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Rinn Fada - A Rural World - Released!  XML
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Make sure to share any pics/stories/whatever of Rinn Fada here! I'd love to see them!



Rinn Fada, a lush Irish valley seeped in history, consists of two sister villages, Baile and Sráid, and is home to many different types of sims. However, with all these newcomers making the valley their home, will Rinn Fada be able to retain its rich Irish heritage, or will it succumb to the ways of the modern world?
- By Conorsim August 2012.


I know: there is a lot to read on this first post, but please, take the time to read it all because it answers a lot of questions about Rinn Fada.

I began Rinn Fada just about a year ago, and to be honest I never thought I’d get it done! I love building so much in this game, as well as fleshing out stories, and I’ve wanted to build a world like this since CAW was released, but it did that quite a while to get used to CAW. I never thought I’d get such a big response with Rinn Fada, either, so thanks to everyone (see “Thank Yous”!).

I realise that Rinn Fada is not for everyone, big cities aren’t either. I really wanted to make something different than all other worlds… personally, I don’t think I have achieved that, but I did try, and I AM proud with the outcome.

I don’t want to ramble too much, but there’s just one thing: well done to anyone who can discover and understand the few Father Ted references in some of the lot descriptions



Lots: C: 44 R: 51 Total: 95
Map: Large
3rd Party (Non-EA) CC?: No
Prepopulated? Yes
Size: 91MB


Expansions: World Adventures, Ambitions, Late Night, Generations & Pets.
Stuff Packs:Outdoor Living Stuff (if you don't have this, the obejcts will be replaced)
NOTE: I only really used one object from Outdoor Living (save for a few chairs here and there)- the chimney/stove (courtesy SimsVIP) :

Store Content: I am using ALMOST ALL Free Store Content. I have used some non-free store objects, Most Store objects used are just plants and decor items, so the world will probably run without them, and even at that I don't know if I used any non-free store stuff.
I'm not saying all of the free store stuff following are included, but I'm including most anyway because I'm not sure if I used them or not

- Riverview (esstential)
- Earth Day
- Happy New Year '11
- The Sims Celebrations
- Harvest Bounty

I'm sure there's plenty more but I really don't have clue what I used. I'm sure most of ye have all the free stuff, anyway

CC/Mods I recommend:

Rinn Fada does not include any 3rd party CC, but I strongly recommend:

- Rabbit Hole Replacement Rugs/Doors by Jynx ... Whenever I will be playing with Rinn Fada, with every Rabbithole I will be demolishing the basements and simply placing these rugs/doors in their place, overground. It is a genius idea and has been around for ages now, and I really can't recommed it more. I've had them in my game for over a year now and they're brilliant. Even if you are anti-CC, they are a must have - for any world.
Thank you Jynx!

- Mods by NRaas Industries
- Story Progression
- Register (to reduce the amount of wild horses that spawn, reducing possible lag)
- Overwatch (to get rid of cars and turn off Tvs so to reduce possible lag.)
- Traveler (allowing sims who live in other worlds to visit Rinn Fada on holiday!
Thank you NRaas Industries!



(or click pic above)



(forgive me if they aren't 100% correct; I'm far from fluent and accent and pronounciation differs from province to province)
Rinn Fada = Ring Faw-da
Baile = Bawll-ya
Sráid = Shrawd
Bally(___) = Bal-ee
DonnCnoc = Done Kuh-nock
(Bally)Radhairc = Rye-erk
Trábeag = traw bee-ug
Carrigdolmain = car-ig dul-min
(Bally)Tithe = Thih-ah (not sure on that one)
Bótharbeag = Bo-her bee-ug
Oifig an Phoist (post office) = Iff-ig on fwisht

I would like to thank:

- MrCrumplebottom1 (Alex), for helping me with spawners, checking out the routing for me, and just generally being a very good friend!

- Simsample, for saving me and Rinn Fada far too many times *hugs*

- Annasommer, for helping me during the very early stages of Rinn Fada and for being a very good and understanding friend during the entire process.

- Elle0808 , for building the stunning lot “Ballyradhairc View”, and also her sim family!

