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Before I get into the rest of the expansions ideas I would like to request the Werewolves return to this incarnation of the Sims. In terms of the interactions and specifics of the werewolf please just repeat the main details from sims 2 and add on don’t subtract. The loping walk, the howling, the yellow eyes.

Animal Types, Breeds & Miscellaneous Info

Create A Pet - Dogs, Cats, Birds, Horses and Rabbits will all now be able to be customized in Create A Pet. Create A Pet should customize:

1.Breed - A small description of history and general attributes would be informative
2.Height - Please make the heights according to breed standards
3.Weight - Can be set but change due too inactivity and overeating or lack of eating
4.Coat Thickness and length
5.Fur, Coat, & Feather Color - all the breed standards including albino
6.Ear shape and length
7.Tail shape and length
8.Mane length (Horses)
9.Eye Color and shape and being able to select eye color per eye
10.Vocal Pitch
11.Special Markings - I think that spots or marking can be treated sort of like the tattoos
12.Traits - They all have personality but some breeds have particular traits
13.Favorites - Some dogs and cats prefer certain types of toys and treats
14. Clothing - can be a choice with different outfits or none at all

**** Create A Pet Notes:

1. Dogs, cats and horses should have a lineage so that you can see the breeding lines.
2. Pets should still be controllable but still display behavior normal to their breed.
3. The Breeds should have a small description about the breed’s history when you click on them. Dogs should also be categorized according to their breeds grouping (Working, Toy, Hound, Terriers, Sporting, Herding, Utility)
4. Pets should have the tendency to gain weight if not properly exercised.
5. Pets should also have their own favorites: places to rest, Sim, Toy, etc.
6. Favorites would really only apply to Dogs and cats
7. Customized pets don’t have to follow breed standards they can look however you want and have any traits but Mixes will be a mix of the parents
9. Breeds that are native to the WA countries should be able to be found there. Pets with Sims and the horses running around.

Note: I think EA should make a point of including Vaccinations, Spaying, Neutering and Licensing of Pets as way of educating the public on Responsible Pet Ownership. Furthermore I think that there should be negatives associated with not doing these things, like lost pets or fines. This also goes for breeding pets for sale a license must be obtained from City Hall to breed and sell.

The reasons for this is that.

1. Vaccination prevents pets from getting diseases from strays and have painful untimely deaths and spreading it to other pets or people.
2. Spaying and neutering pets prevent the dreaded strays all over your house lot and all over town (i.e. Celebrities and Vampires)
3. Spaying and neutering in real life keep people from adding to the over population problem in every city in the world. If you allow your pet to breed you are preventing a 3-5 little dogs or cats in a shelter or pound from finding a home and in the case of the pound put to death. You are apart of the problem.
4. Licensing allows people to know that pets are vaccinated against rabies and are registered so that you can be contacted in the event they go missing.
5. Breeders that aren’t licensed and even some that are are apart of see #3
6. All of these things along with feeding, exercising, medical treatment and training are all fundamental in pet ownership that is why if you are creating a pack and have even passable social consciousness they must be included as a part of the pack

