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Conspicuously Absent from the Store/Game  XML
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I just wanted to extend a very heartfelt WHY? to the Store/Game creators, for STILL to this day having not included any (more) of the following to the Store/Base Game/EPs/SPs:

CAS (or Create a Household--whatever EA's calling it these days)

Yes--I am female, but as Mr. T would menacingly point out (with his finger pointed in your face, Foo'!), guys like bling, too. WHY are there no Accessories in the Store? No necklaces and bracelets and watches and toe rings and anklets and piercings and new glasses/shades/goggles and such?
Ties: Accessory ties would be nice--especially bowties.
Suceress wrote: Speaking of men's clothes, I noticed they have a bunch of collared shirts and vests but they could really use ties to go with them. I wish the tie was a separate accessory that could tuck under an existing jacket or go over the front of a shirt.

Gloves and Mittens, especially for Outerwear and especially-especally for Males (suggested by BecomingJenn).
Layerable shirts: Also, can we please get some layerable shirts as Accessories? Tank tops, bras/training bras, long-sleeved shirts, shirts with rolled-up sleeves...shirts with nigh necklines, low necklines, modest know--shirts that we can put under normal tops to add an extra touch to outfits. And speaking of accessory tops....
Leggings, etc: Stuff like lace stocings and fishnets.
Can we also get some accessory pants? They are great additions to lengthy tops and short dresses. Accessory shorts, knee-length, cal-length, full-length pants. Low riders, hip huggers, high waisted....
For all ages and genders, EA.
[EDIT] And accessory unisex suspenders as well? Forgot to mention that.

-separate Hats and Scarves
I for one am tired of seeing cute hats stuck to one hairstyle, and cute scarves painted onto certain tops and jackets. Why can't we switch stuff up more?

-More stuff for Elders
I can't believe a Stuff Pack pitch in the community polls was directed at Teens, as if they need any more stuff. Elders are officially THE most overlooked age in TS3, now that Kids got that whole Compliation wild wears stuff something or others. Elders are being sorely neglected both in the Store, and aside from GEN, the TS3 game at large.

-More stuff for Men
If Elders are the most ill-treated sim-age, then Men are the most ill-treated sim-gender. WHY is there a 1:5 ratio of men's stuff compared to women's stuff? It's always the same story: if a set of clothes/hairs comes out, there will be maybe 20 things for women, and 4 things for men, and it's crazy. Practically every clothes set in the Store does it, and I'd just like to know Why. Not ranting--just asking.
Tolibera's EPIC thread:
AnzSensei's Gothic wear thread:

- More Shoes
Why are there practically zero Boots (tall, short, ankle boots, platform heels, thigh high boots, fringe boho boots, buckled boots, fur boots, etc) in the Store/Game, EA? (Aside from those Pirate Boots of Doom, lol). I would personally love to see more sandals as well, especially strap-up gladiator sandals for men (women got some in the base game, so I'm not talking about females)

- Hair (ALL ages & genders)
Curly Hairs, and Longer hairs; Afros and dread locks and braids/plaits--for STARTERS (UNI and Island Paradidse have added some dreads, which are really cute--thanks, EA!)
Jadeleine thread for more hairs:

- Facial Hair
Men are in SEVERE need of Beards, EA. Full fledged beards. I'm talking Gandalf and Gimli Mode. And more unisex eyebrows would be nice, too. And omg, can we please get more sideburns? You just don't see lots of sideburns these days--tsk tsk. More goatees and moustaches...and even though it's a Makeup, could we also get more Eyeliners for under the eye to match the Eyelashes? What's it called--Under Eyelashes? Whatever--more eyeliners that mimic eyelashes would be great.
DarrellRBeebe said: different Teen Stubble and more facial hair for Teens
(Do Teenage males have body hair IRL? )

- Clothes (all ages & genders)
Tomboy girl clothes
Effeminate/trans men clothes. Some boots and skirts, maybe? ^0^
More MATERNITY clothes. Let's have an entire Mother's Day celebration, full of cute things for expecting mothers.

