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What do you think about Dragons in Sims 3: Pets? (Hypothetical)  XML
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This is a hypothetical discussion on dragons in Sims 3, not necessarily in Pets. The reason it is in the Pets forum is because the dragons will be a pet and because all the hype inspired me. It’s not likely to happen as Kimiat said:
Sims 3 isn't about creature events, or lore, but about the families and the lives you lead. Dragons would completely skew the game and for some ruin it completely(those who prefer realism).

Hence we only discuss the possibility. All opinions are accepted here and no one is wrong. I’m personally tweaking the ideas that I receive into my original idea; please take no offence if your idea appears to have been ignored, it’s in there somewhere. Just hidden.

Also remember that I am pro-magic and pro-unrealistic game-play. This does not mean that I don’t like realism, its just that Sims3 is really boring with the few unrealistic bits of game-play that we have so far.

Please Note:Please oh Please read all the posts before posting, even if vaguely.

This is a community project sort of thing! I am not the only contributor! I merely am just tweaking the ideas that I receive to fit into my original idea.

Yes I do know that this idea should be incorporated into Sims Medieval. I've heard that loud and clear, so don't worry. Remember we're here to talk about the possibilities of dragons in Sims3, hypothetically of course!

On this note I would also like to say that although this is something I started it is not my property, its in the public domain and thus I have NO control over it. If you feel passionate about putting this idea in the Medieval forums then you may, you can even get away with claiming this as completely your own idea. I won't notice and won't have any control either. It's not like I'm going to put the idea up anyway.

Finding an Egg
To get a dragon you must first find an egg; this is a highly rare event although sometimes the odd (really odd) dragon may been seen in the wilderness, or stealing food from your neighbours. Eggs can be found in various locations (mentioned below) and appear to be strange eggs, a mix between a rock and a fossilised egg. This will start up an opportunity called “the strange rock” or something similar. It will then insist on you inspecting the rock directing you on what you could do.

Egg Care
Upon inspection of the egg a pop-up might say “That rock is strangely warm, maybe you should put it in a warm place?”. Once your egg is placed in a warm place like a fire or oven it will gain its colour, like red for warm eggs, and you will receive a pop-up “Oh wow! It’s a really big egg. I wonder what’ll it’ll hatch as?”. For three Sim days your egg will have to stay in a warm place but will have certain actions like “hug egg” or “turn egg” that will behave like keeping a pregnant Sim happy, except when the egg hatches you can’t choose the traits of a dragon, but they have certain trait rules to apply to. Sims enjoy watching eggs hatch and get an “amazing! It’s a baby dragon” moodlet for several days.

Dragon Care
Your next part of the opportunity will be “Congratulations, you have a pet dragon! You should learn about dragon care.” As such you ban buy a book (Dragonet to Dragon for Dummies) to read or do trial and error. Dragon care skill would probably be much like a children’s and toddler’s skill (where you can’t see they get the skill but its there).

Different breeds of dragons eat different things, such as fire-fruit for red dragons. They also have various abilities depending on the breed and may be very attractive to Sims with certain traits. Dragons are not controllable, as that would be dull. Instead they get traits depending on how well they’ve been treated and their breed. They also do not apply to normal Sim rules, so your neighbours might be a bit upset with your Sim when their garden and kitchen have been raided by bored dragons. All dragons like kids though, especially when they’re growing with them. They can become friends and will be protective of their family (except if they were treated badly, then be warned).
Dragons interact with Sims in various ways depending on the specie. All breeds like to play but may play in different ways. An example is with Spike Tongue dragons which when playing with others pets have the tendency to light tails on fire. They don’t mean to be cruel, its just how their breed plays.
Dragons sleep wherever suits them, sometimes on pet beds and sometimes on Sim beds. Each breed prefers different places to sleep so please look at breed descriptions for information.

Bad Dragon Care
You can be a bad dragon owner and this will have consequences. If a dragon egg is not cared for properly it may turn into a rock, but the type of rock depends on specie.
iheartjackie wrote: Feather Wing eggs should be found randomly in sculpting stone and might turn into Woohooium if the egg is not properly cared for. Or you might find it from making out or woohooing in rabbit holes.

Of course of you aren’t caring for your egg worse things can happen. Like a Dragon attack. The fire-brigade don’t take lightly to your house burning down and saying ‘the big nasty dragon did it’ may not work every time. You see by offending a dragon you’re making yourself a target for all dragons. You’d better play nice!