- Johnnywr, , for making me laugh countless times and … y’know [insert hunky dory reference here]

- NRaas Industries & Jynx for their fantastic mods that make playing in Rinn Fada, for me, a whole lot better.

- EVERYONE at World Explorers & The CAW Forum & MTS for answering my questions, giving me opinions and generally just putting up with me!

- EVERYONE who has helped me test Rinn Fada over this past while. Your help has been invaluable!

- And to EVERYONE who has ever commented about Rinn Fada during the entire year. Your support could not be more appreciated, you are what kept Rinn Fada alive.

Thank you all!!!!
Go raibh míle maith agaibh, mo chairde!


Was going to make a "picture archive" thingy, as in, to link to each page etc, but... effort.
So, here's just a bunch of pics to get you interested in Rinn Fada
NOTE: all pics were taken before INI File changes.


Original Post:

Hi all,

Well, the weather has been so dreary and rainy and overall horrible today, so I was stuck in all day So, I started up CAW and never stopped!

Rinn Fada (Ring Faw-da) is a world based in Ireland. I had my heart on the South-East Coast, but I'm not sure where it drifted off to. I suppose I took all elements of the South, East and West to make this.

As I said, I only started it today so I'm not very far on it, but I reckon I've got the hard part over. If any of ye remember my Aillte Dubh world, well, that's scrapped and this will take its place.

Okay I'll spare ye the boring stuff and show you some pictures:


As you can see, I have a HUGE amount of space left. And I can't wait to get working on it It'll be packed with patchwork fields and untidy little lanes. I might squeeze a little village there too, apart from the Pier Area.

Oh, and I now some people will be sick to me from the back off their teeth from my Irish-proudness, but, if I don't do it, no one else will.

So, Honest Opinions?



ETA: and I'll make sure to add plenty of trees

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Hey Connor,

This really looks great! Off to a promising start methinks

And you did all this today I am soo impressed - takes me ages just to add the fences lol!

Can't wait for the next update!

All the best

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Hmmmm. Will Pets come with sheep? 'cause I tink it needs more sheep! Just kidding, what a lovely start, and I love the way the port area came out, looks authentic! Looking forward to your progress! Cheers.

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Hi, conor

Awesome sculpting!!!! and I love your color works


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Wow! It already has so much character...and quite a few cows! It's really beautiful. My sister-in-law has been lucky enough to visit many countries in Europe and Ireland and Scotland are her two favorites, for their rugged beauty and sense of history. You captured something really cool and real there. I can feel a bit of what she's talking about when I'm looking at your preliminary screenshots, just like I do when I look at her travel photos. I wish you the best on this world and hope to see your vision fully realized!

Call me Summer or JM (for JennyMoonlight) just don't call me late for spaghetti with meatballs!

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It looks really good so far, I cant believe you did all that in a day!

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Just Amazing.
It looks absolutely real and has a cosy feeling.
This is one for downloading, can't wait for it to be done!


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I really like what i see. And trust me i see it at least 10times worse than it actually is since i'm on my mobile and a p.o.oy connection and get horribly pixelated pictures. So if it's bad i see it horrible, and right now I see it perfect so far, so i know it's beyond imagination. Can't wait for more updates. Bookmarked.


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So you started this just today? Well it seems your already off to a great start!

Simbourne; A British style seaside resort:
Demo now on the exchange!

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Hi Conor.

Rinn Fada looks great so far. I`m really liking your little harbour area, there`s quite a few round these parts just like that. Don`t you wish there were a few little EA made fishing boats (without holes in them or from 2,000 years ago) to add to the harbour? I know you do!
Anyways, it`s going well Conor and I can tell you are putting your heart into it. Your cliffs and winding road are very persuasive


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Love it! Looks like I imagine Ireland must. Someday I'll have to see for myself.


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It's beautiful, but whaddya mean dreary, miserable day?!? It sounds lovely-it's why I live in east Hawai'i!

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Looks great Conor! I love the lush greens you used for the painting, and your terrain sculpting is stunning! Oh and the little port - so cute! I can't wait to see more


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Well done!

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