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All I have is... In No Particular Order.

My Blog

If you would like some Sim Music to listen to while play~

Winter Wonderland

(Click On Picture for DL)

More Pictures-> Here

Broken Heart Island II

(Click on picture for download)

More Pictures -> Here

Cake Island

Uploaded on my Blog...
Medium map- 21.81MB
134 lots (5-64x64 & 5-60x60 at Legacy Prices)
-Added Stores, Theater, Large Park, Heart Apartment, Cupcake Castle, and Consignment Store. WA/Amb/LN...

And in Chocolate Frosting and Yellow Cake~!

(Click On Picture for DL)

More Pictures-> Here

Moon Base Charlie/Delta

Large World- 45MB/48MB
WA/AMB/LN- Free Store items

Moon Base Charlie II

(Click On Picture for DL)

Moon Base Delta- Populated

Large World- 2048x2048
Number of Lots: 97 =Comm: 55/Res: 42
Tech: WA/Amb/LN needed. Plus EV Pack free from EA- linked below.
(Populated= 14 Lots/28 Sims)

More Information and Pictures-> Here

Dark Harbor & the CAW files.

Okay- for people who like to fill a world with their own builds and also to tinker in world file and edit them for their own use...

Here are the latest build ~I named this Dark Harbor. If you want it with lots already built then check out Brookwood Shores on N3mb3r's page-

...................(click on picture)
This is an empty world ....................... Or check out his topic....

The CAW files...

*Click the picture*
*Click the picture*

~I left all the items and layers.
I only request you do not upload a world made with these world files to the Exchange. If you upload them to another site please give us credit- and make sure to have edited the world more then by moving a few lots and trees.

~This world has Sunset Valley/Twinbrook/Bridgeport items thanks to Simsample's tutorial on modthesims.

And if you do use it a nice comment so I can see would be much appreciated.

Longview- Base Game version

Hoping to fix it... was crashing with BG only. <-funny cause it's only BG.

Longview II -unpopulated

Large World- 100MB
150 Lots/Legacy Lots
WA/AMB/LN/Generations plus- Riverview required. =]

Flame Island

(Made by Request)

Click on picture for download

Tiny Map-
3 lots- 1 Large Residential
Requires- WA/AMB. Has Spawners.

Isolation Island

Click on picture for download

Tiny Map
18 Lots- 1 Legacy Priced 60x60

Mayfair Island

(Made by Request)
Small Island
28 Lots-1 built (campground)
WA required

Click on picture for download

Lonely Island

(Made by Request)
Tiny Island- 3 Large lots
Base Game Only

Click on picture for download

**Updated Lonely Island- 3 beach lots...

2 pictures here

Picaroon Island

Small Island
WA/Amb/LN/Riverview (while it does use some Barnacle Bay items they aren't necessary)
52 Lots- Populated= only 7 families to get it started
It has a few tombs, a dig site on the camp grounds, an apartment, two Legacy Lots, 4 clubs, and a still a few empty lots


Island Build

It's Legacy Island with Empty Lots. A built it yourself world. . .
Medium Map
WA/Amb/LN- Riverview?-probably not since there are no built lots.

Click on picture to DL

Isle of Sims II

Page link:
My World Blog

A medium Jungle Island with a simple beach side or a crowded city side~ Where to live is up to you . . . could this be the dream world for your Sims? Clubs on both sides, all Spawners, Plenty of Jobs! 2 families added for the Amb jobs...Room for your Sims . . . by Rflong7

~No CC ~ Needs WA/AMB/LN/Gen/Free Store items -Riverview & Renault EVO Pack
*EA Site Link to Celebration Pack*

Medium Map
44.6MB DL size
78 lots with Legacy priced lots- future pet lots available.
All spawners in the world- up to Late Night


Swamp Area- has a Legacy Lot and a Dive Bar.

Isolated Area- Legacy Lot, beach lot, Simhenge, and nice view.

Farm Section: Large furnished house, medium empty lot, Science lot with plants, and a pasture lot

Twikkii Club

Relaxing Living on the Beach side...