Dragon Aging:
Now this is a topic of much debate here, so I’ll do my best. So a dragon grows in stages like Sims, except they don’t die of old age. Instead they sometimes leave home to grow into even bigger dragons or they stay in homes they really like to have a stunted growth and shorter lifespan, but a loving family also.

By the time your dragon is fully grown (somewhere around the same time as a Sim arrives at adulthood) they will be between the size of a very large dog for the smallest breeds and the size of a horse for the largest.

Random Dragon Events
Sometimes a dragon might attack. It can’t be stopped, except by either feeding it (and it will return if you do) or giving the egg you found. Dragons are territorial and protective, although mainly possessive. You have been warned.
iheartjackie wrote: I think it would be neat if perhaps once in a while a dragon comes and attacks your home, whether just to spite or to steal its egg back. It would happen very rarely, probably as often as the giant meteor from Ambitions (pre-Generations, as I’ve heard meteors chances have increased). You can stop the dragon, if you give it its egg back. Giving it food will only make it come back again, but over time, you might befriend it and be able to adopt it if it isn’t too mean.

Mean or evil dragons whom continually come to your house will expect an offering each time. These dragons are called wyverns and you will never befriend, but perhaps they might leave the occasional scale behind, which can be sold for a high price, used as decorations, or even crafted together to make realistic dragon toys for your children or pet dragons, clothes, or even furniture and decorative items.

Gnome Dragons
This idea made me giggle! This is genius if ask me!
iheartjackie wrote:It would also be neat to have dragon gnomes. They also hatch from eggs, but these are decorative and can be purchased from the Buy Menu (as eggs). Only if you have a dragon will this egg ever hatch into a gnome dragon, though this happens very rarely. Depending on the type of dragon you have, the gnome dragon will “hatch” into a specific color of the species you have. (If you have more than one species on lot, then it will each copy the most numerous or be chosen at random.) With Generations installed and two gnome dragons on your lot, you might get an egg or two every so many Sim weeks. Careful, though, because if your dragons on lot are not happy, the gnome dragons might spontaneously EXPLODE and cause a fire!

The new bug to be collected would be dragonflies! Level 6 bug so rather collectible, but not desperately precious. Blue in colour and indeed is a dragon fly. If you would like to add anything please do, I don’ t know what to say. Edit: Time to Revise! From lots of input by lots of keen Simmers, I present the first major revision.

I thought that might be fun, but highly unlikely. Feel free to speculate with me about Dragons.

Contributors In no particular order:
Thank you all!

Reference List: (To be added to later, feel free to mention any sources you use. This includes fiction novels that you like).
Things I'd like to hear about:
Actions with Sims?
With objects?
With horses? ( )
Breeds of Dragon?
What do you think of Dragons? I'd love to hear all opinions as long as you're polite.

LATEST EDIT: Added more information, new section. A bit of clean up.

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A positive attitude is easier than you think!

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Refining my own ideas: Breeds
Do remember this is for my amusement and yours as I doubt EA would even glance at this idea, so have fun with it.

So here is a table on some ideas of breeds. Five 'found anywhere' breeds, then three location specific. I might add a few others for my own amusement and any that are suggested. If you think anything should be changed or added, feel free!

Edit: Just added some other EP related dragons, just because I could. Feel free to suggest modifications! There are gaps to be filled also. Please Note that the Robot Dragon isn't born, it is instead made, hence the lack of information.

Please Note:
Some of these traits and names are based off a series of books; Temeraire by Naomi Novik. These include the name “Fleur de Nuit” (Night Flower) in French, a breed of dragon that could see in the dark. There was also the Chinese Dragon, which in the series were known to have been bred for intelligence not fighting.

There are some stereotypes used, hence why the romantically based dragon is NOT French. That stereotype irks me.

Breed specific descriptions

Spike Tongue:
This is a fiery breed of dragon, loved by pyromaniacs, eccentrics and fire-fighters. As a hatchling this creature will prefer to eat hot food and especially loves fire fruit. A surprisingly quiet creature it doesn’t enjoy leaving its family’s company although sometimes may run off to raid a neighbours garden or kitchen. It likes to sleep in warm places like the oven, fireplace or even your bed.

Sea Dragon:
You’ve heard stories of these creatures, and now you have a little on in your own home! It spends most of its time swimming and hiding deep in the water but sometimes comes out to play. It likes to hang out with teenagers and is highly social when it comes out of the water. Great for water sports!

