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Cutest Lil' Jazz Singer (7/11) 79: After You've Gone  XML
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Hello! I've decided to start another story since I'm having so much fun with the other one as well. I'm not stopping my Elena story, but I am writing it so fast... a little too fast.

I started this story as forum only, but now I do blog only. If you want to read it from just the blog go here

It will be pic first, story for that pic under it.
Thoughts will look like this.
"Thought songs will look like this."
(Words from me will be in parenthesis.)

This will be about a girl, youngest of 5 children, and the only girl. Nothing like having 4 older brothers right? hehe

I wanted to try to make it look like it is in the 1920s, but I doubt I'm going to be completely successful with that. So, instead, it's just going to exist in its own universe with no preconceived notions about how it's "supposed" to be.

I'm going to introduce the characters first. The beginnings of my stories usually stink, so I'm bouncing around all over the place trying to figure out how exactly to get the ball rolling so to speak.

In fact, the house they're going to be standing in front of isn't even their house. Idk, it just felt wrong, so I made them a different house.

Here's a list of the chapters: (11-14-12 edit: I've now linked all the chapters to the blog. Let me know if there are any that don't work.)

Summary Chapters 1-50

1: Stardust
2: The Very Thought Of You
3: Blue Skies
4: Are You Lonesome Tonight?
5: Ain't Misbehavin'
Bonus: mypalsim1's wedding follies
6: Mr. Doctor-man Part 1
6: Mr. Doctor-man Part 2
7: Everything Gonna Be Alright
8: Embraceable You
9: Oh, Lady Be Good!
10: Deed I Do
Bonus: photo shoot (forum only)
11: S' Wonderful
12: Sweetheart
13: Mean Old World
14: Love Me or Leave Me
15: I'm Nobody's Baby
Bonus: Eric, The Doctor Man
16: I'm A Dreamer, Aren't We All?
17: Life Goes On
Bonus: Age Up Shots (forum only)
18: Somebody Loves Me
19: Summertime
20: Dr. Jazz
21: Meet the Marshalls
22: Wild Women Don't Have the Blues
23: Who's Sorry Now?
24: Lover Come Back To Me
25: I've Found A New Baby
26: Some Like It Hot
bonus: Gloria Grace Love
bonus: Eric Hastings Marshall
bonus: Richard Castor Davis
bonus: Frederick Pierce Richardson
bonus: Demetrius Marcel Love
bonus: Marcus Edward Love
27: Softly, As In A Morning Sunrise
bonus: Darren Nathaniel Love
28: It Had To Be You
bonus: Rodney Howard Love
29: When You're Smiling
Bonus: James Justice Love
Bonus: Dorothy Arabella Russell
30: Black and Blue
31: Can't Take My Eyes Off You
32: Fever
33: Rhapsody in Blue
34: Just You, Just Me
Bonus: Thomas Trent White
35: The Butterfly Princess of Bridgeport
36: How Come You Do Me Like You Do
Bonus: Camilla Rose Jones
37: How Deep Is The Ocean
38: I Must Have That Man
39: Everybody Loves My Baby
40: My Melancholy Baby
41: I Want to be Happy
Bonus: What Happened With Annie?
42: If I Should Lose You
43: Stormy Weather
Bonus: Evelyn
44: Alone Together
45: Where Or When
46: On the Sunny Side of the Street
47: Fidgety Feet
48: When Day Is Done
49: T'Ain't Nobody's Business If I Do (why is b.i.z.n.e.s.s censored? this link takes you to the chapters tab, then scroll to the chapter. direct link doesn't work)
50: My Man
51: I Never Knew
52: If I Had You
53: It's Too Soon To Know
54: My One and Only Love
55: Someone To Watch Over Me
56: Babe, I Hate To Go
57: Smiles
58: My Honey's Lovin' Arms
59: Look for the Silver Lining
60: A Good Man is Hard to Find
61: The Hour of Parting
62: At Last
63: What'll I Do?
64: I'm Through With Love
65: Sugar Blues
66: I Guess I'll Have To Change My Plan
67: Baby Love
68: Make Believe
69: Just Like A Woman
70: Love Hurts
71: You Made Me Love You
72: The Song Is Ended
73: Baddest Blues
74: It's Alright With Me
75: Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out
76: You Do Something To Me
77: Don't You Think I Love You
78: Hard Hearted Hannah
79: After You've Gone

I also have an older story, Elena, Queen of Denial. Click the banner below to read it:

And a paranormal/vampire story:

This one is intended for viewers ages 18+.

