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Showtime & Patch 1.31/1.32/1.33 - Bug Thread  XML
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Update 03-21

Seems the download codes for the Katy Perry Collection for UK Origin got mixed-up. If your code does not work and you can't see the stuff in your purchase history, contact live chat

Thank you to calmorezoo for that info

Update 03-15:

Infos on the Patches

Patch 1.3x – What’s the issue ?

Game Help:Issues with 1.3x Superpatcher

Please keep all discussion regarding the leaked content to this thread: New Patch - Game Update for 1.32

I'm reading that thread and will provide info as I get it. If you encounter errors with Patch 1.32 you are welcome to post here I just don't want the whole slider/skin tone/spoiler discussion in here.

A few links about the new stuff

- SimsVIP Showtime Game Guide

- How to redeem your Codes
- List of Achievements available
- The New MyPage
- Social Features in Game
- Showtime Simport Rewards

Links to all manual patches can be found here:

Game Help:TS3 Patching:Patch Download/Current

Before updating your game and/or installing the new EP, please make sure to follow these steps:

Showtime, a patch and my page
TUTORIAL: What to do before patching
FAQ: How do I uninstall a Mod/Hack ?

Ask here, if anything is unclear. It will help you avoid most patching problems.

[b]Please post any issues with your page here: My Page Thread. Outstanding issues, questions and answers. [Read first post before asking =)]. This one is about GAMEPLAY bugs

Please post your crashing issues in this thread: The offical sims 3 crashing thread. This one is about GAMEPLAY bugs

I do not have a solution for uninstalling Store content other than reinstalling all of them. If you have the issue, please post in the technical or Store technical section of this forum.

Please remove your mods before posting. Even if they say they are updated. You can only be sure something is a EA bug if you play a vanilla game.

There is no need for reading this whole thread but please check my posts on this first page if your issue has been reported and only post if you have extra info to add.

Remember that the patch will make your game 'EP' ready. Most of the bugs (unless they are specific to functionality of the EP) and fixes will also apply if you only have the patch and NOT the EP.


Please post the info asked in the second post and I'd appreciate it if you follow the rules

1. Please DO NOT VENT in this thread. If you are not happy with the game, post in another thread that most likely will pop up or start your own. I will need to read through all posts and venting will make me skip your post. Make your statement as calm and informative as possible.
2. Don't post things like: It doesn't work or I got an error message. I don't know how to help you with that. Describe as accurate as possible what you tried and what your problem is. Post any error messages you receive as you seem them (screen-shots are great)
3. Make sure that you have removed ALL your custom content, especially mods for they are most likely not compatible anymore. This also applies if you are only getting the patch. Check with the creators before putting them back.
4. You can also post your bugs/problems if you have not but the expansion but updated to the newest patch.
5. Please do not post any technical issues like crashes, graphic card problems or incompatibility messages. They go in the technical section of this forum and there are people there that can better help you than me.
6. Please read the compiled lists to see if anyone has posted before and if there's a solution to your problem. I will try to keep links so you can go to the post of the person for extra info but that might prove difficult if lots of people have the problem. If you have extra info to add, please do so. Also let me know if you feel that I have misinterpreted your post.
7. Also consult my blog at Crinrict's Sims 3 Help Blog to see if you are running into an old problem that already has a solution
8. You may also post any fixed bugs or solutions you might find.
9. Please do not link to another post if you have already posted somewhere else. Copy/Paste your post and add the link as extra info. This forum will probably be a pain to navigate again and if I don't have to go consult other threads to what might be your problem, that's a huge relieve.
10. Keep in mind that I'm in a different time zone than most of you guys. Be patient, I will try to answer anyone (except venting posts).
11. If you are replying to a question of mine, please quote your problem/my question or recap in short. It will help me tremendously if I don't have to go back to see what your problem was and I can't keep them all in mind.
12. Check your game if you have any old cc-framework leftovers and remove.
13. Please don't post: I don't have the time to read all this. I find that rather insulting because it tells me, you didn't even bother to read the first post. I'm taking MY time to help you guys out and I'm not compensated by EA for this so the least you can do is read the first few posts before making your statement.
14. Please do not edit your post to add extra info to it unless no one else has answered you. I'm not going back in reading the thread, so I might miss extra info. Simply make a new post and restate your issue.
15. A word regarding SimPort: I did order my copy of Showtime but I won't have time or try out anything before April. Also, I'm not even sure if I will try Simport or not. If I do, it will be with one or two selected people, so don't bother to send me any requests.
16. Please also excuse if my answers are short and to the point. I usually have to cover a lot of ground and I can't be elaborate about everything. It's not meant in a rude way at all. I appreciate everyone that is taking part in this.
17. If you opened a thread on a certain issue you want linked, post the link in this thread and I will add it. Make sure there aren't any threads there yet.
18. If you feel that I'm not treating everyone in the same way, you're probably right. There are people that have been reporting since my first bug thread and others that are modders/creators themselves. I feel that I know when a bug report of those people is legit and when not, so I'll be quicker to add those compared to people I don't know at all.
19. Please use proper english and no text language. Also try to use punctuation where applicable and don't put everything in one paragraph. Those are very hard for me to read. I'm German speaking, so that would help me a great deal to understand what you are saying.

