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Building Contest - Winner(s) Announced! (Page 24)  XML
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Originally, I was offering the BahHaus set as the winning prize for this contest. However, not long after I posted the contest, the set went on sale at the store, and many people snatched it up then (I don't blame them!). Now, I'd like to offer the BahHaus set or any equivalent set(s)/combination of items up to 1350 points. I hope this change will make the contest more appealing for those who already have the set while still providing it for those who still want it.

For this contest, I would like to challenge you to build a great single-story family home. There are some amazing multi-story dwellings out there, but I find it's more difficult to find good single-level homes, especially those large enough to house a family. The winner of this contest will receive the BahHaus store set or any set(s)/combination of items of equivalent value (up to 1350 points)!

Contest Specifics:

1. Your home should have a minimum of 3 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, living room, kitchen, and dining room. Beyond that, I leave it up to you in terms of additional spaces you might want to include.

2. There should be a decent amount of outdoor space; at least a backyard area that can provide play options for children and entertainment options for adults.

3. Lot size no larger than 40x40 please.

4. The home must be a single story. By that, I mean that sims should not need to take flights of stairs (or elevators) up or down to different levels within the home (and garage). If you want to extend the height of the home for architectural purposes, that's fine, just so long as sims are not climbing stairs to another level in the home. If you want to build a multi-level structure outside of the home (such as a raised deck for entertaining or stairs up into the home because it's elevated), that's fine. Note that if you have built your house on a foundation with an attached garage, stairs from the garage to the house are fine, since you cannot build a garage on a foundation.

5. The lot should be fully landscaped, and the home finished and fully furnished/decorated. I leave types and styles entirely up to you.

6. Make sure there are no sims included with the lot.

7. No custom content please (including patterns). Content from any of the expansions, stuff packs, and the store is fine.

8. Please post pictures of your finished home on this thread. I'd like to see 2-3 exterior shots and 4-5 interior shots. If you want to link to additional pictures or a slideshow, that's fine, but please don't post more than the 8 pictures I mentioned on the thread itself. Please choose the areas you're most proud of or where you've done something interesting/unique to highlight in your photos. Please also describe the home's size, cost, and amenities.

9. Please post a link to download your home.

10. You must enter your own build, not someone else's. That includes EA homes; I'm not interested in a renovation or remodel.

11. One entry per person please. You're welcome to show off any and all builds you have that fit the contest requirements, but please choose one for consideration.

12. Please list the set(s)/item(s) you would like if you are the winner. Please do this in your contest entry, so that I won't have to worry about trying to contact you down the road to figure it out. If you change your mind before the end of the contest, just post on the thread, and I'll be sure to update your choice(s).

13. You may nominate a friend to receive the prize if you win. Please specifically state who you are nominating and which set(s)/item(s) they should receive. Please do this in your contest entry, so that I won't have to worry about trying to contact you down the road to figure it out. If you change your mind before the end of the contest, just post on the thread, and I'll be sure to update your choice(s).

A Few More FYI's

If you have built a home in the past that fits the bill for this contest, you're welcome to enter it; this contest does not require a new build.

This contest will close at 11:00pm PST on May 15th. There will be *no* extensions.

Some additional tips:

I'm a big fan of interesting architecture, and I also love well designed interiors.

Make sure that you balance design with functionality; I want a lot that plays well and easily, not one where sims can't use objects and experience routing failures.

I am always impressed by a good water feature.

Sometimes less is more; I can appreciate subtlety or a minimalist approach if it's well executed and makes sense for the space.

Take care with your pictures. I have to admit that poor pictures will likely reduce your chances of winning. If you take pictures in build mode, please make sure your gridlines are off (by going into terrain paint). Actually, I highly recommend taking the pictures in live mode with a sim on the lot, so that you can use camera mode (TAB) to get the best perspectives for your shots. Don't forget to remove the sim from your lot before uploading though!

Please verify that your lot does not include custom content before you enter it into the contest. There is an easy to use tool available for this purpose (Google Sims 3 Pack Cleaner). Lots with CC will be disqualified.