This one is also for ages 18+ and is the newest:

I also have a pose blog:

Mypalsim's Poses for Sims 3

And a legacy blog:

Random Simming

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Location:in front of my computer in deep south USA

Hey there. So, this is me and my family. I'm the one on the far left. The cute one. The other people that are lucky enough to be in this photo with me are my four, yes FOUR, brothers--all older than me might I add, and my parents. HAHA I'm just kidding, I'm not really that full of myself!

So here's my parents. Demetrius and Sasha Love. Yeah. People usually call my mama Sashay after the dance step. She used to dance all the time, but she had to stop when she broke her ankle a long time ago. My mom is really prettier than that, but she was nervous when we were getting the pictures taken. She couldn't get Howie or Darren to behave. The only way to get a good picture of her is to take her by surprise.
My daddy works as a machine operator in the local car factory. Of course, that's not what he really wants to be. He'd love to just be a writer, but he can never seem to actually FINISH the books he starts.

So, I guess I'll introduce my brothers next...

This is Marcus. He's like, ten years older than me. I have NO IDEA why he still lives at home. He and my brothers have a band, and I guess he figures it's easier to keep everyone together. I wish they'd ALL move out. Especially Marcus. Maybe not Justice, but I'll get to him later.

And this is Darren. Darren the Annoying. Darren the Stud Muffin according to him. I prefer Darren the Annoying. I think he's only in the band to meet girls. Our house has ONE BATHROOM and he's always in it. I thought that was supposed to be the girl's job to hog the bathroom. Hah! I never get that chance.

Howard. He wants us to call him Howard. We all call him Howie. We've ALWAYS called him Howie when he was growing up. Lately though, since he thinks he's so mature, he wants us to call him Howard. One thing about Howie, do NOT mess with his easel in the backyard. I learned early on when I was about 5 I decided I wanted to finger paint out there, ... oh he was so mad. Other than that, he's alright. He mostly ignores me anyway.

THIS is my wonderful big brother Justice. He's such a sweetheart. It was always up to him to take care of me for Mama when we were growing up, even though he's only about 3 years older than me.
You know, I have a hard time picturing my brother without a smile on his face. We're a team, me and him. He keeps Marcus from being too mean and Darren from hogging the bathroom when I need to use it. Yep, total sweetie.

And now for the CUTEST member of the family... me! Gloria Grace Love.
I'm in my last year in high school, and I CAN'T WAIT until it's OVER!!!! I'm SO SICK of all the drama of that place! I can't wait to get out into the real world where people don't "click up" and instead keep an open mind without judging people. High school is bad about that. I want to be known for me as ME, not "Baby Love". I hate that nickname.

So, that's us! The Loves.

Also, I have no idea why we decided to take our picture here... we don't even live here.


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Who wouldn't want four older brothers?! It's not like brothers ever behave in a way that is less than ideal towards potential suitors...

Good start, looking forward to seeing what they get up to.


Joined: 06/15/09 06:35 PM
Messages: 2472
Location:in front of my computer in deep south USA

kirkuk wrote:Who wouldn't want four older brothers?! It's not like brothers ever behave in a way that is less than ideal towards potential suitors...

Good start, looking forward to seeing what they get up to.

I know right? I'm going to have so much fun with those types of scenes!


Joined: 06/15/09 06:35 PM
Messages: 2472
Location:in front of my computer in deep south USA


I love my city. We live across the bridge and WAY up in the hills, but our house has a fantastic view of the skyline. The bus takes FOREVER to get me to school, but I don't mind. Extra time for getting homework done at the last minute, right? And I'm in no big hurry to get there.

Today I had to take the subway because I stayed after to help Mr. Locke with setting up our chem lab for Monday. He gave me a little cash to help pay for a cab home as a thank you. I took the subway to save some. Now I'm spending the extra on -- A TACO!

I love these tacos. I hardly ever get to have any, so I happily crunch one down while I wait for my taxi.

I hope Mom isn't mad at me for getting one and skipping dinner. Maybe I just won't tell her. Somehow she always knows though. Shrug.

I get home and go upstairs to play with my cat, Edwina.
Oh! Here's my cat:

She's some kind of special breed. I don't remember. This lady down the hill was going to have to leave to go work on a foreign movie, and she let me cat sit her. Well, me and this cat fell in love with each other. The lady let me keep her!

This is my house, by the way. It's way to small for us. Haha, one good thing about being the only girl is that my brothers all have to squeeze into one room while I get another --- all to myself!

So, anyway... where was I? Oh yeah, I'm playing with my cat upstairs.

Mama is downstairs sleeping on the couch. She's never been the same since she had scarlet fever a few years ago. Scarlet fever you ask? I know right!! I thought that was gone like, a hundred years ago or something. Apparently it's like really really bad strep throat that gives you a red rash. She had to go to the hospital. So, some days she's real tired and sleeps alot. I try to be real quiet.