- CAS Skins, Genetics (especially Eyes), and Tatts & Makeup
Why hasn't EA added anymore Skins to the game? ([EDIT] as of SN EA added a lot of new fanciful skin colors, so thanks for that!) So many free CC artists have practically made an an artform of making better looking sims. I've seen several threads complaining about the lack of better/more/less realistic skins, and while I doubt ANYONE would PAY for new skins (no one's charged for them for TS3 so far and for good reason), it would be nice to have them both in the games/Patches, and maybe even the Store:
*Better/more realistic skins: can you maybe soften the heavy brushstrokes around the mouth and nose so sims' faces (especicially in YA/A sims) don't look so sucken and older? And maybe add a little More definition to their bodies. The Muscle slider makes up for a lot of the body paintjob lacking, but more detail on the arms, legs and abs would be nice to see for those Sleepwear Swimwear moments. And adding more color/tone variations in the sliders for different/paler/richer/darker/ashier/shinier skintones would be great, too. Again--just ideas throwing out there.
*Less realistic skins: Ever since LL and the EP#7 rumours started, there's been an upsurge in people wanting more Fantasy skins or their non-sim sims. Furry/hairy/striped/spotted skins for wolf/cat/bunny/etc sims. Scaly skins for reptilians. A whole host of creepy/wierd skins for aliens and the like. You know.
[EDIT] A vine-covered Plantsim skin would be great!
([EDIT2] As of UNI there is a new Plantsim skin-ACCESSORY, I hear)
In-Game GENETICS (Eyes)--NOT for the Store; this would have to be in a Patch and implimented in a later EP.
Why is there no ability to have sims with heterochromnatic eyes (each eye being a different color)? And a new Eye Slider function to change the shape/size of the pupils (slitted pupils like what cats and reptiles have), bigger pupils, and smaller pupils?
[EDIT] Also, a slider to change the size of the iris itself would be nice. Sometimes it's just too big and makes the sims look more cartoony than you sometimes want them to be.
I for one would love to see more tribal face and body paint, EA. Especially with all of the Indian sets being released--why isn't there any Henna for our sims to wear? No bindis, or anything? And if we ever get a Tiki/Tribal/Native Americam set at the Store, I would looove to see war paint for the arms and legs and face! And just more regular tattoos, less cartoony than the AMB ones and more realistic, like the LN ones (wow, I actually complimened something from LN ). And ESPECIALLY more body locations to put tatts on. Why wasn't there a Face and Full Body option added to the tattoo locations? Please talk to CmarNYC at MTS, EA.


TS1/TS2 to TS3 Request Thread by LeGardePourpre at:

Am I the only one needing Persian/fringe/s h a g rugs on my lots? And of course, the BEAR SKIN RUGS need a comeback (and a tiger head rug, too! ). And just regular fur rugs, or at least a CreateAStyle furry/hairy pattern? And more runners, and octagonal rugs, and the like? And maybe some Welcome! rugs? And petals strewn on the floor for romantic settings?

-More/Different Curtains -- SHEER and LACE especially!
Need I say more, EA? Ooo! And BEADED/Fringe curtains, too; can't have Boho sims with no beaded curtains! Plus more variation in style and definitely in sizes. Even making curtains slideable up and down walls would be a huge step up--curtains just don't really *fit* the windows.

- More Storage/Surfaces
Why are there no empty wall shelves that slide up and down the walls, that we can put stuff on? And emptied bookcases we can put clutter and other objects on? Not to mention, Refridgerators with slots we can put bread boxes and cereal on top of?
And counters with countertops that aren't always so SHINY. Y'all are a tad heavy-handed with the speclars on a lot of items, like the countertops, the freestanding clock, some of the build mode columns...
And cabinets! Shallower ones that don't stick out so far from the wall would be nice. And shorter ones that can be tucked on top of fridges would be EXCELLENT. More glass-faced cabinets would be great, with empty slots we can put cute kitchen clutter (like bottles of spices and such) would be SO neat.
Suceress wrote: it would be nice to have some cabinets that fit above windows and refrigerators (I know the fridge ones have been made in CC) or even around refrigerators. I think I've already mentioned that I want to see more variety of cabinets and counters. We need some that fit a variety of shapes to walls. Like when the walls go like \_/ or \/ or |/ or just having a half-width counter when you don't want a full one and a half-depth one (but of different widths and depths). Maybe not half depth per-se, but slightly shallower. Did I mention range hoods and range hood covers? I think they made a ducted kind, but a ductless range hood with a cover complete with cabinets above and decorative corbels would be great.

