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Discussion - Questions on Bans/Reports and forum rules - UPDATE 3/10 Please see my last post  XML
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BluebellFlora wrote:If the forums were more organised with more sub categories I don't think there would be a bumping issue at all. For months now some us have been starting threads petitioning EA to set more categories, for example, in the Creative Corner:

Challenges & Competitions
Help & Advice on creating

The reason we sometimes have to bump is because there are so many threads and they just get pushed way down the pages. Don't forget, a lot of people only look at the first couple of pages then move on.

I completely agree.

If the forums were better organized, bumping would not even be an issue. Simmers have been BEGGING EA since the sims 3 launch - to PLEASE CREATE A NEW FORUMS AREA FOR THE MODELING COMPETITIONS. EA has not done that. We still continue to beg EA to do this.

The modeling competitions are fun and a great way to show off a creation. But they are the main reason why all of the other threads are dropped down and not seen. They are taking over the whole area. People can't find posts or respond to them because of all these modeling threads.

So people end up bumping their threads up again, just to get help. Then they end up banned for doing so.

But if EA actually listened to their customers and moved all the modeling competitions to a new area- then there would be less bumping of threads. Then less people would be banned for breaking a "rule" that isn't even listed in the forum rules.

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Zolt65 wrote:
CeleSeraphym wrote:

Zolt65, I don't see where MeestorMark or anyone else has "picked on" Jarsie.

I am refering to those who are so focused on the ethical slant and have overlooked the legal/logical argument Jarsie was mentioning.

As in this post:
"@Jarsie9: Why am I not surprised you said that? Plagarism is still plagarism regardless of the materials used. It wasn't EA who designed the overall look of the house or anything so it belongs to the user who created it.

If you had your way this forum would be like...- well something I can't mention here but I'm sure you know what I mean"

Most of the people in this thread are not concerned with the legal argument. No one is talking about sueing. The issue is an ethical one and EA could do something about it! Just as they impose rules on this forum and ban people who break those rules, they also could impose rules on the exchange and ban from the site those who break the rules. It is EA's product and EA's site and they have the power to do this. And it would be the right thing to do!


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Yeah...Jarsie sometimes...rubs people the wrong way. We should probably keep comments like that to ourselves (or take them to other forums).

I wanted to give SGHydra an update on my banning situation:

I contacted EA the moment I realized I was banned to try and dispute it because I thought it was utterly and COMPLETELY unwarranted. I filled out the dispute form and tried to access Live Chat, but after waiting 30 minutes I was cut off before it even began.

I tried Chat again the next day and had a long conversation with an EARep. I explained to you in that other thread what he said about contacting a forum admin, and how I couldn't because we don't have access to that information. He couldn't find it either.

He told me to fill out a dispute form (already did it) and contact someone else. Big help, but I did it.

By the time and EA person contacted me, my ban had already been over for a couple of days. He told me that I had been banned for "promoting a hack" and linking to 3rd party sites, which was, according to him, a violation of the Terms of Service.

In my reply message, I explained to him that I had NEVER seen or heard of a rule here that states that we're not allowed to discuss mods & hacks or link to 3rd party sites AT ALL. I asked for a direct link -- not simply a quote of a hidden rule, but a physical direct link to ANY source that clearly listed that particular rule so that I could read and understand it for myself. ANY source. I told him that I wanted to have the link for future reference because such valuable information could be extremely helpful to simmers in the future, something we could easily reference when needed.

Also, I pointed out that discussion of The Sims Resource, well-known for being endorsed and supported by EA despite its shady business practices and questionable content, was thoroughly discussed on this site without penalty, and that if every other 3rd party site was off limits for discussion, they should be held to the same standard.

I received a reply a little while ago stating that, after further investigation, it was discovered that the 'forum manager' had "overreacted" to my use of the word HACK and that my suspension would be overturned (it had already ended 3 days ago) and that my account would be noted as having an 'invalid suspension'.

So basically it seems that we truly CAN be banned for anything, particularly if the forum admins feel like having an itchy ban finger. Whether or not the ban is warranted is irrelevant -- if they don't like something you've said or posted or linked to, you can be banned REGARDLESS of whether it is a REAL rule/violation or not.

There really is NOTHING that we, the community, can do about that. If someone feels like banning you, then you're banned, end of discussion. It really and truly is up to you all to bring this to someone's attention and address this because we are utterly helpless.

Asking community members to stay in line and follow the rules and keep on the straight & narrow is FRUITLESS if we can be punished for violating imaginary rules. We do the best we can with what we have to work with...and we need more to work with.

Again, thank you for your time. I think people are bound & determined this time to see some real changes made for the better. Like I've said before, we need more communication. It would help if, along with the other information received with a ban email, we could have a link to the specific written rule that we violated. If no link can be provided because there IS no written rule, then how can it be said a "violation" has occurred?

Thanks again, SGHydra.


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Hi everyone,

I'll start out with a few of your questions just so it doesn't seem like I've floated away from this thread !

Bumping a thread once or twice is fine, but anything more than that falls into the spamming/flooding category. We know you want your topics to be read, but we all know that the community is HUGE and is constantly taking part in many threads at a time! Also, multiple bumps do not sit well with many. We can only suggest bookmarking your thread to keep track of it. Thanks for bringing this up, we’ll clarify the bumping in the forum rules.

We are aware many of you would like to see more specific sub-categories. We're currently looking into that.

