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How to turn off DEP  XML
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Joined: 12/20/10 04:35 AM
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I know there are several guides on this site that give tutorials on how to turn off the DEP, but it just isn't working for me.

I bought the digital versions of Sims 3, Sims 3 Ambitions, and Sims 3 Late Night from the EaStore, and downloaded it via EA Download Manager. After starting the game, and clicking the "play" button during the tutorial, the program shut down on me. After reading a tutorial to determine whether or not DEP had shut me down from Sims 3, I determined that DEP HAD shut me down.

The big question, though, is that I am unable to turn on DEP for everything except for Sims 3 Late Night (as it is the most recent). The only way I seem to be able to add Sims 3 Late Night to the exceptions list is through using the shortcut from my Desktop, since I am unable to find my Sims 3 Late Night elsewhere... and whenever I try to do this, my computer tells me that the system MUST run Sims 3 WITH DEP ON.

Is there any way I can go around this... or even quite simply find my Sims 3 files in my computer? I'm sure they're in there somewhere, but I can't find them T_T

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If turning DEP off that way doesn't work, you can try the "turn it completely off" option, if you don't mind having it entirely off altogether. Most wouldn't recommend this unless as a last resort. This is how I have it, though.

Under Run (Windows XP) or the Search bar (Windows Vista and Windows 7), type cmd.exe

Type bcdedit.exe /set {current} nx AlwaysOff and hit Enter.

Either type exit and hit Enter, or simply close the window.

You may need to restart your PC.

This will entirely disable hardware level NX/DEP. Note that DEP cannot be disabled for 64-bit stuff (of which The Sims 3 is not), so for that, it'll still be active.

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Joined: 03/10/11 06:34 PM
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i need the stupid people version of how to run the sims late night when there is a pop up saying 'disc Authentication failure'. i tried to turn off DEP but still not 100% sure i did.

i know i sound like a total idiot but i am i wont even pretend im not lol

help please

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I wouldnt recommend turning it completely off because its a protector to risky programs trying to run on your pc.

I would suggest selecting the option "turn on for all programs except those that I select".

Then you can go into your folders and choose the executible files for each sim game. I do it for all games but I have heard selecting just the most recently added EP executable alone will do.

You then have to RESTART your pc for these changes to update. Then try running your game and if you get past pressing play for longer than a minute, you have fixed it.

Here is a thread on how to do this step by step (but i have not updated it for Outdoor Living)


Joined: 12/23/10 12:54 AM
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Thanks for mentioning outdoor living for that DEP turned off. Ive been running the sims 3 with all other DEP turned off from base game to late night, but Ive forgot to add Outdoor living. That explains alot why my game acting erractic at times.

Joined: 06/05/09 05:16 PM
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A massive thank you to you all for your DEP advice! I have not been able to play Outdoor Living at all because it kept crashing as soon as live play came on - but now it is fixed! I am sooooo grateful

Joined: 12/30/12 06:38 AM
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I am having the same problem with The Sims 3 crashing to my desktop, however, when I choose the "Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select" option, it won't allow me to add the The Sims 3 .exe -- instead it comes up saying that it needs to run with DEP and can't be added to the exclusion list. Likewise, I have tried this with all my expansion packs, and even went as far as adding every single allowable .exe file from all expansion packs and The Sims 3 game to the list, and yet my game still crashes. That being said, I'm assuming that this one .exe file that refuses to be enlisted to exclusions is the actual launcher.

I tried the cmd.exe option, but when I tried typing in code mentioned above, all I got from it was "The boot configuration store could not be opened. Access denied."

I am getting totally sick of this. Has anybody else been having this stupid problem with The Sims 3 execution files?
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