to fit her personality. Music- Electronica...gots a funky beat a blue girl can move to.

I made her single so she can go around and scope out a mate....and blue so I could pick out her descendants a little more easier. She is very opposite me... and a fun sim to play. She and her fabulous orange animal print wardrobe are available for download for a limited time for just $19.99! But wait...order within the next 30 years and you will receive the MAKE A TWIN button absolutely FREE!....ha

Happy Simmin...chens

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Joined: 05/16/09 10:57 PM
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Location:playing in da mud!

i got blocked from commenting on facebook! i was mostly responding to questions too!!

Joined: 06/01/09 01:51 AM
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Her name was Becca Honey. The same name I've use for the first Sim in every Sim series, from The Sim - TS3.

Oh, she's ...
Athletic- to jog around town.
Loves the Outdoors- so she likes being out on the town
Flirt- cause who doesn't want to be sometimes?
Artistic- Wishful thinking
Green thumb- wanted to grow everything.

I was only learning and wanted to have fun with colors.... Not very good but she and I learned a lot in the game. I have the neighborhood backup saved.

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