We welcome sharing links to Sims fansites on legacies, stories, custom content, tutorials, and other helpful and creative stuff as long as they don't raise the game's T for Teen rating and are not for pirated content. As for these "gossip" pages some will talk about, we feel that mentions and discussions of these sites cause flame wars among members and are mostly off topic. You're welcome to discuss those pages elsewhere, just not on our forums .

As for particular CC sites - we have always allowed links to Mod The Sims. Just be sure you don't link to adult-themed content or anything else that raises the T for Teen rating. Again, we love seeing all the fabulous CC Simmers are creating! Just keep the T for Teen rating in mind when sharing links to them on this forum.


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CeleSeraphym wrote:I received a reply a little while ago stating that, after further investigation, it was discovered that the 'forum manager' had "overreacted" to my use of the word HACK and that my suspension would be overturned (it had already ended 3 days ago) and that my account would be noted as having an 'invalid suspension'.

That's very interesting.

I had a violation warning that I did not agree with and when I questioned it was told that they were sorry, but a warning permanently stayed on your account and there was no way of removing it.

In the email notification from EA about the warning, they first of all stated that I had been trolling. When I questioned this I was told that it had been wrongly recorded and I was in fact being reported for off topic posting.

So you see SGHydra, there's no real consistency here, this is why we are all (well, most of us) getting increasingly frustrated by these forums.

*EDIT* to say thank you for your response Hydra, I think I was writing mine when you were writing yours!

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Thanks SimGuruHydra! I agree with those rules.

I have a question that is not really related to this: Why are m i n i g a m e s and other harmless words censored?

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so linking to items on modthesims IS allowed? thank you very much for clearing that up.

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Thanks SGHydra for a response. I know I feel better that you are actively taking a role to respond to some of our concerns, and hopefully the forums can get back to what it was meant to be: A forum to discuss the sims.


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So what do you refer to as bumping? Actually saying bump? Or just two or more posts in a row by the original poster?

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thats a really good question BGateGWayB. some sites consider ANY 2 posts in a row by the same person, spam.

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myfirstsimsgame wrote:I have a question that is not really related to this: Why are m i n i g a m e s and other harmless words censored?

If you look closely, within that word, is a word that is used as an insult.

Thank you for getting back to us, SimGuruHydra.

I was always under the impression that Mod The Sims was off the menu, I even advised someone to delete a link that linked to a mod (the mod was to get all gems and metals easier) but at the time I feared they would get banned for providing the link.

Or is mods still not allowed, but things like CC hair, skins and clothes are?

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I have another question SGHydra though granted it is rather unrelated it is still about the forum because it concerns avatars. Please forgive me if I speak out of turn here but I would like to know who thought it would be a good idea to bleed even more money out of our pockets for a few glorified pictures and backgrounds :/

I am very disappointed that someone has decided to go along this route when it is entirely unnecessary. Those backgrounds are all from the game and does it really cost EA that much just to upload them for the avatars?

I only posted this here because I know it will be seen and it does concern the forum. Considering what I paid for the game, expansion pack and stuff pack I can't believe that EA would really charge people real money for something as basic as a background :/

Please disregard if you have no control over this SGHydra but please - isn't this all a bit much? First the store and subsequent lessened content in the game, now this... :/

Could you also please clarify plagarism? You have a section for it under the report button yet there are plagarists who are featured for items that they stole. I believe that as a creator of a sim that no one else has the right to upload that exact sim and pass it off as their own and the same goes for houses but as you can see from the discussion on this very thread there is a grey area. I suppose I'll have to accept that legally we don't have a case as it is property of EA but ethically speaking it isn't right that something a person spent hours creating could be simply stolen and re-uploaded only for the thief to be rewarded rather than the original creator. I am particularly concerned given the recent (and highly unfair IMO) culling policy that has arrived). I don't think plagarism should be tolerated at all regardless of what it was that someone re-uploaded but unfortunately it isn't down to me... though I do wonder if items are not protected from being stolen from other simmers why even have a plagarism option on the report button?

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I don't get it. :S
I use it when someone asks what I want on the game.

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I know this doesn't fit with the Bans/Reports & forum rules, but I think there should be a change to the exchange like adding a rating so a member can rate a creator's creations from 1 to 5 stars and add site ranks like on the TS2 site, but as long there isn't any culling involved. I mean, members put lot of time and effort into what they create and just because the creations don't get as many downloads and recommendations, it doesn't mean it's not unique as beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It'd be really sad that someone's creations which had lots of time and effort put in get deleted. That is why the "Add to Favorites" is on the site so you can go back to download if you lose the Sim, Sim dies, computer/game borked, etc. It's not really fair and 2 weeks is not enough time; a month or two is fair, but I'm not saying I agree with culling policy, it is ridiculous. I would like to add is that the stickers, backgrounds, badges should be free; it's not like it's going to be added in-game, but it is a good idea. The new features are borking up blogs and it turns links to some sort of wall of code. And there should be an option to remove the goodies from our page if we don't need it anymore and could re-download it again within the History and add i back to the page on choosing. It would be a better idea. Members should be allowed to have PMs. I mean, if the member got PM a message that was not appropriate, the sendee could report the sender. Think about it. It is a good idea.

Also, the free so called 'pirate sites' are not pirate sites, the ones that make you pay for the CC items are the pirate sites since they make members pay for an item which by law is illegal. Over a virtual item? It's a deal that people have to pay for them

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i think that "plagarism" does happen but, technically, if you share it acording to EA, ANYBODY can use it, sure plagarism is wrong but, it is NOBODY'S Property well, besidedes EA's

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