Final note:

I am a busy mother of two, so my time to post and check on this thread will be limited. I will try to check on/update it at least once a day. Thus, please be patient if you have a question or comment for me - I will get back to you as soon as I can. Good luck to all who enter.

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Joined: 06/08/09 02:52 AM
Messages: 2419

Reserved for entries (only completed entries will be listed here) and status updates.


1. Lil Bit O'Country by MeaganJo - prize: BahHaus Set
2. Brick Ranch by gr1zzly
3. Single Story Family Home by cwaddell - prize: BahHaus Set
4. Norfolk Barn Conversion by whatsociallife- prize: BahHaus Set
5. Contemporary Family Residence by luckyheather - prize: 1000 points plus 350 worth of clothes on her wishlist
6. Country Roads by stikystuff - prize: TBD
7. Concrete and Glass House by basiedog - prize: Gothique Library, KISS Branded Content
8. Single Story Home by JVENN - prize: Ultra Lounge Teens Set, Ultra Lounge Bath
9. Villa Alcalá by walkingstick - prize: BahHaus Set
10. Spanish Styled Home by Faith_Andhope - prize: Ultra Lounge Living Set
11. Mocca Breeze by stevesuzz - prize: Bayside Kitchen
12. The Rosewood by romagi1 - prize: TBD
13. New Cottage by robotentity - prize: Wishlist (no clothes)
14. One Store House by Agnezawars - prize: BahHaus Set
15. Valencia by savethecats - prize: BahHaus Set
16. The Finale by Marcool1790 - prize: TBD
17. Contemporary Agate by enkeli63 - prize: A Mid-Century Modern Trailblazer Set
18. Modern Lux by Darksim8 - prize: 1000 pts worth of items from wishlist, give rest to runners-up
19. Casa de Gecko by Zoey95 - prize: BahHaus Set
20. Modern Spread by Twinmum - prize: Contemporary Comfort Living Set
21. Rustic A-Frame Family Cabin by Elimarna - prize: BahHaus Set
22. Mr. O'Brien House by Sonia016 - prize: BahHaus Set
23. Colonial Comfort by springfalls - prize: BahHaus Set
24. The Hearthstone by Sandraelle - Bayside Kitchen
25. A Very Nice Home for Entertaining by TEXASKITTYKAT - prize:

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Joined: 05/30/09 09:12 PM
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Bookmarked. Great idea. I loved looking at your creations as well!


Joined: 04/17/10 01:30 AM
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This looks like a really interesting competition and I would love the Bauhaus set, so sign me up


Joined: 01/07/10 11:32 PM
Messages: 6151

Sounds fun and a lovely prize too, I'll definitely be giving this a go.


Joined: 08/03/10 02:07 PM
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I am looking forward to this challenge. I have a home already uploaded that qualifies, but I want to build one specifically for this contest. Can we enter more than one lot?

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Joined: 11/25/10 01:28 PM
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I'm going to have to give this a go!


Joined: 05/18/10 02:17 PM
Messages: 588

Count me in! Sounds like a great challenge!


Joined: 06/05/09 03:08 PM
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If we enter and already own the Bauhaus set can we nominate a friend to receive the prize?

Thanks for the siggy stikystuff

Joined: 01/17/11 04:45 AM
Messages: 38

I may be interested in this challenge.

Joined: 01/04/10 12:45 AM
Messages: 121

I think I'll give this a shot And when you say no stairs within the house, is building it on a foundation ok?

Joined: 06/06/09 10:05 PM
Messages: 43

I'm gunna give this ago


Joined: 09/17/11 05:18 AM
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Sounds great Im excited to get started!

Joined: 01/13/10 12:52 PM
Messages: 8774

Sounds a challenge for me and I need more homes, I love bungalow styles so great count me in. can I use CAP patterns? as I usually do but like to know 1st, also I have the set ages ago so can I give it to a friend if...big if I win?


Joined: 09/16/09 02:04 PM
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Put my name down too

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