Important Links

- SimsVIP Showtime Game Guide

- How to redeem your Codes
- List of Achievements available
- The New MyPage
- Social Features in Game
- Showtime Simport Rewards *Pictures*

- Pets Bug Thread
- Generations Bug Thread - Please see compiled list on first page before posting
- Late Night Bugs - Compiled List in first two posts
- TS3 + EPs & SPs - Known Glitches & Causes
- FAQ: Bugs & Patches
- Generations-Patch & existing Mods/Hacks
- FAQ: What files should I backup ?
- Twallan's Mods
- Finding Devices and Updating Drivers


Make sure your Origin is up-to-date (if you are using it). If your Origin is not at that version and you are not prompted an update, you will need to uninstall and get the newest version here:

Crashing Issues

Crashing issues are mainly technical and belong in the technical forum. carlymichelle has made a thread here: The offical sims 3 pets crashing thread. Please post in that thread if you have any crashing issues.

Here's some things you can try: ERROR: Game Crashes (CTD)

DEP Information

If you are experiencing crashes after load screen or after a few minutes of game play, it's most likely a DEP problem. The game has now a new .exe file in your base game folder. Make sure to add the following new files to your DEP:

TS3W.EXE in your base game\bin folder.

MAC Users

Things to try

- FAQ: Delete your Cache Files
- Move your family out and back in.
- Reset the sim ?
- TUTORIAL: Resetting the game to factory settings without Reinstalling --> Make sure to save those: SimPort Progress and Achievements
- TUTORIAL: - How to reinstall the game
- FAQ: How do I restore a backup file ?
- Move your Sims to a new town. Save them to the bin for that. Use Twallan's Porter if you don't want to loose the relationships.

A word on Mods/Hacks
It's ok to use them, I do too (I even recommend some of them), but please please, educate yourself about them. Don't just pop something in. There are many mods that conflict with each other and there are many mods that will be outdated with every patch (that's how it works).

Some of the mods need to be uninstalled in a special way but it will always tell you in the mod description if that is the case. So PLEASE read them and DO what it says.

Instructions how to install a mod can be found here: FAQ: How do I install Custom Content/ Mods ?
Instructions how to uninstall a mod can be found here: FAQ: How do I uninstall a Mod/Hack ?

Abbreviations used
MC = MasterController: Mod by Twallan
SP = StoryProgression Mod: Mod by Twallan
CC = Custom Content: cloth, objects, hair, etc from third-parties you add to your game.
DEP = Data Execution Prevention: Windows security feature.
AP = Apaloosa Plains, Pets Neighborhood
MTS = ModTheSims: CC Site
TSR = TheSimsResource: A CC Site

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Joined: 06/21/09 03:39 PM
Messages: 16941

How to find your post and my answer (only major posts)

I'm no longer answering posts.

I will be writing blog posts and linking here but other than that, I'm done here. You are still welcome to post. Hopefully EA is still reading this thread. I feel my work is done here.

Thank you all for participating.

