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NOTE: This thread was created over a year ago before Sims 4 was even a twinkling in EA's eye. Ok, maybe it was a twinkling. But please... no hate posts about how Sims 3 is finishing. Many of the below ideas can be implemented into Sims 4. Also, you'll notice that a number of these ideas HAVE been put into Sims 3 after I posted them. Just saying :)

Hi there

I have a few ideas I'd love to see in game, and I'll add to this list as I think of them. I'll also gladly add other people's ideas if they have any! So feel free to mention some items or abilities YOU'D like to see too!

So here goes:

Construction Depot

• Gothic stained glass windows - by Cinderellimouse
• Thatched roofs - IMPLEMENTED!
• Diagonal stair placement
• Corner stairs
• Curved Stairs (concave and convex)
• The ability to add layers in terrain paint
• Pre-made dormers
• Tall fences and matching gates
• Curved walls
• Curved windows
• Paintable chimneys
• Boundary fence of pebbles
• Different styles of letterboxes to choose from - IMPLEMETED
• Ruined wall segments - IMPLEMENTED
• Broken windows
• Ladders that act as stairs for barns/lofts etc - IMPLEMENTED (Island Paradise)
• Glass roof tiles and glass roofs
• 2-story windows and doors (suggestion by wizplace)
• Convert lofts without the ceiling being too low for lights
• Split-level stairs
• Greenhouse building materials - IMPLEMENTED
• The ability to have different heights on the different layers of the roof - IMPLEMENTED
• Tiny fences and tiny gates to match (suggestion by Zabeth0)
• More 3-sized doors
• Glass Bricks (the thick ones) that can be stacked on top of each other for interesting walls. (See for image)

The following suggestions are by Suceress. Pictures on page 7
• Curved garaged doors (or ones with a curved detail on top)
• More variety of trims for garage doors including alternating quoin patterns.
• Alternating brick patterns for windows and doors
• More 3-tile doors
• Doors that look like individual apartment doors with peepholes and locks
• Cellar doors
• Internal windows without glass
• Sliding interior doors (pocket doors)
• Windows that are mirrors on one sidfe and see-through on the other
• Smaller elevators
• Floor drains that allow puddles to drain out.
• The ability to choose different doorframes and trims to go with different doors
• The ability to choose whichever door knob we wanted for doors
• Doors/archways with hanging bead curtains (or a variety of different hangs)
• Half walls with a component hanging from ceiling to look like a wall with a cutout.
• Wall mounted handrails for staircases that are up against walls.
• More gates, particularly 3-tile wide that allow cars through.
• Double gates that either swing out or slide.
• Security grate type garage door.
• Two-story tall gates and fences
• Screen doors and security doors in front of exterior doors
• Window openeing with a bar
• Collapsible doors
• Storm doors/screen doors
• Sliding security doors
• Accordion Doors
• Bi-fold doors

For the Garden

• Climbing rose bushes
• The ability to use CAS on plants, trees and flowers
• The ability to use CAS on terrain paint
• The ability to use CAS on roofs
• Multi-half level stairs (corner stairs rather than just straight)
• Grapes that can climb trellises (suggestion by Zabeth0)
• The ability to pick flowers (suggestion by LinaraYod)


• Large round dining tables (6-8 seats)
• Rocking chair - IMPLEMENTED
• Rocking horse – for toddlers and children - IMPLEMENTED
• Rotary washing lines
• Adjustable ceiling lights (RosemaryGardens, pg 12)
• Interactive wishing well - randomly gives a positive or negative moodlet when a coin is tossed in. - IMPLEMENTED
• Raisable curtains and mirrors
• More rugs! - Always can use more and more and MORE!
• Curved curtains to match curved windows
• Curtains that actually fit the full length and height of existing windows
• Disco ball/light that acts like a real disco ball (large and small)
• 60’s era pack to make creating dive bars more interesting and fun
• Dressing table that your Sim can sit at
• Red indoor flowers
• Tennis courts and other Sports Stuff items!
• Lace curtains that Sims can see out but not in. (Suggestion by midnightpearl)
• Ceiling fans that are also lights
• Corner sinks and/or sinks that can be placed on an island counter
• Two story chandeliers
• Toaster
• Personality-changing Crystal ball (TS1) (Suggestion by BlackVenusFlytrap)
• Cat/Dog flaps for doors (Or doors with them already built in) (Suggestion by Zabeth0)
• More curtains. The ability to open/close curtains. Closed blinds. (Suggestion by Zabeth0)
• Proper island counters (suggestion by LinaraYod)
• Double height ovens (Suggestion by LinaraYod)
• Stove top without oven (suggestion by LinaraYod)
• Reclining chairs (suggestion by LinaraYod)
• Tricycles (suggestion by LinaraYod)
• Tandem bicycles
• Juice machine (suggestion by LinaraYod)
• Compost bin - ratty chickenwire cheap, fly ridden heap for free. (suggestion by LinaraYod)
• Ballet bar (suggestion by pink_16924)
• Skateboards for kids, teens and adults (by pink_16924)
• Candy-making machine/station (by pink_16924)
• Massage table (by pink_16924)- IMPLEMENTED!