Dog Info

1, Dogs should come in various sizes (Not just 3) the heights should reflect breed standard. Its hard to convey the size ratio of the different breeds when they are practically the same
2. Puppies of different breeds should be in their standard size and roughly the color they will end up as except in cases of breeds like the Dalmatian whose pups are born pure white
3. Dogs should have different pitches to their Barks and whines. Smaller Dogs have higher pitched barks.
4. Dogs can follow Sims on Bike, ride in cars, go jogging with Sims, and Hiking, some will follow bike riders
5. Dogs can swim in the pool, ocean or in the lake. They will use the dog paddle.
6. Very small Dogs can be carried around in Hand Bag carriers
7. You can wash the dogs outside in a metal tub or in the bathtub or in the case of the smallest dogs the sink. Or if your sims is a snob or lazy they can have the butler do it or send the dog to the groomers
8. Puppies and other dogs have to be Housebroken
9. Sims with Outdoor trait might want to take his dog camping and hiking
10. Dogs will try and smell cats backsides and cats wont like it …Smack
11. Dogs will stick their heads out car windows when riding
12. Dirty Dogs will roll around in smelly things on the ground
13. Dogs can howl at the moon or hear neighbor dogs and bark
14. Dogs will follow children to school or chase the school bus.
15. Dogs will wait for the kids to get home from school.
16. If your Sim is (sitting, reading or watching TV) on a couch or love seat a dog can cuddle with you
17.You can choose to either rub the belly, scratch the ears, scratch their rump, and pat them on the head.
18. Dogs will be very happy when their masters come home
19. You will be able to see what the pet is thinking but not control them. Dogs will **** their heads when they are trying to concentrate on something or figure out what is being said if a sim talks to it
20. Dogs will want to chew things and dig unless trained not to
21. Dogs can get fleas from interaction with strays and you’ll have to give them a special bath to get rid of it. If the fleas aren't taken care then they can spread in the house and infect the humans or other pets
22. If a sim throws a toy into the water the dog will swim in for it
23. Medium and Small size dogs would be able to sleep at the foot of the bed even if two sims occupy the bed
24. Dogs will beg for food if hungry
25. Sims can talk to or coo at their dog
26. Dogs who like to swim will jump in the pool, lake, river or ocean
27. Some dogs won’t like Thunderstorms and will cower during lightning and thunder
28. If Santa is introduced into the game at some point the dog will always greet him happily. and Santa will always leave some kind of gift for the pets in the house
29. Dirty dogs will drink from the toilette
30. If you scratch on a dog in the right spot then they will thump their leg repeatedly.
31. If you have guests come to your home an untrained dog may want to jump on them or hump their leg or do other *ahem* inappropriate things.
32. Dogs can be taken on vacations if you own a vacation home
33. Evil Sims can sick their dogs on other sims "Unleash the hounds"

Cats Info[/b]

1. Cats will meow if there food dish is empty and their hungry
2. Cats will have an audible purr when they are happy or content
3. Cats can climb trees and get stuck. Firefighters can be called to rescue
4. Fish will still be of serious interest with any Cats. Cats will like ponds and tanks
5. Cats can scare caged birds if they climb on the cage but otherwise they will just stare at the Parrots
6. Cats should have a couple of different pitches to their voices when customizing
7. A Cat will be attracted to Catnip that is being grown and Catnip that is within toys.
8. Cats will jump after butterflies and other flying insects
9. Cats and dogs will chase one another
10. Active Cats will run around in the morning for no reason (Morning Crazies)
11. Lazy Fat Cats and Old cats will sleep a lot.
12. Cats will like to stare out windows and at the television
13. Cats will bat at or jump at the Cat teaser
14. Cats will still be able to be trained to go in the toilet
15. Cats will hunt insects like cockroaches and other pests as well as butterflies and leave them dead for their owners.
16. Cats will want to scratch furniture unless they have a scratching post
17. They will slink around a Sims legs in greeting
18. Cats will have a tendency to rub their faces against furniture to mark as theirs
19. Sims can Talk or coo at their cat
20. Cats will jump upon counter tops to drink out of the sink

[b]Horse Info

1. Can walk around the pasture and eat grass
2. Can be ridden around – at various paces (Natural - Walk, Trot, Canter and Gallop) (Dressage - Piaffe, Passage)
3. Eats Oats and feed in their trough
4. Can be given carrots or sugar cubes as treats
5. This will set up for the next EP.
6. Can be without his harness and trappings or it can be equipped like clothing
7. Their manes can be styled
8. Horses would be able to be trained to count using their hooves
9. There would be horse jumps that as a sim and horse become more experienced can be better an higher
10. They could have judges for horse jumping
11. Horse stables can be placed in France