White Wing:
This middle sized creature loves to play with children. It tends to be shy but spends most of its time in the nursery and likes to sleep in a crib with toddlers. It can give toddlers and children short rides, although its wings aren’t big enough yet for it to carry them far. For some reason it knows how to get food out of the fridge and may feed toddlers or other dragons on the lot.

Garden Dragon.
This little dragon looks more like a big bug than a dragon, and it spends most of its time in the garden. It sleeps in the sun and it can make plants grow wherever it wants, even in your basement! It’ll help out in the garden and eats fresh veggies. Will often get attached to green thumb or outdoorsy Sims.
My inspiration for the Garden Dragon was Rex from Primeval, a Coelurosauravus:

Feather Wing:
The Feather Wing has the tendency to make Sims fall in love wherever it goes. It will grow quickly in a loving household and will cause flirtation amongst even the shyest of Sims. Feather Wings really don’t like anti-social Sims and may cause them a lot of trouble. It also causes trouble without thinking, often resulting in a lot of broken hearts. Very social dragon, but very picky also.

Fleur de Nuit
This strikingly coloured dragon is better than any guard dog; its highly protective and would scare the pants off any robber. At full size this dragon grows to the size of a horse. Fleur de Nuit are night creatures and like dark places, preferring to sleep in a dark hole during the day. It is a highly protective breed of dragon and doesn’t like intruders or unknown Sims. Is known to stand in the way of a door to stop any Sim it doesn’t like passing through. Protects children especially.

Chinese Lung

The Chinese breed of dragon is not particularly large but was bred for intelligence. Favoured by intellectuals it is known for its stimulating conversation and chess mastery. Unlike most dragons it does not enjoy playing with children and will instead ‘educate’ them in philosophy and helping with their homework. Also known for completing and fixing children’s homework when they’re left out, although often berates the child or teen for not completing it themselves. Sometimes found lounging in libraries ‘absorbing the intelligence’.

This feisty little dragon loves adventure and will happily leap into tombs and explore its hidden depths. Is able to find traps but will fly over and wait impatiently for their Sim to get across. They discover the greatest treasures and are quite at home sleeping in a pile of coins. Likes to play but can be too adventurous for its own good and can get into a lot of trouble. Can’t be kept cooped up for long periods of time.

Robot Dragon
iheartjackie wrote:The Robot Dragon should either be made from an Inventor’s Bench or be sent accidentally through the mail instead of, I don’t know, a couple of hundred iron ingots or such.

Once a Robot Dragon has been made once it is known for sometimes producing

Cantarum Lesard
iheartjackie wrote:Its distinguishing feature should be its tail which happens to always swing in perfect rhythm at all times (even when asleep), like a metronome--you can even reset its speed and rhythm just like a metronome, too; its scales are a creamy white or very light tan, with thin black and grey stripes (like stanzas on music sheets). They‘re the size of a large housecat and have very small wings that let them glide rather than fly. Its abilities should be able to play instruments and “sing” (which would be like deep, throaty humming to Sims’ ears). Breed trait is, of course, Virtuoso. Common locations should be around places either where music is played often or the theater, but can only be found by Sims who have at least six points in any musical talent (in case they even include Singing, which would be great).

Traits: Thank you Matz!
MATZ wrote:Traits:
likes darkness
green thumb
drawn to heat
drawn to chill
great swimmer
great digger
home wrecker
great flyer

EDIT: New Breed description, Updated Table (finally!)

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Why thank you. It amuses me. Is there anything you'd add or change? Dragon breeds? Aging?

I was thinking about an extended list of Dragon traits, not just the breed relavent ones.

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I like these ideas but not everyone has World Adventures so dragons can't be in France, China or Egypt

My Sims' Showcase Thread Feedback Appreciated *Taking Requests* :


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I'd like dragons! But I'd like it to be a really rare thing. When they add new stuff into E.P.s every sim tends to get the new stuff (like becoming a celebrity) etc.
I wouldn't want all my sims to have dragons.

And I wouldn't want them to get massive and have to leave. I'd like them all to be like mini-dragons. Maybe just like dog-size. I LOVE the caring for the egg idea. I'd like for kids to be able to do that too.

And maybe different care for different breeds of egg? Like maybe have to put firey dragons in the fire or on a fire-pit. And maybe cold-loving dragons in the fridge or something!