I hear Daddy get home and come inside.

Then I hear Daddy sigh sadly, "Has she been like this all day?"

Who is he talking to?

Howie answers, "Mostly. I checked her a little while ago. She's running a fever."

I didn't know Howie was down there.

"Would she take anything?"

Howie answers again, "Not this last time. She tried to take something earlier, but it just came right back up, so she refused this last time."

Daddy makes a quiet, angry noise before he says, "Sasha, why don't you take care of yourself?"

I'm guessing he's not really talking to her and thinking she's going to respond.

"Dad, she's been sleeping for five hours, and I can't get her to wake up." Howie complains.

Mama moans an irritated response, "Y'all stop talking about me like I'm not here. I'm fine! Just... tired."

I hear Daddy's kneecaps crack as I figure he's knelt down next to her, "Sasha, you need to take something."

Mama answers, "Won't stay down. Not worth it." I hear her exhale loudly.

"Maybe if you eat something. Just a little something." Daddy tries to coax her.

I hear Justice's voice from the kitchen, "I'm making waffles for dinner! You love waffles. C'mon, Mama." I hear a few steps taken below in the living room before Justice hollers up to me, "Hey Baby Love, you want some waffles?"

Stupid nickname. "No thanks, I had a taco." May as well admit it. I can literally FEEL Mama's irritation with this.

Mama's voice sounds tired, "Justice, what you doing in your pj's already?"

Justice chuckles, "Speak for yourself, Mama."

"Hah." Mama almost laughs. Then I hear the chair slide across the floor. Edwina scratches me since I'm playing with her with a toy mouse and I get distracted. Ow! I suck on the scratch and hear Mama talk some more, "You knew I'd be tempted by waffles, you sweet boy. I'll try to eat some.... for you." Somehow I just know Justice is grinning at her.

I hear Mama start coughing and hear a fork hit a plate.

"That's it, Sashay, we're going to the doctor to get you checked out." Dad says as I hear yet another chair going across the floor.

"No, I'm fine. I just need to rest." Mama says in between coughs. "Besides, the boys promised me they'd play our song tonight." I imagine her smiling at my brothers.

"Mom," I hear Howie say, "we'll do it some other time. You don't look so good."

"You men are conspiring against me all the time." Mama teases, but I can also hear the irritation in her voice.

So Daddy convinces her to go to the hospital. It's just me and my brothers tonight, I guess, because I have a feeling they're not going to be back tonight.

The waffles smell good, so I head downstairs and eat some. My brother Marcus is also in the kitchen, so my dinner company isn't my favorite. When we're done I do the dishes, and Marcus stares at me while holding his coffee mug.

"You wash your mug. I'm going upstairs to read my novel." I say to him.

He follows me to the living room, "Baby Love, have you done your homework yet?"

Oh! So you think you're Mr. Parent since Mama and Daddy are at the hospital? Huh.

"No, I was gonna do that later." I answer with almost a glare.

"You need to do it now. I'm not going to have you slacking just because Mom isn't at home right now."

"Fine!" I say and stomp up the stairs. I hate him!

Marcus gets on my last nerve! I wish he'd just MOVE OUT! I hear Edwina playing under my bed. A cat paw sticks itself out and bats at my shoes for a second.

"Silly cat." I say to her and sit myself on my bed to do my homework as fast as I can so I can read.

The boys bug me a little as they start up practicing in the garage. They're distracting me from really getting into my book.

(Drives me crazy that the bass and guitar guys won't stay in the flippin garage!)

Saturday, the boys have a gig at a local dump. They decided I needed to come with them since they didn't want me home alone, and Mama and Daddy aren't home yet. Still.
I order some hot wings.

My brothers get to playing and my foot starts tapping along to the music. The place is almost deserted, but they have a grand time anyway.

Sometimes... Justice gets a little carried away. Haha.

I hear a not-so-quiet "PSST!" come from Justice directed at me.

"What?" I ask in plain volume.

"Get up here!" he says.

"What!?" I ask again, a little louder.

"Yeah, we're playing 'Stardust' next, and you know you can sing that one."

"Y'all are gonna play 'Stardust'... as your closer?" I ask incredulously.

Howie answers me, "Well, it's not like the place is hopping for high tempo dance tunes."

"She won't do it." Marcus gibes me.

"Nah, c'mon, Baby Love. Hardly nobody's here. You can do this." Justice says to me with a smile on his face.

"Just make up your mind cuz we're about to start." Darren pipes in annoyingly.

So, taunted by Darren and Marcus, I go stand next to Justice. Yeah, there's almost nobody here, but I feel like I can hardly breathe.