To find your own post, make sure you write down the page you posted on. My answer is most likely in my next post.

I'll be linking all my answer post in here, including page number.

If I siad, I'll add, make sure it gets added. Search the first page to find your name and make sure I understood what you were trying to say. If you reported more than once, your name should appear next to each issue (except for the more common, smaller ones). If you're not happy with what I wrote, please restate your issue with all the info.

Latest Answers: Page 65

Earlier Answer posts:
Page 64, Page 63, Page 62 Page 61, Page 60, Page 59, Page 58, Page 56, Page 55, Page 54, Page 53, Page 52, Page 51, Page 49, Page 48, Page 48, Page 47, Page 47, Page 46, Page 45, Page 44, Page 42, Page 41, Page 41, Page 40, Page 39, Page 38, Page 37, Page 36, Page 36, Page 35, Page 34, Page 34, Page 32, Page 30, Page 30, Page 29, Page 28, Page 27, Page 26, Page 25, Page 23/24, Page 22, Page 21, Page 20, Page 19, Page 19, Page 18, Page 17, Page 16, Page 15, Page 15, Page 15, Page 14, Page 14, Page 11, Page 11, Page 8, Page 7, Page 5


Please include the following info to your post

I can't help you properly if I don't have this info and it's a pain for all if I have to keep getting back to people.


1. Are you using any Custom Content or mods ?
2. If you are using mods, are you using any of the 'big ones' like Awesome Mod or Twallan’s mods
3. If you're not using mod, did you never use them or did you take them out for the EP (as you are supposed to do)
4. Did you update the mods you put back with a compatible version ?
5. Do you have Showtime or just the Patch ?
6. Which Patch Level are you at ? 1.31 1.32 or 1.33 ?
7. If you are on Patch 1.32 do you have new skin tones and Werewolf sliders (mouth, nose) in CAS ?
8. Do you have a Showtime Collection (in buy/build mode) ?
9. Did you start a new game for Showtime or are you playing an existing ones ?
10. What town are you currently playing ? EA or Custom ?
11. What is your Operating System (Mac, XP, Vista, Win 7)
12. Did you disable SimPort ?
13. Did you disable the Social Features ?

Lagging/Freezing or any other issues of more technical nature

- What EPs do you own
- Some basic Info about your Computer (please NO DxDiag, can't read them anyways). Processor, Amount of RAM, Graphic Card and Operating System (Mac, Win 7, Win XP, …) ?
- Do you have a 32 or 64 bit Operating System ?
- Do you use any Store Premium Content ? If so Which ones ?

--> You can also find info here: Are you freezing since Showtime or Patch? Let's make this the official thread

Graphical Issues

- Some basic Info about your Computer (please NO DxDiag, can't read them anyways). Processor, Amount of RAM, Graphic Card and Operating System (Mac, Win 7, Win XP, …), expecially your graphic card
- Do you have advanced rendering on (Options - Graphics)
- What date has your graphic card driver
- If you are unsure where to find this info, read this: Finding Devices and Updating Drivers

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Joined: 06/21/09 03:39 PM
Messages: 16941

Common Bigger Issues

Existing games get corrupted by the patch (especially with pets)

--> Missing Sims / Empty Portrait

If you have this, please provide some info about your game:
- Do you have any Pets
- What were the Sims doing at the time of patching (traveling, sleeping, working, entertaining)
- How long have you been playing this game
- Did you/ Are you using mods and cc ?
- What hood were you playing ? Custom or EA ?


- Use ErrorTrap to see if that saves your game.


MissReena73,Kenny_Chisholm , MrHawk, Crizzy2468, celebwhiz

Game hangs on Exiting (started happening about a week before the patch came out)

If you have this, please provide some info about your game

- Do you use the social features ?
- Did you use save and then exit or did you use save/exit ?