- More Comfort (Animated furniture)
Heart-shaped bed/vibratingbed from TS2 AL
(Murphy Bed - EDIT: Returned in UNI; thanks, EA!)
Water bed
Rocking Chair (SN added one--hurrah!)
Rocking Horse (SN EP added one--another hurrah!)

- More Plumbing, personal hygeine, etc
A: Ceiling Sprinkers: [EDIT] Stone's Throw Greenhouse at
OMG EA this is bloody brilliant! Beautiful! Godsend! CEILING SPRINKLERS!!! They DO listen! THANK YOU~!!
[EDIT](Now can we get industrial ceiling sprinklers for indoor fires, please? ^_^)
B: Standalone Showers, EA. (Thanks, Vcosley, for the idea!) [EDIT] Sunlit Tides has included something that could suffice. [EDIT2] And I believe there's one in the new Ballet Venue, too.
C: Sauna/Massage: [EDIT] We got them with Sunlit Tides--yay!
D: More washing machines, please--especially the stacked washer-dryer combos for space saving. A really great thread by Suceress here:


- More Appliances
Thread all about it:
Stoves: People are clammoring for more stove ideas lately. Wall ovens (like in Italian kitchens), and cauldrons we can cook in over a fire (like a firepit or fireplace). Large industrial stoves, and stacked stove+microwave appliances for space saving....
Suceress wrote: Stoves with the lip at the back to match the counters. Or ones with controls on the top or up in the back where children couldn't reach them.

JennyMoonlight wrote: Cooktops like we had in Sims 2. I don't have a stove in real life, just a cooktop and I love it. Wouldn't mind wall ovens or bread ovens like we had in Sims 1 and maybe Sims 2, sorry I can't remember

Fridges: You know those tiny frides used in college dorms? Sometimes I really want a tiny compact fridge I can place on a counter.
Different trash compactors and dishwashers. There's not a lot to chose from.

- Entertainment Appliances (Cool new fire pit designs) :
I really want more traditional camfire-style fire layouts: tipi, logcabin, star/Indian fire, rakovalkea (Finnish fire)....
Cauldron on a fire:







- More Electronics (Thanks to Geminiagre and RedRouge60 for this idea)
It would be nice to have more variety with electronics.
TVs: There are no TVs we can place on end tables, coffee tables, counters, or hoist on a wall shelf (like the ones found in hospitals and auto repair shops).
CLOCKS: More Clocks would be terrific--see RedRogue60's thread linked below
ALARMS: OMG if we can get new/recolorable Burglar/Smoke alarms I would just cry.
PHONES: And can we please have Rotary Phones? Vintage phones and more wall phone types and such.
HEATING & COOLING: radiators that act like fireplaces by warming up rooms, and working fans--ceiling, table and floor, and central air.

- More Entertainment/Hobbies/Skills objects
Other than one treadmill and bench pressy thingy in the base game and one at the Store there isn't any exercise equipment. A punching bag or dumbells, or a yoga/pilates ball/mat would be great!
New thread started--yay again, RedRogue!

[EDIT] I peronally want sword fencing, EA ^_^

I understand you've got your deals going on with Ford & Toyota over in Branded Content to promote hybrids, and I love each and every last one of them! *takes of my hat to you* But EA, when are we going to get (more) convertibles, droptops, minivans, stationwagons, sportscars, Jeeps/Hummers and other SUVs? [EDIT] I just got SHT and there IS a Jeep/Hummer sort of Vehicle, but that's an EP, not the Store, and the Store's Transportation section is still dismally low, so....
Not to mention different motorcycle types, as well as fun new typs of transportation, like unicycles and penny farthings, mopeds and scooters and skateboards and the like ([EDIT] Skateboarding added in SSNS), golf carts, and especially futuristic hovecars and hoverboards? Not to mention, boho/hippies need a Volkswagon badly (beetles, buses--thanks, ldmarko !).

