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What do you thinkg about Appaloosa Plains?  XML
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Joined: 05/29/09 01:12 PM
Messages: 165

I haven't bought the game yet myself, but I'm very curious about the new town. After the failure of Bridgeport, and the lack of a new town in Generations, I'm really putting my hopes in Appaloosa Plains!

I like the colours and the style, but I haven't really gotten a good view of the buildings. Are they well built, are the lots placed well - does it really look like a "real" town? Or half-arsed as, say, Barnacle Bay.

Anything you can think of, good or bad, I'd like to hear it all! And pine trees. Tell me it's got pine trees.


Joined: 01/22/11 06:00 AM
Messages: 25

I'm enjoying Appaloosa Plains quite a lot, especially the new styles of the buildings. The hospital/science lab is really awesome and the new parks for the cats and dogs are also really cool.

The only thing that irritates me is the ice cream van that keeps stalking me but I guess it's good to have delicious cold treats everywhere you go.

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Joined: 10/25/10 03:31 AM
Messages: 4

Appaloosa Plains is amazing, the detail to the town, especially each community and residential lot, really adds to the whole country feel.
The thing I love is majority of the house have their own barns which look real, and also most of houses have very cute country kitchens

Bridgeport I didn't think was to much of a disappointment compared to Hidden Springs, erghh was so disappointed! and annoyed that I even downloaded that town!

But overall Appaloosa Plains is one of the best towns ever built!

Joined: 01/11/11 05:59 PM
Messages: 52

The only thing I don't like about Appaloosa Plains is the stereotypical country feel. I'm not really into the ranching styles of things. But other than that, the town looks good, especially the hospital and science lab as juliachetcuti said.

Joined: 06/20/09 08:23 PM
Messages: 2221

I haven't played in Appaloosa Plains yet but when I first loaded up Pets I test run with one household to check it out. What I first noticed, and liked, was the community buildings had been combined. I think they did a good job this time with combining the community buildings.


Joined: 07/29/10 07:14 PM
Messages: 5751
Location:Lucky Palms

I like the country feel to it.. I guess they did that because of horses. I also like the lack of a beach. I got sick of seeing a beach in a lot of towns.


Joined: 09/04/11 03:00 AM
Messages: 4797
Location: Roaring Heights

Its a very cute little town. I like it.

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Joined: 06/01/09 07:49 PM
Messages: 2280

It's has a nice peaceful feel to it and the combo lots are great.Looking to kick back and relax then AP is for you.

Joined: 10/31/11 08:46 AM
Messages: 1

I really like the way community lots are combined too.
Still not too sure how about the very small country town feel. But it is very quaint and cute

Joined: 06/10/09 11:46 AM
Messages: 4504

I'm pretty fussy with towns and always end up doing an extensive makeover before I even use one.

At first glance, I wasn't too impressed with AP. But when I started remodelling it I found that there wasn't much I needed to change to make it to my liking. EA have actually done a very good job with it and with the Lots, IMO.

I love the ranch style of it and the extra bits around the hood which are not actually on Lots - like fields surrounded by fences, hay barns etc and the dirt tracks that sims can ride along on their horses. The community Lots are pretty awesome and, apart from internal decor/furnishings, they have made an excellent job on the big ranch homes. It does feel like a real town, things are very well placed and, as someone else said, there is great attention to detail.

I'm now playing a family with two horses and AP is rapidly becoming my favourite hood. Thumbs up to EA on this one!

Edit: My goodness, I've come over all faint now...I haven't paid EA a compliment in a long time, lol.

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Joined: 03/10/11 06:51 PM
Messages: 153
Location:Santa Monica, CA

Personally I think the lot's are beautiful, but the sims are so boring! My sim 's only BFF's are her animals

Joined: 06/19/11 04:52 AM
Messages: 4408

I have to say it is pretty good looking town to have pets to hang around at.

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Joined: 06/21/10 05:25 AM
Messages: 241

It's a nice town! It has a lot of space and a dogbone pool which I find pretty cute. But I find it too big for my taste! Thats just me though.
I think you'll like it


Joined: 10/16/11 05:52 AM
Messages: 39

Appoloosa Plains Offers that Country Feeling with HORSES and and other animals which is pretty cool but the only thing i hate about it is that with or without the navigation icons, i still find it difficult because i don't know my way around as well compared to Bridgeport and Sunset Valley

Joined: 08/20/11 08:35 AM
Messages: 257
Location:Adelaide, Australia

I love Appaloosa Plains - it's so detailed and well made. Plenty of homes, sims and community lots, although I would have loved one more park, just a general park in the centre of town ...
My one complaint is that the community lots are always empty, or only have one or two sims there. My sim is almost an elder and still single X3

And what do you mean about Bridgeport? I simply adore Bridgeport. It's perfect. Still my favorite Sims 3 town to date.

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