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Meteor?  XML
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Joined: 12/17/11 03:24 PM
Messages: 216

I've heard about dying by being killed by a meteor but I've never had one land. How often do they appear? Has anyone ever had a meteor in their town? Just curious don't want to kill my sims.
BTW.. what colour are sims that get killed by meteors?

Joined: 08/06/11 07:12 PM
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It's happened to me twice. The first time it hit my Sim who had a baby in the house, the sim died and the social worker took the baby. x3
The second time I just walked away from the shadow and it crashed into my car...


Joined: 01/03/10 06:27 PM
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In my 2 years of playing Ambitions, I have only had a meteor strike once - last month.

Mastered the ZOMBIE. Mod/CC-free game. I'm a starkid.

Joined: 02/05/12 06:13 PM
Messages: 44

This happened to me once at a local park. I saw "It seems to be getting dark" or something like that in red. I moved my Sim over, but it still got burnt. My guess is that it is totally random, but I'm not sure. I saw other Sims get killed and they turned orange. If you see "it seems dark" move right away to avoid death.

Hope this helps!

Joined: 01/25/12 06:28 PM
Messages: 106

the colour is orange with black in their stomachs


Joined: 01/13/10 11:17 PM
Messages: 6

my game must be glitched then because meteors are ALWAYS screwing me up. Every 5 min they target my sim and kill/destroy everything around him. Its makeing the game un-playable

Joined: 05/29/09 01:52 PM
Messages: 2080

After all these years i have never ONCE gotten a meteor shower or strike


Joined: 05/31/11 11:09 PM
Messages: 3477

I seem to go through streaks where meteors are a problem. I've had my sim die in China from one. She was the only sim I was playing so that was the end of that game. The very next game I had one hit the house during a birthday party. That one was a disaster! It killed the birthday boy, destroyed a good chunk of the house and yard then caused a bunch of fires on my lot. All the guests went home singed but my party was an "epic" success. Go figure.

It's now been two games since I've had one strike my sims.

Joined: 01/14/12 10:00 PM
Messages: 2

I have had the game since it came out and I have never once had a meteor hit. I have tried getting my sim to just stand outside all day or look in a telescope but it never works... In most people's games theres only a very small chance of getting hit though.

Joined: 10/11/11 04:17 PM
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I play Ambitions since the start and I have never been hitted by meteorite
I learned how to avoid them*looks at the telescope* delete them ALL


Joined: 02/05/11 12:28 PM
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I have had them, but not very often or in any particular situation, so I can only assume that it is a rare and random occurrence.

I once had a meteor hit while traveling in France, where my Sim had taken his gf to propose. They managed to escape the meteor's shadow in time. (And she said yes! )

My Sim gardener in another game wasn't so lucky. He'd been gardening, as I was working on creating a perfect community garden lot. When the message appeared, I tried to get him out of the way, but he threw a fit because he was hungry, and he had to stop to do the 'I haz to pee NAO!' dance. So he got smooshed, and the meteor destroyed several rows of perfect plants. Fortunately, I had a recent save, so I didn't lose much progress in the garden.


Joined: 04/12/12 10:47 AM
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It's only ever happened to me once... on my first day of playing! It killed my sim while she was at the park


Joined: 06/24/09 04:16 PM
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I just (literally just) posted this in another thread in this forum, but I figured I may as well post it here, too!

bunbunnyny wrote:
Yes, meteors are available since Ambitions.

If you want to increase your chances of having a meteor strike, have a whole bunch of Sims, with motives frozen at static with the mailbox using the [testingcheatsenabled true] cheat, go outside, and start looking through a bunch of telescopes non-stop! Make sure they're outside!

The more Sims that are outside, the more likely you are to see a meteor! Trust me, just put the game in FFX4 speed, and just wait. It will take a long time, maybe, or a short time. But it's definitely quicker than just sitting around, waiting for it to strike!

Another thing that will increase the chances of a meteor falling is by staying outside without coming indoors. Once, I had a Sim riding on his horse, galloping literally from one side of town to the other to increase their Riding Skill, and a meteor struck my Sim while he was riding around on the Horse!

A good thing that comes from this is the mega-huge Rock collection items that you see all over the place!

If you REALLY, REALLY want to see a meteor show up without waiting, try this! It's not the real thing, with the death, and fire, people gathering around, and meteor pieces and all, but you can take pictures of it and say it was!
With the [testingcheatsenabled true] cheat turned on, and the [buydebug on] cheat also on, go into the Debug section of Build/Buy. Go to the miscellaneous section.

Then, scroll around until you find the Ambitions item, Fog Emitter. It looks like a turquoise-ish, green-ish orb.

Once you have it down on your lot, Control+Shift+Click the Fog Emitter, and change the effect to exactly either one of the following without the []'s:

If you want to see the meteor flying in, which BTW is also visible if you go into Map View, enter:
(You can also see this coming in down on the lot. Just scroll all the way in, press the Tab button, and search around for the meteor real quick before it comes down!)

If you want to see the explosion, which comes with sound if you're down close enough to the emitter to hear it, then type in:

If you want to see either of these again, just Ctrl+Shift+Click them again, click on [Set Visual Effect...] again, and just press the checkmark without changing anything!

(I am a GUY!)

Joined: 06/03/11 08:23 AM
Messages: 205

Ive never had a meteor

Joined: 07/02/09 01:12 AM
Messages: 1607

I had a few, but the only one I can clearly remember was the huge one that hit my sims while they were camping in the ampitheatre in Twinbrook. Luckily it didn't kill anyone. Still fun selling the chunk of space metal.
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