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Fastest way to get a level 3 visa?  XML
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Joined: 01/07/12 05:32 PM
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Could someone please tell me the quickest way to get a level 3 visa? I would very much like to buy a vacation home in each country but my visa is currently at 0 points.

Joined: 06/28/11 06:19 PM
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You'll just have to click on the board and go on a adventure.
Don't know if there are cheats for it.

Joined: 06/03/09 01:42 PM
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I never heard that there are any cheats. The fastest way, I think, is to do some of those 'collection' quests. Or if you're just starting out the very simple tombs in the beginning.
The large tombs give you more points, but they take longer. If you use the 'teleport' cheat you can complete collection quests in no time...

Joined: 01/23/12 06:02 PM
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Unless you have a mod that allows Sims to get a vacation home at a lower visa level, your Sim needs to keep completing adventures to get a level 3 visa. Sims with the Adventurous Trait improve their visa levels faster than Sims without that trait.

Joined: 01/14/13 11:59 PM
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It turns out there are no cheats for this...I would send my family of 4 on **** to all 3 locations, making sure everyone did an adventure, but I still wasn't accumulating enough visa points, sooo I created a single sim and once I had enough lifetime rewards...I got him the "prepared traveler" reward equip him with a sleeping bag because the tent doesnt always fit in some of the tombs and a windcraver from the "into the future " expansion game it helps since ur sim does a lot of running up hills but now that I think about the jetpack would be faster. I started with China because there you can find the "Axe of pangu" which crushes boulders, which you can't get pass without it... Sooo first thing I did was go into town and purchase "high quality dried food" and " shower in a can". I have made 4 trips, spent 21 days and did every adventure possible, and my current China visa level is ..level 2 ( (honored) i just need a smig more to complete it to level 3 important part is you also have to befriend as many locals as possible going from stranger to tourist ect...I hope this helps...

Joined: 11/01/11 02:28 PM
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There are no cheats, but there are tricks

First, when you create your sim make him/her adventurous and ambitious. Adventurous will give them more visa points for a completed op, as will ambitious. It is also a good idea to give them the charisma trait since many ops require befriending locals.

Secondly, don't go on your first adventure until you have bought 2 crucial Life time Awards. 1. Opportunistic - this also gives you more visa points for each op you complete. 2. Prepared Traveler - this lets you stay longer at the vacation spot without having a high visa. A good idea would be to have at least one more sim also get this LTR and accompany your sim on the travels, that way you get even more bonus days since they accumulate with each sim that has the award.

Thirdly, check the adventure board for adventures straight away and complete as many as you can. The helper sim can collect metals and such while he/she is waiting since these things can come in handy for the ops.

Hopefully you will get a level 3 visa in one trip.

Also, if you save up enough to get a motive mobile or a moodlet manager before you go, you will be even more successful.


Joined: 01/06/11 03:12 AM
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Location:Midnight Hollow

Many of the adventures also require you to build your relationship with the locals, sometimes several people, to complete some steps. If you do the Celebrity Charisma challenge (have at least 1 level in Charisma and know 25 sims), it will really speed those up. They don't have to be friends, you just have to introduce yourself. You can complete the challenge in your home town and the boost to starting relationship will carry over to vacations.

The boost from the Attractive LTR stacks with the boost from the Celebrity Charisma challenge. If you have both, you should be able to breeze through those adventures with just an interaction or two.


Joined: 01/16/11 04:47 PM
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Sims make up that work really well for adventuring:

1. Be a genie - clean yourself magically and get perfect quality food whenever you want! (obviously you don't need to be, this is just an awesome perk.)

2. Traits: Adventurous, Brave, Friendly, Loner, Disciplined.
Adventurous will ensure you really enjoy adventuring, want to do it more, and will increase your Visa level faster.
Brave will help you get through stupid things like getting burned once or touching bugs while inspecting a hole.
Friendly because you have to talk to a lot of people around the towns and make friends/convince them to do things.
Loner, hey, you're usually alone in those tombs; really make the most of it, huh?
Disciplined you can learn martial arts faster (kick some mummy butt!) and learn to meditate so you can teleport! (level 5)

3. some really great lifetime rewards are:
Lifetime Happiness Points: 15,000
People like you more instantly. Make friends faster!
Dirt Defiant
Lifetime Happiness Points: 15,000
Hardly Hungry
Lifetime Happiness Points: 25,000
Inappropriate But in a Good Way
Lifetime Happiness Points: 5,000
Lifetime Happiness Points: 5,000
Never Dull
Lifetime Happiness Points: 10,000
Lifetime Happiness Points: 10,000
Prepared Traveler
Lifetime Happiness Points: 10,000

they don't all have to be purchased, but I've found they help a lot.

Also, the dreampod from ITF - you can dream about vacation and earn Visa Points if you have a Good Dream. Woot free Visa points!!!

4. It also does really help to have a higher charisma skill as well. you will get a jump on your relationship at the start.

that's all I have for right now...and now I want to adventure...


Joined: 06/17/13 01:25 PM
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this has been helpful, but i have no friends.
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