--> Disconnect from the Internet
--> Use Process Monitor to see if anything hangs the process


ivinian, geminiagre

Singing Sound goes in and out / No sound for new objects

Make sure you update your sound drivers and delete the Cache files

Threads on the issue

- Can no Longer Hear Her Singing
- 'No Sound Bug' Troubleshooting Assistance: Making Sure Your Sound Driver Is Actually Updated


- Restart the game
- Change to build/buy mode and back
- Zooming in and out will get the sound back (Anavastia)


junkies_promise, catloverplayer, dotk1988, jacqpinks, simbilN99, ZeekSlider, kece73

Sims are suddenly in a Relationship after using Photo Booth

Photo booth makes befriended sims have a relationship no matter the age (catloverplayer)

Read all about the issue here: Sim suddenly has a relationship with another Sim


Twallan has fixed this bug in Overwatch V58.

twallan wrote:It is caused by coding involving the picture creator, and some copy/paste work from the Prom picture creator.

Thread about the issue

Big Photobooth Glitch!! Using photobooth puts sims (even KIDS) into relationship!

Sims can't perform on stage or sing a Sing'o Gram. They get reset

Has to do with Sims not properly switching into Career outfits.

Read all about the issue here: Sims reset instead of performing

Career Outfit issues


- The default outfits of the normal jobs are messed up
- Resetting when going on stage (see above)


- Give your Sim a second outfit.


EIisabetta, cchant86

'Failed to book tour' error with SimPort

- Simport takes a long time and then gives an error 'Failed to book tour'
- Can't send Sim to friends game
- Can't accept friends Sim.

If you have this, please provide some info about your game:

1. How many Sims are in your household ?
2. Do you have the required levels ?
3. Is your sim human or occult or a mixture ?
4. Have you tried other Sims ?
5. Do you have any issues with other social features ?
6. Does your friend see anything from your Sim ?
7. Are you using Overwatch or ErrorTrap ?
8. Does the Sim you try to send have any CC ?
9. Any temp loss of Internet connection ?

Threads on the issue

- Still getting the 'Failed to book tour" message
- "Failed to Book Show" Error Message


- Issues with the Server. Not much one can do about but try again.
- This might be caused by Overwatch. Make sure to pull the mod (updated or not) and try again. You can also try if simply turning off the Recover missing Sim Part in Overwatch solves the issue. It should not be active while SimPorting anyways. ErrorTrap might have the same issue here.
- Make sure your Sim is 100% Human. (Partly) Occult Sims seem to give troubles.
- After pulling the mods, start a new game.
- Make sure none of your background programs are doing updates or scan your system (Anti Virus)
- Make sure your game is registered on the site.
- Temporarily turn off your Firewall and AntiVirus to see if that makes a difference.
- This might just be a server issue on EA's end (SimPort broke down on March 10th)
- Declining a friends request will cancel the tour for them even if it was sent to all friends. Just leave it until it goes away on it's own
- Self-Uninstalling Sim


Rashaad01, MeianGrey, Cassieblck, jobug1015, Cassieblck, Cera13, chococat9, Cera13, bunbunnyny, Arty, bunbunnyny, Nirar22, exotickitten, Cassieblck, maanio, ZeekSlider, MaxQBaker

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Messages: 16941

List of reported bugs


Things you can try when your game is freezing: Lags & Intermittent Freezes.

There's a good chance Starlight Shores has routing issues as well.

- Switching from Neighborhood to main menu freezes the game (BionixWV)
- Time will stand still randomly for some tome even though the game is not paused. The shadows and trees move, but all sims are stuck (very common on all kinds of systems)
- Simport lags buy/build mode (simbilN99)


- Directing Sim to clean the lamp, Sim gets stuck (lmkrivcher)
--> Was solved, deleting cache files
- The "Free the Genie" opportunity is interchangeable between different Genies (bunbunnyny)
- Can't get final wish granted (celebwhiz, jobug1015)
--> Make sure you have the special opportunity slot open (Mondain38)
--> Was fine after restarting the Game.
- Genies can summon pet food which can't be used (Crizzy2468)
--> Don't summon Pet Food
- 3 Possible issues: catloverplayer
- ALL descendants of a genie are genies and Vampire/Genie mixtures are possible (crinrict)

Touring / Shows / SimFests

SimPort Issues, see post below.

