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Afterschool Activity Issue  XML
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Joined: 10/04/10 12:38 AM
Messages: 7

For a while now I have a lot of my kids and teens signed up for afterschool activities. They all were working fine until recently. My teens can't go to their activity anymore! They get out of school and then don't get on the bus and just stand there. I use the button to tell them to go to their activity but it says something like "sim must have attended class prior to their activity". They went to school that day! And when I tell them to go home they just ignore it so I have to use the "go here" action. The one child in my household goes to ballet class fine so I don't know what's going on!! Does anyone have any ideas?

Joined: 06/01/10 08:28 PM
Messages: 164
Location:United States

This issue has been bugging me too. Scouting and Ballet classes work fine, but my teens can't go to their afterschool activities

Joined: 06/19/09 07:45 PM
Messages: 692

I had this issue too. I think it has something to do with the field trips. I noticed with two of my Sims, they stopped going to afterschool activities after they'd been on a field trip. Then with my twin teens I tried just cancelling the field trips, and they went to afterschool activities fine.

I think its a bug. >_>


Joined: 08/23/09 11:31 AM
Messages: 1

My sims won't go to any of the afterschool activities. =/ They get out of school and start doing their homework on the school grounds. And same with when I try to make them go and the message comes that they must have attended school for them to be able to attend the afterschool activity.

Is there any way to fix that without me changing the family I play with and then not going to the field trips?

Joined: 06/05/09 10:06 PM
Messages: 598

I have the same problem. I read somewhere that moving the family out of their house and back in, resets the family and the teens should then be able to go to their after school activities. I am going to try that.


Joined: 05/29/09 04:08 PM
Messages: 142

crap I hate to have to do that, this was fixed with the last patch, it wasn't until installing Pets and the new patch that its not working again.

Joined: 03/09/11 01:09 PM
Messages: 7

This happened to me, too, after I got pets. But the weird thing is, after I got that notification that one of my sims will graduate soon and kept an eye on that sim between 1:45-2:00, all the teens started attending after school activities again. I didn't even switch families or anything.

Joined: 05/04/11 06:01 AM
Messages: 56

I fixed it, for anyone else experiencing this I installed:

Twallan's OverWatch, and Twallan's Master Controller
they can be found here:
(I also have his Story Progression, and Debug Enabler mods installed)

I deleted my cache files, info on how to do that here:


I loaded my most recent saved game and clicked on a computer in my Sim family's home.
First I selected NRaas -> OverWatch -> Settings -> Clean up Situations = True.
Second I selected NRaas -> Master Controller -> Town -> Reset Everything.
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