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My new Sunset Valley! (pics included of course)  XML
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Joined: 06/06/09 04:18 PM
Messages: 51

Sooo i got town life and updated my sunset valley! i had been wanting to do this for a long time now but when i came across this thread:

it inspired me to change my sv up: add bars, clubs, apartments, new rabbitholes, etc.
but it was a very difficult and time consuming thing to do! a lot of trial and error with adding/deleting lots, i screwed up 1 sv and had to start over lol but yea heres the pics of my sv...

this is my shopping center that i created, it has the spa, grocery store, bookstore, and diner (i think this is where the business building used to be)

heres the library and gym, 2 separate lots (this is where the old gym used to be at )

this is the town hall, i deleted the old one and replaced it with the bridgeport city hall and changed some things up a bit...(it sits at the same place)

here is the new school across the street from that shopping center i made (it sits where that diner used to be at) AND the business building is the same i just moved it to the other side of the street. AND the hospital stayed in the same spot as you can see...

heres a view of some lots. next to the business building is the small park that came with town life, and next to the park is the fancy 50x50 apartment/loft (i deleted those houses that used to line along that street) and across from that is another apartment building (that sits where the museum used to be at)AND that building on the bottom of the pic is the sports bar and it sits where the old school used to be at

i remodeled central park, i changed the tiles, added trees, changed the fence etc. but its basically the same structure

here is the community swimming pool, the structure is the same i just changed the fence, tiles, walls, and added nicer items, its at the same location

this is a view from some angle. its not a good pic of the stadium but i made my own by deleting that plaza with the movie theater/stores and placed the stadium rabbithole and tried to made it look decent

this is my movie theater lot i created it sits where the old library to it is more apartments

this is ruthless_kk's hawk and hound pub, this sits where the old bistro used to be at..

this is Blue-Green Club by cathystrof, this is along the beach (i got rid of the houses there, now its all community lots)

this is Wa Lounge by harichansarubou

heres a view of the beach strip, town life cafe, club, club, town life laundry place, and ambitions salon (which i redecorated)

heres a eagle eye view of my town, to give you a better view of where things are at

this is the perfect place to place that huge movie studio lot, it fits perfectly. i didnt place it cuz im not sure if i want celebrities then everyone eventually becoming one...

you see that house to the right all that space next to it along the street are residential lots waiting to be filled!

and heres another view of my town!

anywayz thats it! maybe it can inspire others with some ideas to remake their SV. if ya have any questions or!

Joined: 06/06/09 04:18 PM
Messages: 51

so "celebrities" started popping up in my town... i guess ill place the studio cuz it doesnt i saw one ugly male sim he had a unibrow and he was a one star celeb -___-'
& it looks like nobody cares my post oh wellll lol

Joined: 06/04/09 03:11 AM
Messages: 47

Coolcool! I'm super too lazy to build my own town. It feels so tedious!

Joined: 05/29/09 03:51 PM
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Gosh this forum has gone quiet. I blame Hidden Springs.

LUXURiOUS, Your town looks lovely. I'll be searching out some of those lots to add to my town.
You've obviously worked very hard but it was worth it.

small edit for tautology.

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Joined: 06/06/09 05:19 PM
Messages: 317

This town looks really lovely! I like the idea of having community lots on the beach, it'd be great to have beach bars and clubs. I might try it myself, thanks for the idea!

Thanks itsallbouterika9

Joined: 05/30/09 03:17 PM
Messages: 430

Defiantly cool town.

Joined: 07/28/11 04:38 AM
Messages: 59

i love your cool! how do you create commuinty lots?

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Joined: 05/29/09 03:08 PM
Messages: 2654

Cool! I really like the "new" park!

Joined: 07/22/10 06:28 AM
Messages: 1983

This is really nice, and if I was still playing SV I'd beg you to upload the save folder for the town (if that is possible). I guess I'd end up getting all your sims as well, though? It's so time-consuming figuring out how to place everything and you did a GREAT job!

Guess I'm gonna buy TownLife today for the rabbit holes (at Target, sale ends today) and try to re-do Twinbrooks. I'd like SMALL rabbit holes which still look nice, so I can save some room for a few additional usable buildings like bars and apts.

Joined: 06/01/09 07:41 AM
Messages: 833

Love this post You have inspired me to give my SV and other neighborhoods a make over.


Joined: 01/05/10 09:23 AM
Messages: 17

I love this post


Joined: 11/07/11 05:17 PM
Messages: 497

I love Love Love Love Love this.

You've given me inspiration to go try and build my own town lol xx x

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Joined: 11/10/11 08:12 PM
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I am working on a remodel of Sunset Valley at the moment, I want to turn it into a sort of Bel Air, Hollywood type of area with all those celebrity mansions from Bridgeport, the movie backlot and a mid town "strip" with clubs and bars but it is difficult to work out what to move and where.

Joined: 11/04/10 07:44 AM
Messages: 173

It's so cool. Actually the sunset valley is my favorite world even though the others are also great. I also changed the sunset valley but if compared with urs, my would look very bad
really like it!

Joined: 11/05/10 06:45 PM
Messages: 285
Location:Just call me Rainbow ;)

Oh my god, I'm changing and rebuilding Sunset Valley, too, but I created a whole thread to track the rebuild because I tore out all of the houses, too ;D
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