- Sim doesn't get paid after touring (CMWarren)
- Giving a show makes the sim loose friends (shadowmel333, thatonegirl32, tinydancer114)
- Unable to cancel steady gigs (Outcry, Tommy92, Springfairy556)
- Problems with performance and map tag does not go away (solar_midnite, solar_midnite)
- Bed & Tour Assignments get lost with touring. (KarinL, altheaquin)
- Singer can't do any gigs after getting married/are flodded with gigs (julienrob2004, Zeekslider)
- Sim freezes/doesn't do anything on stage (nachoamedina, Jazzychik123, jdzane)
- Multiple SimFests confuse game (Sterlingaura)
- Katy Perry Guitar & LN Guitar go missing after touring (KarinL, Sarah3120)
- Needs stop declining when watching a SimFest (Springfairy556)
--> Actual bug ?
- Sim has birthday during performance which corrupts the game (manwitch)
- Sim goes to their gig and although she made her show, the message won't disappear and she can stay on stage as long she wants (Sarah3120, Shaggyswife)
- Sim does not get paid (shawty2102004)
- Non-steady gigs don't get removed (shawty2102004)
- Unable to perform successfully with any EA pre-built venue that I customly add to the world (shawty2102004)
- No option to perform steady gig on the stage (gav09,shawty2102004)
- Stage Props of the Big Park Venue disappear (Frnstntn)
- Big show venue is constantly blacked out and blocky (Shaggyswife)
- Gig Map Tags don't show up (Faith12368)
- Moving out looses the gig map tag if you're hosting a Sim at the time (crinrict)
- Object getting stuck on hand after performing (the3ofusjks116)
- Quitting a show of a local Sim, also quit the hosting (Sarah3120)

New Showtime Objects
- Custom Music doesn't play on Jukebox (veg_kathryn)
- Graphical bug with pool table (Sarah3120)
--> There are 4 pool tables on top of each other. Edit the lot and remove the extra ones
- Sims don't use DJBooth (Springfairy556)
- DJ Booth is multiplying (Springfairy556)
- Upgrading the karaoke machine stops sims from being able to sing on it (julienrob2004)
- DJBooth cannot be deleted right after building cause it says it's in use (Darkling)
- Pictures of photo booth don't go in inventory when taken with a townie (catloverplayer)


- The Fire Ring that Acrobats is backwards (ZeekSlider)
- Acrobat job not available on PC (maanio)
- Singer/Acrobat/Magician sims don't get their weekly wages, if they are on tour (simporting) at 12:00 pm on Sunday (Sarah3120)


- Can't hear singer sing (see sound issues below)
- Only one Singer in a household gets to do Sing-o-grams (bosslaydee)


- Magician can't die in the Box of Danger (bunbunnyny)
- Cement Imprint stays on Stage (bunbunnyny)
- Box of Danger disappears if Magician is spared (bunbunnyny)
- Death by illusion is a fire death and pic is missing on the tombstone (bunbunnyny)
- Auto-assignment of vanishing Sim trick to a sim that was not at venue messes up the gig (crinrict)

Food and Recipes

- The banana peanut butter sandwich recipe is in the patch, Bananas are not.
- That's a banana Tree ???
- Only certain foods can be cooked (s0xquisite)