The following ideas are from Suceress. Pictures page 7
• Rounded counters and counters that wrap around the outside corner of a wall
• Diagonal counters that go at a 45 degree angle rather than create an L
• Matching upper cabinets
• Ductless range hoods that fit under a cabinet or are covered with a decorative range hood cover.
• Cabinets that fit above and around refigerators and windows.
• TVs that are mirrors when turned off
• Microwave ovens that can function as range hoods over a stove (suspended from a cabinet)
• Stackable washer/dryer. Separate machines as well as the old one-piece things that are small.
• Front loading washers and dryers
• Pedestal washers/dryers
• Bookcase doors that are secret doors - IMPLEMENTED
• Grandfather clock door (like Batman had) - IMPLEMENTED
• Corner bathtubs as well as two-person baths for master bathrooms
• Decorative wall switches that turn lights on/off
• Spotlights that are sunken into the ceiling (small round and long rectangular)
• Sinks that can be placed in the center of two adjoining counters
• Sinks that can be placed diagonally on a corner/diagonal counter
• The ability to choose hinges and pulls/handles as well as the shape of the countertops on counters
• Closet doors with mirrors
• Fandalier (chandelier hanging from a ceiling fan)
• Storage beds with drawers underneath that act as dressers
• Headboards made of bookshelves for beds
• Upright piano
• Toilet with sink on tank
• Bidets
• Medicine cabinet mirrors
• Free standing or solo shower heads/faucets with handles that can either stand from the floor or protude from a wall
• The ability to choose different faucets and spots for sinks, tubs and showers


• No eyebrows, bald, and more facial hair options (Suggestion by Windth)
• The ability to change eye colour and skin colour at a mirror (Suggestion by Simsister2004)
• Ability to change color of the lenses of glasses/sun glasses to any hue. And have the opacity slider to determine how opaque or transparent the color. Also can even apply premade/custom patterns to the lenses.
• More CAS customization tools
• Body piercings - lip, eyebrow, bellybutton, nose and any others
• More make-up options
• More male hairs
• Bouquets for weddings
• The ability to have bridesmaids, groomsmen, flowergirls and pageboys

• Make up that links to specific outfits (like you can do with hair styles) (Suggestion by Suceress)
• The ability to edit vampire sims in "Edit Sim in CAS" using "testingcheatsenabled true" - IMPLEMENTED!
• The ability to change hair style AND clothing without using testingcheatsenabled to edit the sim. For example: I want to customise my Sim to have different hair style for each style of clothing, but I can only do that in CAS or using the cheat.


• Dog hater
• Cat hater
• Allergic to animals
• Prankster or mischievous - Suggestion by Wittylady

(Note: I personally love animals, but plenty of people don't. I think it would be fair to represent them too ;) )

General & Professions/Jobs

• Lorry/Truck driver jobs
• Café (and other businesses) in your own home
• To be able to live above a restaurant or other shops
• Binmen jobs
• Ability to hear alarms for Fire-fighter profession if your sim isn't selected.
• Final exams for teens in school that will determine the best job for their life - IMPLEMENTED (University Life)
• The ability to perform (Singer/Magician/Acrobat) duo with a partner or friend
• Bee skeps and bee keeping (suggestion by LinaraYod)
• Nanny (suggestion by Skittles2008)
• Surf Lifesaving (see idea for Stuff pack below) - IMPLEMENTED (Island Paradise)
• Teens and adult tutors (by pink_16924)
• Real estate agent (by pink_16924)
• The ability to paint family or couple portraits.
• Set up "auto-pilot" for sims with professions so you can have multiple sims with professions and swap between them without problems.
• The ability to queue songs in the singing career like you can do with the acrobat.