Howie starts it up and Marcus gets ready to come in with the drums... and I just stand there staring at my shoes... not singing. I miss my cue. Howie does a turn around and Justice whispers to me that I can do this. So, this next time I come in real quiet:

"Sometimes I wonder why I spend
The lonely night dreaming of a song
The melody haunts my reverie
And I am once again with you

When our love was new
And each kiss an inspiration..."

"A little louder, Gloria." Marcus says. I'm startled by him using my actual name.

So, still shaking like a leaf, I lift my head come in a little louder:

"Ah but that was a long time ago
Now my consolation is in the stardust of a song..."

"Beside the garden wall when stars are bright
You are in my arms
The nightingale tells his fairytale
Of paradise where roses grew

Though I dream in vain
In my heart it will remain
My stardust melody
The memory of love's refrain"

The boys play a little before I sing the last bit one more time.

I decide to finish with a little flourish, since it really doesn't matter anyway. The boys go right along with me:

"Though I dream in vain
In my heart it will remain
My stardust melody
The memory of love's refrain".

My brothers, the bartender, and another man in the back all clap for me, and I'm glad for the darkened room because I blush.

The man in the back walks up to me and shakes my hand, "That was pretty good. What's your name, sweetheart?"

"Gloria Love, sir. These are my brothers. I just ... sing with them at home sometimes, ... thank you." I stutter a little.

He smiles a little condescendingly down at me, "How old are you anyway?"

About this time, Marcus walks up and distracts the man, "Hello, I'm Marcus Love. This is my sister Gloria. What were you saying to her?"

The man shakes his hand and shrugs slightly, "I was just about to recommend that she become a permanent part of your group. She's pretty good."

I blush again.

"And you are?" Marcus asks with almost a rude undertone to his voice.

The man chuckles a little. "Name's Bumble." He hands my brother a card. "I'm a talent scout for Vinyl Spins record company."

Oh wow!

"Well then, nice to meet you Mr. Bumble." Marcus says as he looks at me. "My sister is still in high school."

"Not for long." I pipe in.

Marcus winces, "Thank you for your recommendation. We'll consider it."

"So, where's your next gig, I'd like to come listen again. Especially if this young lady is going to sing again."


Justice calls me over.

He laughs with good humor, "On the stage once and you've done what we couldn't do in years."

"What's that?" I ask.

"You've caught a label's attention. But Mama and Daddy are gonna have to have their say if you're gonna keep with us."

"Are you serious?"

"Yeah, why wouldn't I be?"

I stand there in mute shock.

He laughs louder this time, "C'mon, Baby, you were great up there! I knew you would be."

We dance out of habit while Marcus talks to the scout and Darren and Howie play shuffleboard.


"Stardust" by Hoagy Carmichael and Mitchell Parish


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Awesome so far! I don't trust Bumble..

Joined: 06/15/09 06:35 PM
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sammie512 wrote:Awesome so far! I don't trust Bumble..

I'm glad you like it!

Bumble kind of made Marcus nervous. Of course, ANYONE talking to their baby sister makes the guys nervous, but you're right. He was a little suspicious. >.>


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I'd say, VERY suspicious.

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(Okay, for starters, I realize this song is from the 30s (or feel free to correct me, please), but I think it suits this chapter.)

The Very Thought of You

Mama came home yesterday. I'm so glad. She's still real tired though, but Daddy said the doctor said she would be for a little while.

My friend, Camilla, and I are sitting in Chemistry when HE walks in. Rick. Well, it's really Richard, but nobody calls him that. He's ... really cute. Oh but he doesn't know I exist. Of course. Why should he?

Immediately, Camilla starts to embarrass me, "Shh! Here he comes!"

I mumble under my breath, "Can it, Camilla!"

She whispers to me, a little too loud might I add, "He's looking at you!"

I look up to see she's right.

"Well, smile or something!" she mutters to me. I'm glad she finally got the message to lower the volume.

I feel like I can't breathe, let alone move. He smiles at me the tiniest bit, and I think my heart stops. Then... he takes a seat at another table. Phooey.

I mean, why sit here with us? We're nobodies. Maybe he wasn't even looking at me after all, but instead looking out the window behind me. Yeah, that's it.

Mr. Locke invades my reverie, "Okay guys, today we're going to see how very, very small amounts of pure sodium react in water. Then, we're going to try and figure out how the power of this reaction can be harnessed in a practical way. Or, will we determine that it's not practical at all?"

I wasn't allowed to touch the sodium Friday after school, so I'm actually a little curious. Mr. Locke keeps the stuff in a vault-like cabinet.

So, we all get up and pick a station. Camilla is the first to reach hers. I hang back a minute.

"Tom, go get your own station." Camilla tells Tom White in a bored voice.