Iguana Info

1. He sits mostly in his cage like the rabbits but you can bring him out and place him on your Sims’s shoulder.
2. You can feed some of the bugs you catch to him.
3. He will prefer his heat lamp
4. You can also feed him produce harvested from the garden


1. Can be caught and treated just like the other amphibians and reptiles already in the game
2. Occasionally Sea Turtles can wash up on the beach and need to be helped or just be there to lay eggs. Baby turtle will then hatch and can be caught or watched as they make their way to the water.
3. Sims can stop and help a turtle cross the road if they see one crossing a street

[b]Rabbit Info[/b]

1. Will eat lettuce, and carrots that has been grown in garden
2. Can be petted and hugged, cuddled
3. If 2 rabbits of opposite genders are left in a cage together then they will reproduce... like rabbits
4. Cage would need to be cleaned regularly
5. Wild rabbits can sometimes get into the garden and eat the veggies

General Pet Information

1. Pets can continue to have jobs and the jobs can continue to have levels and skills associated.
2. There will still be strays. Just not as many. You can adopt a stray but you will be prompted to name it and get it to the Vet and get it a license
3. The skunk will wander around and spray if frightened by Sims or Pets. The smell will be awful. Sims and Pets will have to bath in tomato juice if sprayed
4. The raccoon will make a return to get into garbage & Compost.
5. You will need to call Animal control to have pest animals removed this would include strays
6. Pets will still be acquired via breeding, purchase or adoption.
7. The Rabbits, Birds, Iguanas, Snake, Guinea Pigs, and fish names will be chosen when stocking their cages or tanks, how they look show have a certain level of customization
8. Fish tanks will still get dirty and need to be cleaned. If it dies George the Goldfish will still get the toilette bowl burial at sea.
9. Pet Doors can be placed in walls so dogs and cats can go outside (more realistic)
10. Cats and Dogs both will want to sit and look out windows, territorial dogs will bark as passers by.
11. Behaviors a pet does are reinforced by praising or scolding the pet
12. Different trophies will be given out for Obedience, Agility and Best in Show
13. Some Sims can be allergic to various pets, seeing them sneeze or get a rash would be interesting
14. The Butler will fill food bowls and clean up pet waste, the Maid will only clean up after pets and their waste
15. A single bowl can feed more than one pet as long as their is food in the bowl.
16. There will be a matching water bowl to the food bowls.
17. Cats and dogs will be able to have their fur brushed it will help their hygiene in addition to regular baths.
18. Small animals and Cats and Dogs can be sold or bred to be sold but a Sim must get a breeders license from City Hall to sell beyond 1 litter
19. If a Sim becomes a breeder then an Animal Inspector comes from City Hall to walk around your property. If he is impressed by your cleanliness then you get the license in the mail and can start breeding. If he isn't then the Inspector will take your animals.
20. You can lock gates to keep weird sims and strays out your property or keep your pets in.

Pet Breeds - Dog, Cats and horses should have a bloodline family tree. Purebreds should be noted as such as and certificates from the appropriate Sims Animal Breed Associations can be obtained EX. the SKC - Sims Kennel Club


[b]Afghan Hound, Airedale Terrier, Akita, Alaskan Malamute,Basset Hound, Beagle, Bichon Frise, Bloodhound, Borzoi, Boston Terrier, Boxer, Bullmastiff, Bull Terrier, Cairn Terrier, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Chihuahua, Chinese Shar-Pei, Chow Chow, Cocker Spaniel (American), Collie, Dachshund, Dalmatian, Doberman Pinscher, English Bulldog, English Foxhound, French Bulldog, German Shepherd, Giant Schnauzer, Golden Retriever, Great Dane, Greyhound, Irish Setter, Irish Wolfhound, Komondor, Labrador Retriever (Chocolate, Yellow & Black), Lhasa Apso, Maltese, Mastiff, Miniature Schnauzer, Old English Sheepdog, Papillon, Pekingese, Pomeranian, Poodle, Portuguese Water Dog, Pug, Rottweiler, Saint Bernard, Samoyed, Schipperke, Scottish Terrier, Shar-Pei, Shetland Sheepdog, Shiba Inu, Shih Tzu, Siberian Husky, St. Bernard, Weimaraner, Whippet, Yorkshire Terrier