- Random Dancing (Mahogany_Rose)
- Existing Bug Collections disappeared (petlady, nickibitsward, ivinian)
- Naked State get stuck after taking a shower (Sam7777777, Crizzy2468)
- Missing Map Tags (ivinian, skm36, tea_and_blues)
--> Make sure you don't have them filtered (skm36)
- Map tags don't go away (shawty2102004)
- Can't enter venues (cleoandcoco24, (Sarah3120))
- MP3 Player can't be turned off (julienrob2004)
- Multiple proprietors. There were like a dozen of them. Replacing the venue solved the issue (Tommy92, sam123)
- DJ Booth goes missing after using it (Msrednotdead)
- Massive Gnome Spawning, same bug as in Pets (ZeekSlider)
- Sims wake up at 8 am sharp everyday without a reason (Arty, missthestopsign)
--> Work hours for singer/acrobats/magicians start 9 o'clock while other professions don't have any.
- YA can't get pregnant one day before aging up (geminiagre)
--> Actual bug ?
- Relationship not advancing (Ladyhawk1979)
- Missing Interactions on cell phone (bosslaydee, Zeekslider, ZeekSlider, Aquatica)
- Sim looses Self-Interactions (Springfairy556, Aquatica, shawty2102004)
- When a Sim has found 100% of the different types of fireflies, the number of fireflies found at the description is not in bold in colour (siva20092403)
- Hot tubs seem to be inside out (Shaggyswife)
- Some car types cannot be placed on parking spaces anymore (geminiagre)
- Lighting in lots is flashing on and off (geminiagre)
- Animation issue with snuggle baby (geminiagre)
- Teens keep getting Showtime LTWs although they already have one locked (crinrict)
- Missing engaged moodlet (the3ofusjks116)
- Moving multiplies Showtime career items (CoffeeChick0)
- Household money lost on move via edit town (CoffeeChick0)
- Satelight speakers do not play any sound (geminiagre)
- The volume for Custom Music is way lower (geminiagre)
- Starter homes have pool walls and pool floors (carla70)
- Blank promotion Sim thumbnails (WinMacSims3)


- Acrobat Sim can read skill book over and over to gain skill and gets a new skill book with every SimPort (carla70)
- Tutoring challenge does not get fulfilled (InbalFeldman)
- Catching every type of fish makes you know 103% of all types (siva20092403)


- Memories not showing up in scrapbook, no picutres (Deshong04)
- Memories of imported pre-made sims can't be deleted (ZeekSlider)

Service NPCs

- Maid needs to be re-hired everyday (peoinee)
- ServiceNPC Spawning (Lokendra)
--> Might be connected to a mod


- Opportunities can't be completed - not recognized as such(SweetK411, TheMomminator)
--> Seems to be true for opportunities that were open before patching. Simply cancel them.
--> Very common issue, reported by many.


- Sim can't use beds and can't woohoo with bf (betty_me13)

World Adventures

- Messed up game after traveling (minadoll26)
- Traveling looses Bug Collections Progress (siva20092403)
- Stage Kit multiplies after traveling (crinrict)


- Toddler can't be picked up to read to, they fade away (bunbunnyny)
- Newly weds don't get any gifts anymore. They can write thank you notes but the gifts are not there (MVWdeZT, bluegayle_, julienrob2004)
- Can't watch videos my sim recorded before on the gigantic TV in showtime (wzw1177)
- Watching Sims starts telling ghost story during performance which makes the lights get switched off and the show to get canceled (julienrob2004)

Late Night

- bars have no interaction / can't serve food (catloverplayer, bluegayle_, Mimine17)
- Even more vampires now (jacqpinks)
- Sim can't gain celebrity points (Simmygirl26)
- Paparazzis lost their tags on home lots (geminiagre)
--> They Came Back


- Unicorns can't be interacted with (TINA180, leep45508, ivinian)
--> Only pre-patch Unicorns
- Unicorns lost their magical powers (catloverplayer)
--> Only pre-patch Unicorns
- Can't catch birds. Only 'Watch' appears (Diamondkool, nickibitsward

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Joined: 06/21/09 03:39 PM
Messages: 16941

Simport and Social Features

Details can be found here: Additions to the Game via Sims 3 Patch 1.31


- Simport is not available with the patch, so no worries there (the code is in the game but you won't see any of that).
- The ingame messages can be turned off completely.
- On the ingame wall you see almost everything you see in your MyPage but I was getting a delay. I'm also not sure about the stuff that is getting uploaded. It seems you get messages about shared memories but not about stuff that is being uploaded to the exchange. You do see all comments you would also see on your MyPage.
- The wall is only visible if you actively go there.

Login Issues

Instead of own Login, the name NoXroadsName appears

Thread on the issue:

Blog Post about the issue: NoXroadsName instead of own Login-Name

Email and password are not recognized
--> Probably a Firewall issue. You might need to add an exception to the firewall.

Don't show this message again does not work. If you are not logged in, the message appears every time, regardless if you ticked this or not.