"Just wondered if you might need my assistance today, Camilla." he says.

Oh yeah... he likes her. No-brainer there.

"Nope, and I think we're supposed to do this on our own anyway." she answers.

"The first part. The second part we need a partner..."

Camilla sighs in an aggravated manner before Mr. Locke tells Tom he needs to first finish the first part.

How is it that Mr. Football player looks so cute in goggles? I guess he'd look cute in anything.

Mr. Locke startles me, "Gloria, you need to work on your lab."

Tom chuckles under his breath before he gives me a knowing look.

Oh no! I was just standing here staring at him! I'm just as annoying as Tom was to Camilla! I want the earth to swallow me up right now.

The sodium crackles like little bitty fireworks the second it touches the water. I start to imagine what it would be like if a whole lot more of the stuff were involved. No wonder Mr. Locke keeps the stuff locked away. A dumb kid could blow up the whole school! Well, okay so maybe there's not quite enough for that. For good reason I'm sure.

So... I'm supposed to write down my findings... somewhere on this paper. Great. I spilled a little water on it. Oh here it is. Let's see.... the stuff goes off like sparklers... small little explosions. Like what I feel when I look at Rick. Hm... probably shouldn't actually put that on my paper.

Before I know it, the class ends, and I'm not finished writing what I need to write! I'd spent WAY too much time daydreaming about the guy behind me.

I turn around to go gather my stuff when I notice HE'S standing there.

"Hey, that was neat wasn't it? Who knew that the stuff in salt was explosive?" he says.

Holy cow he talked to me! I freeze up.

"Yeah.. um.. well, you know. Salt has... something ... else in it." I finally respond. And for the life of me I can't remember what that is right now.

"Yeah." he smiles at me. SMILES AT ME. Then he walks off to get his stuff.

He talked to me! Wow. He DOES know I exist. Or, he did for that moment at least. And we talked about .... salt. Well that's actually kind of stupid. He must think I'm stupid. No, I won't think that.

I suddenly fantasize about us discussing salt while at a restaurant on a date. Happy sigh.

Camilla gets my attention, "Come sit on the back row with me! I'm sick of Tom pulling my hair, and he does that every time we sit on the front row."

I sit down and our music teacher, Mr. Carter, comes and sits down at the piano and starts playing right away. He doesn't even say a word to us, he just sits down and plays. Yeah. I don't get it either. I THINK maybe he's trying for some "mood music" to calm us down or something. Whatever. It's only five of us anyway. The chorus isn't exactly huge. And Tom is the ONLY guy.

But I saw a sign... the drama club is doing a musical! Whee! Drama and chorus unite! I wonder if Rick is going to audition. I don't even know if he can sing. I don't think he's in the drama club either. Oh well. A girl can dream.

Camilla talks just a little too loud for my taste, and I get the feeling that Dorothy can overhear us, "Hey, Gloria, did you see that the drama club is doing Maytime?" She giggles, "That would be so much fun!"

"Mr. Carter," Dorothy suddenly says, catching everyone's attention, "I have something I've prepared I'd like to sing, if that's okay."


So she gets up there and bores us all to tears. Well, at least I'M bored to tears. Yeah, she sings nice, but why take up class time for your own personal need for praise? None of the rest of us do this.

After class ends, I decide to ask Mr. Carter about the upcoming musical.

"Sure, Gloria! You should audition!" He responds to my question.

"But, what about people that aren't in drama or chorus?" I ask.

"We're not going to turn away anyone that wants to try."


After Mr. Carter goes to his desk, Dorothy walks up to me. "You're not seriously considering going for the lead, are you Gloria?"

"I never said what part I was going for. And it's really none of your business." Geez I can't stand this girl.

"Well, I mean, I guess I could always use an understudy." she almost giggles.

"You know, now you've made me WANT to try out for the lead." I respond.

"You mean the male role?" she says as I glare at her. "Don't set yourself up for embarrassment, Gloria. Go for what you're sure you can get. That's my advice."

I don't want your advice. I think as she walks past me and out the door.
Who does she think she is? Fanny Brice?

I get so mad that I get distracted and miss the bus. I call my Daddy's work, and tell the person that answers the phone that I'll be waiting in the park for him to come pick me up. I finish my homework at a picnic table and then go sit on the swings.

The park is mostly empty. There's a few people playing music a little ways away. I quietly sing the tunes I recognize.

Who does she think she IS? Understudy. Heh. I ought to audition for that lead role and blow her out of the water.

But... what if she's right? What if I audition and not get it? And she does? She'll just LOVE to rub that in my face.

Maybe I shouldn't.

I think my heart just stopped beating again. Of course it did. A heart can't beat if it's relocated down in my stomach, can it?