Abyssinian, Aegean Cat, American Shorthair, Birman, Bombay/Burmese, California Spangled Cat, Chartreaux, Cornish Rex, Cymric, Egyptian Mau, Japanese Bobtail, Manx, Maine ****, Norwegian Forest Cat, Ocicat, Oriental, Persian, Ragdoll Fold, Siamese, Siberian, Sphinx, Tonkinese, Turkish Angora, Tuxedo, Ukrainian Levkoy


Abyssinian, American Quarter Horse, Andalusian, Arabian, Appaloosa, Auxois, Black Forest Horse, Clydesdale, Dutch heavy Draft, Falabella, Fjord Horse, Hanoverian, Lipizzaner, Mustang, Percheron, Przewalski’s, Shetland Pony


American, Belgian Hare, English Lop, New Zealand


Blue Gold Macaw, Eclectus Parrot, Scarlet Macaw, Moluccan Cockatoo, Peregrine Falcons (Big Birds that can sit on the big perch)

Lovebirds, Parakeets, Canaries & Society Finches, Pigeons

(Should be kept in cages, small cages for a maximum of 2 birds a large cage for more)

Birds Info

1. The Large Parrots and Macaws etc. should sit on the perches but be able to sit on a Sims shoulder as well.
2. They should be able to fly about
3. Be taught words, a sim can increase charisma teaching the bird to talk
4. Leave ‘ahem’ dropping for Sims to clean.
5. You should be able to feed those seeds and fruit. Polly can get a ******* as a treat.
6. The smaller birds can eat the birdseed and some fruit like grapes. They will have pleasant songs and prefer to live with other birds.
7. Cages need to be clean.
8. Peregrin Falcons can perch on a sims hand via a special glove. They will need the little hood over their head to keep from flying off

Insects - For Terrariums

1. Stick insects - I think it would be a cute insect pet
2. Caterpillars - Feed them in the terrarium and watch as they become a butterfly
3. Spiders - A pet an evil Sim could love

Optional Non-Pet Home City Animal

Cow - Can have a couple different breeds but their main function is to chew grass and be milked.

*****Special Un-lockable Animals - If you have World Adventures a Camel will be an un-lockable animal in Egypt for riding to and found wandering around.

Pandas will be seen eating bamboo around China they won’t be interactive but they will be cute

Small crabs scuttling out of the ocean - can be caught for dinner

Pet Traits & Learned Behaviors

The pets, like the Sims, in this EP should be more complex than their predecessors. Most traits should be determined by breed standards but a couple of traits should be able to be chosen to keep them unique from others of their breed. Pet owners can also shape the personality of their pet by learned behaviors, obedience training and tricks taught to them. Like in Sims 2 pets can be praised or scolded.

Ex. Evil Sims will teach their Cat or Dog to chase the Mail Man or sick his Falcon on him .

Most of the learned behaviors in Sims 2 were basic and should be brought back.

Tricks & Commands

Most of the tricks taught in Sims 2 are pretty basic and should be brought back. A few new ones can be taught and should be based on the Sim who is teaching them. A couch potato Sim might teach his dog to fetch various items so they don’t have to get up. A Flirty Sims might teach their dog to “fetch” attractive Sims.