Also, can we PLEASE get new parking spaces? Or at least a recolorable option to the 2 basegame ones? Cuz the striped yellow and black is just....

- More Musical Instruments (and variety)
The main reason why I have not uninstalled Late Nite (I hate that EP; I wish I would have got GEN instead) is because I love having musical instruments at last! But I was dumbfounded and disappointed at the low number of what we got: a piano and keyboard, a cello, and drums. I'm sorry, but Roots, Indie, and Soul just don't seem right at ALL with a daggone grand piano and electric drum set--no way no how.
* PIANOS: First of all, the piano thing killed me, because they really need more slots for placing lots of clutter, candles and other stuff on, and there's no UPRIGHT PIANO yet! Come on, EA--how many normal homes have those big ole Grand pianos in their living rooms? I've never seen a grand piano in real life, but I've been in tons of homes that have upright pianos, and it shocked me that we didn't get one. And I think TDC95 would appreciate a gorgeus ornate harpsicord instead of a grand piano, as well as a virginal instead of a keyboard.
* STRING INSTRUMENTS: The cello was a wierd choice, but I let it go, lol. But I was bummed to see that there's no HARP. Or even a lute or lyre. You give us Classical music as a favorite musical genre, with no harp--it boggles my mind. [EDIT] EA HAS ADDED VIOLINS to the Store!!! THANKS SO MUCH!!! ^0^
* PERCUSSION INSTRUMENTS: I thought once we got the African Inspiration set we were finally gonna get a set of BONGO DRUMS (or djembe) as Premium Content. Sadly: no--we got a rock wall. Why no bongos, EA? And a TAMBOURINE would be SWEET for boho/hippie sims and gypsies!
* WIND INSTRUMENTS: other than the Snake Charmer from WA, there's not a single reed instrument in the game: no FLUTE, PANPIPES, BAGPIPE, hunting/battle HORN, ALPHORN, TRUMPET, or SAXOPHONE. You're killing me, EA. Please add this section to the musical inventory!

-More Fountains
And really--less expensive ones, they always cost so much money and sometimes I like to use fancy fountains on residential lots, not just community lots. So it bites to have my homes go from 100,000 to 400,000 just cuz I want a fancy fountain on the lot.
luckyheather wrote: 1 idea/want is for a Wall water display, could be a slim pole with water cascading down the wall...great indoors, like I see in movies like Ironman.

- More decor (*my Misc. Decor section shudders a bit*)
(Thanks to QueenofSimdom for the idea!) Cute clutter things like throw pillows/cushions (surprised the Indian sets didn't have one ), and decor birdcages and terraniums for us unlucky folks without the Pets EP or Outdoor Living. The Iams set works as doggy decor for those without Pets, and some birdcages would be nice. ^-^
Clutter Thread by Mangoesandlimes:
Knick Knacks like pin cushions and knitting baskets, paper fans, teacups, hat boxes, hats and gloves on the walls/dressers/tossed on a chair or table etc, tea sets and fine china like display dishes and cutlery sets for dining room display cases, etc, doilies, sports decor for fising, golf, lacrosse, etc, place mats and place settings for tables, jewelry boxes, parasol decor and umbrella racks, shoe racks, coat racks, table cloths, purses, standing photos for tables shelves and mantels, and much much more!
scrapper42 wrote:I agree and would also like to see more "clutter" type things. I would like to see things like piles of junk mail, dishes in the kitchen, clothing (I know the sims leave piles but that is temporary), games, puzzles and so on. Even more types of magazine piles with depth and books. Just a thought. I think even people that keep their homes really clean but have kids will have some clutter around.

Another Clutter thread (quite old--don't necromance!):

More stuff wanted--REALLY great threads by RedRogue60!: (NEWEST!!) (RECENT!) (NEW!)
(OLD!) (OLD!)