I have a death grip on the swing chains as Rick walks over to me. Or, maybe to the swings. Or, maybe he'll walk past me and it's just a coincidence that I'm in his path...

He sits down next to me. I try my best to act nonchalant about the whole thing. This is nothing but nothing. Just two teenagers sitting on the swings because they have nothing better to do. He just happens to want to sit on the swings. Makes no difference that I'm here.

"I am SO GLAD the weather is cooling off. Those summer practices were going to kill me, I swear!" he says as he looks over at me.

He's actually talking to me again. TWO times in ONE DAY?!

He's talking about the weather. okay.... Oh geez Louise what do I say?

"I uh, yeah. It's been a hot summer. Good to have a change." I finally say.

"What did you do all summer?" he asks.

I take a deep, fortifying breath, "Mostly just hung out in my garage listening to my brothers' band. Or reading."

Oh no. He's going to KNOW I'm a dork now.

"Your brothers have a band! Amazing." He smiles at me. Again. "Are they any good?"

I nod.

"You think it would be okay if I came over to listen to them play?" he asks before his face screws up a little. "Um, sorry. I'm not trying to invite myself over. I ... uh... was just curious about the... band."

Just the band. Okay. Makes sense.

"I know you weren't trying to invite yourself over. They have another gig at Waylon's Haunt this Saturday." I say a little quietly.

"Great! I'll be sure to be there." He pauses for a moment before he asks, "Do you go to their gigs too?"

"I do lately, but I don't know if I'll go to the next one." I answer.

"Oh, there's my ride. See you later, Gloria."


Daddy FINALLY comes and picks me up. When we get home, I hear Howie playing the piano in the garage. It has to be Howie. Nobody else is that good. When I get in the garage, there's this girl there that I've never seen before. He's obviously playing for her. She looks up and smiles at me like my presence isn't bothering her. So, I have a seat on the small sofa.

When he's finished playing for her, I watch him look over at her and say something quietly. She has a sweet smile. He looks over me and smiles before heading out of the garage. I'm assuming to get the rest of the boys. The girl comes and sits down next to me on the couch.

"Hello, I'm Marian. Howard tells me you're Gloria." she says.

"Yes." What else do I say?

"He also tells me you have an amazing singing voice."

"Oh. Well, he's a little biased, isn't he?" I say with my eyebrows raised.

"So, how did you meet my brother?" I ask, eager to change the subject.

"Oh, we met at Aquarius. A few weeks ago."

Howie has had a girl THIS LONG and NONE of us have known about her?

"He was so sweet. I can't believe I found someone as interested in art as I am." she giggles.

"So, we kept meeting each other." she continues. "I um, really like your brother." she says as she blushes.

I don't know whether to laugh or look at her suspiciously. Why is she telling me all this?

"Howard keeps going on and on about how you sang with them the other night." she says.

Howard. So weird to have someone actually call him Howard.

My brothers walk in and get their respective instruments.

"C'mon, Gloria. What can we play for you tonight? And get over here and sing." Justice beckons.

I roll my eyes, but inside I AM almost dying to sing this one song. I don't know if I want to sing it in front of a stranger, though.

"Please?" Howie asks. My eyes widen in confusion. He smiles back at me.

"Fine." I say. "I need to sing 'The Very Thought of You'."

"Oh, you NEED to?" Justice teases.

"Shut up and play." I grin.

"Yes'm." he teases some more.

I'm always amazed at how my brother Justice can take a guitar and make it fill in for a whole host of other instruments.

I start to sing:
"The very thought of you and I forget to do
Those little ordinary things that everyone ought to do
I'm living in a kind of daydream
I'm happy as a queen
And foolish though it may seem
To me that's everything"

"The mere idea of you, the longing here for you
You'll never know how slow the moments go till I'm near to you
I see your face in every flower
Your eyes in stars above
It's just the thought of you
The very thought of you, my love"

The boys play a little. I turn my head to look over at this Marian girl. She smiles at me. I half-smile back. I'm still not decided on her yet.

As I sing the rest of it, I realize why I needed to sing this song today. Rick. I still can't believe he talked to me today. Twice.

"I see your face in every flower
Your eyes in stars above
It's just the thought of you
The very thought of you, my love"


The Very Thought of You by Ray Noble. This link sung by Billie Holiday.

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Alright, y'all. Don't be shy and let me know what you think. Good/bad whatever.


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Love it, Gloria is really cute and Howie's girl is cute as well.

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sammie512 wrote:Love it, Gloria is really cute and Howie's girl is cute as well.

Glad you're loving it.

You mean you don't recognize Howie's girl? hehe. I've fit this sim in yet again!