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hmm, I think instead of finding an egg, it should be a rare rock, that will hatch if kept in a room with a fire. But the rock will not always hatch, sometimes it'll just be a rock. If that makes sense... If it turns out that the 'rock' is an egg, you'll get a pop-up, and the option to get rid for those that don't want dragons, and then you have to care for it ect. I also don't like how the dragon has to leave when it's an adult maybe you'll have to build it a big two/three height room to live in

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I was thinking a similar thing, it's more like when you get certain rocks, plants, fish etc. with every new EP, I just thought it would be interesting to have destination and EP relevant dragons to be related to certain traits in Sims. Of course it would be unfair on those without the EP but EA does similar things already.

Exactly, I'd hate for a town to be overrun with dragons. I suppose sometimes a Sim could find an egg but are more likely to find precious stones. It would be good if every now and then a neighbouring Sim would get a dragon randomly also.

I'd love my Sims to care for eggs too. I can just see them sitting there and hugging them close, turning them over in the oven/fire pit.

I thought the same thing. (Yeah, I wrote a lot. I was bored).
So let's say you got a red egg, then a pop-up might say "That egg is warm, but it's getting cold. Maybe you should put it in a warm place? How about the fire?" As such the egg might go in the oven or somewhere else warm.

I was thinking that because it was such a rare event (and that there were so many varietes of dragon) that there wouldn't need to be the rock thing. It's a cool idea though, and could be incorporated. Perhaps if a Sim inspected the rock and then a pop-up said "Oh! This rock is warm! Maybe I should put it somewhere warm and see what happens! (Or whatever is relevant for each breed).

I think it would be easier to just let your dragons move out. They'd still get quite big, about the size of a large dog or even bigger.

Maybe dragons could be donated to science if they didn't want to be kept or could be abandonded, resulting in wild dragonets running around. Imagine a fire breather running wild!

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I would also like to exist Sims 3 dragons this way as you have devised a very interesting and creative and definitely would not want there Sims 3 dragons!

Screw the rules I have plumbob!

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No, no no no no. No dragons in sims 3. Medieval heck yes, it not only fits the era, but would be an interesting challenge. However, not in sims 3. No one thousand times no.

I love your ideas for the dragons, though I'd tweak it a bit, but never in sims 3 would I ever even slightly agree that it should happen. Sims 3 isn't about creature events, or lore, but about the families and the lives you lead. Dragons would completely skew the game and for some ruin it completely(those who prefer realism).

I agree they should exist in a sims game, but never in Sims 3, only Medieval.

Sorry to be the one person saying no, but this idea would not suit a rather large portion of the realism community(in fact it'd make them spot playing) and I do not want EA thinking this is a viable contribution to the sims 3, as it would be a gamebreaker for me as well.

Medieval, however, is perfect for this kind of thing

<-- I joined the Cult of the Nyan.

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I don't like that idea too much sims would be set on fire everywhere. It's not the best idead no no no no no no NO

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ameracis578 wrote:I don't like that idea too much sims would be set on fire everywhere. It's not the best idead no no no no no no NO

His idea was that only the red ones would have fire, the others would have some else. It is a good idea, as long as they didn't get bigger than a dog.


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I love this idea!

As someone else said though, I would be severely disappointed if they had to move out. Instead, I would prefer them to be like the size of the fire lizards in Anne McCaffrey's DragonSong series for Pern. Fire Lizards were a much smaller variation dragons (like cat-size to where they could sleep across your shoulders). They had the same abilities as their larger dragon cousins (flying/fire-breathing/teleportation), just smaller scale. They were also different in that they were not telepathic, and instead of imprinting and only belonging to one person, you had to impress them to make them stay with you (usually feeding them the moment they hatched).

I would like something similar (as in size) this way we didn't have to get rid of them because they didn't fit. Another benefit to them is they didn't have ridiculously long lifespans. Another plus so that we weren't at some point forced to give up our little dragon-cousins if we decided we wanted a new one but didn't have room.

On the other hand. Say we had normal-sized dragons. Instead of them going away after they became dog-sized, let them get to horse-size first! At least we could ride them a bit, even if we can't fly with them yet (their wings would be too underdeveloped still).

Oh! And this could open up a new death: Death by being eaten by a dragon. Afterall, we all loved the Death by Cowplant, why not make it dragons this time?

I don't know about you guys, but I use this game as a means of breaking out of the "realism" of ordinary life. I like the touches of fantasy that help you create some unique and fun stories. That's what first drew me to sims. It's a sandbox for imaginative creativity.

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only if the dragons can fire breath and eat sims.

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I think the dragons should age with "their Sim" and remain small until the Sim becomes an elder and then they can grow as big as horses and give Sims rides and stuff. Then the dragon would die when its Sim died - sad but cute.

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