Expansion/Stuff Pack Ideas

• Sports Stuff/Expansion. We have baseballs and footballs, but can't do much with them except play catch.
~ More sporting activities for children including egg races, three legged races and bag races
~ Ice-skating and Rollerblading, including championships - IMPLEMENTED (Seasons)
~ Skateboarding, incuding championships
~ Dancing, including championships
~ Beach volleyball - IMPLEMENTED? (Island Paradise I think)
~ Tennis
~ Badminton

• Sun, Sand & Surf Stuff pack. Would include: ISLAND PARADISE WILL HAVE A LOT OF THIS?
~ Beach volleyball, surfing, surf lifesaving (profession)
~ Beach bonfire (able to toast marshmallows on)
~ Sun bathing (gives positive or negative moodlets. Also allows the skin colour to darken, or go red)
~ Sand castle building
~ Swimming in the ocean
~ Boat races
~ Shell gathering
~ Towel or blankets to sit/lie on
~ Beach ball

• Baby-boom stuff/expansion pack. This would include more customisation for pregnant women including the ability to change maternity wear and appearances.
~ More accurate genetics to allow for offspring to keep the original colourings of the parent/s.
~ Meshes to allow existing clothing to be used for maternity as well.
~ More toddler and child hair styles.
~ More toddler and child clothing, shoes and accessories.
~ Harness for parents to be able to wear their baby or toddler on their back (or in front) while they do things around the home.
~ Crafting and cooking activities for toddlers and children.
~ The ability for children to "help mum or dad with the cooking/cleaning"
~ The ability for children to earn an allowance at home through doing household jobs.
~ More skills available for toddlers to learn.
~ Children to have the ability to learn musical instruments and singing
~ Children to have the ability to learn the athletics skill
~ Children to be able to sign up for after school athletics
~ Dancing skill (for all ages, but able to start at toddler age) to go on to choosing a dancing style (ballet, ballroom, etc)
~ Nappy changing stations (like sims 2 had) for babies and toddlers (optional usage) - IMPLEMENTED
~ Special rug for toddlers to fall asleep on
~ Toddlers can draw or paint on paper (or walls!) using crayons/paint
~ Toddlers and children can pull up weeds in a garden
~ Toddlers can get kids books from bookshelves

• Party Fun stuff/expansion pack. Includes:
~ Kids party games
~ The ability to have a party at a venue that caters
~ Sweets bags for kids to take home
~ More dancing options

• Farming Expansion.
~ We now have beehives. Why not have chickens (instead of those ridiculous egg plants) - IMPLEMENTED
~ Cows
~ Pigs
~ And all things related to farming!


• A filter that stays filtered when swapping between build and buy mode
The ability to toggle OFF the store items in build/buy mode when using the filter
• Chocolate – including recipes
• Strawberries – including recipes
• MP3 players or iPlayers for Sims to carry around and listen to whilst jogging or walking - IMPLEMENTED
• The ability to lock inside doors (suggestion by Iloani)
• The ability to differentiate between CUSTOM CONTENT and STORE items in Build/Buy.
• The ability to remove the snaplock when placing items on tables
• The ability to cancel the carpool for work - especially useful if you have a teleporter device or your own car.
• Ability to toggle dating requests.
• Slider to control sexual orientation for world population.
• Common sense with Sims interactions when Sim isn't selected. More details page 12 (CengizTucker)
• The ability to be able to discuss things with the babysitter. I've often wanted to fire a useless sitter, but have been unable to do so due to the fact they leave as soon as you get home.
• The ability to choose whether you want certain commercial lots left as rabbit holes, or create your own building (eg: schools, hospitals etc)
• Wedding venues as a placeable commercial lot which allows your sim to get married there or party-crash someone else's wedding. - IMPLEMENTED
• Local ice-skating and rollerblading rinks (by pink_16924) - IMPLEMENTED
• Sims actually get in their car and drive out the driveway (by FoxiePly9)
• Puppies able to get toys out of the pet toybox
• An option to choose what items get given back to another Sim when one or more sims move out of their home (gets kicked out) Sometimes I don't want my current Sim to have achievement certificates, high school diplomas and imaginary friend toys from Sims that get kicked out of home or move out.
• Allow sims who "woohoo" to randomly fall pregnant rather than choose that option. I'd like to be surprised with pregnancy, rather than it always being a deliberate choice.
• Choose surname when Sims get married - Charonicus
• Double-barrelled names - Charonicus
• Pseudonyms for Celebrities - Charonicus
• Religion - Charonicus
• The ability to more accurately filter items downloaded/uploaded in the launcher in order to be able to find things easier
• More pregnancy/baby options. See GiadaWize's post on page 10 for details.
• The ability to fire babysitters from the phone. Especially useful if you have a useless babysitter.
A "bump thread" button that the OP can use to help eliminate people typing "bump".


To all who suggested ideas to add to this list.

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Nice Ideas!! I like them!

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These are good ideas.


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Oops, forgot the words . Great ideas!

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I especially love the rocking horse and layered terrain paints!

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Thanks for your support

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Your ideas are very nice and not so common


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good ideas


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Bumpity bump!

I added a few more ideas

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I like these ideas, especially the rocking chair and curved walls and windows.

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Bumpity Bump

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A few more ideas posted on my original post

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I also liked the disco light floor from sims one.

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beast ideas

check out my blog with some sims stuff
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