Tricks and Commands

Play the Keyboard
Hunt pests mostly just the cat
Balance on a Ball
High Five
Roll Over
Play Dead
High Flip
Low Flip
Go to bed or go night-night (Dog or Cat will go to its bed)
Fetch newspaper
Find Sim
Run the slip and slide
Play in the sprinkler
run on the treadmill

Pet Jobs

Personally I like the idea of them having certain jobs or functions I think in terms of jobs I would do it in three ways:

Jobs that the Pet goes to that are rabbit holes (Military, Medicine, Police, Acting, Science?)
Jobs that can be worked with a sim who is in a profession ex:
Dalmatian that goes to work with a firefighter
Bloodhound that works with a Private Detective


1. Pet Whisperer - Obedience Trainer
2. Pet Walker
3. Pet Groomer
4. Pet Store Attendant - Unless the store is owned by a sim and manned my them
5. Guiseppi Reni and Mr. Mr. McClutch his monkey - for those who didn’t play Sims 1 Guiseppi was an organ grinder NPC and Mr. McClutch was his pet monkey
6. Pet Judge - for judging obedience contests and Best in Show

New Hobbies

Bird Watching

New Books - Reading these could provide extra bonuses

Obedience Training Books
Bird Watchers Guide
Breed Guides for dogs, cats and horses
Pet care for dummies

New Deaths

Cat Scratch Fever
Hamster Fever
Mauled by werewolf

New Community Lots

1. Dog Park - where dogs can come to play on obstacle courses set up for them. Separate Judging tent for Best in Show and Obedience Contests. In the middle of the park would stand a reproduction of the statue of “Old Drum”
2. Pet Shop - Can buy a new family member and all the things to make them happy
3. Vet Clinic - Can Become apart of Veterinary Career by going there. Can Be a Rabbit Hole
4. Groomers - “The Pet Salon” personally this should be operable not a rabbit hole
5. Horse Pasture - can be set up as a part of a ranch or a fancy horse stable
6. Fishmongers - Place to buy or sell fresh fish, shellfish, and crustaceans

Vet Clinic

1. Take sick pets to get well
2. Take pregnant females to give birth
3. To get Vaccinations
4. To get licenses
5. To get spayed and neutered
6. To get micro chipped
7. To get flee dipped
8. To enter the Veterinary Profession


1. To be washed
2. Fur styled - (Maybe dyed like pink poodles)
3. Nails cut and/or polished
4. Doggy masseuse - just a touch of whimsy

Pet Shop Items - NOT A RABBIT HOLE

1. Pet Food – Dry Dog Food, Canned Cat Food, Bird Seed, Grasshoppers, fresh vegetables and fruit from gardens
2. Pet Bowls - different styles for different decors but one for food the other water
3. Pet Collars – You can choose different styles & colors as well as choosing the tags. Animals that have collars & 4. Tags will be returned home by other Sims or ASPCA if they get lost or run away. If animals don’t have tags and Policeman sees them owners are fined or the animal is not returned if lost.
6. Parrot Perches
7. Iguana Cages
8. Pet Beds – different styles to choose from in different sizes (Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large) and different styles to fit various decor with the same customizability
9. Pet Clothing – lots to choose from Sweaters to little tuxes for small dogs, and even life preservers...Don't forget holiday clothing
10. Toys – Raw hide bones, Yarn, Cat Teaser, Frisbees, The Daily Growl Squeaky Toys, Catnip Mouse, Softball, Tug of War ropes
11. Pet Treats - Dog Bone Cookies
12. Fish Tanks, Fish Bowls, & Saltwater Tanks
13. Rabbit Cages
14. Hamster/Guinea Pig Cages
15. Bird Cages for the smaller birds (Love Birds, Cockatiels, Society Finches) small cages for 2 birds larger cages for more birds
16. Dog Houses - Able to be built via a woodworking bench varying levels of style and customizability. Styles - Gothic, Luxury, Country, Modern, Space, Asian
17. Litter Boxes - In different styles, covered versus uncovered
18. Pet Mats - to place their food bowls on
19. Cat Condos - for sleep or play
20. Ant Farm