Blog Post about the issue: Surpressing Login-Message does not work

Keep me logged in only remembers password, not email: Tommy92, KarinL)


- Achievements are not being recognized on the wall despite of being completed ingame (bunbunnyny)
- Achievments in the game and on the website are not in-sync (Thread)
- Achievements are not being completed (ivinian)
- Achievement gets grayed out after completing all achievements and they cannot be checked anymore (geminiagre)


- Memories can't be uploaded (bunbunnyny, sam123)
- Only memories with pictures can be uploaded (bunbunnyny)


- Conversations can't be started ingame (bunbunnyny, droc99)
- Conversations seem to idle out after awhile. Re-login solves that (bunbunnyny, Sarah3120,


- Accepting a tour request makes the game auto-pause. Unpausing is then not possible anymore (silverkitty15, chococat9)
--> Change to buy/build mode to get the paused game unstuck (XTS2009)
- Graphic Glitches after show (carla70)
- Can't go into edit town after turning off game when the SimPort Sim would not arrive (bluegayle_).
--> Remove the Sims from SavedSims and Downloads, especially if you have duplicates
- Successful performance despite the Sim never arriving (Nintendo277, jobug1015)
- Only 100% Human Sims can use SimPort (ZeekSlider)
--> Unclear if this is the case at this point. The system might just be more fluky with them (Mimine17, Msrednotdead)
--> Not a bug if it tells you so when you try. Bug if it doesn't.
- Friends can't accept Sim on tour (Druscylla)
- SimPort doesn't live update if you haven't had much online activity/requests in approximately an hour (ZeekSlider)
- SimPort is cloning phones and they can't be silenced (Tommy92,KarinL, Tommy92, KarinL, Crizzy2468, Arty)
- Ability to send out Sim that is already on tour again is clogging up the tourbook (KarinL, ZeekSlider, ZeekSlider, ZeekSlider)
--> Switch into household with a Sim that qualifies for SimPort to clear up (ZeekSlider)
--> Step-by-Step solution by tallcoolone
- Reward was rewarded early (ZeekSlider)
- SimPort marks Sim as dead and sells their car. They come back fine though just without the car. (EngramAu)
- Using the "booking a tour" save with Simport takes forever, and frequently hangs or crashes to desktop (tea_and_blues, tea_and_blues)
- Invisible Sims on Stage (n00biityo, Nicoleamoral)
--> Thread on the issue: Can't See Performance? [Picture Included]
--> Try to replace the venue in edit town (make sure to check what community type it is set to before you do)
- Failure to host Sim (Sarah3120)
--> Thread on the issue: @SimGuruSNelson: Simport hosting issues I run into repeatedly
- When sending a sim on tour and your friend does not accept the request before your sim returns , your game acts as if you are noty logged in after your sim returns (geminiagre)
- Sim was there but no show. Map tag only goes away on reload (Arletta, crinrict)
- Intermittent fault when a sim is porting into my town where the game tries to get stuck on pause (Simbolic)
- Game still runs in the background when you book a tour (SimsVIP_Admin, Crinrict)
--> Pause the game before you SimPort

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Other issues

Saving & Exiting

- Games that were saved in paused mode still continue when you restart the game (Nirar22)

--> Get Twallan's Saver Mod


- Altering cloth &Makeup doesn't stick (Mylita, skm36, catloverplayer, aparkison)
--> Thread on the issue: New Patch Bug, Can't Remove makeup when pick Change Appearance
--> Issues with the Career Outfits are related to MC Integration.
- Body Hair doesn't stick sims2lover54321)
--> Caused by outdated XCas core mod
- Sims are kind of greenish (kristenwoods)
--> Thread on the Issue: new patch made my sims, look like a vampire, kinda green!

