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All of my patterns are broken when they're used on something and I upload it  XML
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Right, I made a bunch of patterns before and it never really dawned on me to actually download them off of my own Studio when they're used on things like clothes to see if they're working.

For example, I made this cupcake pattern

and used it in this dress

Now, if I download that dress from my Studio this is what I get in CAS:

You can see the pattern is missing in the little style picture, on the dress itself and the pattern also gets replaced by a weird shiny pattern in Edit Pattern. It's categorized correctly though, cupcakes are listed as fabric and so is the shiny pattern.

This is what happened to one of my lots after I downloaded it from Exchange after uploading it:

As you can see in first bit, the patter is gone completely.
In 2nd bit, it randomly changed, most of the stickers are gone or turned white, the frosting went gray and the sprinkles are still in colour, and funny enough in the pattern itself sprinkles and the cherry are the SAME STICKER. So something seriously wrong must have happened for my sticker to be dissected like that.
In bit 3, the pattern is actually still there after, but half the walls received a weird blue-ish mirrored effect.

Also it's worth noting that none of the "borked" wallpapers are actually changeable, I can't even go into Edit Pattern, I simply can't click them... I have all of my patterns in-game and I am able to manually replace all the borked patterning with the correct patterns but I obviously don't expect everyone who downloads my clothes or lots do the same everytime, that's not how it's supposed to work. The patterns are fine on their own, it's just when they're applied to something and go through the uploading-downloading process that something horrible happens to them.

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This is utterly ridiculous and EA needs to get off their fatcash arsies and fix this immediately. You can't give us a program to create patterns and have them not be compatible with the darn game People are gonna get sick of this and simply walk away from sims altogether as many already have sadly. WAKE UP EA before it's too late!


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Yes, it's always been like this. It's sad but it's only useful to share the patterns, not what we make with them.

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I no longer share any of my patterns on the lots I make. When the patterns were included, my lots were completely ruined--lots that I spent weeks designing and creating. On a couple of the lots, the only thing that showed up in the game were the wall surfaces. The furniture, fixtures--even stairways and windows were completely stripped out of the lot. There was a strange shiny un-recolorable or un-designable surface on the remaining shell walls.

I agree with Terry and the others here. Sims 3 is more and more completely un-playable--between this issue and other game glitches (which are RIDICULOUS!). I don't know how they expect to compete with other games when they continue to put out such obviously defective and broken products. I've spent how much money? And I've spent it on something that is unbelievably defective and broken before I even get it home! What a fool I've been for doing that! Sheesh!

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