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Can't interact with other Sims Late Night  XML
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Joined: 12/16/10 05:34 AM
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I purchased and started playing Late Night about a week ago. Was working fine until about 3 days ago when I lost the ability to interact with other sims. I can greet them (sometimes) but I can't interact with them further. The "man" icon comes up and when I click on them it does nothing or says "No interactions available". The sims aren't busy; for instance I will invite one over, they will be at my door I can greet them and then there are no more interactions I can make.

I can interact between my own sims (I have 3 in the household) but not my butler. (2 of my sims can't interact with the butler at all, 1 only gets the "Stop Doing That" option even when the butler is not busy. The Butler doesn't cook and I can't ask him to. (He only seems interested in making beds and drinking all my special drinks; but he is the only one so far that didn't run away to the movie lot).

I have the newest patch and I have no mods; have never had any mods just the basic game. Sorry if I posted this in the wrong place, I have never posted here before. I tried searching for solutions but all I have found are answers saying to remove the mods (that I don't have) and it doesn't seem as though that fixed the problem.

I really would like my sims to have relationships and kids but I can't interact with anyone enough to do so. I also can't complete opportunities such as "Promote Restaurant to 3 Sims" because I can only greet them. Please help! I am very frustrated.

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If you start a new game, does the error still occur ?

Did you change anything before it started happening ? Is this with all inactive Sims or just a few ?

Try changing your active family to one that has the bug and see if the they can interact normally when they are active.

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