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Blue Skies

Mama keeps dinner surprisingly simple this evening. I thought for sure since Howie brought a girl over she'd prepare something a little more special. I guess she was just tired. I'm glad she didn't ask me to do dinner. I'm a terrible cook. I guess she didn't want to ask Justice either since he was busy practicing.

I just love how my parents support the band. Oh yeah! They said I could sing with them as long as the gig wasn't on a school night! I'm both at once excited and scared outta my wits.

So, after dinner, Mama, Daddy, Howie and Marian all sit down to "have a chat". I'm sitting on the front porch, and I can hear them through the open kitchen window.

Marian fills in my parents on a recent art exhibition that featured a few of her pieces. I'm guessing Mama and Daddy are bored, because I sure am.

"But that's not why I brought her over tonight. I mean, yes, I wanted you to meet her." Howie says. "I wanted to let you know the news first. I've asked Marian to marry me, and she said yes."


The kitchen gets real quiet. REAL quiet.

I hear the smile in my father's voice, "Congratulations, son!"

Mama is real quiet.

"Welcome to the family, Marian." Dad says to her.

Mama finally speaks, "What did you say your last name was?"

"Gonzales." Marian answers. I don't know how Mama reacts because she's quiet again.

"We were hoping to have the ceremony here, if that's okay." Howie says.

"Where y'all planning to live?" Mama asks.

"Marian has a small apartment that will do... for now." I can hear the smile in Howie's voice as well.

"I see." Mama says.

Justice walks outside to sit down next to me. I stop paying attention to the kitchen. Darren on the phone in the living room talking to some girl kind of jumbles up what's going on inside.

"I take it you heard?" he asks.

"Yep." is all I answer.

"Whoever woulda guessed Howie would be the first?" he jokes.

"First to get married?"

"Yeah. I always thought it would be Marcus." he says.

"Marcus is too mean to keep a girl." I say and we both laugh.

"Maybe if he had a girl he wouldn't be so mean." Justice says with a smile.

I hear a chair scoot across the floor in the kitchen.

"Mama, you okay?" I hear Darren ask. "Hang on, Katy. Um, I'll call you back later."

"Mama!" Darren hollers.

I stand up and turn around to look in the window. Mama has passed out. Darren is next to her in seconds. Daddy jumps up from his chair and kneels down next to her as well.

As Daddy picks her up, Mama starts to complain, "I'm fine. I'm fine. Just a little tired still."

"Sasha, we need to go see the doctor." Daddy says.

"No, we don't need to go see the doctor. I tell you I'm fine." she sighs. "Why do you always haveta take me to the doctor? It's a waste of time. He'll just say I need to rest."

"You know perfectly well that he said if you have another spell like this to come and see him." Daddy softly scolds.

Justice and I insist upon going with them. Daddy relents and lets us. They get Mama in a room and she goes to sleep real quick.

They tell us the doctor should be in soon, but it feels like forever to me.

I hear the door open, and the doctor walks in.

He looks up and smiles a kind smile, and my knees feel like they've turned to jelly. Ever have a moment when it feels like time has slowed down to a much slower speed and you notice EVERYTHING around you?

Justice walks over and starts talking to him. I don't even hear what they're saying. That doctor's eyes strike away everything else around me to where they're all I notice.

I really hope I'm not being obvious. I just can't stop looking at him.

He's.... beautiful.

I feel my stomach twist in a knot. Fear? Excitement? I have no idea.

He looks over at me, and I feel like I want to faint.

Geez Louise! What is WRONG with me? Stop looking at him!

I try and fail.

He finishes talking to Justice, and Justice starts talking to Daddy. Then, the doctor walks... over.... to.... me! If I weren't literally backed into a corner I might've run away. I want to run away. I don't know why, but I can't seem to control the frantic pace my heart has taken up.

I put a hand to my forehead in an effort to mentally ward him off. I make an extreme effort to control my breathing.

Look at Mama, not me.

He speaks.

"Hi, I'm Doctor Marshall." He reaches to shake my hand and I mutely stare at it and don't move. He smiles and lowers his hand.

Rude, Gloria. Rude.

I force myself to stop looking at his eyes and look away.

"I'm Gloria, Sasha's daughter." I say, but I don't try to renew an effort to shake his hand.

"Are you alright?"

Do your doctoring on my Mama, doctor man. I can't take you near to me like this.

I take in a shaky breath, "Yeah, I'm fine. Just a little scared."

In more ways than one.

"Don't worry." the doctor says with a smile. "She's going to be okay. This is a nasty set-back, but we'll do what we can to make her well again."

"I don't understand." I say.

"We just don't understand why she's not getting better." he says.

I feel my face screw up in worry.