A GREAT website for ideas:

*I'm talking sets of different architectural styles for new Store Sets of windows-doors-fences-arches-roofs-stairs-railings
[EDIT] Themes like Greco-Roman, heavily carved Medieval/Gothic/Norse, arabesques of Byzantine/Turkish/Arabic, stylized swirls and forms from Art Nouveau/Tolkien inspired designs, stylish and chic Art Deco.

*I'm talking new Stained Glass windows and doors and arches, EA. And Gothic/Medieval Tracery windows. And more round windows, especially Rose Windows.

*I'm talking more wrought/cast iron filgree and fancy accents.

*I'm talking different/CAStable Chimneys, EA--that same red brick is KILLING me. Or maybe some new Fireplaces with different color options for the chimneys? Anything?
[EDIT] The Supernatural EP blessedly revised a few fireplaces from base game and added a creamish sort of chimney and a whiteish sort of chimney. Still not CAStable, but a BIG leap forward away from the same ole Red--THANK YOU, EA!!! ^0^
*I'm talking more new walls/wallpapers in Build Mode--the ones in WA, DV and MV were beautiful, and we could use a lot more where that came from, for sure.
*I'm talking more half walls, too ([EDIT] the Itadakimasu set a the Store added a new one that I really like)
*I'm talking different size garage doors for compact residences, and different styles. Barn-style doors that swing open would be nice, too (I don't have Pets so I'm not concerned with what came with that EP--it would kill my grapics card)
*I'm talking more/different Sliding Doors, EA--possibly some Shutter doors, for things like closets and decks/patios?
[EDIT] found a GREAT thread by Suceress here:
Suceress also added Revolving Doors

*I'm talking more 3 tile door/arches, and finally some 4-tile door/arches--and higher arches, too; most of them are too low :\
[EDIT] 2-storey arches thread here:

A few threads related to Build Mode ideas:
Thevogel & Jessa_Dakkar:

- More PLANTS in Build/Buy/Buydebug Mode (Thanks to Jooliea for the idea (and the surprise encouragement! )
One thing I'd like to see is less color saturation on plants--they're great for vibrant lush gardens, but when it comes time to make creepy/overgrown lots it's a pain to not have more faded varieties of plants to work with, full of ugly dead/dying plant colors
More Trees, Shrubbery & Bushes
Hedges: Ever seen Edward Scissorhands, EA *wink wink*
Trees: More flowering trees like the cherry and magnolia you made, EA. Different colors like a blue flowering tree, red flowering tree ([EDIT] EA added a red-flower Rowan tree in DV; thanks!), etc. Omg can we get more Purple plants in-game? More overgrown trees like swamp trees (esp. bald cypress and mangrove). Lichen-drooping trees, mossy trees, more dead/creepy trees....
Flowers: Different color/RECOLORABLE flowers. [EDIT] They don't HAVE to be animated, EA!! Just talk to the Featured Artists at TSR! A lot of Build Mode plants can be done if you just forget about the swaying in the breeze!
Other: Crawling/creeping/twisting Ivy/Vines, and drooping/hanging plants
[EDIT] The Al fresco market and RennFaire, too, I think, finally included Ivy/Wisteria decor, BUT it's in a Venue, which means it isn't available separetely. Boo, EA. BOO.
More potted plants and OMG HANGINING PLANTS!
Planters for windows and fences -- [EDIT]: MV added wall planters, YES!
Grass and weeds: You know the rushes/Desert Debris from Lucky Palms? More like that, only different shades of green
Exotic/tropical plants [EDIT] thanks for the cacti in Lucky Palms and Bird of Paradise in Sunlit Tides, EA! ^0^
Cyron43 on new gardening Interactions, like Lawnmowers, hedge trimming watering plants:
Kail16 on Growable Flowers:
New Thread by Pop_Electric:
elanorbreton wrote: I would like some empty wheelbarrows, empty stacked plant pots, overturned empty plant pot, rake, fork, compost bags, compost bin, watering cans, an outdoor garden/garage tap, hose, bird house, tree swing and paddling pool (diversifying a bit there, but one can hope lol).

