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Diancarock wrote:I agree with all your ideas to Dark slayer...I think our playstyle is somewhat similar. I did buy Showtime and they have some "gritty" clothing, more of a hip hop style.

You may want to invest in the "Seeing Stars" pack that's in the store. It came with some pretty awesome clothes.

I have been keeping my eye on that set and I'll probably buy it when it's either on the DD or when I get around to patching. It's a shame really, I've enjoyed not having to deal with that social networking junk being in my game but I do like that set and there's a player-made world I want to try out too that doesn't require Showtime but does reqire the updated patch.


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I like the clothes. I think they said the water dripping from the top of the new fountain was a new animation but i'm not sure. I really hated the fact they mentioned there is a new hair that is meant to look like a wig but they didn't show it

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As for being able to use all outfits, actually, it was mentioned a few times within the live chat that some of the outfits had a "plain" selection. She showed us the bandage dress (I think that's what it's called) and an evening gown type dress. Those did come with no candy stencils BUT my impression was that the outfits with those 3D textures of candy, etc... do not come with a version that's "flat" meaning no sweets attached.

I do like several of the outfits, I just wish those that had candy attached also had a version without attachments.

Zilvra wrote:I would not think you can get rid of all of the candy effects; a lot of the outfits are detailed not just by textures, but by meshes. While you can recolor the meshes, I assume the bumps in the shape of candy or cupcake, etc will not go away.

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I did like several of the outfits - but I hate that top with the cupcakes with the cherry or berry or whatever *******.

Had to laugh at the guy not being able to recolour the beret - but I think it would look good with abstract and themed textures instead of a plain one.

The blue hair is horrible (not because it's blue, but it looked like straw and the little tuft of tied hair looked weird to me). And they did forget to show the hair they promised to 'reveal' to us.

I'm not too impressed with their 'venues' so far. And I still think a candy-themed pack could include some kids' clothes. Or teen clothes. (I do have to admit this is the first time I'm not really complaining about their being no 'elder' versions, though... I can't really see Yumi Sekemoto in a cupcake top... LOL!!)

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I hated the chat, mostly because I hate Katy Perry and all the gay stuff in the pack.


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Maxianaconda1996 wrote:I hated the chat, mostly because I hate Katy Perry and all the gay stuff in the pack.

Keep your bigotry to yourself, Max.


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I thought the same thing, but didn't want to cause trouble. But I agree with mangoesandlimes, that Maxianaconda was out of line and bigoted.


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maybe she meant happy....

Anyway worse chat I've seen. I'm still not convinced to buy this SP. The clothes are hideous. I would have no use for the furniture. The hair is the same disaster, I really dont know who would use this except for Katy Perry die hard fans who would buy anything with her name stamped on it and ppl wanting to make a candyland.

I am neither.

I guess I just don't understand why EA would make a SP thats so limited.

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catloverplayer wrote:Oh she said there was a new wall pattern and also sims can use these outfits as career ones as well thank goodness.

My Katy Perry sim will wear lots of these outfits when she is singing.

The wall pattern I assume she's talking about is the one on the bike or bed the candy swirl. That will be nice so then I can recolor hottubs,double beds,toilets,showers,sinks and tubs to match the stuff in this stuff pack.

And speaking of bathrooms there maybe some stuff added as everything hasn't been shown yet.

I am really said that you are really impressed by wallpaper. Wallpaper is not something you put in a stuff pack unless your looking for filler to say you added extra content. Anyone can make wallpaper. And I know you are also impressed with the 'new pool tiles' but you do know that is just wallpaper too not a new build object?

I hope she did not mean the stripe pattern on the bike as that is already in the game - its just aqua now and not red. recolor the aqua part red and change the off white to solid white and its the same pattern.

The problem with using these as career outfits is the only careers I know they would work with would be ST and right now ST has the carer outfit glitch where performers often don't perform if they are wearing other then the game assigned career outfit. Until that is fixed it makes having alternate outfits for careers worthless.

As for the bathroom stuff - not sure I want a toilet with a cupcake on it, which is what we would have if you got bathroom stuff. Sweet Treat shaped bathroom fixtures just does not seem right. Otherwise bathrooms are pretty much the same even in candyland. I think recoloring the fixtures and using the candy cane stripes on the shower curtain and window curtains and towels; then add a few of the treat decor laying around on the counter and tub and you have your candy bathroom.


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Diancarock wrote:I just watched the chat, and the funniest moment to me is when they were trying to get the "cookie beret" to look normal lol... You could see the Asian guy sweating bullets . There were still visible cookie chips in the hat.

Nope still not sold, and why isn't the brownie uniform for little girls also? That would have given me a feeling like I was missing something buy not getting this pack...It could have been used as school uniforms too. Come on EA THINK!!!!

That drove me crazy! There was a big elephant in the room when they were acting like they made it look all normal, yet it was still obviously a chocolate chip cookie hat.

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I actually liked the Live Chat.

I was relieved to see that all of the items are highly recolorable and that many of the outfits come with 'normal' appearance options. I see the SP in a more positive light now, though I am still not willing to pay the increased price for it.

A sale will come, however. All things in due time. haha


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I watched the chat. I thought it was all right, but it didn't change my mind on Sweet Treats. Still not going to buy it, but I am looking forward to hearing about the upcoming EP.


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But it still has two blobs of ice cream on the top... it it STILL NICHE.

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