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Melonie in Paradise: A CK213 Island Paradise Experience [Mermaids: Final Pg. 11]  XML
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wow Ck two storys at once again. So happy you are playing IP and sharing it with us again. I havent really played around with mermaids yet, i havent been too interested in them but you have me hooked (tee hee). And you are right that hair is only fit for a mermaid, i have tried to use it before too and it never worked.

Love the boat!

that last segment about the sky metal was awesome. i have had two meteor strikes but never where it worked with my story like that lol

I am glad to read though, that you intend to finish off the Uni story It's been such a fun read. All your storys are great.

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Congrats on your first meteor strike! So glad no one got singed...I love all the metal rocks it gives, so profitable.

Cute update...glad the boat made it out too.

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Great story CK! Bookmarked

E 'meglio vivere un giorno da leone che cento anni da pecora!

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Gosh, the meteor strike was close!

As I'm in the UK, I can never open messages so please don't be offended because I don't answer any! I just can't see them...

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My first meteor strike landed on the house I was then playing and ruined a bunch of stuff. I've hated meteor strikes ever since, but they are really rare at least.

Loving the story!


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Awesome story & pics CK! I had no idea what u meant by sky metal but I'm glad to see that in the end not only was it your first successful meteor strike but that in the end it ended up benefitting Melanie & Maya too! Bookmarking this thread can't wait to see more updates!

Chances are I'm lurking on here while watching WWE Network!

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Oooh! What have I been missing. Thanks to Melonie's new clothes appearing on my page I guessed there must be an IP thread and here it is.

Great pictures and I love the boats too.

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rsedorothy wrote:Oooh! What have I been missing. Thanks to Melonie's new clothes appearing on my page I guessed there must be an IP thread and here it is.

Great pictures and I love the boats too.

Yep, I'm still on a break from University.

I've finally upload the boat. I'm Calling it the Salacia after some water goddess. I was going to name it The Calypso. I probably should have. I can always rename it in the game.


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Thanks for the uploads!! I really love that outfit & the boat as well. Great job!! Keep it up!


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Mermaid's Secret

Maya is still flexing from all of that swimming.

"Maya, a while back I explored an uncharted island. I was by myself and was too afraid to really explore the place, but I want to go back now. Will you come with me?"

"Sure! I love exploring."

They arrived at Melonie's island.

"I didn't know this was the island, Melonie. This is Mermaids Secret. People are superstitious about it."
"Mermaid's Secret? Is that what your people call it?"
"No. That's what your people call it. My people call it Shinokalimani. We don't come here."

"Do you want to go on?"
"Sure. I'm nosy, Melonie. Besides, you came back from here. It can't be that bad."

"Okay...I never noticed that when I was here the first time, Maya."
"It's very old. Maybe he was stranded here, or he got sick, or something happened."

"I would have jumped right back in the boat If I had noticed him."
"Well, you're still here. Let us look around. I want to see more."

"Ooh, smart trees! These are rare. My people say they were brought here by people from other worlds."
"They work and they are very tasty, like giant gummi bears."


Maya felt the sudden urge to go horseback riding.

Melonie picked up another Simfu skill point.

"I think I should make time to study the benefit of those crystal trees."

"I never noticed that. Maybe it is another wishing well."

"That is a dive pool, Melonie. It probably connects to another place."

"What, like a hidden area?"

"Yes. Maybe there is a history and some truth to this island's name."

"I'd like to find out what that is."

"There's the obvious way find out. Time to get wet."


"You don't know what's down there."

"I am about to find out. I will come right back."

"That's crazy."

Relax when you can.


"This place does have a secret. You have to come see it."

"Swim down a well? Is it safe?"
"Yes. You should be fine. You will be able to hold your breath long enough to make it."

"I will go first. Don't take the small opening on the left. It doesn't go anywhere and will just make you waste air."

"Okay...but come get me if I seem to be taking too long."

"You will be fine. It is a simple thing really."

"Simple for a mermaid."

"Here goes..."

Melonie takes a deep breath.


"Oh my god! Just when I was about to panic, I saw the opening."
"It will be easier now that you that you know how far it is and how long it takes."

"I'll keep that in mind when we go back."

"This is interesting."

"This ruin used to be filled with water, but I don't think it was flooded by the tides. This must have been when the waters were at a high level in the past."

"Good because I would hate to be trapped here by an incoming tide without my scuba equipment."

"That would be bad."

"Look, there is ancient coral here. They are dead."

"Ooh...never mind the coral."

"My eyes spy treasure."