Just do a Mansions & Gardens Pt2--TS3 Style, EA

[EDIT] EA has answered the Greenhouse Cry! ^0^

Congrats, RedRouge!

The wait is over at long last!! ^0^

A REALLY popular want, pretty much all the way across the board, is to finally have a bigger selection of ROOFS. I've seen all kinds of requests:
-More roof recolors
-Fully recolorable roofs
-CAStable roofs
-Thatch/straw roofs for medieval homes/tropical huts (a patch prior to Sunlit Tides did add Thatch roofs--thank you EA!!--but they are very lightly colored. If we could recolor our own roofs at will this wouldn't be an issue, but since we can't, a few darker/richer shades of brown would be nice [EDIT2] AS and DV added a few more roofs; yay!)
-Multi-colored/different color terracotta/seashell tiles for roofs (thanks, NicoleDisney!)
-GLASS roofs/SKYLIGHTS ([EDIT] EA's Stone's Throw Greenhouse Venue added some--YAY! It's linked above.)
-More roof shapes (and the return of the old Mansard Roofs )
-More domes/spires: Tiled glass domes, onion domes (Taj Mahal, St Petersburg/Russia), Renaissance/Venitian ornate church/palace domes, fantasy domes (EDIT: DV added one, yay!) and spires for witch houses and castles, etc.
The list goes on....

Having the old Elevators from TS2 Apartment Life/Open For Business would be MORE than welcome.
Kateoverend said: "Items like escalators instead of elevators, Buses (Double Deckers) and Bus Stops instead of the Subway etc...." in her City World thread here:
Elevator shafts that can be used with foundations so our elevators could be used on houses with foundations that need to go into the basement.

More Spiral Stairs, U- and L-SHAPED stairs, and Grand Staircases--you know you want to, EA ^-^ (They want to! AS and I think the Ballet venue added spiral stairs--woo~!)
Suceress: UPDATED
Wecantpickaname's interesting Rolling Library Ladders idea:

And PLEASE figure out a way so that we can rotate our stairs at 45 degree angles, instead of JUST 90 and 180!
[EDIT] JuneWhitehorn: (NEW!)

And PLEASE figure out a way stairs and spiral stairs can go through foundations and into the basement.

- FLOORS (thanks, JanChirSims, for reminding me!)
Several people have pointed out that they's like mirror/highly reflective/glass floors. I am surprised LN did not include any, what with it being the Club Scene EP and all.

Not to mention, The Store is crammed full of uncomplete sets. Read this thread, EA:

So, this is just a question, EA--not a rant (for once ). Food for thought.

Other WHY's brought up:
RAE2786 said:
-More round/square dining tables, rather than rectangular ones
-And bigger round/rectangular dining tables, that can seat more people (6-8 for example)
REDROUGE60 said:
-More Awnings and Tents ([EDIT] EA added a tent in DV)
-Curved Walls
-2 and 3 storey curtains, slideable curtains (and mirrors) on walls, etc.
-2 story windows and doors, tv's that can be placed on tables/counters/desks, more styles of shutters, hammocks, more pool stuff like slides and diving boards ([EDIT] both added in SSNS patch & IP), floaters, toys, more paintings (you can never have enough); Curly hair for CAS
-decor cusions for sofas
-Rocking chairs (EDIT - SN, AS, and such)
KARINL said:
-Porch railings with top trimming (EDIT - SN)
-Attic windows (that sit close to the floor to fit under roofs)
-Pergola-type fences, with and without flowers
-A half-high tile wall (to use as kitchen 'backsplash' for instance)

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I really would like some more rugs, and accessories too! Like, glasses!

Why no glasses?


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I know that Sims, as pixellated codes dancing on a computer screen, must have perfect vision (as Lazy Gamer hilariously proved in that Master Suites review )--but that's no excuse why we can't at least PRETEND that they don't have 20/20 vision.


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It's definitely not just you! I thought I saw a new fringed rug with the Indian set, when all we had to go on was a tiny Facebook preview picture. I was very excited! For the whole set, yes, but especially for a fringed rug! Finally, a non-contemporary shape! Nope. They just used a funky dotted stripe pattern to make the illusion of fringe. Clever, but that doesn't help my cozy antique libraries that are screaming for a fringed Persian rug on the floor with some authentic designs stenciled in the middle.