Buy/Build Mode

- Certain items can only be found in BuyDebug (ZeekSlider)
- Collections folder are missing. Either the new one or all of the standard ones (geminiagre, stormwench)
--> Thread on the issue: Showtime Collection folder
- Fence is not recolorable (martys15)
- Walls are completely down, although I always play with them on cutaway (Simbolic, Crinrict)

Edit Town

- Newly place family is grayed out and cannot be played with (geminiagre)
- Scrollbar is missing from the menu to choose the type of community lot (Lea347)


Graphical issues

Sound issues

Make sure you update your sound drivers and delete the Cache files

--> 'No Sound Bug' Troubleshooting Assistance: Making Sure Your Sound Driver Is Actually Updated

- Sound from the new objects can't be heard or only part of the time (junkies_promise, catloverplayer, dotk1988)
- Singing can't be heard (jacqpinks)

Thread on the issue: [url=]C
an no Longer Hear Her Singing[url]

--> Restart the game
--> Change to build/buy mode and back

- Sound does not stop playing (moony21)

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Existing Bugs/ Existng Bugs fixed

Common bugs that have existed before this EP.

If you are seeing any kind of Sim Corruption as described below, please post in this thread:
Blank or Missing Sim Icons, Missing UIs, Missing Interactions and Clones

Sim/Neighborhood Corruption
Sim Corruption comes in all kinds of flavors and has been going on for a while. Sims get stuck (on objects, on beds, on each other), jump out of interactions, turn invisible and as a ultimate corruption you loose your UI. There's a loooong thread on the issue in the technical forum: Lags & Invisible, Frozen & Stuck Sims. I can't help out over there right now but there are lots of people with long time experience with the issue. You also find some info on it linked in the first post.

What can you do when it happens to you ?
First thing you can try (if you are not opposed to mods that is) is try if Twallan's ErrorTrap or Overwatch can save anything. It's important that you are patch level 1.26 to use ErrorTrap. You might find ScriptErrors after that in your documents folder. Post them in Twallan's forum. He can help you out. NOT here, I can't really read most of them.

That didn't work
If you are attached to your family/town, I would suggest, moving everything to a new town. Unfortunatly with the EA approach you loose all your relationships this way (you won't loose any skills this way). You could also use the Twallan's Porter to achieve the same AND keep your relationships.

Na, still nothing
Then I would suggest, resetting your user data and start a brand new game. I can be hard, I know but sometimes it's the only way to still enjoy the game.

The corruption might come back after a while so I do recommend using Overwatch to prevent most of the causes of this corruption.

If really nothing helps at all, you might need to reinstall your game, clean your registry and defrag your computer.

Not fixed with Patch 1.31
- Cars are still spawning in inactives inventories
- Flute Forward dress still has a missing leg.
- Level 10 Horses Animation still off.
- Mags' Door still has the wall showing through.
- According to twallan there aren't any major bug fixes, if anything was fixed, they a very subtle. All the well known bugs are still there.
- Fish disappear from inventory after traveling
- Fish are invisible in aquarium (catloverplayer)


Fixed with Patch 1.32. If you still have the issue after patching, please report.
It seems that you can get custom Sims in your game through SimPort. Unfortunatly, these Sims can have CC that is directly attached to them. Since this is an issue no-one ever acknowledge or cares about, this is now becoming a huge issue.

Please write anything about the issue here in this thread: Custom Sim passed to me through Simport

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Mod Issues

- Issues with Career Outfits --> Most likely MasterController
- Issues with Lifetime Wishes --> Outdated memory mods. After loosing a LTW because of a Mod, you need to reapply in CAS
- Issues with Lifetime Rewards
- Issues with Sims not coming home from boarding school --> Overwatch
- Messed-up Interfaces --> Traveler
- Missing effects --> NoMosaic

Overwatch recovers missing Sims when you are SimPorting. This is NOT good. Turn off the option in Overwatch when you use SimPort.

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Stickied it!

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Thank you SimGuruPopTart.

Now we're all ready for the patch/EP


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No crashing or anything else so far, but when I log in to my account from the main menu or the options section it says I am someone else. I want to be me

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Do you know this someone else ? Is it someone in your household ? Is anyone logged in the launcher ?


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Location:At the computer ..........still!

It just says NoXRoadsName which leads to a blank MyPage with no friends or anything else.

And, no, there is only one account and one user on this PC and that is me It sounds like something EA would know about but it most certainly isn't recognising my log in, even though I am obviously logged in with the same details to post this!

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Are you logged in the Launcher and did you update Origin ?


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Hey Crin, just letting you know there is a new Cache in the game file. socialCache.package

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