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Buying a parking space in a penthouse  XML
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So I tried to buy a car for my sim that lives in a penthouse and it says I need to buy a parking space from "The Catalog" and I have no clue WHERE or WHAT that is . Is it buy mode or something? Can someone tell me how to purchase a parking space for a penthouse sim?

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It is in the car category it is the little bar thingy, same as you use for a house. You will not be able to buy a car for a penthouse unless there is a parking garage with it.


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if you've got enough space inside the condo, then just use the moveobjects on cheat and place a parking space from the buy menu in your condo. Same thing works for the balcony provided you've got the room

edit: to put the parking space outside the apartment, go to edit town mode and enable cheats. Go into build/buy mode and turn on the "restrictbuildbuyinbuildings on" and the "moveobjects on" cheats. This will allow you to place the parking space wherever you want outside your apartment.

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or, if you use cheats, you can use the rbbb code.....

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the alternative is to make sure your sim is in the lobby, then go to buy mode, turn move objects on, buy the car and put it in the apartment. Go to live mode, click the car and have your sim go to a community lot.

That gets the car in the sim]s personal inventory - no parking space needed that way.


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Sun2401 wrote: You will not be able to buy a car for a penthouse unless there is a parking garage with it.

^ not true. in my penthouse, there's some black space behind the lobby (room with the elevator) downstairs and i can put a car there. i dont know why, as there's no garage there. but it works and my sims park there cars there and no glitches have happened
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