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Sims 3 Freezing issue???  XML
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Joined: 06/15/09 02:23 PM
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Hello everyone!

I am soooo happy to have the Sims 3 and I am enjoying it so so much. But I have one problem, that I think a lot of other people are also having according to Google..
My game keeps freezing!! It just stops! I can see the screen and my mouse pointer, but it just won't do anything!

Does anybody know how to stop this or why it could be doing it? I think it's something to do with when my sim goes to the fridge or into the living room..but how can I play it if she can't eat or get to the front door!! Help?

Thanks Guys xx

Joined: 06/15/09 05:16 PM
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Mine is doing exact same thing. Thought was a one off problem but its happened a lot, then it happened while i was saving it and i lost the entire family

Joined: 06/11/09 06:10 PM
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mines is doing it aswel but its doing it before i even get to play its so annoying everytime i think i get to play it frezzes and shuts down i hope sumone can figure out why so i can finaly play it

Joined: 06/13/09 01:59 PM
Messages: 6

I have the same problem, does anyone know what to do?

Joined: 06/16/09 09:18 AM
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bought sims3 today

kept freezing

tried many things didnt work...

crash within 5 mins locked up couldnt do a thing but reset my comp


.. so far

hasnt crashed been playing for an hour now...

my specs are

AMD 2.6ghz phenom quad core
4gb of 1066mhz ram
2, 250GB hard drives in raid 0
Radeon 4850x2 2 gb graphics card
Vista 64 bit

okay graphics drivers were my issue

check out your graphics card... look it up

update the drivers...

doesnt work?

then try right clicking on sims icon and click run as administrator make sure you try running as administrator if your drivers are up to date

doesnt work after that?

then i got no clue sorry to hear...

****** me off for the first 5 hours too

but soo far no issues after an hour... soo fingers crossed i wont be coming back saying it keeps doing it again

hope this helps

ciaoo, Dan xx

Joined: 05/29/09 08:08 AM
Messages: 4198

Dang. I basically have what you have, BUT.
Intel quad core 2.5ghz
6 GB 8- something RAM
2 320 RAID 0 GB Harddrive
Radeon 4850x2
Vista 64 bit

Guess that shows you the awesome of Intel 8D I haven't had any problems with any of my stuff, and it runs like a dream. A beautiful dream, in which the sims takes like 2 seconds to load. (no lie.)

Updates coming soon.
♡ System: i7 3770k, 16GB 1866 Dominator Platinum, GTX 690, Maximus V Formula, 120GB SSD, 1TB HD.

Joined: 06/14/09 01:08 PM
Messages: 6

you will want to make sure all your pc drivers are up to date that means all drivers not just vid card. sound motherboard all the drivers.
You will also want to make sure you dont have any nasty junk files and registry files. them can really mess up your pc if its not cleaned out.
You will also want to keep your machine defraged. Do all them things and youl be playing smoothly as long as you have more then the minamal system requirements....sorry for the miss spelling.

Joined: 01/08/10 05:40 PM
Messages: 1

I think I figured out how to get the sims 3 to stop freezing. (No Gurantee)
1. Make another sims 3 person. dont worry about the looks. the smallest house unfurnished.
now just play on that account for about 20 minutes or so, and never save it. do watever u want on it just dont save it. however long you play on the account with nothing, you will be able to play the same amount of time on your main account without it freezing.

Joined: 06/22/11 02:23 PM
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my freezed when i was creating it on looks

Joined: 08/29/11 05:44 PM
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This honestly helped me out.

If you are experiencing black screens, crashing or freezing while running The Sims 3, we recommend trying to run the game in Windowed Mode. While this fix is temporary, it might help resolve most crashing or freezing issues. To run your game in Windowed Mode, follow the steps below:

Launch The Sims 3.
Click on the '...' blue Options button on the lower left-hand side of the screen.
Click on the 'Options' menu item.
The 'Graphics' tab should be opened by default.
Uncheck the 'Enable Fullscreen Mode' button.
Click on the blue Check Mark button on the lower right-hand corner to save changes.
Re-start The Sims 3.

it worked for me, but now i have other problems with my games, not anything with this though.

Joined: 06/03/11 07:10 PM
Messages: 2


I seem to be having some freezing and unfreezing problems when my sim goes

to china. It often happens at night and ive tried deleting custom content.

I have tried deleting temporary files, defragmenting my harddrive and

its still freezing and unfreezing at night a lot!

Please, does anyone know a solution to this?


Joined: 06/05/09 07:42 AM
Messages: 17059
Location:Center Ossipee, NH

You can't just delete CC to remove it if it is in Sims 3 packs, only content in a mods folder can be deleted to remove it from the game. If you are just deleting from the downloads you have not touched any content as you can delete all your download after you install all your content to get back space and it does not remove it from the game. Downloadfs is just a place to hold the installable packages until they are installed. You need to go to the "installed content" of your launcher and go through all your content in there - one at a time until you have found and UNINSTALLED all that content in order for it to be gone from your game. If you still have problems after that then check your mods folder for all content not updated to your newest game and PATCH and remove that content by deleting. And see if all that doesn't stop your problem. I don't use third party content and have never had any freezing or lag with my game.


Joined: 10/26/11 11:53 AM
Messages: 5

Hello, I am also having the freezing issue while I am in create a household mode. I also had it freeze while I was in the town mode. It only freezes while I go to share a sim or save. My game just started doing this and I have had this game about 3 weeks now. I don't understand why it is doing this. I just finished making a dog that took me hours to make and it froze while saving it

I am running on windows 7 and I have all my specs and such updated. I am getting really annoyed because I seem to not be able to play and I really want to..

Joined: 11/15/11 08:28 PM
Messages: 1

I'm having the same freezing issue except mine is during the create a sim mode. I can't even play. I bought Sims 3 and Sims 3 World Adventure when they came out that was before Windows 7 and it all worked fine and I could play. We installed Windows 7 and had 2 users both admins and it would freeze up on me. I would have to force quit the entire computer and I put the games away until I would have my own computer. Now I do and it took 2 days to get just a video to come up on the screen of the sims and now during the create a sim phase it freezes as it did before. I tried turning off other program, taking it out of Fullscreen Mode, updates and patches nothing is working. I LOVE the Sims and am extremely frustrated that I can't play these games. I'm probably going to switch back to Windows Vista just to play which stinks if the game says it is compatible with Windows 7 it should be.

Joined: 07/12/11 11:29 PM
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my sim gets stuck going to sleep. she wont go to bed, and she wont move away from it. i've tried resetting her and deleting the bed and it doesnt work. i've also speed up time, she wont even pass out or pee her self. it's like she freezes in one place. all i can do is exit the game without saving and pick up from where i last saved. help?
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