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Error Code 12...  XML
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I'm experiencing an increasing rate of Error Code 12s after installation of The Sims 3 Pets. In the past when i've had this issue, i found it was because i was running a digital copy (bought from, But my copy of The sims 3 Pets is not a digital copy. Its so bad i'm considering uninstalling the Pets expansion pack. Anyone have any possible solutions before i uninstall Pets?

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If you have more than 4GB RAM, use 64-bit OS. Then you can get rid of this issue. If not, bad...

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have you tried any of these solutions..?


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I first encountered Error Code 12 after I installed Generations. I eventually found this fix if you look at what Phil51660 has posted. I haven't ran into Error Code 12 since I used this. If you haven't done this before, then I would definitely give it a try.

Hope this helps!

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Its from those horrible memories.

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Wolf10kFire wrote:Hi

I first encountered Error Code 12 after I installed Generations. I eventually found this fix if you look at what Phil51660 has posted. I haven't ran into Error Code 12 since I used this. If you haven't done this before, then I would definitely give it a try.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the link. I've not seen this one before. I'll give it a try, hopefully it helps. I'm running a HP Slimline, Intel Core 2 Duo 2.66GHz 2.67GHz, 3GB RAM, Nvidia GeForce 9500S. When the game runs I run it at highest settings. And it runs fine, most of the time.

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My apologies for my ignorance but...

Is error code 12 the error you get when you go to save and exit and the message comes up saying that the game could not be saved because of the error code?

I have gotten that before, a few times, and what helped me was instead of clicking "Save and quit", I just did the "save" option-It would then save the game with no problem and I could quit afterwords. If what you're experiencing is not this issue, than I apologize and hope someone could offer some advice to help you!


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piratekitag wrote:My apologies for my ignorance but...

Is error code 12 the error you get when you go to save and exit and the message comes up saying that the game could not be saved because of the error code?
Error 12 is an error in the saving process of the game.

What the game is trying to tell you is that there is too much data for it to properly write a save file for your game's world. This includes things like Family Trees, Individual Sims memories, the art your Sims have painted and collected, how many tomatoes you have in the fridge, the title of the books your Sims have wrote, and any other data that needs to be saved for your game.

The easy solution for a lot of people is to update your hardware, particularly your RAM since some believe that is the root of these errors.

If you cannot update your hardware, the next best thing to do is to just delete all the stuff you can delete that contributes to the file size, such as the things I've mentioned above.

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After some looking aorund on my own, inspired by the only real fix I've ever seen for this problem in this thread (already shared here but I don't think you can really share it enough becasue its the only thing that actually works);

It looks like the problem is indeed a memory (RAM) issue. If you have 2GB or less you will most likely get this Error at some point as the game file gets so big that the saving process overwhelms your system's resources. RAM's pretty cheap nowadays so get at least 2 more GB and you're set.

I had 4GB already and STILL had this problem. I went without playing for almost a year because I just couldn't stomach starting all over again every single week.

Turns out this kind of memory issue is a problem for other games and programs as well (Phil's fix is also suggested for users of AutoCad drafting software for example) running on older, 32-bit versions of Windows (XP, Vista etc.). These systems are set up to only allow applications access to a max of 2GB of RAM at a time regardless of how much you have installed. The 'bcdedit /set IncreaseUserVA' is a switch command that tells Windows to allow a larger amount of system RAM to be accessed by applications.

Now that my Sims 3 is allowed to use more RAM for magic the Error Code 12 issues have vanished. From every two or three saves (saving every 30 mins) to completely gone for more than a week! Yippee!

That fix should be stickied and shared as much as possible. Seriously, EA needs to replace their 'delete everything in your saved folder and start again' advice with this fix.

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Thank You as I wasn't getting help when I asked.

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i keep getting this error code on a brand new computer, terabyte harddrive with 8 gigs of ram. i am having a hard time believing it's a memory issue. are there any other solutions available??

i'm running pets off of an origin download right now. is that possibly the problem? but i don't see how it should be?

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It is a memory issue. I run a 1TB with 16ram, and was having this problem also.

I saw the much mentioned fix by Phil51660 but it seemed a bit complicated and dependent on the system you are running involved more/less work, and decided to try CFF Explorer instead.

