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Town stuff unhandled page fault error on loading then quits!!!  XML
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Joined: 08/02/11 06:32 PM
Messages: 8

I have the sims 3 and also installed add ons late night, ambitions, town stuff, generations.
The last one to put on was Town stuff.
Now when I try to start it it just comes up with an error box
unhandled page fault on read access to 0x000000 at addres 0x0070f617, do u with to debug it.

When I choose yes it just quits and my screen refreshes twice.
I am on a macbook

Any ideas? have tried to run without installed content but still the same error

Joined: 11/02/11 05:11 PM
Messages: 1

I have the EXACT same problem, minus that the numbers in the error are different and I don't have late night or generations.

Anyone out there that could help?? Thanks so much!

Joined: 05/31/11 11:40 PM
Messages: 3

I have all the expansions packs and accessories packs installed in a macbook pro, My game used to work fine but now it crashes. The numbers that appears are different, but i tried to install all the games again, and i even went to the store to exchange the game. What can i do? plz help, i need to play the sims 3 again!

Joined: 05/11/11 11:08 PM
Messages: 1

I also have this problem! Hope someone can help us!!

Joined: 01/12/10 09:40 PM
Messages: 12

I have several issues with the Town Stuff pack.
1. Can't save the game half the time.
2. Have to start new game every time I turn around.
3. Lagging
4. Now, my saved games will not load.
Here's the message I am now receiving: Cannot load this saved game. It may have been saved with expansion pack data that is no longer present on this system.
The thing is, I have not deleted or removed any of my expansion packs.

Before, my Sims kept freezing. I used the cheat: resetSim (name of Sim) and the cheat: resetSim* (which resets every Sim in the entire town). However, I would have to do this over and over again. Then the Sims would disappear and would not come back.

Also, could not travel. The game would freeze up and lock up my computer. I had to do hard shut downs on my pc. (Which is not good at all for a pc.)

Thinking seriously of selling TS3 base game and all the expansion packs I own. I love the game, but seriously, I have a lot of money tied up in it for it not to work right.
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