Public Pool

Isle of Sims II: Vacation Edition

Download: Mediafire

with Base Camp


Twikkii Island

Link to world page

TS2 remake

Twikkii Island side:

From a distance...

The Cave with the gems...

The other side of the island... if they want to work and live there.

I left lots for pet parks and to add/build your own.

Haunted Valley

-79.4MB WA/Amb/LN/Gen
Uses pretty Much all the Free Store Holiday Sets... Earth Day and Valentines with a touch of New Years.


For the first time in Sim memory- Haunted Valley has been opened for Halloween parties, little trick or treaters, and all Sims who want to see this haunting Ghost town. Now that the Sanatorium has close and the patients released due to budget cuts, the villagers are leaving; in not quite a dash. This is a wonderful* time for all Sims to move in and hopefully stay- forever!
~WA/Amb/LN/Gen- Free Store ites including Riverview~ Some lots made by Pary~ No 3rd Party CC . . . Happy Halloween 2011

13 Families to choose from or start your own Family to move into Haunted Valley...

Anyway- Pictures

Ice Station


A world made for the Apocalypse Challenge.
Empty or populated with partially built lots... ready to play.

More Information Here...

......There is an empty version on Mediafire.

Redwood Forrest

Made by Request~to be used a Movie(?).
A medium map with only 2 lots... lots of trees and a lake. *Spawners and Effects are included*

World Post~


click on picture to download


~Base Game only

click on picture to download

More Pictures -> Here

A Tiny Town

A Tiny Town
Small Map-512x512
Number of Lots: 77, Com: 32, Res: 45

A small island with tiny lots~ about 30 10x10 lots to build or fill up- 2 lots prebuilt. All the base game Career lots. Clumps of bright Cherry Trees to give it color and cheerfulness. No CC used, requires Generations and Town Life plus some free Store items like Riverview to play... by Rflong7/13 =]

More Pictures

Mesa Valley II

In the middle of a lonely desert is Mesa Valley. . . It was nearly destroyed but now it's bigger, it's greener... it's still here.

Unpopulated On Exchange...

(Click on Picture to download)

Can only install one, not both.

Populated Version.... only 9 Households.

(Click on picture to download - Mediafire)

No 3rd Party CC included,
Needs WA/Amb/LN/Gen/Pets/(uses Free Store items like all the Ford Sets/Earth Day/Sims Collection)
Updated to 1.29.
Lots-114 (35 built houses[2 apartments])
Most of the Expansion spawners (some WA fishes/gems/plants).

There are many large lots- 2 positioned in/near town for ST lots.
Different areas with large Legacy priced lots...
Several empty medium lots in town and a lot of open space for more lots in the Desert. Different housing areas like a trailer park and the Horse farm area plus a distant Crater...

There are clubs, Ambition lots, Pet places, and fun lots like a Mall. There is no Chinese Garden or Academy (Dojo?).
It isn't populated yet, if at all.
Lots of space still available for more Expansions.

More Pictures -> Here

Once Upon an Isle

Tech Information...

Small world- DL 42MB

Lots- 77 total
Tiny lots with only 3 60x60 lots
1 small Legacy priced lot-33x25 lot =D
5 NL clubs
No 3rd Party CC included.

WA/AMB/LN/Gen/Pets used
Free Store items- almost all of them.


More Pictures-> Here

Glenvale County

(Click picture to download from my page)

Legacy priced Lots
66.14MB =]
Riverview and One of the Renault EVO pack used-
Base Game & Base Game Spawners
No 3rd Party CC
Requires Update 1.34

I placed all the Base Game Community lots... no houses. "What?!" ~I know, right? Okay, one house.
... Lots of pictures taken at the best angles to try and give the best view of this large, flat world.

Link to World Topic

Glenvale City

150 Lots- 76 empty (a few EA houses and 3 I built)
83.1MB Mediafire
Store items- Evo Pack and Riverview
No 3rd Party CC

To Post for more information

The Manave Isles

Link to page

To Download-

Pigeon Rock

Small map
35 Lots- 14 built Residents/ 1 Legacy priced lot- 4 empty lots.
Base Game/Supernatural
No 3rd Party CC
Basic Spawners and EP plants.
*Added Beach lots and a lot for a port.