I used this program before on recommendation of a tech support guy when my video making program kept freezing during render. I tried it today, and after about 20 test saves, am still error free. CFF Explorer is compatible with XP/Vista/7, and can be used in the exact same way regardless if you're running a 32bit or 64bit system, and with any program.

For those like me who are a bit leery about playing with their system files/registry. This is a fix that works simple and easy and is the same for everybody. All you need to do is download CFF Explorer from here:

1) Open CFF Explorer
2) File>open or click the folder icon
3) Navigate to your TS3 application file, I do digital download, and my file path is:
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\The Sims 3\Game\Bin"
(Please note: you can find the file path to the correct directory by right clicking on the Sims 3 icon on your desktop, and selecting properties. The path is located under the "shortcut" tab under target)
4) Once there, select the "TS3" application file and open
5) Under "NT Headers" select "File Header" and click where it says "click here"
6) When the window opens check the box that says "app can handle >2gb address space" and click "ok" to close the window
7) File>save or click the disk icon, and when it asks if you want to overwrite the original file say "yes".

You are now error free and can continue to use your launcher like normal. No restart necessary since you're changing the application and not anything in your system files/registry.

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If your game is patched up to date, your game should already have been modified by EA to address greater than 2 Gb of memory. I can't remember exactly when EA did this, but it was sometime around when Pets came out.

If you have a 32-bit computer, you do have to update your start-up file to address more memory. If you have a 64-bit computer, you don't have to do anything except to have 4 Gb of memory.

To read more about this, go to this web site that explains it further.

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I know I'm probably gonna annoy loads of you by saying this and it's probably already been said, but today I experienced Error Code 12. There was recently a patch released, however I had not got around to installing it. But what I did do was start my game completely from scratch. I uninstalled all my CC and store content, closed the launcher and restarted my computer. Then I went into the game and set all my Graphic settings to a minimum except the reflective mirrors slider, which is still on full and the sim detail slider, which is on medium. Then I exited the game again and restarted it. Then I went back in and was able to save my game. I also deleted any current games that I was playing. So basically I stripped my game. I have found however, that the only world I get it with is Bridgeport, on the high rise apartment lot, which has a swimming pool outside and a large glass entrance. I found that saving and quiting individually didnt work either, nor save as.

Hope is helps,

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everyone keeps saying to download this file or something I don't know, but I think the fastest and easiest way to solve error code 12 is to find the source of the error in the town. I quickly realized it was because when one of my sims (a stylist) went to perform a job at someone's house, the person conveniently died on the door step. fortunately the game fixed this with the message "sorry I have to cancel my appointment something came up!" with a picture of her ghost. I was still in her house and she lived alone except for 4 cats (lonely cat lady) feeling pity ^.^ I used tesingcheatsenabled true and added each cat to my active family effectively adopting them. just as the social worker went to pick them up, the game didn't know what to do and after leaving the lot I haven't been able to save. I'm thinking about making each cat die of old age and seeing if that will satisfy the needs of the games fourth wall... made this sound like those cats were a time paradox hehe.


adding to my previous post, went to kill of the cats, they were no longer in my family! the social worker took them from me! this is definetely what is causing the problem, playing the game normally (hoping it doesnt crash) you can keep on playing i think and after a generic amount of time the game might sort itself out a bit and skip over error 12 and let you save it worked once before when i deleted one of my twins because i didnt want it. i just kept playing trying to ignore the baby listed as one of my household as a constant reminder of the "makeshift abortion" it worked and the baby icon disapeared and my game forgot about it too. hoping this will work again ^.^


another update!!! ok, really confuse i went back to the house, there was a random sports car outside, and a woman at the doorstep. (forgot her name already ) she mightve been the social worker i dont know i havnt seen her round town before and i think she was an NPC because i couldnt interact with her. also if i went to the map view. the house had an orange icon of an occupied house of someone you know, but if you hovered on the house it just had the address and if you clicked on it the familiar option "ring door" and "nobody lives here..." i waited for a bit, the woman left the porch after waiting for ages and went back to her sports car, briefly before that i got a map view icon of one of the cats, buyt it disapeared and then there was sad music and the house became unnocupied. is this a normal procedure when a person dies? (minus the cat part) or is my game messing up and getting confused?? im 14 i have no idea.

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