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Does anyone else have this problem with Late Night?  XML
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Ever since I downloaded the stupid expansion I can never ever seem to have a NORMAL sim. They always somehow become famous, and it is usually because they work with someone who is famous and they end up being friends, though I never really tell them to talk to coworkers. I can't remember the last time I had a normal sim who lived their entire life NORMAL. I keep getting very annoying opportunities to increase my star level, but I like opportunities for the simoleons and rewards. So I don't want to suppress opportunities.

Is there perhaps a cheat to make them infamous? I also hate paparazzi's. Honestly I have had this expansion for over a year now and I've only played one sim who was an actress and that I actually wanted to be famous. And that was the very first time I got the game. Don't get me wrong the expansion is great but I hate how EASY it is to become famous.

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I don't think there is a way to not become famous. Except for staying in your house, having no friends Becoming a celebrity is the whole point of sims 3 late night (apart from vampires etc.).
If you don't want to be famous what is the point of having the expansion pack?


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I had a sim who was not famous but she had a job with no co-workers, ghost hunter...but in Twinbrook, not Bridgeport...that's not so good for trying to get into celeb's houses. Probably one of the self-employed jobs is great to have...I've got several sims who don't have any stars...neither do their friends.

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Yeah, that always happens with Late Night no matter what town you're in.

I use Twallan's Story Progression mod to control the celebrity and vampire population in my towns.

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There is no way that you can get rid of your fame not even with a cheat, I guess its kind of like real life once your famous no ones gonna just suddenly forget you. It is annoying how easy it is to become famous, just be careful who you befriend is all I can say. As for the paparazzi's if they start hanging around outside your house go and talk to them, I find if you be nice to them they lose interest and dont come back

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I hate it how my celebrity sims always get falsly accused and everyone they know starts to dislike them.

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i have my sims geting accused too

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