Joined: 06/05/09 04:19 AM
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murfeel wrote:I just wanted to extend a very heartfelt WHY? to the Store creators, for STILL to this day having not included any of the following to the Store:

Yes--I am female, but as Mr. T would menacingly point out (with his finger pointed in your face, Foo'!), guys like bling, too. WHY are there no Accessories in the Store? No necklaces and bracelets and watches and toe rings and anklets and piercings and new glasses/shades/goggles and such?
-separate Hats and Scarves
I for one am tired of seeing cute hats stuck to one hairstyle, and cute scarves painted onto certain tops and jackets. Why can't we switch stuff up more?
Am I the only one needing fringe/s h a g rugs on my lots? And more runners, and octagonal rugs, and the like?

So, this is just a question, EA--not a rant (for once ). Food for thought.

While I agree with you I think a lot of these things should be included with expansions and stuff packs. Piercings for sure should have made it into the game when tattoos were added.

I digress though, if they would at least add this stuff to the store, I'd buy it.

It's also always been irritating to me how they include hats with hairstyles in the first place. After all, in RL hats are usually accessories.


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^ Yeah, if they could at least put all this stuff in a Sims 3 Accessorize Time! Stuff Pack, that would be terrific! With EQUAL amounts of stuff for men AND women, adults, elders, and kids, EA!

And YESSSS! Persian Rugs!
Come on, EA--you're killing us over here! Our distinguished gentlemen have no monocle accessory or aviator scarf or polo cap--and no Persian rug (or bear skin rug, either!) under their feet!


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Ugh , I think we have enough of glasses in the game now I don't really want anymore. I would like some more jewlery, and some hats that are interchangable. Like with different hairstyles, some Wedding veils not attached to the hair so I can put them on different hairstyles. Wedding flowers for hair and flowers to be held by my sims. Earrings are badly needed especially for the older sims there is really nothing for them to put on.

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Location:And you're reading this why..?

I would NOT mind if The Sims 3 'Store Team' added a new pack- even under premium content, that cost $10 (1000S Simpoints) that contained nose piercings, more ear piercings, eyebrow piercings, lip piercings, etc. I'd be very very happy.

And i wouldnt mind the sims 3 adding more rings to the game.

If I was running The Sims 3, on the facebook page, for special days I'd be giving out codes to get special items for the game..

Valentines day: A diamond ring accessory, :3
New Year: A pair of those funky glasses with the year on them..


^__^; and the store sets wouldnt be overpriced- they're pixels. for what will soon be nearly $20, the Indian set contains 46 items.

A stuff pack contains much more, for $20, and sometimes you see it on sale for $10.



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-separate Hats and Scarves
I for one am tired of seeing cute hats stuck to one hairstyle, and cute scarves painted onto certain tops and jackets. Why can't we switch stuff up more?

It's unlikely that separate hats and scarves will happen any time soon. The Create-A-Sim functionality is simply not set up that way. This leads to a couple of problems:
Hats are a pretty specific sort of mesh, as are hair. Because of the manner in which hair is presented in-game new programming would have to be put in place to account for big-poofy hair styles: you could toss a ball cap onto a woman with THIS hair and not expect that something would have to change:

Hairstyles would have to be specifically labelled as allowable for hats to be applied to (effectively chopping off the top of the mesh to be replaced by the hat), or else the hair would have to automatically be replaced entirely. If anything the easier, and perhaps more sensible, solution would be to simply have more hair style/length options applied to each hat.

Things become even trickier with scarves given the sheer volume of clothing types. The scarves would have to bend and shape to conform to each clothing style. And what about collars? Outdoor coats would likely have the scarves tucked under collars, while regular shirts would not; and the game makes no such distinction at this time. And even that is the complexity on the most basic level.
Some games, primarily role playing games, display such things and allow for wrapping around the characters of varying sizes; but even at that point you are generally looking at a limited variety of sizes and clothing types. In The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, as an example, there are a limited number of armour types: fur, hide, leather, iron, steel, dwemer, elven, glass, ebony, daedric, dragon and basic clothes. Necklaces show over the clothing or armour on some pieces for which it makes sense, while not being visible at all on bulkier armour for which it doesn't. It's far easier in that instance as the developers are working with about a dozen or so clothing/armour sizes. The Sims 3, meanwhile, has decidedly more than that, with varying wrinkles, folds, puffiness, layers, etc.