"One of those statues was above."

"Maybe some kind of cataclysm buried this place?"

"Oh yes! Come to mama!"

"Starting up my resort is going to be a breeze."

"You should join me, Maya. We could be partners."
"Run a resort with you?"

"Oh! Another chest!"

The spawners are starting to kick in.

"Oh my!"

"I wonder if there are any other secrets here."

"Probably precious metals and gems."

"This place may be worth a few more visits."

"Can you hear the surf, Maya?"
"Yes, I can."

"That looks like some sort of pool."

"The water is very warm."

"A hot tub? Here?"

"This feels wonderful."

"What is the heat source?"

"It must be natural."

"Perhaps it's taking advantage of a hydrothermal vent?"

"Whatever it is, it makes for a tub."

"I'm serious about the resort, Maya. You should partner up with me."

"What would I do? Please don't say clean up. I don't do that."

"We will hire help for that kind of stuff. You could help me make sure the customers are enjoying themselves. You could be in charge of hospitality."

"I like the sound of that. I like people and interacting with them, and lifting their spirits."

"Good. Consider it. I think I'm ready to start looking at properties or build sites."

I really like this cavern. I'm debating whether or not if I will go full WA on it and add traps and hidden rooms, but it's no fun when you know were all the secrets are.

For now it's just a cheaty lot when I'm in need of cash, but don't want to enter cheats and also want a bit of randomness with lucky collectables.

"Interesting place, but the longer I'm here, the creepier it starts to feel."

"Let's go."


"You go first, Melonie. I will follow behind."

"You are braver than me. I don't think I could take a moment being in here alone."

"My mind would make these statues come alive, waiting to leap out at me."

"Statues coming alive?"

"What was that?"

"A mermaid with legs? What sort of magic would do that?"

"It must come from pairing with humans. Much has changed."

"Who is saying that?"

"But she is pretty..."
"Meh...I can't get past those legs."

Next: Happiness
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Haha! Very cool!! Love that secret cave and the dialogue and the talking statues and...yeah okay this new update is fantastic! I'm glad you've come upon the same conclusion that talking statues are in fact, real. I thought I was alone for a while there, lol!

It's got a bit of history, mystery, some action...your story is coming along great CK!

Phew, so excited...I may have to take a nap now.


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Downloaded and installed the Salacia. It will be perfect for my half-alien sim.

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Melonie took in desperately needed air.

That was a long time to hold your breath and the experience was only marginally better the second time.

Maya prepared herself to enter the dive well.

"You have to at least give her points for that dive."
" was nice. 8.3, I would say."

It was taking Maya a long time.

Melonie started to worry.

She's a terrible coward, and probably wouldn't be much help.

"Hey! I resent that. I may be neurotic and I tend to avoid extreme dangers, but I am not a coward."

And cute when angry.

"Thank, God!"

"You had me worried."

"There was no danger for me."

"It seemed like it was taking you longer than it should."
"Oh, that."

"Ha ha, you were right. It was really spooky down there by myself."

"See, I told you. Those statues were creepy."
"I know. I thought I actually heard them talking. I got goosebumps."

"It seems so funny now, but I was actually scared down there."
"Ha, then it's not just me."

"Where are you going?"
"I want to make a wish, like you."

"Are you going to wish for wealth?"

"No, I am wishing for happiness."


"You aren't happy?"

"Not like I used to be."

"I want true happiness back."

"I wish for my pure happiness to return."


"Nothing is happening. I did not get my wish."

"I used to get happiness from the simplest things. Now happiness is hard to find."

"Try again, it took me twice to get my wish."

"I will try."

"Something is happening."

"I can feel it!"

"It is done! I feel the happiness of a child!"

"Good for you!"

"Be prepared though, this could be temporary. You can find happiness in plenty of things. Just being with a friend and going to a funny movie can give you a shot of happiness."

"What is a 'movie'?"


"Hmm...something has just occurred to me. These skeletons on this island, maybe these people weren't stranded, maybe they were addicted to happiness wishes and did not want to leave. Let's go!"

"Where are we going?"
"To find you other sources of happiness."

"But...what is a movie?"

"I intend to show you."

Next: Movie Night

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Arletta wrote:Nice story, CK. To skip the mermaid swimming everywhere you could click on the sea close to where you want her to be and click boat here. Failing routing issues they get there in the end.

It's strange, but I could have sworn when I wanted her to boat to a certain part of the ocean she didn't have the option even with the aqua sled in her inventory. She can now. I must have been mistaken.

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