"But, she's going to be okay?" I ask.

"I'm pretty sure this is just a temporary set back. She just needs to rest some more."

Pretty sure? I need more than pretty sure, Mr. Cute Doctor-Man.

"But, how come you don't know why she isn't getting better as fast as you thought she was going to?" I ask.

I see a look of understanding in his beautiful eyes. "We don't know everything. There is still the occasional case that confuses us. But, I've seen things like this happen in the past and seen people get better."

And seen people NOT get better?

He walks over and checks Mama's vital signs, makes a note on a clipboard, and walks back over to me.

"My office is on the floor right below us if you feel like you need to talk to someone. You look like you're really worried. You don't need to worry. Your mother is going to be fine." he says to me with a smile and a kind voice.

I nod my head.

The doctor walks out into the hallway with my Daddy, and they talk. Daddy comes back in and the three of us sit there staring at each other. We don't sit there long, however. Daddy and Justice head to the cafeteria to find some coffee. I just wander the halls aimlessly. I don't want to be in the hospital room all by myself with Mama. It scares me.

I see an office door with "Dr. Marshall, M.D." on it. I knock on it. His voice says to come in.

"Gloria!" he looks up in surprise.

I don't know why he looks surprised. I don't know what expression is on my face. I kind of feel numb, but I know I'm definitely scared. I wonder if that's why I mindlessly found my way to his office.

"Are you okay?" he asks. "What am I saying? Of course you're not okay. You don't look okay. Have a seat."

I take the chair he indicated. "No, I don't think I'm okay."

His voice is gentle, "What can I do to help?"

"Would you stop beating around the bush and tell me just how sick my Mama is?" I finally get the courage to ask.

His eyes are sad. "Your Mama could get better..."

"Or she couldn't." I finish.

His eyes dart down to his desk, then look back up at me, "Yes. She could die. Your father... asked me not to tell you. I hope you don't tell him I told you anyway. I wasn't going to.... but when asked directly... I'm not going to lie."

I start breathing real fast. Mama could die. Mama could die. Mama could die.

"No. She's not gonna die! Not when we all need her." I stand up real fast and sway on the spot. That irritates me-the swaying. I can't make it stop.

The doctor hops up from his chair and walks around his desk. "You're right! She could just as easily get better! I'm in no way saying give up."

"But you said she could die!" I accuse.

"She could. She also could not. At least your father convinced her to come here so we could watch her and make sure she pulls through this spell."

"Explain what you mean by 'this spell'." I ask.

"We don't really understand what is happening with her. All we can tell is that it's probably a complication from when she had scarlet fever. Her body just can't seem to recover."

You're a doctor! You're supposed to know! What do you mean you don't understand!

That annoying swaying starts up again. Mr. Doctor-Man looks worriedly at me.

"Gloria? Perhaps you should sit down." he recommends.

"No. I wanna go find my Daddy and get him to tell me what you just told me. How can he say I don't need to know!" I say as the room tilts irritatingly.

Dr. Marshall reaches an arm out to catch me. "Gloria, you need to sit down for a few minutes first. You're hyperventilating."

Of course, I know he's right. "No, I'm not." I say stubbornly. "I wanna go find Daddy."

And you are WAY too close.

"Gloria...." I hear his voice from what sounds like underwater.

I fainted.

Dr. Marshall smiles slightly down at me, "Welcome back." He puts something back into his pocket.

"I fainted?" I groan. Oh that makes me so mad! Now he's going to think I'm some weak-kneed woman that swoons at the drop of a hat.

He laughs softly, "Don't be so hard on yourself. It happens."

"Not to me it doesn't!" I argue back.

I move to stand up, but he motions politely for me to stay seated. I mildly glare at him.

"I still need to go find my Daddy." I say stubbornly.

"I took the liberty of sending someone to find either your father or your brother." he says as the door opens.

Justice walks in. I continue my slight glare at the cute doctor.

Justice and Dr. Marshall go and talk quietly to one another. I don't WANT to listen to whatever it is they're saying. I just sit there in the comfy chair and stare at the city lights out the window.

Then we get up to leave. Dr. Marshall pats me on the back and tells me to take it easy. I say nothing to him. I do my best not to look at him. I don't want to see the beautiful eyes of the man that told me my Mama could die.

His eyes make me start thinking of that song "Blue Skies." Great. Now I have that song in my head.

He has beautiful blue sky eyes.

Humph. If he lets my Mama die I'll never forgive him.

Blue Skies by Irving Berlin. This link sung by Ella Fitzgerald.

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Whoops, s'cuze me.


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Is that the girl from the science lab that's the girl? I thought that was her, but I wasn't sure.
Poor Gloria.
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