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Joined: 03/14/10 03:43 PM
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May I present, Bella Swan from Twilight!

Now a few more headshots.....

Traits: Unlucky, Clumsy, Brave, Hopeless Romantic, Family-Oriented


Thanks! I hope I did a decent job xD

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Hello I have a special Sim that I uploaded. It is in memory of our ANZAC Diggers, (soldiers) for those who lost their lives for both Australian and New Zealand. Every 25th April we remember those who bravely served out countries. 'Lest We Forget'. There is a whole history about Gallipoli and how many were lost in just one campaign. This is NOT to celebrate war, as it would be great to never have it happen again. It is in respect and memory. I hope it's ok to post the link here. I haven't learnt how to do the pictures yet for the forum. But your all welcome to come visit the sim on the link. I leave it up to you to recommend, only if you think I did a good job. Happy Simming all. Grace : )

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Joined: 08/19/11 10:10 PM
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Hi guys!

Here's a wedding venue I made for this contest I joined.


Exchange Link:
Slideshow: More Photos Here
Store Items Used: Mostly the Romanza Wedding set (i.e. the chairs, tables, flowers and other decor); Other items are Oceania Orb Lantern and Pineapple Pottery only.


Joined: 06/11/09 10:34 PM
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Stunning wedding venue Markydee ... I will go check out your slideshow after my post

I just uploaded my latest carpet tiles to the exchange - the Shalimar collection.
Direct links to the tiles - to all the carpets i made - can be found on

one tile carpet:

same 3 tiles for 2 designs:

Ok i am off again to feed my carpet creating addiction :S
Have fun everyone!


Joined: 06/11/09 10:34 PM
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Back again....
Markydee i am just going through the slideshow - this is absolutely lovely..... I especially love what you did with the flowers around the tables and v a s e s (have to type it like that bc it gets censored :S) - everything is just really beautiful.
Now i go and rec

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Joined: 06/13/10 07:30 PM
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Location:Pennsylvania, USA

by Berolli14
Pattern from the exchange.

Girl Next Door
by Berolli14
Pattern by Fairygirl8000

Lightly Green with Pink Rose Stems [NO CC]
by Berolli14


Joined: 09/16/11 11:45 PM
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Joined: 06/11/09 10:34 PM
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Finally uploaded the New India Home.

NO CC whatsoever, no custom patterns, no custom items. Only recolours of original sims 3 items/patterns or from the expansions, stuffpacks or store items.

I also tested it with a sim so all should be free of obstacles


Joined: 06/03/09 08:35 PM
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It's available on the exchange for download (recommendations is greatly appreciated)


Joined: 07/19/09 04:12 PM
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I always forget to post my links here! Here are my latest pet uploads:

Click pictures to download.

Zuhayr Kohlani, An Arabian Stallion

Butter My Biscuit, An American Quarter Horse

Tickle Me Pink, An American Quarter Horse


Joined: 06/03/09 05:24 AM
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The house is 2 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom, a Pool and some awesome seating areas...i try to make my homes roomy so those who are doing legacies can use them and take pictures easily..I hate downloading a home only to find out there is hardly any room to move in them. There is plenty of room if you choose to make some of the floors instead of them being like a loft room into more then one room. So you can expand and make the floors more cut up to allow more space when your family grows in your legacies. It was constructed on a 40x40 lot. It has been tested. I check all my files to be sure none are many houses today on the exchange and elsewhere have corrupt files in them....I am extremely careful with what i upload. I would hate to cause any problems with anyone's game.

have all EP's and SP's But I did try to stick to Base game for objects that came from EA.

Click to Download Classy Cottage

I uploaded it to the exchange but it hasn't show up you can for sure get it from the mediafire link i have here and will updated when and if it ever shows up on the exchange..There is some CC and it is included with the Rar well as the sims3pack file.

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Joined: 03/25/12 02:38 PM
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Location:South Carolina

Hey come check out my new upload. Hope you like it as much as I do!!!


For more pics

Direct link to download


Joined: 02/15/10 08:27 PM
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Disney’s Lady and the Tramp Victorian
Inspiration Picture

Download Link:

This 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath Victorian home was recreated from pictures from the Disney Movie Lady and the Tramp.
The 3rd floor attic is finished and ready for expansion. $78,000 + Lot (NO CC)


Joined: 06/11/09 10:34 PM
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Just uploaded the furniture from my country style showroom that I made after i saw the Holzbacherhof by Lucyena.It is stunning!

i also tested the bed as this is made by using a wooden sims 3 base game bed and the Edwardian over oven fume to give the illusion of a border that matches the cupboard and sidetable. You have to combine these items yourself!

I also uploaded the carpet tiles to the exchange. Please go to my blog and read "Carpet instructions" if you don't know how to cut and rotate tiles

Forgot the carpet close up

this is to make the frame
and this for the rest

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Joined: 06/11/09 10:34 PM
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Uploaded another item recolour set that i was working on for a couple of days - the Classic blacknbeige showroom items.

You need to rotate the Deco tile for the flowery border quite a bit to get that effect but you can create your own design anyways
Here a pic of a carpet made just with the deco tile

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