New Careers & Jobs

1. Kennel Cleaner (Part Time Job)
2. Fish Pond/Tank Cleaner (Part Time Job)
3. Biologist (Career Track)
4. Circus (Career Track)
5. Veterinarian (Career Track)
6. Oceanographer

New Game Play Details besides ones previously stated

1. Can feed pigeons in the cities
2. Can place and put water into birdbaths and watch them drink and splash
3. Can put food in a bird feeder or a hummingbird feeder and then watch them get food
4. Can put out salt licks for wild Deer
5. Can plant hay and oats for feed
6. Can plant catnip for cats
7. Can attend pet judging contest for Best in Show or contest for Obedience
8. Can designate a community lot for a Pet Cemetery
9. Sims can take the milk from cows and sell it to market, store in fridge or make into butter via the butter churn or in vats for artisanal cheeses

Buy Items

Interactive Buy Items

1. Butter Churn
2. Cheese Vat
3. Bird Feeder
4. Bird Bath
5. Hummingbird Feeder
6. Salt Lick
7. Trough - wooden, stone, and metal varieties
8. Dog Washing Tub
9. Grooming Station
10. Trophy Table for Pet judging
11. Dog/cat Treadmill
12. Woodworking bench - for creating toys, small wooden objects and finally a custom dog house
13. Frisbee
14. Cat Condo
15. Beehive - for the production of honey and bees wax
16. Bees Wax Candle making kit or bench

Buy Items for decoration

1. Welcome mat with Paw Prints
2. a picture with dogs playing poker
3. A statue of Old Drum - For those who don't know who that is look up George Graham Vest he was the lawyer in the case
4. Balloons in the shape of Paws
5. Wall mounted horse trappings
6. Statue of Secretariat like the one at the Kentucky Horse Park (Shout out to them)

Build Items

Pet Door
Pet obstacle course items
Horse jumps
Horse/Cattle stalls - checkout Martha Stewart’s Bedford Farm
Barn doors
Proper Stable Doors - See above


Horseback riding Helmet (ladies would have the show bow in their hair)
Horseback riding jodhpurs
Horseback riding boots
Horseback Riding Show coats and show shirt
Beekeeping Hat
Beekeeping Suit
Nordic style sweaters for both men and ladies
More holiday themed clothing for both genders and all ages
Elder Sweaters with Dogs or Cats on them

New Create a Sim ideas

1. Eyes that you can choose a different color for each eye
2. Pointed Ears
3. Teeth that the straightness and color can be chose as well as missing or bucktooth
4. Please give accessories separate tabs
5. Hats more hats please and have separate from hair
6. Makeup that can be set per outfit
7. Piercings

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I added the albino coloring I forgot about it

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Saved for later.

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I don't think anyone read any of this.

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OH i forgot that was ideas after reading some of that. Hope you won't be disappointed since you setting a pretty high standards. I never play pets on the sims 2, so i'll probably give it a try.

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That's sad worked pretty hard for a few days on my thoughts. I'm fairly thorough when I submit ideas. And no I wont be disappointed if their not included but since some were in Sims 2 it would be a step back for them.

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Those are some mighty fine ideas. Maybe a bit more than one expansion pack can hold, but fine nonetheless. I hope EA takes some of these into consideration.

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I just saw the video and the Grim Reaper on a horse was pure genius. Death on a Pale Horse awesome.

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I like the Vet idea and the Groomer. Maybe add new jobs alongside these.

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I think you have really high standards. Half that stuff probably wont be included. They need to hire people to test the sims games from the fanbase and that way they can make the games better just saying.

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I think it only looks long because its all spelled out. applied to a game probably not so much because think of it in terms of sections.

Create A Pet & Breed Selection and Create a Sim

Applicable venues





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I agree I think that testers from real fan would be helpful to get the finer details across

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EA doesn't listen to petitions.

Mastered the ZOMBIE. Mod/CC-free game. I'm a starkid.

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Why aren't you just cheerful
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