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can u gift this to me?

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Wow old thread. Bumped by a beggar.

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Edit2: As per request from Terry, I'm taking this away, plus, if this person sticks around, I guess they could have a second chance, people change. (also, my iPad made my post illegible )

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DestroYaF4c3 wrote:can u gift this to me?

Hi and welcome to the gifting forums. Just a little piece of advice hon, never ask outright for anything on your wl as it is considered as begging around here. Just imagine going up to a stranger on the street and asking them for $20.00 in cash, that person would no doubt tell you no way jose. Best thing you can do is to join in some of the
lotteries, competitions and contests

here as you can make lots of friends and get to know others to maybe be gifted something wonderful out of the kindness of their hearts. You may not win right off but as you gain experience with building or creation you will better your chances at placing in a top win. Besides this is a fabulous place to have lots of fun while doing it and make tons of friends in the process here are a few links to get you started in the right direction:
post your birthday here:
Rawr's everything directory (contests and such)

Hope this helps and hope to see you join in the fun....huggies

EDIT: Zulie and kitty, please edit your posts, let us not forget blacksheba's post awhile back ok? huggies

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