Yes--I am female, but as Mr. T would menacingly point out (with his finger pointed in your face, Foo'!), guys like bling, too. WHY are there no Accessories in the Store? No necklaces and bracelets and watches and toe rings and anklets and piercings and new glasses/shades/goggles and such?

I have noticed this before, and always thought it odd. It's not as though there are not a far greater variety of styles of glasses than are presented in the game. Not a huge deal, just something that I have always been surprised by.

Above all else, I would add the following:

Traditional men's clothing. I am 34 years old, I wear pants, jeans, t-shirts, collared shirts. My sleeves are often rolled up, sometimes not. Sometimes I wear short sleeved collared shirts. The number of items for men in the store that would fall under this category is fairly small. The vast bulk of the men's options are VERY thematically specific (matador outfits, punk rock outfits, Santa Claus), or contain elements that veer the outfit away from traditional (the neckerchief, a pair of goggles on the steampunk shirt that would otherwise ALMOST work). In much the same way that I can walk into a store and see several different styles of collared shirt, t-shirt, pants and jeans, I am a little dismayed that so much of the men's clothing is so specific to a theme.

Also: shower and bath combos. Pop into the game and identify how many shower/bath tub combinations there are. See how many that there are in the store. I can understand the reasoning: two items in one, as opposed to... encouraging customers to buy a shower AND a tub. I just wish that there were more options in that regard.

- Hans, husband of Reni.

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Reni & Hans. Met in the official Sims chat room in 2000. Married in 2008. 1st child born Feb 4th, 2011 .

Baby #2 on the way, due late June.

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I, too, have been on a quest for good in-game Persian rugs. I have to say that Kate at Parsimonious has come up with some remarkably good patterns that work for Persian rugs.

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mangoesandlimes wrote:It's definitely not just you! I thought I saw a new fringed rug with the Indian set, when all we had to go on was a tiny Facebook preview picture. I was very excited! For the whole set, yes, but especially for a fringed rug! Finally, a non-contemporary shape! Nope. They just used a funky dotted stripe pattern to make the illusion of fringe. Clever, but that doesn't help my cozy antique libraries that are screaming for a fringed Persian rug on the floor with some authentic designs stenciled in the middle.

There should really have been a rug with the Moroccan set, I was disappointed there wasn't

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Agreed on the jewelry. Female Sims look strange without a least a pair of regular earrings. I was tired of recoloring the 3 pairs we had previously, and was excited for new jewelry in Showtime.

And what did we get...Boca cheesy.

I would like less-themed and more regular styled, daily clothing and accessories for both men and women as one would see in real life.

The Indian stuff was great, partly because the hair and clothing looks more like daily life wear.


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SmithMarsh wrote:
The Indian stuff was great, partly because the hair and clothing looks more like daily life wear.

I'm not quite sure I'd call those outfits and hairstyles "everyday" wear It might just be me, but I've never seen a woman walk in the street wearing elaborate hair jewelry However, I do love that collection. The items in it are beautiful.

I agree with reni401 about the meshing issue, so I sincerely doubt that the Store produce any separate hats or scarfs in the near future. Yet I do think that the OP makes a fair point about the need for accessories. I feel that my sim ladies lack the appropriate assortment of bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings I would love to see a pair of feather earrings, actually...


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I 100% agree their should be more accessories, maybe this thread should be turned into a petition to get more accessories. I would like to see more earings, piercings, rings, glasses, watches, bracelets, necklaces and I would also like to see more shoes too. Also more Tattoo's

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I want to know why Elders are cut off from being able to use the majority of YA and Adult clothing? I understand why Teens and kids and toddlers can't share it, but Elders? Doesn't make sense to me :\
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