More pictures Here

This is Bellatrix-

Large world-~74.2 MB
Store items used- Lunar Lakes (pay)- Prius stuff (free)
Straight Roads/Large Lots (101 Lots)
WA/AMB/LN/GEN/Pets/ST/SN/Seasons- No Stuff Packs
No CC included
Save file uploaded.

More Information Here


It's a small world for NiniBeMe to add all the Micro Mini houses. ~Mini lots on a small world~
I did add an icy part for the science house. I didn't finish building, I hope you don't mind.

Overview- yeah, it's square to fit all those different areas and lots.

More Information Here


This is a medium world with a distant terrain (Twinbrook) and an old world setting. There are roads: it's got a main town area, a smaller village area, farming area, a little beach, and some outer places like Simhenge & the mine. Nothing's built but the city Hall... maybe one day I'll build it up but it was made empty by request.

98 Lots
Medium map
No CC included
I used World Adventures, Ambitions, Late Night, Pets, Super Natural, and maybe Seasons.
No Stuff packs

A small video of pictures:

Download from Mediafire

My Bridgeport

Expansions- LN/Amb/Show/Gen
No CC or Store
Not Populated
About 140 lots

My Bridgeport

Nice Beach weather, too.

Lots for the world...

The Warehouse Salon Updated by Monet11
It is CC free.

*Please do not reupload my worlds- even if I die or for some mysterious reason don't show up on this forum ever again... I don't give permission to anyone but EA to redo and reupload my world. Thanks and Happy Simming!

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I love your worlds!

I have played Longview for like FOREVER.

For the moon base world, how did you get Earth in the background? Did you somehow replace the sun?

This siggy isn't a siggy.

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Thanks! :blush:
It's actually the moon I replaced with the earth picture. I learned it from Stw.

Joined: 07/13/09 05:33 AM
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Location:In my mind, wanting out

Oh, well, that makes sense . It would be odd to see the moon in the sky...when on the moon. I may use that world in my story (it's about dreams).

OMG, I have an idea. LOL.

This siggy isn't a siggy.

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Woot! I give inspiration... or at least help just a tiny bit.

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I am humbled....

Imagine a signature here.

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Rflong, I was half expecting a series of short stories along the lines of Hans Christian Andersen or The Brothers Grimm. You know, the wonderful worlds of Rflong 7/13
Seriously though, it`s great to see your worlds compiled here. It shows that Rflong trademark style beautifully.
Now, will you please tell us a story?


Joined: 08/03/09 07:55 PM
Messages: 1224

That's really nice Rflong!
I think you're definetely the queen of CAW !

I usually don't play in worlds made by the players, but i do enjoyed building and testing in Longview !

I'd be honored to have your feedback about my new world i'll soon announce on the forum!

PS: Sorry for my bad english ._.



Joined: 10/27/09 02:42 AM
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Yay! I am bookmarking this and tellingg my friends. You don't use CC do you?


Joined: 07/02/09 01:03 AM
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Rflong, you are very creative! I love your worlds.


Joined: 06/02/09 06:30 PM
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I play in Longview all the time and I just now realized that you have an updated LN version, does that means it includes clubs, etc?

Thanks again so much for dedicating your time and efforts with your worlds! Longview is better than any EA world!


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This is most certainly bookmarked, Rflong. It's very convenient to have all your worlds in one place, rather than scanning your studio or that exchange.

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Conorsim wrote: This is most certainly bookmarked, Rflong. It's very convenient to have all your worlds in one place, rather than scanning your studio or that exchange.


Hi Conor!


Joined: 06/04/09 06:36 PM
Messages: 465

Some of my favorites by you dear. I think the only one I didn't download was the moon one. This summer I plan to have a run through all of them now that I will actually have time to play.

It's a good thing I have a 1TB HDD so I have plenty of space for new worlds and saved games


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Yorkchop wrote:
Conorsim wrote: This is most certainly bookmarked, Rflong. It's very convenient to have all your worlds in one place, rather than scanning your studio or that exchange.


Hi Conor!

Hello Yorkchop!

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