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Wanted: your questions **Prize winners announced**  XML
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Joined: 06/02/09 10:44 PM
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If I win something, which will not happen.

Please gift it to someone else.

Preferably gift it to yourself.

Joined: 05/23/10 11:48 AM
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what do you love the most about being on the forums?


Joined: 01/22/11 04:33 PM
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Hi, as you say you want to write... this questions are meant to help you find something to write about.
Have you ever had insomnia?
Have you ever been to bed for some minutes and then got up to write something that came to your mind?
Have ever dreamed with sims?
Have you ever dreamed that you were a sim?

What do you usually see through your window first thing in the mornings?


Joined: 12/26/11 04:32 PM
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Location:uploading to my studio

What was the first story you wrote? (sims or not)


Joined: 04/16/11 08:52 PM
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Location:Ireland :)

Where in the world would you like to visit the most?

Is there a time in your life you would like to go back to?

Who was your favourite Ninja Turtle ( mine was Leonardo)


Joined: 05/30/09 09:12 PM
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Location:Here now

What kind of accent do you have?
What is your voice like: gravelly, raspy, smooth?
Do you have any odd quirks?
Does your hair ever defy gravity?
Do you like to drink mochas or eat nachos?
Do you like the beach?
Do you ever hang out in the supermarket or theatre?
Is there a secret lurking in your eyes?

I misread the questions intention at first.

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Joined: 05/07/11 08:41 PM
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Location:Behind you :D

- How was your first day in Middle school?

- Have you ever created sims that were based on friends and relatives and made them do things you would have liked them to do in real life?

- What do you listen to? What's on your top list in your Ipod/MP3?

- If a third world war was to begin, what would start it?

- Do you like vampires?

- Imagine a world where fairies, born in flowers, would take over humans and enslave them. Would you be the hero and fiht for freedom in such a world?


Joined: 05/29/09 08:18 AM
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Brilliant questions everyone I'll give it another hour for questions to be entered then I will draw the winners.


Joined: 12/25/09 05:02 AM
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What is the name of your first Sims 3 baby born in-game?
Do you use cheats in the game?
Have you ever cried when a Sim died?


Joined: 07/13/09 06:33 PM
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Are you really a robot? A super sim and house making robot? (I've mentioned this before but now I'm asking. You make things super fast but yet they are really good and don't look rushed!)

This would explain the massive amount of sim points as well, because as a robot you can type in a code to get sim points without actually spending money... Or you may be more then one person?

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Joined: 06/15/09 09:27 AM
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Location:I'm here, I think?

ok sims related:

Are you Pro or against Lama's?
.... boarding schools?
Are you wanting Magic EP or Seasons EP.... or something else? *gasp *
Do you play occult sims if so which ones?
Fave EP/Stuff

Whats your favorite part of Sims ( I know the building/ story’s been asked but this is a bit different whats you favorite part or thing they can do or you can do to them? I.e. painting, the new baby smell, or killing off sims?)
Your favorite sim object (you know that every house has to have)
Your favorite sim Skill? Are they all chefs, paints or what?
Your favorite sim Dish?
Your favorite sim Trait! You know you have one!

How do you feel about killing of sims in your game, and not just the "opps; was there a fire" type.

For Real life you have to do standard stuff
Male/ Female
Do to the rule about stating to much personal info such as real name/ age If you want you can put a decade, or a person place thing what was really big as a kid/ when you where born or something like that.
Favorite music
Favorite author
What time of day you play the most

OK all I can think of I'm sure some have been mentioned but I thought the more you saw them the more likely its what ppl will want to know.
Have a good one!

What some gifting ideas? Try these directory's; Simpoint free
Gifting that Reachsim started

Joined: 05/29/09 08:18 AM
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Location:The Bunker

There will be 8 winners drawn and they will recieve of of the prizes below.

1. 100sp Rockleyfamily
2. 75sp xgrimxxbeansx
3. 50sp JustLiz87
4. 50sp KSpencer gifted
5. 25sp SimsManiac2k9
6. 25sp MissKate8
7. 25sp Lumysims2000
8. 25sp Bethymai gifted

Please let me know what you would like and thank you everyone for the questions.

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Joined: 06/19/10 01:30 PM
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Can I have the chocolate fountain please?
I hope these questions help you get your writing brain going ^_^ good night and thank you for hosting

Made by mona1996! Thank you

Joined: 07/15/09 05:31 PM
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Location:Southeastern, US

Oh wow, I didn't even realize this was a lottery

Thank you for hosting stikystuff!

For my prize, I would like:


Joined: 05/29/09 08:18 AM
Messages: 2880
Location:The Bunker

Both gifted and your welcome

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